Second Life Ranker

3. Rich and Rich (3)

Kukukuqui! It's like forcing paper or crumpling it up and down a tiny hole.

Through the wide open teeth, the conscious world begins to be sucked in unhinged.

I'll kill you…… I'll kill you, these things = (! Alma Castle realized what Yeon-woo was trying to do even when reason was flying away, and expanded her body even more. We are trying to accelerate the mass of consciousness by reversing the cloudy darkness that has been released outside.

Chronos attempts to continue blocking Mars' aggression with a larger black storm, but the rate of swelling never ends.


Tsurlock! The void clears into the vicinity of the constellation, and the Black Chain begins to spin like crazy.

The chain pressured Maestro's enormous body. I added several layers to make it no longer big.

Despite being so tightly tied up, his flesh and blood came out of the chain somehow. Then, when the chain was added again and the process repeated, the castle quickly became a strange mollusk like a silkworm.

But nonetheless.

Zwick, side! You can't fully bind Mars, so the chain cocoon trembles as if it were about to explode.

Every time the unbroken chain shifts, the iron rattles against each other, making strange noises.

And even at that moment, the ritual continued.

[Massive amounts of mystical power are being absorbed. You are out of tolerance.] Manifest! You are absorbing too much power. This is an unacceptable amount in your body right now. Warn you to try again after re-maintenance.] [list! The target you are trying to absorb is too strong. If the level difference is too severe, a massive overload of the carnivorous blade can occur, resulting in a catastrophic collapse due to 'overeating'.] [list! The amount of myth you're trying to absorb is too large. Incorrect absorption can create the risk of altering your first self. Recommend that absorption be stopped immediately.] [list! The size of the creature you are trying to absorb is too large...] [WARNING! The target you are trying to absorb…….] Reminder message that comes next.

Everyone's reason was different, but it contained a recommendation to stop eating together.

Swallowing that same personality and being close to 'Huang' was like crazy.

Even Zeus took his place in Kronos, but it was too difficult to capture what he had, and he was divided among other brothers, Poseidon and Hades.

And the rest were stuck in tartartaros so no one else could take it.

You want all that Chronos? It was crazy.

How much more can someone who has not yet transcended be degraded than they have already transcended?

It's risky to be soulless in front of the first sheep.

Yeon woo believed that Hades' spirit sword had limits.

This has always evolved over a few steps in every crisis.

And I believed in the sage stone associated with it.

[Roster! The target you are trying to absorb is too large.] [Warning! The target you are trying to absorb is too high.] [You have exceeded the_wheel thin limit.] [Status anomaly: limit exceeded '.] [Status Effect: indigestion "] [Status Effect: Soul Pressure" became.] [Unacceptable arguments start to flood. The teeth of Hades' Phantom Sword wiggle.] [Body is overloaded due to exceeding the limit. Cracks spread to parts of the body.] [Cracks accelerate.] [Collapse Begins.] [Skill, 'Play` is triggered.] [Skill, 'Regeneration' is triggered to restore the physical enclosure.] [Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) shakes. The temperament of Sin Stone, "gluttony", remains clever in its unacceptable limits. [Sin stone trait, 'appetite' seeks new possibilities. [Inhale greedy teeth.] [I want to force the power of the worst rock temper, the 'arrogance'.] Currently there are two properties of the Wise Man's Stone.

The things that had been deep asleep for a while began to roar again.

"Arrogance" is a trait that never accepts its limitations. Of course, to rule the spiritual rush, I gave the body tremendous vitality.

And then, pulling his might towards the Wise Man's Stone, he made a dash to force his submission.

The Divine Power rebelled against it, but the more arrogant it became, the more it tried to accept it, forcibly pressing down on its power.

The same is true of "appetite." Hades' carrot blade, which was trying to reduce the amount of reflective absorption, was forcibly controlled, pulling out more teeth than before. And not just the conscious world of Kronos, but the entire vast body that was as big as a mountain range at the same time.

Rather, the Wise Man's Stone is causing even more commotion.

Although it was beyond the category of "dyspepsia" or "overeating," Yeowoo wanted to eat away all the legacy left by Kronos, embracing the pain that seemed to be fatal in the body and soul.

Overwhelming. Overwhelming. Obviously, this is a conscious world, but it can also hear the sound of the body transforming.

