Second Life Ranker

2. Rich and Rich (2)

Khure! The castle looks up and cries out in agony.

It was too great for Chronos to be so black that he had to shave his whole body (# 38).

How! How did you...! He could not understand the situation at this time.

Mars was clearly once part of Kronos. The myth that Kronos built as a god meant that he also had a significant share in the myth.

So 'Mars was able to try to manipulate Kronos' bodies through synchronization and, in fact, drew many myths and pushed on the pond.

I thought that if I had just a little more time like this, I could get rid of the subject's position.

What about Chronos, on the other hand? It had been more than 10,000 years since I was separated from the body, and even now it was only a soul (Hull\). And he's only got half a reed.

Of course, it is difficult to reclaim all of the dances as a new king, even though the main body has been captured and recovered considerably.

No, it wasn't even worth comparing.

And yet.

Kronos has been overwhelmingly aggressive.

It seems like the forgotten statue is just an inconvenience.

It seems like the years that have gone by are just old times.

So I thought, maybe it's something else for a moment.

Obviously, Chronos was right in the old days, as he argued and acted like a jerk.

But on the other hand, he was also known as Kronos.

During the time we were apart, things changed too much.

Arrrgh! Deep cut into the right flank, cloudy blackness rises again.

What are you...! "Do you want to know? Because you don't know what the hell is going on?” At that time, Kronos appeared at his house as if he had read the mind of the Horseman, smiling coldly.

The voice was so cold that Maseong stood up without me even knowing it.

“You have no idea.” Agh! Kronos swings the squite across. Target is the head.

Mash instinctively tried to pull his neck back, but he couldn't avoid all the violence. The upper left part of the head was cut out at an angle. The agonizing cries echoed again.

“How long have I been sharpening my teeth?” Vyric! Kronos quickly leaves the void. "The black thunderbolt sown by Maasthen as he escaped.

And then Chronos showed up again to Maestro's left ankle, and he said, "It was like it was all taken away. I thought I'd lost it. A throne, a god, a power... I hated those who dared to take all that from me. And I was full of vengeance. I'll punish those ungrateful bastards, father. Well, that's the idea.” Martha's left ankle was slit open.

Kuang! Finally, one knee of the Maestro lands on the ground. As the world shakes once more, Chronos turns to a black storm and slashes his remaining left leg barefully.

It was almost a decommissioning job.

Walk ""! "Maestro felt that it would be dangerous to stay like this, or to bring it up with all his might. The cloudy black that spreads along him begins to blossom.

“But you know what? That's what I've been thinking ever since I met Leah again. The idea that I really should hate my children.” Pod, pod, pod! A dull black thunderstorm chases you out of the tentacle, dying of tentacles. In order to somehow stick together like a bad guy.

But Kronos cuts them all with squites, but this time castrating the other ankle.

Following the many wounds engraved along the enormous body...... the pure blackness grew. Pure black that was buried in cloudy black gradually increased in size, causing Martha to fall late to 'death'.

“And that question began to change a little bit after Yeonwoo and Jungwoo were born.” Castles are scattered all over the place as soon as cloudy darkness comes.

The more intense the storm, the more frequent the catastrophe, etc.

However, Kronos has pushed Mars into a corner as time goes on and on, and Mars has released even more darkness.

And the more it did, the faster the size of Mars decreased.

The more black you consume, the faster the synchronization disappears.


Pa! Kronos was just moments away from Maestro's eyes.

“I found out at the end. It was never their fault.

Primarily, I had the biggest problem, and I said, "Kronos! " Secondly, it was because of you. " I'll kill you! “ I still have my teeth broken. I went so crazy, it was all you, wasn't it? "Die!" The castle no longer heard Chronos' words. His accident began to be filled with the thought of killing Kronos, who had only made himself look like this.

Though he tried to take away the gods' ego to establish an identity, he had more instinct than reason.

Of course, once my eyes turned around, I couldn't make the right decision about the accident.

On the other hand.

Even Kronos here was the same 'spirit' (although his eyes were cooler than ever before.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

“So I should be compensated for all those years.” Kronos - he lowers the squeeze down, smiling coldly. The tip of the day directly pierced the left eye of Maseo.

Phew! Martha screams harder than ever. I didn't even think about the pain.

I instinctively raise my other hand to cover my face. The cloudy black is now pouring down through your fingers.

But Kronos turns Isquite to the other side without Gacha. Then, as all the fingers were cut off like a shuffle, I cut off the other eye that was left.

Where are you...! Where is it? "Masung was distracted by his senses as his vision was blocked. He was lost in the face of overwhelming power differences.

He was proud enough to have eaten all the way to Azrael, the god of Malah.

No, that's why Masong was forced to suffer such a unilateral defeat.

He always had an advantage, so he changed his position, so there were no preparations for him.


Chronos was nothing like him.

He once boasted enormous authority and power to reach the new king, but suffered a miserable fall to Tartarus.

He repeated his life as a mortal with a finite life, and continued to experience what it was like to "pile up."

The myths that Kronos had built throughout his heroic life were not merely legendary.

Inside were tears, foam, and his own 'sword', which he forged with many ties removed and disappearing.

At this point, he was confident that he would never be lacking in comparison to the myths he had built as a god.

Of course, the difference between each myth is that the myth of the new king is much higher, but never lags behind in terms of its content. He had such a rough life on Earth.

