Second Life Ranker

21. Qualification Test (12)

At that moment.

Chronos had been asleep inside the reel, and he could feel the two statues that were invisible to the awakening working little by little, as if they were cogs.

Time and death.

In the case of 'death' it was taken away by Hades, but it was exactly. Rather than the concept of death, it was an addition to the throne that governs the veil.

Thanks to this, Chronos was about to unleash 'death' on the outside and desecrate the underworld.

He's trying to force Allfowon into death.

[The myth of Kronos, the God of the Unsullied, is full of 77 floors!] [The Sanctuary of Player, Vivasbat ', the Coffin of Light is filled with the myths of Kronos.] [Myth buzzes.] [Player, Vivasbat' Achievements are unlimited.] [Based on a myth, the new price of death is released!] [Player ', Vivatt` 'will resist vigorously.] [The power of Player, Vivasbat "will be triggered.] [Death is cancelled due to imaginary differences.] Bullshit! Olfowon's rebellion was filled with anger. Most of the power and skills were being stopped by the myth of Kronos Gazin's inner world.

It was hard to move in advance because it was going to invade the realm of its own self.

In that moment.

"Now!" It was also Kronos' most desired scenario.

Remaining residual energy of 'Death' is transformed into a curse.] [Player, Vivasvat 'has been caught in a terrible curse!] [Status Effect: Binding' Expires!] Wheelic! HH::! Olfowon's move against Kronos slows down a little. A slippery death spirit flowed through the darkness and wrapped around his limbs as quickly as a chain.

The concept of death was inherently weak to the imaginary.

In situations where myth prevails and power weakens greatly, the structure becomes a chain of ankles.

This was the plan Kronos had discussed with Earl Perenz.

There's no way to buy time like this.

"But I don't have much time." Kuku...! Olfowon is still tied in the dark, releasing himself somehow. Much of the power that had been sprinkled outward was being restored to him, and his restraints were trying to be released at a rapid rate.

'What a ridiculous ability it is to see.' Chronos kicked his tongue into the rest. I had no choice but to wonder where my own abilities came from.

In fact, he was under intense temptation to launch a fierce attack.

But Kronos coldly compared the power between himself and him.

Results are obvious, but not comparable. It was a fight that couldn't be played in the first place.

As long as there was a tower, he could never be defeated or killed. According to Perenz, he's stopping countless transcendents in the heavenly world. That meant there were a lot of hidden cards.

Eventually, they'll release this restraint somehow.

However, no matter how quickly they released the restraints, it would take them at least a minute.

That 'charna' was enough time for Kronos to try something else.

So Chronos looks up and suddenly flares his arms to the left and to the right.

What are you…… going to do? "Of course, Allfowon, who thought Chronos was going to go blind, couldn't figure out what he was going to do, so he was embarrassed.

“What the hell.” At that moment, Kronos smiles and replies, as if asking a natural question.

"I'm trying to save my bad boy.” At that moment, this time, the 'time' stature worked.

Darkness, who had filled the world of debt, almost went out in a fiercer rage.

As the ripples spread throughout, Kronos could feel contact with the vast providence of the universe.

Taste it in a minute.

Beyond all universes and dimensions, the sensation of looking at the world from that high place drenched my soul.

At this moment, Chronos was able to feel a strong sense of empowerment and power that all of his personalities could hope for.

In the past, we stopped time and ended the war for Olympus. It was his ability that many of his followers feared.


“Is it too much to roll a 'roller'? `Apart from those senses, Kronos was aware that he was infinitely lacking in his abilities.

It was very different from before. Even if you've recovered, you shouldn't have lost so much.

I wish I could go back in time a little bit to the whole universe. I didn't expect much. Just for a month, just for a few days. I wish Jungwoo was close to entering the tower, but I don't think so.

But even in its heyday, rolling the 'bowl' was only done twice. Even so, it was possible because Olympus consumed significant causality. Of course, it's impossible right now.

So Chronos wanted to use 'Gule` in a different way, regretting for the first time the old abilities that had been lost.

The 'roller' makes the cell (forest bond) partially possible as a result of use.

If you project the past to peek at the Gule, you can see the phenomena of all the universes that happened at a certain point.

Projecting the future makes the prediction (\ beep) possible.

Chronos is all alone in the realm that the three goddesses sitting on the 16th floor have to meet head to head.

Of course, it wasn't about looking into the real future.

Each one of them (ohrumku-soo). Each destiny contains a lot of variables, because it was never predetermined. There was only 'sulfur' beyond the limits of space-time.

But it was possible to look at the realm of possibility. If you restrict it to any particular person or area, the variables will have to be restricted.

Chronos was eager to sneak a peek at Jungwoo.

To be precise, Jungwoo's future will unfold.

"Olfowon, as I am now, will never escape his imprisonment.

