Second Life Ranker

25. Qualification Test (16)

"Bildo Shallow White" "{ Maestro's eyes trembled with a fierce scene that shook the world of consciousness as if it were about to be destroyed.

I thought I'd eaten all the hero myths in Vigrid, but I didn't want them anymore.

I never thought I'd be able to connect it to the Black King's frame and unlock his power! That way, I had no choice but to come up with annoyance because he had never thought of it.

If Kronos really comes down here, it's dangerous. Although he is consuming Kronos' body, if his true identity appears, it will be taken from him.

So Mars tried to somehow stop Yeongwoo.

It was hard to even balance the strong winds coming out of Guaguaguaguaya-bigrid.


[Summon failed.] Yeon is looking at Beagrid and the messages that appear to be shattering soon.

It said that Kronos' summoning failed.

Is it possible that Father's soul is turned black like his brother's? Is that why I can't answer the call? I thought about it, and new messages popped up again.

[The beagrid is currently not fully cleansed. The 'reel' embedded inside is broken and cannot function, so you can't summon the target you want.] [Current Purification Progress: 99.59%] [Quickly find a way to purify the remaining 0.5%.] Review the possibility for repairs and restoration of the 'reel leaf' at the time.] [Repair is available.] [Repair can restore functionality.] [Find ways to repair.] [I have confirmed that the nature of 'reel leaf' is prone to death.] [Examine the possibility of interworking with the left wing of power, the 'wings of the sky' (Death).] [Possible.] Tegrid says, "The left wing of the sky and the reed are intertwined.] [The democracy of the phonograph is connected and will be restored automatically!] [Estimated Restoration Time: 12: 41] Thankfully, Chronos' soul did not go full black, but remained partially in its cornfield.

Currently handed over to Anantara.

Even the father who will respond to this call is likely to be half incomplete.

However, Yeon-woo was able to feel one side of her heart as well.

Even if only half, this was his original world of consciousness. It was also the body of my father.

If I could really call my father here, it wouldn't be that hard to overthrow Mars together.

However, until then, the time needed was a problem.

Currently, Yeon-woo has about 12 minutes.

Meanwhile, we have to fight the Mage and protect Vigrid from damage.

"It's urgent. 'She swallows her dry saliva and grabs Beagrid's handle.

Short for short, long for long.

Normally, he would say what he was doing, but he was pretty confident about it. No, I thought it was worth the battle.

However, the current problem was that he was rapidly eroding his father's body through masculine synchronization.

Do you really think it's faster for him to take on all the myths of his father? Or...

Will "reel leaf" recover faster? At that moment.

You're really bothering me to the end! "Maaseng twisted his impression during the day of Yeongwoo, and he burst a new absorbed myth. Following him, black dances banger, and the body breaks apart as if it were a cell division.

If not. If No. If No. He said the same thing to three people.

You have to act. We must act. We must act. "Pod! The three magicians tried to go up against the fierce storm as it flowed in different directions.

Then the three became five, then they divided into ten, and they exploded the lightning bolts together.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Said something was shining between them, and then a violent storm swooped out. As the world shakes dangerously, a man with a black smoke appears and swings his sword this way.

Chooang! The sound is clear.

Kakaca! Yeon-woo tries to push against Vigrid forcefully, but other Horses appear from the left and the right to split their sides.

“This is no amoeba, these crazy things...!” It was absurd for Yeongwoo to attack so many castles at once.

No matter how conscious he is, all sorts of things are possible. But this is ridiculous, isn't it? But it also meant that Mars' body erosion rate was that fast, and it also meant that the body had enormous myths and myths.

! Yeon-woo quickly drops downward, barely dodging an attack.

But there were two other guys smiling coldly and crossing swords. At the end, the black error was tingling like a spark. Two lightning bolts erupt.

I pulled up the lightning twice in a row, thinking I couldn't avoid it.

Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A lightning rod from Vigrid cuts through their mines.

Pod! Yeon quickly triggered the blink, scouting the rear of the two who had just launched the attack.

They slowly read the movements of Yun Wu and tried to turn around, but Beagrid fired a third torpedo ahead of him. It was eight times the output.


[Durandal] Scrappy-Beagrid breaks one easily. The black flowed like blood along the bloodstream from the groin to the glabella.

It was because Durendal's tradition of breaking everything up was expressed together.

Restoration of 'reel leaf' is in progress.] [Purification in progress.] [75.4% of the Constitution remains until the complete opening of the true name 'Gronos'.] [Allows the opening of other manifestations.] The opening of the crevice Chronos was different from what Vigrid had seen before.

Unlike the previous method that led to victory through the inherent manifestations of Vigrid, this time, many traditions were tied together in a framework called "Myth."

