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24. Qualification Test (15)

Athena, etc. expressions were stiff.

The rebellion is over? So soon? They had already anticipated that this war would eventually lead to the victory of Gigas.

Even if Titan happened by surprise while killing TiVon, it would be difficult to fully engage the gaseous side carrying the earth-shaped body on its back.

Of course, Titan wouldn't be able to afford such a power car, so he would have other contingencies.

like waking Chronos up, or deploying those skilled people.

So, naturally, the battle between Titan and Gigas was just Gussel.

Athena and the like were meant to take what they needed, find a way to take the myth from Kronos' corpse, or find a way to Erebos.

However, even if the conflict had not been long ago, the story would have changed if the rebellion had already ended.

So if it was just the Percells, they'd ignore it, say, bluffing.

If I pulled out Teia, the leader of Titan, and rolled it around, I would have no choice but to believe it.


“That's a lie.

Unlike the rest of the group, Athena is the only one smiling. The gaze of Agares is pouring all over you.

Persephone smiles brightly and asks.

“What's a lie?” “The rebellion has been contained. It's a lie." "What...?“ I don't know how you did it, but you got lucky with Teia, and the other Titans haven't put her down yet. No, it's more rebellious than I thought. There seems to have been an anomaly on Kronos' side, so I'm afraid. ”Persephone was still looking at Athena with a smile on her face, so she couldn't figure out what she was thinking.

But Athena knew as much. Percellene makes that look when he's stabbed, rather to hide the vibrating color of his eyes.

“That's why you urged me to put the troops back here first, if they were meant to succeed in the subjugation. Isn't that right?" "Maybe I'll leave the rest to them, and maybe I'll come first?" “You?? At that, Athena laughed openly.

“You're a safety first. You never move until you get what you want right. Behind you, I just slowly place the stone in a very nasty way. Never go to the front.” Like when you carried the Goddess of Earth on your back and took Tartarus, Olympus brought it down that way. You always have been. Athena added that.

“If a complete victory is not guaranteed, will the immovable nature be different this time?” “That's a lot of contradictions. There's no reason for me to come alone if I'm the safest..." My mother would have told me to. The earthly gods' obsession with Kronos has been fanatical since ancient times. ”“ If the master says so, the dog has to listen, right? "Heelan looks like he's stabbing himself with a knife.

The cold wind seemed to build up between the two goddesses.

I thought you said men don't meddle in women's fights.

Even the arrogantly cool Agarose and Fenrir were either thinking that they shouldn't be jumping this far, or keeping their mouths shut, and Nattae and his army awkwardly smiled and took a step back.

Hercules and Ares rolled their eyes silently at each other, and accidentally met their gaze. The message came and went quickly between the two.

Did Athena's sister used to be so bitter...? He grabs the top of his head and he puts it in the back of his neck. Nothing is more foolish than fighting with words_to win Athena. He was a genius at cutting and crunching every word he took out. "Ares said as he snorted.

Who can say that? How strong and insane.

If you lose a horse fight and you turn your eyes upside down... that's another very delicate thing to do, and you're beating people up like catching them. Urrgh! "Ares shudders, as if he didn't want to think.

Hercules grins.

You've been hurt a lot? Where could I have been? Well, Uncle Poseidon was a victim, too. There's probably no one in Olympus who hasn't been hurt before. Hermes is amazing, too. I don't know how I fit in. "When I was in Olympus, I was with Athena the most. So he knew more about his sister than anyone.

Spoken in tongues, unsweetened. Wisdom is wisdom. Smart and arguing is good and strong, so you can't win.

In fact, Ares' constant struggle with Athens was almost inferior. Athena ignored it the whole time, and when it piled up and exploded, she beat Ares like a dog.

And then Percy's car got caught in poor Athena's hands.

As Athena, all of these troubles were caused by Persephone, so I was angry with her, but I had no choice but to explode, because she did not return to the courtyard car.

