Second Life Ranker

23.Qualification Test (14)

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional public values.] [As a reward……] Many messages came to mind above the retina.

Yeongwoo's gaze was not fixed there at all.

Ugh, ooh-bigrid is shaking like he's asking you to catch him.


[The 'Cold Blood' trait is invalid for unknown reasons!] [Attention! There's a lot of mental fluctuations.

We recommend restoring stability.] [Attention! Mental immunity is significantly impaired. It is recommended to identify and eliminate unknown causes and reclaim characteristics.] Yeon failed to catch Pre-Bully Beagrid. I thought maybe if I caught Angie, it would drift away like a sandcastle.

It was just an unfounded feeling with no reason at all, but Yeon-woo thought more in her head than ever before.

“My father...... always looked out for me.” Vigrid was the missing identity of Kronos.

Half of 'Task Up`.

A sword that holds the power of death and condenses all the myths that Kronos had built on Earth.

It was made, but it wasn't until it reached the place where Yeongwoo was until it was written in the guise of a sword through the hands of many people.

Since then, Vigrid has always been a close friend of Yeouido's and protected him.

It's like I'm trying to fulfill a wish that I never had in my life. He didn't know it, but he was acting like a father to protect his son.


Yeon did not easily grasp the beagrid. I felt like my heart was going to burst.

I wonder if you know the heart of such a son.

Vigrid's still mumbling something to him.

[The 'Cold Blood' trait is invalid for unknown reasons!] [The 'Cold Blood' trait is invalid for unknown reasons!] "We have to bring him back. `So Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

[The 'Cold Blood' trait has regained its function!] pressed the trembling emotion forcefully.

My complex head sank, and my trembling eyes regained their calm. Then I felt like I had to do something about it.

Even if I say my father's name in a wet voice, he won't come back.

Then we must find a way.

Fortunately, unlike his brother, there is still no way to get Kronos back.

If only we could take out the hidden "reel lobe" on the beagrid and the pocket watch and restore it.

"I'm sure my father will open his eyes again." Most of all, there is also his body here. If I could attract all the myths I have ever seen, I might be able to bring about a complete resurrection.

Yeonwoo believed in the power given to her by the name 'progeny of the Black King.'

That's it.

With trembling hands, I put my hands on the beagrid.

The cheerleaders bloomed and swirled over Yeon-woo's hand. At that moment, Yeon-woo felt strongly that she seemed to have seen the invisible city smiling in repentance.

So instinctively I'm trying to get my hands back.

Pod! Vigrid approaches Yeon-woo as if waiting and is forced into his hands.

Tiering! [Coupon quest has been created.] [Scenario Quest/Qualification Test (Slo6Libat) ― Repair Leaf] Description: You were enchanted by 'Death' and have succeeded in finding all the 'Leaf' in Kronos that will never appear.

But the reel that you found has been broken in half for a long time, and other devices that will aid it because of the long absence of reel are already broken, so it's unclear whether it can be reused or not.

Moreover, the foreign body currently buried in reel leaves is the biggest obstacle to waking Chronos from hibernation.

From now on, repair the 'broken' reel and restore the auxiliary devices.

Depending on your accomplishments, Kronos will reward you appropriately for waking him up as king.

Limit Conditions: Black King's Progeny Limit Time: -Acceptable Conditions: 1. Let's complete the repair by removing any debris that may be blocking the infection.

2. Restore auxiliary devices

Reward: 1. Chronos' Statue2. Clockwork Leaf Fragment3.? Foreign body mentioned in the quest window.

It was clear that it was Marxist.

The dark energy rises above the fruit-beigrid, and gradually weaves into the shape of a person.

At the same time, you can feel the coalition unfolding by itself, drawing Marseilles towards the beagrid. It felt like a part of my consciousness was being forced.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment, this day," Kiki! "Masung was once so large that it seemed to envelop the entire conscious world.

Looking this way, the moment I met the evil smiling man's eyes, I realized what I had missed.


'It wasn't just me and my father that synchronized, it was him!' Yeonwoo was able to have a short conversation with her father because Maestro led to synchronization through a common route.

But that also means that the past and the present are synchronized equally.

It was natural for the creature to fall away from Kronos and regain its original form.

Moreover, this is the conscious world of Kronos. It's a great stage for him! 'This.' l::! I thought I knew why he had been so stubborn about Beagrid and demanded the ego of the personalities. To establish an identity that was trying to be disoriented. Especially since the hero myth in Vigrid is also Chronos', it should be suitable for him.

"Your father went on like a fool, but now he's back in my hands." Maestro smiled coldly, shining frenzy between his eyes.

"The child that succeeds will also be mine again. At the end of the sentence.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Something from the skie-appeared to be a thunderbolt.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Yeon quickly expands her wings and leaves her seat.

