Second Life Ranker

19. Qualification Test (10)

“……" Obelisk? - You're sure everyone's in a tower? ”Kronos asked with an unbelievable expression. But Cyrenea nods boldly.

“Yeah, it's true. It was unfair for either of us to die, but what you're hearing is 7 ′} ridiculous. *“ Can't Bill. "" Jen Chronos sits on the couch, smiling hotly.

You're welcome.

He was active when his father united Olympus and when he defeated the Mother Earth.

There was not much known about him.

However, unlike the name 'don't party in the sky (\)'.

Born out of debt, everywhere light hits.

It is only known that many mortals who have always lived in the dark () represent the civilization that gradually understands and embodies the providence of the world.

Unlike the belief that required deep involvement in mortals, even the civilization that his cousin is aware of was hard to find.

So, Thousand Horses was the first point in many gods' societies.

It was difficult to come up with a countermeasure because we couldn't know his purpose.

The one who did……… told me that Olympus and many other gods' societies, as well as demons, polyps and even giants, had all fallen behind in a world called the "Tower."

And when she heard that, she said, "Is that possible? 'I had to come out on my own.

“Can I teach you something more fun?" There's something else. "God, demons, and even two factions all tucked together on one floor. He's become a very good neighbor.” Ahh >! "Well, even though the staircase is wider than the universe…… But it won't last forever with those guys all in one place. So we're busy squeezing each other's heads together on a fictional day.” I came out of it because I hated it so much. "Chronos was so surprised that he couldn't breathe anymore. Even the cold-blooded nature he had always boasted about, I didn't think it would work now. It means that there is such a big suspicious fluctuation.

It is the beings who are too busy to act freely across universes and dimensions, and only know each other's existence, not to mention the demons who are so largely blind to the occasional precautions.

Merchants and giants belonged to the Zigo tribe, which could threaten them, in the line of sight of the gods.

And you put them all in one place? And tied God and the Devil to one staircase? In other words, people who traveled freely all over the world are suddenly told to live in a space of twenty square feet and live with dozens of romance friends in the future.

Of course, the people who were trapped in it would be deprived of their freedom, and they would be very nervous because they were uncomfortable with their convictions... There must have been many conflicts and conflicts.

How many universes and dimensions have you crossed freely, hidden by beings who have performed many powers and wonders? He had no idea what would happen.

Cyrena put it there and described it as' bongsu '(third grade).

The problem was that the Emperor had succeeded in doing such nonsense.

Among them was Olympus, led by the Zeus brothers.

Kronos seems to have cleared some of his suspicions.

In the meantime, I've been building myths and raising my spirits. I've never felt this kind of self-esteem or transcendence before. Despite the fact that many societies will go out to recruit him as an ally who may be a new identity.

So I even wondered if the Earth was on the edge of the universe, or if the world where he was was was a universe that the gods hadn't yet recognized.

'But if they're all hidden...... it would make sense.` There will be no way to contact them at all.

I mean, yes.

'That vast…… there is not a single transcendent in all of the universe and dimensions? I can't even think of a cell (Chu 50) or an all-powerful (Chu 06).` Why would the Emperor cleanse all the transcendents? Just to be the only one? No, I didn't think so. If so, he wiped out the transcendents. He wouldn't have tried to serve.

Above all.

The thousand words that remained in Kronos' memory were utterly indifferent to such power.

Should I say good was liberating, and bad was a good thing? It was in many ways different from the authoritative personalities.

The impression was too strong at the time, and I wanted to follow him. When Chronos was called a wretch in his youth, he actually had the greatest influence.

“Even if we eliminate the transcendents, we'll be filled again with renewed rulings who have become desolate and transcendent somewhere." As far as I'm concerned, Kronos feels subtle.

Didn't Cyrenea just say that?

The Tower invites talented people from many universes and dimensions through what it calls "trials."

... After throwing away all those talents and talents, Gunakronos realized how strong 1,000 horses were.

And how long you've been asleep.

The whole world had changed.

“Wait. So?" Then suddenly there was a new question.

If the Tower is a prison for all the transcendents and those worthy of it.

How the hell did she get out of there? In a moment, I was crazy about something.

"Leah. Are you...?" Cyrenea smiles bitterly at the wiggling pupils of Kronos.

“That's how it happened. It's not something you can say," What happened? "You...! “ Then what? It's hard to see you if you don't do this. "“ ^ ^ ~ ~ *! ”Kronos had to feel the darkness ahead.

Cyrena deprived herself of herself to come into the world.


Yeongrok (axial boom).

It was like a shameful, devastating punishment for all personalities.

I achieved immortality through transcendence, but I kicked that blessing away. Not only did the power and the miraculous signs vanish, but also the rapid decline of the soul, putting it at risk of its first extinction.

Chronos, you never would have tried if you didn't have one of your previous spleens called reel lobes.

Cyrena said she threw herself away without saying anything.

Only to meet one lousy husband.

“Was it really that hard to find you? What are you so secretive about? It took me a long time to do that, so I said," I was smiling and saying it like it's nothing.

In Kronos' eyes, the lifespan of Cyrene seems to have been brief. Because if it did, the rest of your life wouldn't be so long.

“I'm glad to hear that. I wish I was still a pigeon. I'm sober now...!” Ew! Raaa! "Why?“ You're going to save me somehow. ”Cyrenea opens her eyes in a circle and smiles shortly.

“You're all grown up now? What do we do? Don't do anything useless. Have a good time.” Kronos failed to answer.

Twins were born.

The first name was Yeon-woo, and the second was Jungwoo.

Looking at that one little hand. Feeling the touch of a baby holding its index finger while asleep and unconscious. Chronos had to think of everything.

