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... Where am I? Chronos squeezes his temples into a headache that seems to be cracking.

[This is number 77, the coffin of debt.] [You are not allowed to play in this game. You will be severely restricted in your activities.] "77? I want to make an impression.

“Now you're awake.” In front of him was a middle-aged man with a sun-lined face. He was a person who had a silver smile on his mouth with an egotistical impression.

“The party" "?” “I'm Nadershudi Chachite Perenz. Well, you can simply call me" Earl "or Ferentz. And,” The smile of the man who calls himself Earl Ferentis has come again.

“Even those who healed you.” Kronos stiffens his memory of the delay, trying to ask what that meant.

A tutorial that was entered to pick up Jungwoo. And there he was, signed by an endless swarm of light.

When he was in his prime, the gangster who was so strong that he was confident that he would be able to come back and guarantee the battle, started with a fake attack.

Chronos had no idea what he was doing and had to fight him. He could not mix his hands a few times, and he was forced to be humiliated. And when I woke up again, I was in the middle of the day.

A world filled only with white debt.

However, I never thought of breaking my eyes or feeling awkward at all. Rather, one side is warmer. It was a place that made me want to sit down unless it was a situation where I had to find Jungwoo.

And as I was already fascinated by that idea, many people were wandering around the white world.

With no purpose.

Where the hell is this place? It's definitely not a tutorial.

“This is a prison.” Earl Ferentis' sudden words.

When Kronos looks at what that means, Earl Perenz rolls his tail and replies.

“That's exactly what your face is saying. I don't know where!“... Prison. What's that supposed to mean? ”“ Literally. Prison. Olfowon, where the bastards trapped the same people. ”Earl Ferentis smiled in the middle of nowhere.

“This is the world he created. Should I say it's a kind of profound world... or should I say Olfoone itself. Anyway, that's the place. An extraterrestrial world where no one can go or enter without his permission.

Kronos had to feel his back chill for a moment.

I couldn't understand a word Earl Ferentis was saying. I could understand one thing clearly.


“But you look familiar somewhere. Have we met outside... >?” At the end of the challenge for Earl Ferentis, Chronos stood up and began to lift his spirits.

Even though it was a partial desquamation, I was able to follow the 'reel leaf' in my heart. Once upon a time, the power to dominate many gods' societies.

Earl Ferentis tries to tell me that his power is useless here, but his eyes widen when he sees the black power following Chronos.

He tried to go after his wife one day, but in the end, there was a force that he could not get.

“Why is it so dark in here...?" All the other beings in the white world turned their heads this way.

Or not.

Kronos' vigorous release of the lifted power. The black aura contrasted with the white world poured into the place like a thorn.

Light! The world shakes up and down with a huge explosion.

“ ^ ^. ^. ^ Genjiang {'> Kronos couldn't stand the raging fury.

No matter how much I beat the world with my power, it was because I was unscathed. I didn't even know how much time had passed this way.

“There's no way around it.” Kronos' razor-sharp gaze flashes back and forth. Earl Ferentis smiles bitterly.

“I'm someone else, haven't I tried it like you? There have been people who have been flying for over a hundred years. We all try to come together. But they all failed. I didn't even dream of it.Olfowon... is such a monster.” Later, Earl Perenz's gaze turned to the other side. Chronos follows you on his own.

“I don't know if you care enough to not go crazy, but sometimes you can look outside.” One corner.

A woman hugs her knees with her hands still, looking at one wall. Then I thought the wall was shaking slightly, and it was like a screen shining a different view.

It was a noisy tutorial.

“How do you use that?” Kronos urgently asked Earl Ferentis how to use it, and slowly shook the wall as he taught him. Then the ripples spread, illuminating the place he wanted.


There was Jungwoo.

I don't know what you're talking about. You see her having a party with a large, beautiful woman who looks like a rebel and struggling with the monsters.

“Is he a child?" Kronos hasn't looked away for a long time, then looks back at Earl Ferentis.

“I was there once. The children... Kronos grips their teeth.

“Are you here to save your children?” Yes. ”“ But you got fucked by Olfowon in the middle? ”Kronos nods heavily.

In fact, it was dark to him.

I was caught by an ankle in a place I had no idea.

After many years of wandering around, I can barely find peace, but the world seems to not let him go.

"Green...! I can't help it. I thought you said" Sh 'a Hami. "I had a kid, too. But I had to say goodbye to this son of a bitch. I don't think I'll ever see you again." Kronos nods. Although I had not recently met Earl Pehenz, it was because the hearts of loving fathers were all the same.

So Kronos decided to take his favor. Although it didn't seem like it would be much help, it was good to have another hand.

“And most of all,” Ah-an. "You seem to have something to do with the Black King. Then it can't be me and Eastgate 0608), so we can't just sit here and watch.” Kronos was surprised this time, too.


When he was active, he had very few reliance on him.

Had it not been for father Uranos, Kronos would not have had any contact points.

"Do you know black?" ”“ I know. I once 'chased, and also yearned for. Though I didn't get my hands on it. ”Earl Ferentis smiles bitterly, but looks up at Kronos with excited eyes.

“But I didn't think you were. He used the Dark Energy very freely.What the hell is" Apostle ”?" What? Huh! This guy's good at jokes. The Dark Apostle hasn't been around since Chronos. "" "Zen “ You know me? Fortunately, the myth associated with me is not being erased, but it is being held back. "Earl 3087 Prune Lenz opened his mouth and remained silent for a while. Suddenly, I rolled my eyes.

“Now, you... oh, no, Khh, Khrnos." Gang, are you drunk? "" Kronos smiles hotly.