Fully open (# small).

Beagrid was returning to his original form.

Of course, it was perfectly natural to be able to handle all kinds of traditions freely in the process.

Suck……! The other guy next to me thought he shouldn't be exposed to the shooting, but he wanted to quickly move his wings and spread the gap.

Tsarok-Already, as expected of such a creature, placed the beagrid in his hand and pulled the chain inward instead.

Then, as the black chain moved rapidly along the fat void, he literally wrapped his right foot around it.

[Harpe] You rush like a beagrid of beads that have turned into daylight, dismembering their wings and necks at once.

Yongwoo recovered Darjeebeegrid in a heartbeat, watching him die in five brooks.

We got rid of them like this, but there's still a lot of them here.

You're strong. I knew it...! The more I watched, the clearer I became. I can't let you do this anymore. If we keep going. I think I'm going to get a tan. If it's ripe enough, it's time to fuck it up. When I lift my head.

Yeongwoo is the place where the black smoke disappeared, and I was able to find one magician, like the objects in the conscious world.

It was hard to keep track of how much differentiation they had.

[00: 09: 12] [00: 09: 11] When I counted the sorrows, I saw that it had only been three minutes.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo only took out two of them, but he's already grown as much? It seemed like a long way to go.

“But I have to try.” She spreads her wings of the sky and grabs the chains and beads again.

Though Mars is getting stronger by swallowing Kronos' myths.

Just as he was able to manipulate the power of Kronos that Vigrid was releasing very little by little.

[Excalibur] Once more the wind blows.

May Bolg] The fierce throwing beagrid will light up and shoot down multiple castles.

[Aaron Diet] The debt swells like a black flame and rises up in a raging storm to catch up with the others and turn them into flies.

The quicker the sides, the quicker the Zwick-lows spin the chains and beagrids, the greater the power as the fighting continues.

Ascalon, Amas, Constitution Gum, Byden, Squite…….

Since the innards were opened one after the other, the traditions accumulated, and the faster the restoration of "reel" was.

Above all.

Yun could sense a strange sense of fairytale with Vigrid gradually.

The reel of death is now connected to the left wing. The cogs inside the 'reel' were very fine, but I could feel them moving gradually.

This led to new synchronization.

During this process, Yeonwoo was able to learn the legends and myths of the heroes who lived for tens of thousands of years as Kronos. He succeeded in obtaining all the experiences he had accumulated from his father's branches.

So, of course, the more time went by, the more perfect it was to handle the beagrid.

I've been able to use functions that I didn't even know existed, and I've been able to swing them faster.

Yeongwoo quickly pushed the horses over several walls of enlightenment.

It was a new form of unity.

As the fruit-begrid is drawn across the line, the castles on the line burst out.

"Why!" "Why?" Why! Is it impossible to overcome? "Whereas the horses became increasingly nervous.

Clearly, they are consuming Kronos' body and completing their selves at a rapid rate, but it was not easy to swallow the lily.

As time went on, the intensity of Beagrid's spraying intensified, so I had to be cautious.


If not. Forcibly_Bury Them! "Maestro flew to Yeongwoo without looking back, thinking that it would be really dangerous to stay like this.

Hundreds of them died.

It was about to be completely absorbed by burying Yeongwoo.

Kaga River! Even with so many numbers, I had no choice but to cut them down with lotus.

Eventually, a few castles managed to hang the explosion at the hands and feet of Yeon Woo.

Many lightning bolts have risen.

Yeongwoo's arms and legs were also separated several times and then recovered through her resurfacing skills.


[00: 00: 02] [00: 00: 01] [00: 00: 00] All repairs to the Leaf have been completed.] [Restore Successful!] [Purification complete.] [Complete Opening!] Over-exploited storms all rolled together and turned black, then were drawn towards Vigrid at a fierce speed.

Oops! Oh. It's shallow. "" Jen. "“ What should I do with you? "” Yeongwoo twists the tip of one lip coldly surrounded by Maestro Castle.

“My dad's a little hard on himself.” [Summon lion begins.] Pazzik, Pazzik - Black Sparks bounced up along Vigrid, swallowing all the rage that had been released.

Crackle! The crack spreads along the blade.


[The God of the Unsullied, Kronos, is coming!] Rrrrgh! Vigrid explodes with a huge bang. But the debris doesn't bounce anywhere else, and the whirls go up through the black, and they combine into a new shape.



When the fragments merged into one, it was no longer in the shape of a sword, but in the shape of a human being.

The face that remains in the memory of Yeongwoo.

A slight wrinkle, but unforgettable face.

And when he gazes silently.

The first thing I saw was Yeon Woo.

“Father,” said Yeon-woo, looking at him.

“They hit me. Please scold me."