Second Life Ranker

22. Qualification Test (13)

Kronos laughs in ridicule.

Despite the fact that the guy across the street from him is more likely to be in the future than he is right now, the horse bird still looks like that.

How can I think of what I said to my father Uranos?

Is that why they call it a failure?

By the way.

"Father." Kronos' tone turns to a smile.

“That sounds so good. `That's what I heard from Yeon-woo.

I've been avoiding myself since the dawn of time, and treating me like a stranger. Even though Silas and Jungwoo were so stubborn, Tyler was never stubborn.

He was my father.

How long have I been hearing this?

You probably haven't heard from me since we first started chatting, have you? 'I thought I was such an irresponsible father: "So the word I heard in a moment made my heart throb.

I finally felt that I had received recognition from my son.

This time I became a real... father.

And yet.

On the other hand, Chronos was truly remarkable.

Because I could see how hard Yeon-woo lived in the shadow of a vision of the future.

However, I did not have to cheer or encourage him, rather than struggling a little more.

I was so ashamed to come now. No, I thought it would be good for_insulting Yeon-woo. He turned his head to the side of the fence instead of smiling.

The two of them were typical rich people who couldn't get the truth out of the rest of them.

I don't know what she would say if she saw this.

That's why I smiled.


In doing so, Kronos was able to clearly understand.

I don't know what to do from now on.

Whether the world he is painting is a myth that has already vanished into the past, or he just stumbled upon a vision of Yeon in one of many possible futures.

But one thing's for sure.

'If so, my son can't show me how bad I am as a father.' It was that I had to look good as a father now.

The vision of a fade-out fades away in the wind. But Kronos could still feel the look on his son's face somewhere.

"If only Yeon Woo were there. If there is such a future, it has moved. Kronos has turned the clock to a more ferocious position to see the future behind the storm.

The cogs in the "reel lobe" were about to overheat and break as due to the force already injected above the allowable limit, but he didn't care about that at all.

It was dangerous enough to die here, but the smile never left my lips.


Oops! Almost there! It's time to stop. It disappeared without any sense of transcendence that drew a future prophecy.

Olfowon had been freed from all restraints and was regaining all his power. Light was spreading from all over the underworld, trying to purify it.

Guang! Kronos and Allfowon collide on the way.

Then, a group of white debtors and a black dome roared to eat each other.

Of course, the victory was far superior to the white herd.

Kukukuqui! The world trembles with fear.

“Oh my. I'm going to be a father now...! I think you know my situation. Why can't you give me a concession?” Kronos appealed for recognition as he pushed the aggression of Allfoone.


Olfowon didn't give much of an answer. It could be viewed as negligent, it could be seen as snoring. Kronos thought his day would be sad, hidden by a swarm of light.

“Or did I make a big mistake in the past?" I... + I don't have any other personal feelings for you. I was the only contact between me and you in the first place. A long time ago, Min said, “I heard a voice that sounded bitter in my sleep!“ Then? ”” "I only do this because it is my duty. " Obligations? ”No, the curse. {I have to tell you_to move it. Kronos is coming.

: The words of Umpowon can't even be said by North Fowon! The fact that Olfowon was sure about one thing is being forced into something unknown. And I'm deeply ashamed of it.

At first, they might have accepted it as a sacred duty. But at some point, I felt like I had a meeting about what I was doing.

But even such a weak look for a moment.

Olfowon's voice settles low again.


As for me, you, the transcendents, cannot continue to reject providence even when they enter the tower and gain any acts of disobedience.

I know your situation is sad, but if it is clear that the solution is the end of the pilgrimage 087) to the pilgrimage 00) and the reverse ceiling (boot #), I must continue to stop it. Chronos could hardly understand what Allfowon was talking about. However, it was clear that he had a negative impression of transcendents like the Divine and Evil, and that what they were trying to do violated the order of the universe.

Maybe Olfowon was right.

The activity of the Divine Spirit is effective in turning the tide of the world that should sometimes flow smoothly. Although he ruled the laws of the world, he tended to pursue his own selfishness more strongly. It was a result of free will.


'That's none of my business. "Whatever his mission and obligations were, Kronos did not need to understand his position.

If I interfered, I was only the enemy.

'Then what do we do?` Kronos gripped it. Olfowon's release time was too soon. Even now, the swarm of light was about to consume his soul while sharpening the darkness. The more I did so, the more my connection to the main body kept shaking.

[Pairing with the main body opens.

The union will be compromised.] [WARNING! The Fury!] Register! Shaking furiously!] At this rate, I'm afraid I won't be able to use my hands, just my body.

The future of Yeon Woo.

We must 'confirm' the future that Yeonwoo is looking at here.

It is not one of many possible futures, but must be made into a 'must have' future.

Only then will I be able to show the new ending to Jungwoo, who can only see the Saad Ending.

How do we do that? Fortunately, the answer to the question was easy.

'Bizarre.' `My thoughts continued to bite my tail.

If...... then I can leave it to you. An object designated as' singularity 'becomes an event that never changes even if you roll' Coole 'around, even if you forcibly grab a number of variables.

That was what they used to call destiny.

Kronos intended to turn the tide into such a singularity.

Of course, it was not a complete solution. Whether they succeeded or failed, they did not see the aftermath as an obstacle to Olfowan.

But Kronos believed that a kith could do it.

No one.

"He's my son! `I felt strong in Kronos' eyes as he made that decision.

Then it was time to try specificity designation.

Kronos looks up, not at Allfowon.

"Leah, I'm sorry. `Where there is a wife who only waits for her son and husband to return sick.