There's no way I can save Jungwoo myself. Then we need to find a way for Jungwoo to get out of the tower safely, or we need to help her. That's all I can do. `Chronos was well aware of his limitations, so he wanted to see the future' that Jungwoo will shape in the tower. 'I was going to lead Jung to you somehow, looking for good results.

For a moment. Numerous futures have passed over Kronos' retina.

The future of over 10,000 friendships.


... Ridiculous2Kronos had to look into the many futures and fall into despair.

despite seeing so many futures.

There was no happy ending for friendship in any future.

Yeongwoo grabbed the ball.



My heart was beating like crazy.

The blood is spinning too fast. Dizziness was intensely pinged and turned to stone.

The lives of Kronos have been so overwhelming to him that I've been here so long.

All the truths he had ever known, no, were shattered into pieces.

For a long time, Father had lived only a miserable life, and at the end he was actually sacrificing for his mother and children.

You don't know that.

He doesn't even know the truth behind the fact that he knows, and he's always grumbling against his father.


Yeongwoo could hardly press the feeling of fluttering and pushing up on one side of her chest.

"Father...!" I've wanted to go over it a few times, but I can't get my mouth off.

Seeing the myths being drawn vividly, I wanted to run out of the chimney right away, but the reality that I couldn't do was too smooth.

And then Chronos chases Jungwoo into the tower, and he's being held captive in Allfowon, trying to turn the tide.

You don't even know you're there. 'I almost yelled.

But that didn't come out of my mouth.

No, I didn't.

Many of the possible futures of friendship Kronos saw were what he knew in real time.

“Just as I saw in the diary, there were so many possibilities that Jungwoo's monument had to experience in the diary. And records.

Painful situations were also depicted in Kronos, where there was no breakthrough, and the frustration and despair had to be repeated over and over again.

He seemed to have lost his mind when he saw it. "We have to... help him somehow! `So Yeon-woo wanted to help Kronos somehow.

Even if it's a fragmented memory one day, it's a long time ago.

Even if it's useless.

However, Yeon-woo wanted to help her father somehow.

I just wanted to.

That desperate little man...... never belonged to the wretched father I remember so far.

My father was always speechless and clumsy. That's what the father in his memory always looked like.


Phew! You unleash your fury with all your might.

to regain synchronization.

He was unaware that Chronos was considered a 'father' from time to time.

However, it was difficult to reconnect the separated consciousness as long as it was how it moved in a conscious world.

[Reconnection failed!] [Reconnection Failed!] [Warning! Currently, synchronization with Chronos is higher than required. Successful reconnection puts Kronos at risk of being consumed by the myth of Kronos. Find 'reel' and complete the quest, not reconnect.] [Warning! Synchronization rate is higher than required. Too much reconnection can lead to self-destruction of the soul.] [Cold-blood trait is not available for unknown reason!] "Damn it!" Light! Light! Yeon-woo eventually failed to synchronize and tried to blow up the spirit herself. It was an attempt to force images drawn underfoot out of Wakbush.

But then, of course, it went back to failure.

Yeongwoo had to lift her head high with an annoyed mixed face.

I had to find a way.


However, I did not make a rational decision because I was excited. I kept getting annoyed because the accident didn't go smoothly.

Right then.

On the other hand, I could feel something strange moving from one corner of my heart.

At that moment, my head was cold as if there was no cold water.

"Maestro!" You are now in union with Maestro.

And that... was also true of Kronos.

There is a contact.

At this moment, we didn't know if Maestro was just a coincidence or if he was after something.

The most important thing was for him to have a route to reconnect to sync right now.

So she brought all her thoughts together and breathed them into Maestro.

Kuku... At that moment, the world of consciousness began to shake.

It's nice, even though the typewriters seem to be flying over my head.

[Failed to reconnect for unknown reason!] with a message that it was successful.

Yeon yells loudly.

“Father!” x 6 years?? Kronos seems to have heard another son's voice somewhere. He nucleates his surroundings and looks around.

Of course, I couldn't find it.

Yeon must be on Earth.

'Is this a hallucination...? "But the voice was too strong for mere hallucinations.

Maybe that's why.

"Maybe." Kronos' intention was to turn the angle of the prophecy, which had been focused exclusively on Jungwoo, in another direction.

There was no other reason.

Maybe...... because I strongly thought that this might show me another way.

So Chronos quickly wrapped up his time stature at a fierce pace, looking forward to the future that would happen after Jungwoo died.

In the process, I could see Yeon-woo chasing after Jungwoo and entering the tower.

At the end, I could see that Yeon Woo had gone through many obstacles and reached her body.


To come to you, to see your own myths.

“I told you not to come because it's dangerous...... I don't think anyone's a twin, really. Both of you aren't listening.” Wherever I sighed and turned my head.

“That's not why.” There stood, precisely, a future.

“Because he's my father's son."