I tried not to reveal my original personality as much as possible.

I couldn't do it now.


I smelled the smile that was still winter on Percellne's face.

“... I was an idiot for trying to do a legend with a girl. I was in a state of shock for a moment, but they said, 'Even the valley area I had always wanted to be relaxed is not more strange, and I smiled coldly.

“That's right. You're right. Teia's got her, but it's not over with her daughters yet. Every one of them escaped... Ugh! In fact, it's all annoying." I started following the Percells. As the earth surrounds her, hundreds of eyes gradually open through the shadows as a few shakers bite.

“But if you're smart, you should know that. I came here alone.” One end of Percellne's lips is badly twisted.

“It means you can all take care of yourselves. Isn't that right?” That was the flare.

Something enormous and intangible happened from the shadow of the over-Percellene. They became plump thorns together and sprinkled on the fierce speed of Roatena and others.

Too much light! Ares swiftly draws his sword and swings it to his side. Shadow thorns twist to the side.

Hercules, on the other hand, bludgeoned a shadow thorn with the power of a pair of reels, and Nattae and the Ranger cut off all the thorns by fully opening their power.

But unlike them, there were also angry ones.

Agares, also known as the Duke of the Demons, had little planting in the arrogance of the flying Percellés because he could hold himself by himself.

In fact, he was not alone, so he had little self-esteem to help Yeon-woo, but now he was treated like a fool, and I couldn't take it anymore.

Agares jumps out of Penre with Noho and immediately returns to the main body. Dozens of pairs of wings grow to reach the ends of the sky at once, then spray magpie all around.

Margie is not enough to cut off the shadow thorns at once, but falls into Percy's head, woven into one of them.

Pervert's Disease! The energy of the Mother Earth shifts along the Persones to form a protective barrier that forms an arrhythmic layer. Margie wanted to pour them seven layers, but eventually they all fell apart.

Meanwhile, behind the Percellés, Penlère emerges, unconscious, like Agares, and takes a nasty bite.

Khh, king! As Agares draws Persephone's gaze, Fenrir covers his back. An operation where two demons have only eyes.

The effects were clear. It was definitely too late when I detected PercellNegapellir.

All the shields that remained with the cracking of the glass shattered. Fenrir's teeth brutally chew past Persephone's left arm.

Despite the terrible pain.

“____: Home!” Persephone - instead of moaning - turned her gaze toward Fenrir, without a shaky flag. And then the white eyes opened one by one over the fragments of the protective shield that were falling down.

Whistle! Fragments connect together like paint, creating a massive whirlpool.

Whirlwind with hundreds of sharp swords.

Fenrir had to face the whirl alone in an instant at the center of it.

When all the over-circumcision passed, there was blood everywhere. The skin peels off and fills with wounds, as if it had been slaughtered many times with a knife.

Khh, khh...! Fenrir was breathing heavily because of the sudden spill of blood and Margie.


Vyrik-puff! A new shadowy splinter protrudes from Fenrir's glabella to the other side.

Incredible reality. It was too one-sided defeat.

So Agares tried to rush to Fenrir, as if he couldn't believe it.

He had to stop approaching.

At that moment.

Fenrir, who had lost his strength, was being sucked into the shadow of Persephone as it was shattered.

Skill known to never be accomplished without someone with a piece of the Woman's Rod.

The technology that the thousand demons and their faces have developed has caused many gods and demons to tremble.

It was a sacred body.

Overlight-yellow releases its magical power all at once while pushing away the magical Agar that tries to eat itself out of its mouth.

I used a lightning rod to connect the lightning and spread it over his head.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fruit over-even though the coalition cannot draw its power, Yeon already contains a considerable amount of magical power in the Wise Man's Stone.

No, if you think about the chaos of swallowing gears recently, or the amount of magic you already have, you can see that there is very little that can compare with Yeon in heaven.

Fortunately, the Lightning Mace was a technique that separated power by its magical power by 10 million steps, rather than realizing it.

