Second Life Ranker

1. Rich and poor (1)

Obviously, it's like a son being beaten by a bad friend to his father.

It's not reading a language book, it's falling hard as a machine sound.


That was something Kronos enjoyed.

“Oh no! Are you hurt? But you're so weak.” Maybe that's why you were just playing around.

Someday...... after all my wife's illness was low, I wanted to play around with the rich.

If there's a problem, was the word "weak" very provocative, or was one of your eyes twitching? "Weak...?" ”“ Hmm? I guess I stabbed myself where it hurts. But you're not wrong. Stupidly beaten up by those guys. I never raised you like that, dear. "... My father didn't raise me in the first place." ”“ As a couple, what Leah raised is exactly what I raised. ”I felt that way for a moment. I think I'll just cancel the lion summoning.

Actually, it wasn't like this after his father. After holding Mahjong together, we were talking endless stories...... But coming back is like hitting a wall with Pinzan! However, Chronos bursts into Paan Daeso as if his son is cute, pressing on the flurry and rising branch.

Yeon painted an impression.

Ugh... What's so funny? “No, it's just... Everything was so fun that Yeonwoo, who always looked hard, couldn't stop laughing at her mouth. It was so much fun.

That was even more annoying for Yeouido.

Goddamn father. Apparently, my father and myself did not quite fit together. His teeth were clenched.

“By the way," Kronos smiles for a long time, grinning as he wipes the tears from his eyes with his index finger.

I was finally able to look at my son who had grown up brightly, and I was in the debt of my father.

“It's so good to see you, son," “Yes. It's good to see blood, even though I didn't expect my father to show up like this.” Yeongwoo still looks blunt, but she glances at him. I could see him smiling, looking at this side lovingly.

A smile appeared next to my mouth without my knowledge.

“I see. I thought Earth would be good to see you again.

I never thought I'd see you in a place like this again. Let's see...... How long has it been? ”I was just there.” “I see. It shouldn't take you that long. To be honest, I don't have that many memories..." Kronos grins again with a blurry horse tail.

Yeon-woo looked back at why he wanted to, and realized that his father's eyes were looking away from this side.

And it wasn't hard to guess what it was.

Even if Chronos split open the reed and closed his eyes, Vigrid could be quite literally his identity. Perhaps, but there will still be experiences accumulated as a beagrid.

And now that she had regained her identity, it would be reminiscent of that, so Yeon-woo had to feel even more strange.

What did he look like in his father's gaze, always looking out for himself, in his decision? Maybe it just seemed like a child was running dangerously. It is said that children always look like children to their parents.

That made me feel guilty.

Low profile, yet familiar. That's why I don't want to miss any more.

That's how Yeon Woo and Chronos enjoy the aftermath.

In front of me...! How dare they make fun of you? You're a father, a son, and you don't have anything to like about your liver! "Magicians have changed the fact that they have been ignored.

_'I was frozen for a while because of the unexpected fall of Kronos, but I quickly came to a conclusion.

“Oh, are you still there? I swear, I can't find it even if I look into your eyes.

Chasing 8Kronos has been unworthy of those bastards who ruined a good time with his son.

“Well, anyway. He was beaten up, even by his bad son. As a father, I cannot stand by. Kronos twists the tip of one lip with his words.

At that moment.

Kukukuku-ku... [! The world of consciousness shook in a different direction.

Yeongwoo said, 'When it was like that, Maestro felt intimidated, but now he feels comfortable.

It's like something warm holds you in its arms.

On the other hand, Marseilles was the opposite, or she was surprised at first with a stiff face.

Perhaps the trick that tried to consume Kronos' body was that his ego appeared again and was interrupted.

The body was clearly reacting to Chronos.

Ugh - Marcal's black, which has been acting like it covered the conscious world, has been pushed from behind by Kronos' black.

If Martha felt like a sloth because it was cloudy and sticky, Chronos was so beautiful that it was like the color of the night sky was transferred, it was easy to tell the difference even though it was the same black.

A "reel" that has returned many years later.

Even though it was only half empty, it was enough to shake the body in a deep sleep.


As a result, Chronos was not able to take complete control of the body.

Maestro was once part of his consciousness, too. Since there had to be a stake in the main body, it was difficult to take full control with only half the "Tai Loeb".

But Kronos had already thought it was enough.

As long as the Horseman strikes hard to become the subject, what else can he do while the owner is here?

“You dare greet a king who is nothing but an acolyte? You don't know how much of a crime that is, do you?” Thus Kronos was able to reveal himself without concealing his arrogance during the day, and the storms raging along him were fiercer than ever.

At this moment, Kronos is returning to a youth called the Fucker.

Ahn Hamun's arrogance is overwhelming. He blinks his eyes at everything he doesn't see.


The word "acolyte" made the faces of the horsemen blush.