“Oh, first of all, you must really like your dad.” Cyrena laughed at Kronos halfway through.

Chronos was able to sense the tiredness in his eyes.

It wasn't just childbirth fatigue.

The spiritual force... was leaking out.

Like a broken poison underneath.

Kronos bites his lower lip.

In the beginning, this birth was too much for her. So, I couldn't enjoy the way the baby held his hand.

Since then.

Kronos has begun to be found out.

It was to treat a disease that was not a neophyte. I had to find a way to stop the leaking mystics and recover their losses.

The same way he did not work for her. I needed a new method, so I searched everywhere in the world looking for rare herbs, but could not have been found in this place where the original scientific civilization was initiated.

In my lifetime, everything that existed, it seemed like a restorative tribe, and I ate it all. There was no way I could stay.

“I used to try to transcend... but I can't." So Kronos had to make a decision.

All the accomplishments that had been "piled up" on earth were united and sublimated into myths by force, and they tried to desorb them.

Though it was only a partial flare-up.

That alone was enough to open the portal.

He was going to light up the coordinates in the old memories one by one.

The sanctions of Heavenly Horse 'I had to be as careful as possible because I didn't know when it would be.

So as time went by, the time I was stuck at home was reduced.

“Idiot, the kids are having a hard time with you.” Every time, Cyrenea looks at him wounded with worrying eyes, shooting at Kronos in horror. "

It was clear that Yeongwoo and Jungwoo grew up differently in one day, but I felt that it was hard for them.

In fact, it was the same for Kronos.

When the trauma that had only hurt Zeus and others in the past reoccurred, I continued to wonder if I was worthy to be the father of these adorable twins or if I could raise them properly.

Whenever she does that, she's too busy throwing pinjaws instead of pinjaws.

"Yeon-woo looks a lot like me and Jung looks a lot like my mother. She has the same face and genes, but her brother is so different.

Yeon-woo was the same as she was when she was young. He liked to wander outside for a while and didn't like books.

Jungwoo, on the other hand, liked being quiet and at home. I like my mother's mouth so much that when I talk to her, I sometimes can't stand it because I hate her, but I was attracted to her.

Maybe that's why they're closer to Jungwoo.

Whereas Yeon-woo's personality keeps her away from her original sharpness, Jung always meets up with her 'Dad!' I smiled brightly and said, "So, Dad, did you bring anything today? The hourglass you gave me earlier is so beautiful!” Ugh…: Yes. Of course it's there again.).

It was not a waste to give it to my son. Maybe...? “But dad, mom is very sick)“_Gan "" I know ~ nyadohud “The disease keeps getting worse... What should we do?” Kronos couldn't say anything seeing the friendship that received the gift but wasn't very happy. He knew that the illness that she was not having was caused by him.


“Just a little longer..." Kronos considers this ordeal to be near.

I found a way to recover from the losses at the old Giant's residence. Though not in a perfect way, it seemed to be able to heal some of the mysticism.

And when it does. Sirena will find her clothes, and they will be able to return to the peaceful family of Gretrova.

It's going to take a lot of time to make up with Yeon Woo.

I did not doubt that even if it seemed sharp, I would understand myself someday.


The work at the Giant Site took longer than I expected.

When I came back for a while because I was worried about Cyrenea and I couldn't finish the job.

“Dad, what if I just left the house for a little while to get some medicine?” Jung asked a question that he had never thought of.

“Don't make useless repairs, focus on your studies. I heard you're already in high school.” Ah. I'm good at studying, you know. > "', l” “That's fine… with me. Don't try anything unnecessary. Study.

Okay? ”Chronos considers it oral stress and doesn't take it lightly.

When I learned the truth later, I regretted it.

“… What? Jungwoo entered the tower??“ Husband, what should I do? What should I do...! ”Cyrena thought about it and rolled her feet. Otherwise, the mystical outflow accelerated and the poor complexion was dull.

Kronos' heart seemed to sink as well.

What a tower.

Why decline “"? "Going to get Leah's medicine... Was that what you said?" Kronos clenches his fist.

And he cursed his own destiny for the first time.

Jungwoo was chosen for the tower because he had such talent. A child born between two parents who were once prideful, although it was considered immersive. A tower is something only monsters can covet.

There are a lot of treasures and goods there, so there might actually be a way to lower Cyrene's Disease.


My son has gone to such a dangerous place.Where are the parents who won't worry?

“I thought you wouldn't have to worry about rotting for the rest of your life unlike Yeon-woo... You were also my son." From the time of father Uranos to himself and his son Yeon and Jung Woo.

Why are there so many of them in my family?

Kronos was going to grab the back of Jungwoo and drag it out.

That's why.

He tightly held his wife's hand, still shaking his eyes, and said in a serious manner.

“Don't worry too much. He's...... I'll find him somehow.” Kronos is determined to enter the tower himself.

[This is the tube on the 0th floor of the tutorial.] crosses the line, "This place is a tower. I narrowed my eyes when I saw the stone chamber passage that appeared as the debt swarm disappeared. 'And a window under the retina.

I was used to it despite being low.

I'm going to write ^ this is a system message. It looks like a game or a hologram. `Chronos felt a lot like the trivial things that are common to Earth civilizations.

But the question is,

'First, I have to find Jungwoo. My two sons must be here somewhere. So the moment you want to emit a huge amount of magic to pinpoint the location.

"In a place like this...! There's something I never thought of. I don't know what to say about this. Suddenly, a powerful magical field was created in the air that made Chronos' backbone subtle. The power of such decency seems to be easily broken.

The moment you raise your head, you see a white flock of magical fields mixed together.

It was Allfowon.