[Regeneration] Greatly increases skill level. 71, 72% … 96,979% … ~ 100%.] [Congratulations! Successfully achieved skill level of 'Replay' up to %13%.] [All stats related to the skill will be improved.] [Power increased by 25.] [Agility has increased by 32.] [You have gained new realizations related to skills. Unlocks Parent Skill] [Skill_'Transcendence (Blizzard)' has been created.] [: Renewal of transcendence 'skill proficiency has increased dramatically to achieve a fast\ 43 >.] [Calculate the ability of the courtyard layer to explore new skills.] [Sin Stone' Pride 'has a strong influence.] [Sin Stone' Consume Strong Influence.1 [Open Parent Skill 'Status Regression 90)'.] Regression of Status' Skill Suction is greatly increased……] [Skill is reborn as an area of power beyond the limits of skill.] [The birth of death is working.] [Authority, 'Universal Restore (806\\ 0)' was created.] [Universal Recovery] Grade: Skill Skill: 0.0% Description: Whoever wants to be a god should always be the same, and whoever wants to be a king should always be in his place. Even in the face of countless storms, like pine trees with deep roots that never fall, those with this power will always remain the same.

Thus, sometimes it is inevitable to escape from the snare of death.

The reel of death in your heart will always be with you.

At the peak of the condition, the body and soul are backed up to Idea 863.

After a period of time, no matter how heavily injured, even if the diarrhea brain function stops or is at risk of death, it restores the body and soul based on data backed up in Idea.

At this time, the amount of time required or the amount of magical power consumed depends on the state in which the body and soul are inserted.

For those of you who wish to take the throne of Kronos, who have ascended to the highest realm, the concept of death is already at your feet.

Sometimes, even if you actually get hit by death, you can reject it. This data is based on the backup in Idea.

However, it is not possible to reuse it for at least a week or more than a year when you are "killed" once.

Yeon opened her eyes wide looking at her new regenerative skills, i.e., multiversal restoration, refusing to die! Even though regenerative skills are great, the amount of magical power required by the Pokémon is high, and even the death toll cannot be achieved.

But the stature of death, to be exact, has achieved a complete miraculous miracle with the addition of the half-leaf left by Kronos.

Oops, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh. I could feel the reel of death raging in one side of my heart. The left wing of the sky was resonating as well.

With the circuits connected from the sage's stone to the reef of death and the wings of the sky, the stature rose even more rapidly.


[The Giant New Dragon tries a new (pervert).] found a time opportunity.] With this new transformation to the flesh, the tolerance was greatly increased and the remaining myths were fiercely sucked up.

Thanks to this, I was able to sense that Yeon-woo's soul was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

At that moment, he could clearly realize.

"On the wall. `Beyond this, the soul cannot grow larger.

It was not simply because it required a seventh order solution awakening.

It has grown to the maximum size that can be reached as a mortal. It means we can no longer postpone desertion and transcendence. When he reached maturity (% year), it also meant that his desired moment had come.

However, Yeon-woo was not recklessly challenged.

It's desiccation and transcendence. You can do it whenever you want, and now you have to focus on absorbing Mars completely.

Instead, he wants to eat the one who was just waiting for his ripeness.

"No...! Four Horses screamed loudly as they watched all the conscious worlds around them being sucked in, and furthermore, they were absorbed into the cloudy darkness that was about to explode.

But it became all public fire.

With the sound of the wind blowing, my body swells rapidly.

And when all the conscious worlds collapsed, and all the new black washed over them,

Their place was completely transforming into the conscious world of Yeouido.

[Power, Hades' Sword, was successfully consumed!] [You have conquered Kronos, the God of the Unsullied. All the myths he has achieved have passed.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional public values.] [Purification Starts!] [You have qualified for Kronos.] [You are now qualified to challenge the throne of Olympus.] [Your new mythological world is widely announced!] [Alliance, Niflheim is greatly amazed at your accomplishments.

They enter countermeasures meetings between the leaders.] [Alliance, "Bridge" praises you for your great accomplishments.] [Allies, the 'Dong-man Army' wishes for the birth of a new king.] [Allied forces, Asgard is unresponsive. Deep silence.] [Allied forces, 'Olympus` is busy trying to determine the exact situation.] [Loneliness, Deva is silent.] [Loneliness, 'Bridge' is silent.] [God's society, Malach, cares about the birth of new beings. I wish you the best of luck.] [Demon society, Le Infernal, voices concern for your rapid growth.] [Bimarzilla is delighted to see you grow.] Merunos watches over you.] leaving behind countless messages.

Tick-tock! With the chain reversing, Maestri is dragged back to her original size with her arms tied to the chains.

I was shivering around trying to break the chain somehow, but the one who had already absorbed all the power was already dead.

I could no longer hold on to the shape of Yeongwoo, only in the form of a black shadow. However, even the murky black was emerging through the holes and wounds everywhere.

Kronos has squeeze days on his neck.

He looked like a prisoner on the death row.

How... did you... Cook and Daughter: "" { Even though you were miserable, your eyes were still dazzled with madness.

Yeon-woo laughed at him.

“You might want to figure out a topic first.” At the end of the sentence.

Kronos strikes the squite as it is.

Fruit! [Successfully removed foreign substance.] [You have completed the quest.]