"I think I'm going to be late again." With that thought.

Chronos pulls the rage from the open pairing, pulling it into his hands and blowing it up.

Guayang! There's a huge explosion between the two of you.

What nonsense! Olfowon appeared a long way away with power and power. With a clean look without any injuries.

And Kronos tries to get his hands on what he's planning, but unlike he expected, Kronos doesn't try to push his aggression this way.

Instead, he condenses the last remaining fist and power into one piece and collects them towards his heart. Then I slit down my left chest with a straight hand blade.

Phew! Blood splashes up. A dark, bloody water infused with dark spirits.

Under it, I saw something shiny like obsidian embedded in my heart.

A sinusoidal mechanical part with sharp cogs. "Tai leaf" reminded me of the air.

At that moment, Allfowon realized that "reel leaf" was the golden child of Chronos.

A vessel left on this earth by the Great King of the Black, containing the statue of death and time inside. And the myths that had accumulated for many years were tightly compressed objects.

Just looking at it, the mystery and beauty of "reel leaf" was too great. Allfowon was able to find himself almost lured there.


Chronos pulls his lifeline out and smiles, exposing his weakness to the enemy.

I didn't doubt that this would save my sons.


Fruit! He splits the 'reel' in two without a doubt.

One is time. The other is death.

Divide status among themselves.

Kronos releases the reed of time in his right hand.

At that moment, the pitch black that flowed underneath his feet trembled high and swallowed up the reel of time that had fallen helplessly.

The darkness connects to the void, and the void transcends space-time. The reel of time will go up the river of time and fall into the past.

When Jungwoo just entered the tower. It became a form of privilege.

'You shouldn't recognize me.

Future invitations... Well, I guess that's a good name. `Unless you can change the past of entering the tower. I had to grab the weapons I couldn't get the rest of.

Kronos intends to make it a privilege. He may not be healthy, but he's talented enough to covet his personality. Privileges will be winged soon enough.

In some ways, it can be called treason.

It could have been interference in the past, but now that it is connected to the main body, I could have done that even if my strength had deteriorated a lot.

However, no matter how strong the privilege, Jung might not be able to avoid the Saad Ending.

At that time, the reel of time will make a new difference.

"Jungwoo, I trust that if you're smart, you'll soon realize how to use that leaf." Chronos' last faith in the past or the future.

This time, I placed the crown of death in my left hand.

Again, the black swallowed the reed without missing. This time, the direction of the reel was the future. The future isn't here yet. But it was also the future that would make Yeongwoo unique.

That's it.

After all the relief, Kronos can feel the power rushing away.

The nucleus that forced the coalition began to collapse as the nucleus disappeared.

No reel leaf found.

The merger date with the main body will be forced off.] [A penalty will be given for reflexes.] [Brace rapidly seals.] [Spirits break rapidly.] [list! No 'reel leaf' found. Quickly locate and equip the 'reel leaf'. Disruption can lead to loss of soul and self.] [Warning! "Tai leaf 'will be found....] A warning message appears urgently.


The flesh, which could not withstand the reverse flow of the phara-specific power, began to collapse gradually.

The noise is shaking as fine as it is, and it begins to break into small particles from the toes.

Until now, I could have lived thanks to 'reel leaves', but now that I've handed it over to my sons, I can no longer hope for such a fate.

The real Death was right on top of us.

Kronos was indifferent.

And I'm sorry.

It was the only thing I could do for my sons after my father was bad.

“Behind you, son.” Chronos said that he saw a kith somewhere_looking this way.

Olfowon was buried in the white light that he loved and disappeared.

Just before it disappeared.

He was clearly smiling.

[All playbacks are complete.] [The myth of Chronos has ended.] [You have not completed any quests yet, so the synchronization has not been disabled.] the entire time a message was posted.

Yeon-woo couldn't say anything, frozen.

I wasn't angry.

I didn't cry.

It's just...

I was just... numb.

The last smile of my father was not forgotten in my mind.

I still felt like my father was smiling this way in front of me.

[Locate 'reel leaf'.] And then I remembered the message.

Yeon lifts her head.

The truth that he had never known so far was intense, and the will he left behind was still here.

In that case.

I think we have to keep that will somehow.

[Locate 'reel leaf'.] In fact, the lotus was found in every position of 'reel leaf' divided into two parts.

No, I couldn't tell.

He was too close.

"One is…… a pocket watch.” Tiring! [I found the reel of time.] The timing of his brother's fall was as he had originally expected.

Depending on his father's condolences, the leaf of time gave him wings so that his talents were essential to flowers as a privilege, and later became a material in the diary. As my father wished, my brother recognized the birds and put a special on the clock.

And it was conveyed to Yeonwoo in harmony, becoming the Cheetki that made it possible for a prince to be born today…… while it was also a vessel to hold his brother's chair.

Even in so many forks and turns, he used his hands to meet his brother somehow.


The leaf of death, the only one left, falls toward the future, as Yeongwoo enters the tower.

“The other one.” Just as the reel of time appeared in a different form to his brother, the reel of death also appeared to him in a different form than 'reel.' With my father's other condolences.

My father put together all the myths you have laid down on Earth, in addition to the primordial and divine, so that the lotus can grow quickly and steadily.

Numerous hero myths can be an even more useful milestone for players trying to build achievements.

And it sometimes became a weapon to protect its owner, its son.

“~ ……… Vigrid! Along with the tiny ponytail of Yeongwoo, Vigrid appears before your eyes.

Shining a shimmering light.

As if it's a greeting.

[I found the reel of the moaning.] [Successfully found all 'reel leaves'.] [Quest Completed!]