When I found out how Kronos dealt with himself, I was angry. That means you've always considered yourself a convenient tool.

The horse-drawn horse-drawer is here to protest.

Go...! “Shut up. Too much. So," Spectacular! Chronos' starry side wraps darkness around his hands.

"Let's shut up about that.” Slightly slanted into thin air.

An elongated monolayer along the space was drawn between the castles.


Pufferfung-Soon, a massive chain explosion appeared like a domino and began to blow up all the castles on the ship.

The horses all scream together. As long as your hands and feet are cut off, there's an explosion from there that's trying to eat them all up.

It was death.

As Kronos ferociously spins the reel of death, he forcefully shoves the enhanced power into the Horsemen, spreading it like a poison, forcing its presence into it.

“Can you use your status that way? That's not the limit of divinity. Open your eyes wide to see Kronos fight like that. The way Kronos fights was different from the way he saw himself or the other personalities.

Normally, they use their own power or power to oppress the opposing Pokémon. It uses the power derived from the gods.

But Kronos has turned it upside down and is using it as a weapon. Now, he feared that his identity would be destroyed, but he tried to inflate it externally and swallow his enemies inside, as if that were never going to happen.

Chronos was already a 'sword' by itself. Vigrid. The name "Lothm", which means the battlefield, seems to be true at this moment.

"The concept…… of death is pushing every asteroid into it.) This is how powerful a restorative father is. Yeonwoo had no choice but to amaze Kronos the whole time. I felt like my eyes were opening up again.

Lord Didin's father was very different from his teacher.

As a teacher, he climbed to the top, but he felt like he was teaching me what true personality was.

So Yeon-woo felt like she was being offered a new way of continuing the myths of death and struggle that she had been building.

Kronos looks up and gets excited by his young son. He grins and flicks his fists faster.

Over-exploded! May the throat and limbs of the severed Magician explode into thin air several times.

How dare you...! "Is it true that Marseilles thinks it will be really bad if we stay like this? Or is it that she draws all the Dark Energy that she used to differentiate into one.

Big enough to cover the entire conscious world. It was high enough that the main body of Duncronos appeared outside, so the storm that just erupted was enormous.

When he struck his hand down, a natural disaster, such as fire and hail, erupted violently with a gust of wind.

Whether he thought it would be difficult this time, Kronos pushes the dark energy forward, pulling it into the palm of his hand instead of into his hand.

And then all the disasters were averted as the result of the enormous thickness was built.

Pet! At the same time, as you opened up the space, you quickly moved your seat and appeared on Mars' left shoulder.

Then I almost touched the air and muttered.

“Squite * Pa! In his hands was caught a huge day boasting enormous magnitude. A weapon that resembles Harpn, a variant of Vigrid, but boasts a much larger size.

When Kronos was a god, he was a lover born by refining the crystal (% lu) directly drawn from the fountain of vengeance in the navel of the fallen earthly godmother (Po).

At one time, his symbol, which had terrified many, represented the king of Olympus, revealed itself.

Of course, the real Squite hasn't been able to find it by destroying it himself since Zeus took the throne.

This was his conscious world, so it was possible to implement it as much as possible.

“It's been a long time." Jiaying! Squite trembles as he listens to Kronos. He smiles at Dachronos' mouth as well. I've missed this feeling. Squite was originally a prototype of Vigrid he wanted to implement.

although it was lacking in many ways compared to what Squeeze actually had.

Squite was a weapon made solely for him. A weapon with the ability to maximize the status of time and death.

Everyone has his own "time," regardless of mortals and transcendents. Squite was designed to lead the barolon 'Time' directly to his own death.

It was the ultimate power of deception.

You, you……! " When I recognized Squite, Maestro tried to shout.

“What? That's because you're not a god. I don't understand anything.” Kronos drops his squeeze down first as he spills his cyanide.

Kuaaaah! Kuaaaah! "Squeeze passed by without hesitation. A murky black splashes up like blood along the clean-cut section.

Kuoooo! Maestri sits on the floor screaming. As the big man wriggled, the world of consciousness shook.

He was not blinded by the pain, but the scar that squeezed past him could not. Even if I tried to recover my left arm, the black didn't flow to you.

The last remnant of Squite's death will be to kill and recover.

I was surprised to see her even as a kitten.

“Not once, I'm afraid.” Chronos was not particularly pleased, despite performing such miraculous signs. No. Rather, as if it were a shame.

At the peak of his life, he would have chopped off the head of the castle in one blow. Apparently, he didn't have a time leaf at the moment.

“Well, does it matter? Cronos smiles coldly and leaps over Maestro's shoulders.

I thought his new stature might be blurry, but soon it turned into a black wind and began slaughtering the massive corpse.

It was his new power, gained by living countless heroic lives on Earth.

Shh-shh-shh, shh-shh-shh-shh!