And the vendetta against Mars disguised that it was all possible.

I enjoyed this moment so much as Kronos.

We finally caught the man who turned himself into this loser, who drove their families into destruction! The 'sword' that was created on Earth is now aimed at Mahjong.

To remove a tumor called the tumor.

“And the future that I saw, there was a vague one like that.” Kronos grips squeeze his squeeze with both hands. The thread of blood rises sharply above my forearm.

“You're screwed.” Zeachoak! Squite bounces up and down vertically. Half his head exploded.

I'll kill you!... I'll kill you, Kronos! "Marseilles completely flew away, even the last remaining reason.

However, I made my final judgment. At this rate, I just get played with and fall down. Then what should I do? The conclusion was one.

Die together! He's trying to bring the conscious world down and put everything back to a standstill.

Cough - His body swells up like a balloon.

Kronos no longer attacks Mars, but reappears from a distant distance where the moat lies.

“Is the pattern going as expected? Crazy bastard.” Kronos changes his teeth.

I tried to catch her before she could commit suicide. The remainder of the mass was so massive that they couldn't find the nucleus.

So I want to know how to stop him from blowing his head off.

“:“ "Hmm? Chronos could feel his son's gaze on him.

Yeon-woo was looking at him quietly.

“What are you looking at with such admiration?” At that moment, Yeon-woo realizes her mistake, turns her head to the side, not revealing as much embarrassment as possible.

…… what are you going to do? This is how the whole conscious world will collapse. "“ Haha! I know this father too well. If you respect me, I'll let you keep looking. ”I guess my father was a compassionate man. I don't know why I didn't know that. Instead of answering, Yeon-woo looked at the horse that was inflated like a balloon that was about to explode.

“If you're buried, you or I are in danger.” The conscious world was so scary. We may be able to get in, but getting out is a risk of disappearing for the first time or being assimilated together.

But Kronos grins as if worrying. Suddenly, he turns the squeeze to the other side.

The void is wide open. Beyond that, nothing shines, but I can feel for sure that it is a door that leads to reality.

“You go first.” Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

“What are you going to do with him?” Me? Of course I'm staying. "“ Fousson "" {”He's not going to die.” Nine! “As long as there is a cloud system called Dark, he will always come back. And by then, this body will be sitting on a sheep belonging to me. It was a disaster at the time. Don't you think you should stop that?” Kronos said he was the only one who could capture the castle.

Of course, we could leave her in the main body, or we could leave her in the tartarus forever.

Yeon-woo seemed to know what her father had hidden behind her.

This is the world you live in.

You guys, Rani.

It wasn't just about you and your brother.

It also included Zeus, who had never known he was a brother.

I'm worried about Erebos, who are further down than Tartarus.

“I'm sure you can come up with a solution, so if you come and clean him up..." ”No. * Yeon chops off Chronos' waist.

Chronos' eyes widen slightly.

Chin girl says, "Don't try to convince me. because I'm going to do it the way my father did it.” I've done it before.

Maybe they had to escape the tartartaros like a result of the work of the Percellés and Titan-Gas. And the displuto who rescued him had to choose charity, all of which were blocked by Allfoone.

And you want me to do it again? By sacrificing a father I barely met, who I think I can understand a little bit? I couldn't do it.

Kill or be Bob. Yeonwoo wanted to be with Kronos.

So the stronger eyes were filled with the willingness to never listen to you.

Kronos spills his clothes at the sight of such a son.

“Leah, I don't even know if you're right. Among the children, poisonous` The word Yeon-woo most resembles me `But if we stay like this, we'll just be buried here side by side like him, what do we do? Kronos gazes quietly at Squite.

Could this cut down to the core of the self-destruct star at once? I wasn't sure of that. I'm sure if I had time, I wouldn't have it now.


“Father, is there still folly in your throne? Suddenly, Yeon-woo asked the right question.

Chronos laughed as he realized what he was aiming for, slightly laughing at his head.

Then I smiled and laughed.

"No, there is no foolishness in the past.

All I want is for Leah, you, and Jungwoo to come back to Earth. ”Then I shall have the throne."

It meant I was going to be Olympus' champion.

“Zeus won't be too happy about it.” That's my job. "“ Do whatever you want. "I can't take anyone's side, so I'll just cheer you on.” Then buy me some time. "” Pitchronos struck Mars again as a black storm. I don't know when it was going to explode, but it was a ploy to make him stumble for a while while while while scavenging forward.

And looking at it.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

This way, we might be able to straighten up Mars, but there's a lot to be broken after that: in his view of reclaiming his soul and only wanting it, 'to be young' was a great burden. He has only used even the reconstructed Artiya as a means of achieving his goals.

But from now on, it is no longer available.


Yeon-woo thought, 'Maybe this is something I should be sure of.

I might have been lucky (@ defeat).

Ever since Hermes and Athena hooked up.

Ever since Hades, his older brother, asked him to take the throne.

And since my father sacrificed himself for them,

Everything was headed in one direction.


Yeonwoo 'wanted everything in Kronos.

It would be natural for him to be a son.

“Swallow.” The fox opens wide from your left arm, along with the starter words.

[Power, Hades' Sword, attempts a ritual for Chronos!] The goal is Kronos' entire body, including the conscious world.

If we could swallow them all, not only would we be able to erase Mars, but we would be able to take over all of Chronos' legacy.