“Just do as you're told. I feel awkward when I suddenly change my attitude.” "Him, right? Haha! Anyway, you're lucky.” Earl Ferentis gladly replied, beating his chest with his fist.

Chronos had no excuse for Earl Ferentis to be an expert in his own luck as an apostle of the Dark King.

Soon, I had to talk to him and nod.

In fact, Chronos was a mere black wizard, but he knew very little about the Black King.

I just knew that the Black King was much more ancient than the Mother Earth, and that his presence had darkened him, and that concepts such as death and dreams had appeared.

But Earl Ferentis, who had favored darkness for a very long time, had more knowledge than Kronos.

Especially when I heard that the Black King could be the first universe that even contained chaos and chaos…… it was only clothing.

But Kronos did not raise any questions. In fact, I knew that the Black King had outdone God's perception of him.

“Luckily, you haven't lost your channel with the Dark Lord yet. Is that right?" “Yes.” It was all thanks to 'Tai leaf'.

It was also a terminal connected to the Black King (Huai ).

“That means it could be connected to the main body.” Chronos' eyes widen slightly.

"Is my body... here?" “Didn't you know? Oh, I don't know. The Apostle of the Dark King said he had been stationed in Tartarus since the tower was built. Tartaros exists on the 30th floor of the Hidden Stage.” Kronos clenches his fist.


It was like I had found hope in a place I had never thought of.

Of course, if he did, he could have learned of his resurrection at Olympus.

Now was not the time to question that.

'Send Dory Jungwoo outside and maybe save Nectar or Ambrosia. "Chronos had no choice but to reddish the fact that he might be able to save Cyrenea.

"“ If you take back your original rage... how much will you win? "My hot head is cold as if I didn't have any cold water.

And I tried to count calmly.

“3Hall”... I heard that the name was the one who wanted to 'Huang'. It's a little small, don't you think? ”“ Actually, I caught it high, too.

Divine Power, Divinity, Faith... It's all gone. It's a good thing there's so much power left. ”Kronos was fortunate to have recovered so much of his rage through 'at least' many previous lives. Otherwise, three would be ridiculous.

“But depending on the time, we can also raise the odds to more than four.“ What is it? ”Chronos explained the plan in his head calmly.

Earl Ferentis smiles. But the eyes were gleaming joyfully, as if they were exciting.

“If that's the case... It won't be easy to get out of here, but we should be able to give him a good shot. That's how the plan started.“

It was resonance (# 08) that Kronos and Earl Perenz attempted.

While trapped in the underworld of Allfowon, there was no way Kronos could overcome the upheaval.

If we could find the body, we wouldn't be in such a situation right now, but the soul and the body are attracted to each other.

If we could create an opportunity to connect with each other for just a short while, we would be able to recover our anger temporarily.

Earl Ferentis described the great magic he developed (& ) as "an awl."

“It forces the left surface of the physical space to connect to the desired point at a moment's notice. I originally developed it to meet my wife hiding down there...... But I'll use it for you.” You only get one chance.

Olfowon is also good at magic and power, so once he saw the 'fangs', he was more likely to have a backup plan.

So while the Hidden Stage of 77 and 30 animals was connected with the 'Fangs' for only a short while, I had to recover my rage and overthrow Olfowon.


Earl Charentes has succeeded in connecting him with Tartaros using an 'awl' that has poured out all of his magical power.

[An unknown phenomenon created a bypass between floors 77 and 30.] [list! Unauthorized bypass. Access denied. A system call will be made to close the bypass.] [Warning! Unauthorized bypass. Any unauthorized transfer of accounts may result in penalties based on the system. [By the way! Permission...] Kronos takes a big breath into the familiar air from beyond the collapsed space.


Where he used to go static, where he ended up.

It was so tippy, but now it was good to see you.

[At the request of the system, the player 'Vivasbat` will come!] “Come on, come on!” In the cry of Earl Abandoned Lenz, Kronos releases a rage as he regains his senses.

Looking for a body somewhere here.

[The body responds strongly to your request!] [There is a connection between the body and the self. Temporary union.] [Increases SP.] [Increases turbulence.] [Tai leaf 'returns quickly.] [The God of the Unsullied, Kronos, is coming!] Chronos could feel his conscious world expanding infinitely.

As I almost forgot, one sensation was returning.


There was a feeling inside that I didn't want to take back.

You're here for the 99 's, Porn? Twenty-seven bowls of six-seven games, 27 bowls of twenty-seven, 2 299/Bunit Band 4/Sompoo, came in like a flood of activists. Just like in his madness in the past, he wants to eat him again.

I could have gotten caught up in it this time.

"Somehow... we have to save Jung Woong. [Kronos wanted to endure the shaky ritual with superhuman patience.

Wait a minute.

It was just for a little while.

His desperate wish to fulfill his plan... was to stop the erosion of Mars for a moment.

Huaa! In the meantime, I was able to come face to face with Olfowon, who appeared with a swarm of light.

He thought Kronos was trying to regain his morale, but he made swift moves to stop it.

Do you think he knows? That's what Earl Dory Kronos and Earl Perentz wanted.

Here, 77 animals live in the underworld of Allfowon. His sanctuary.

It meant that "contamination" could be possible. I was able to corrupt his image with Kronos' will.

And Kronos was confident as long as he was able to recover. A child who would have lived for tens of thousands of years would have been able to bear his own myth for years of cowardice! He was once the king of Olympus, who put all his statutes beneath his feet, and also put 'Huang' before his eyes. And he was the sole apostle of the Dark Lord, the persistent one.

It was nothing compared in the first place.

As soon as Kronos and Allfowan's fingertips are met.

Pa! The white world has turned dark.