Thirty-two times the size of the original jawbreaker (& 0) was already a vicious weapon by itself.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! You son of a bitch! Gekko...! "Maestro had to quickly pull his face back into the tightness of Yeongwoo, which repeatedly released only lightning to the Pole.

And I felt that a large body would interfere with it, so I reduced it to human size in a heartbeat.

At the same time, I pulled out my wings behind my back and rushed to Warak Yun Woo. Suddenly, his hand held the same sword that was in Yeon Woo's hand.

Sky Wings and Beagrid.

Yeon-woo had to add to the same things that could be said to be symbolic of her.

Kuaang! “You fucking faggot...!” After all, you're the one who taught me that winning is the most necessary thing. The black covering his face widely opened to the left and to the right, and the same face appeared as Yeon-woo.

In the meantime, he was familiar with all the patterns of Yeon-woo attacks through the union. Even imitating his pattern of thinking, the tribe was filled with the ego of the caring personalities.

Marseilles was about to become a kite.

The progeny of the 'real' Black King, who swallowed all of Yeon and Kronos, to be exact.

Guar-Yuan breathed his magical power into the trembling beagrid and pushed him far back. The lightning bolted into the air and exploded the consciousness.

[Parallax cracking] Yeon tried to find a way to catch him in a slower time world.

The quest clearly told you to get rid of foreign objects. It means you have to stick with the magic and binding that you have been holding back and hating.

"However, there is no way to completely lure the father's conscious world into oblivion. The disadvantage of a long time ago is that Nayama showed her fangs again, which means she is that confident this time.

In fact, Mars was becoming stronger than ever before, and as time went on to extinguish the myths of the remaining fathers in the conscious world, it was becoming stronger rapidly.

But the biggest problem is imitating yourself, whitening your weaknesses! Pet! Despite the slowness of the world, she suddenly wants to be on time and appears again, tearing the space apart.

Do you think the last tricks will work on me? "Maestro appeared at the speed of Yeon-woo's accident with the same parallax. You don't seem to be giving me any time to prepare for it.

Krrrrrrr - Finally, a tight workshop came and went between the two of you in a shovel. The conscious world is shaking with violence that says it won't back down.

"What can he not replicate from me? Yeongwoo rolls her head rapidly, pushing the violent force of Maestro aside. Extremely elevated gaze quickly favored him and compared him.

The answer was quick.

“The frames of the Black King. `The Zwick-Black Chain was released at a rapid rate and swiped Maestro's lower body. But as if she had anticipated,' Honk! 'I smiled and flew high to avoid it.

But that's also what Yeon-woo expected.

I didn't think he'd be ready for the Dark Lord's frame without being foolish. It was the Black King who had been there all along. Maybe he knew more about the mold than he did about Yeon-woo.

But there was a beam of doctors he didn't even know.

No, you may know it, but you never thought about it.

"Unlock the truth." Jiaying! Beagrid's shifting shape as he sprinkles a shimmering glow, seamlessly bonded with the tip of the chain! Martha laughs in the air as she looks at it.

It's like that. It's like anything I've ever seen! "Ha! Is using Vigrid all you can think of? Kiki! What a joke...! " It won't be funny. No, it'll be fun. You'll get used to it. ”If you just take out the weapons of heroes like Durendal or Harpe like before, you may not be able to stand up to him. There is a limit to being a hero who is not a god.

However, what Yeonwoo wanted to open this time was not just a tradition.

It was a myth.

The so-called King of the Gods.

[Vigrid-?? 'Reveals the hidden true name, Kronos.'] [Herald: Shining King of the Rainforest Cape Pomegranate] Along the world of huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-uh.

It wasn't just that.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Kronos.” As if to cast a spell, the Navel is with the Hornmouth.

A small reed that had been deep asleep inside Vigrid has finally begun to return.

For the first time in tens of thousands of years.