Grrr! Lightning strikes the ground where he was.

It wasn't thunder.

His hand.A giant maestro smashed his hand to catch a kite.

At the same time, the conscious world collapsed like a veil, revealing the image of Maestro hiding behind it slowly.

Kukukuku-ku...! It seemed as though the tides were moving, or the tides were coming in. Above all, the overwhelming pressure from him was pressing down on the pond.

Seeing him like that, Yeon-woo was sure.

The perfect marble is strong enough to see the chaos crawling underfoot.

Perhaps I could compare it with my father during his heyday, as he possessed the myth of his father.

Then, where should we start the next two rounds? "That's how Maestro moved.

To swallow Kronos and the pond, to become a complete master.

“What the hell is going on? Athena looks at Kronos' corpse in fear.

And so were the others who were in place.

“You're a madman.” "It's been a long time... Why?” Hercules and_Ares also clenched their fists.

It's been hours since the moat entered Kronos' corpse.

Yeon-woo still had no sign of coming out, and was burning just as fast as they did.

Suddenly, the earthquake started.

No, this was more like a rush 0800).

The corpse of Kronos has been trembling as if it were about to be destroyed.

Despite being buried for many years, the sand and rocks that covered the corpse of Sucronos poured out excellently under the cracks, and began to flow black light between the cracks while the azimuthal grass began to fly and overflow like chrysalis. just before the volcano explodes.

Of course, even if the bodies are shaken up like that, they'll float into thin air and surround the perimeter and not hurt much.

Since I had never seen anything like Athena, I had to be very nervous.

In fact, the corpse of Kronos has always been a controversial place in Olympus.

He led Olympus to his prime, but was eventually abandoned as a madman. There were many discussions about whether to dispose of his body.

It's clear that he's dead, but we still have to wipe him out completely, with a powerful power.

Or should I just throw myself in the tartarus and ignore it? I never got the feeling.

However, such controversy eventually led to the collapse of Hades, the current master of Citartaroth.

- Unpleasant.

It was just that one word.

It means, "Where are you going to trespass against your sanctuary?"

Hades was indifferent to Zeus at the time, so he had to leave Kronos' corpse in Tartarus in order to honor him.

However, Hades was able to take a step back and come to an agreement because Zeus' anger against Kronos was also the most stubborn.

If anything happens to Kronos' body, report it to Olympus immediately.

But even after the settlement, the report on Kronos' corpse was quiet enough to never come up.

For the first time, it's starting to happen.

It was clear that Yeon Woo had touched something inside. But it was frustrating not knowing what it was and what was happening inside.

I can't. I'll go in - King! I think I'll just get in the way... Good. Let's take him in with us. Agarose and Penre finally stepped forward. There's a strange frenzy lurking around Agares' eyes, looking at Kronos' corpse.

Nattaca looks worried.

“It could be dangerous. You don't even know what's in there. And our laws won't work.” Hong! Such things belong to you people who are scared and weak, what's in there, if there's some kind of trap, what do you think we can do about this body? King! Fenrir wags his tail quickly as though it were Agarose speaking aloud.

The moment the appearance of Natasha changed strangely.

“No. I'll go. Athena stepped forward with a stiff face.

Agares' expression stiffens.

What can you do...! "Though he was disqualified, Kronos was the god of Olympus. He was a god, not an ordinary god. And you're saying demons aren't from the same society, not even gods? You just want to be eaten away by nothing?” Agares and Fenrir's face is hard. Actually, Athena wasn't wrong either. We don't know what's lurking in there.

Moreover, there was no dumber place than the devil walking into a place where there was a mystical flow.

But Agares and Fenrir were no ordinary demons.

Will it work or not? Would you like to try it? Agares smiles coldly at the face of a cute child, revealing her fangs white.

Suddenly Athena and Agares' gaze heads up at the same time. Penlìr's fur rises and falls.

It's like we met at least once. [The god of Olympus, Percellnega, is coming!] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Suddenly, lightning struck them from the sky. The heat was so intense that Athena and the like had to quickly open the gap.

On the spot where the lightning had fallen, Persephone was smiling, looking this way.

“It's Persephone...!” “Oh, my God. So many familiar faces. There were a lot of people there at first." Persephone welcomed me by looking at Ares and Hercules and so on.

However, the more I did, the stiffer Athena's face did not spread.

While Yeon Woo was not back yet, it was a shame for them if Fercelle interfered.

Most of all, the war between Titan and Gigas must be so chaotic right now, how did it get here? You think Gigas is planning a bucket operation, too? Touchably ""? As I read Athena's question, Persephone smiled brightly.

"Oh, you were able to stay here? It's that simple.” Persephone throws something in her hand onto the ground.

Degur - “The rebellion is over.” What was there was Teia's severed head.