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The message that the quest has been completed.

I finally sighed at the thought of getting rid of the one I was sick of, but on the other hand, there was still a stiffness.

“Is he still alive?" "Alive, indistinguishable. Fragments derived from black...... or aggregates of negative energy, that sort of thing. It can appear in any other form." As long as there is black, or precisely, as long as there is' late ', which is the aid of black and empty, the castle will never disappear.

To be precise, he had to be reborn.

The castles that plagued Kronos, Yun and the generations have surely vanished. However, with his memory transferred, he was able to reproduce as many as he liked.

“The remnants left unconsciously by the sleeping Black King in the deepest depths of darkness and void... I think so, yes.” “I may have lived a long time as an apostle of the Black King, but I know nothing of the Black King. But I'm pretty sure Marseilles is the medium.” Kronos' understanding of the castle was simple.

Another personality born out of the will of an apostle or successor, based on the target's subconscious strength.

It could also be called the Black King's Fragment, or will in other words.

However, the Black King. It was hard to think of the personality or ego of the Black King of Marseong simply because he was too ignorant to exceed the category of existence.

A creature that big has such a mind-set that it's hard to merely read the surface and count the will.

When Yeongwoo was not pushing the boundaries of the player, it was similar to when she encountered countless doctors when she came into contact with the crawling chaos and became confused.

Of course, we can never compare the crawling chaos of the Black King.

However, as far as "remnants" is concerned,

That's why Mars is always unstable and seeks a stronger force.

You wanted to stabilize yourself, become an independent object.

And there would be nothing more glamorous than the body of Kronos or Yeouido to free up external activity.

“You could say cuckoo.” Cuckoo... yes. Well, that shouldn't be too weird. ”Bonekeeping never gives birth to its nest. Secretly lays eggs on the nests of other birds and makes them grow up as nest owners' children.

At this time, the born skeleton chicks eat the food that fake parents bring them and grow up and kill their real children one by one and take their nest at the end.

Martha was like that.

Together, we will give Kronos and Yeon tremendous power, make them rely increasingly on us, and then eventually eat and take over the flesh...... like that.

'Then, Harmonia, does he also have something similar to Maestro?` Yeon-woo suddenly remembered another descendant who met at the door of darkness.

A descendant of a polyp, pretending to be dead, hiding his tracks, and giving tears to many people around him.

She pushes Yeon toward the door of the darkness.

It was possible because he was better at handling darkness than Yeon Woo, but he also had immense power. Just because it's a polyp doesn't mean it can have power.

But if that's the power given by the union of the magician,

That's why it would make sense if he was playing the role of the Seal.

Ugh... I'm sick of this.

When I thought about it, Yeon-woo had no choice but to be irritated.

You know that Martha has been hunkered down by the Wise Man's Stone and is only looking for an opportunity to eat herself.

Even if he kills you, he'll show up again, so what will he look like next? All I could think about was being angry.

“That's right. I've been shaking like that to get rid of him. But I'm sure of one thing now. Not anymore.” “Even if we don't work together, we can elicit the power of divinity...!" ”According to Yeon Woo, Kronos nods heavily.

“You could say the power of the Black King has only now been properly harnessed.” Yeon-woo suddenly felt strange once again, looking at the chains around her wrists.

You can finally handle the dark in person? It may be true that my father authorized it, but I didn't really feel like it.

The same goes for appetite.

Though he managed to swallow the entire body of Kronos. That's why the soul grows so eagerly that it reaches maturity. I still didn't notice the big difference.

Maybe it's because it's still a conscious world. I'm opening a passageway to the outside world to see if I can get better.

[Coupon quest (eligibility test - reel mount) has been created.] [Scenario 'Quest/Qualification Test (Infofobo) - Install Leaf] Description: You have succeeded in organizing the absence of' Leaf '(* show) which has long stopped Chronos.

We removed unnecessary debris, repaired and repaired broken cogs and auxiliary devices, and found the lost reel and put it back where it belongs.

Only one of the two reeds is still attached, and the other is empty, but as long as you know where it is, Chronos should be up and running soon.

However, no matter how many reel lobes are restored and put in place, if reel doesn't work, the device will never work.

You only have one last task left.

From now on, turn reel 'to operate the device.

Only then will Chronos truly be with you, awakening from a long sleep, can he offer you a new path.

Limit Conditions: Black King's Progeny Limit Time: -Acceptable Conditions: 1. Activate Chronos by turning the 'reel' in place.

2. Make sure you fully understand how to use Chronos and realize its aspirations.

Reward: 1. Chronos' Statue2. Clockwork Leaf Fragment3.?? Either the scenario quest that I knew would end was still there, or I soon came up with a new window.

I was cautious and thought I would do something strange again, but fortunately, this third quest was nothing special.

Mounting “reel leaf."

While it may seem difficult to describe it by using a metaphor and returning it, the content was very simple.

It was to complete the ritual for Chronos.

'Activate it...... Maybe it's time to turn the tide of death.` Yeon turned to Kronos.

Kronos, who had already seen the quest window through Yeongwoo's gaze, nodded.

It was time to get out of this boring world.

Yeongwoo closed her eyes.


Dropping, the reel of death, which sits on the other side of the heart, begins to return.

The Dragon Heart and Wise Stone resonate together.

“Blasphemy...!” “Godmother, what the hell are you doing?" Nattazawa Iranjin looked at Persephone with a stiff face.

For them, it was shocking that Persephone 'was strong enough to overwhelm all of these shocks,' but I couldn't comprehend the miraculous signs she had just performed.


Lock up the god (\) (Tue).

It was originally a power that began with the removal of the yeast (Root Tooth) (Horn #) and was only granted to 'firecrackers' in the era, from several hands to the Emperor's Monkey Monkey King and the Thousand Horses.

The flamethrower refers to the creature that protects the sacred flower (horn), also called the "fire of the beginning" or "fire of the cool."

Since sexualization is the light of idea, which illuminates the law, in other words, it was also a pivotal point for God who wants to govern the law.

That is why Heavenly Spirit, who is not classified as a follower, or devil, was able to embrace all the statutes in the entire universe and cast into the tower.

Also, that's why Luciel did the sputum! He was not satisfied with the lighthouse, but he tried to be reborn as a flamethrower by swallowing the fireworks. All the realms of heaven, including gods and demons, had to step forward and drop him.


The gods said, 'There was no other way to insult Bonjour than that.

As the angel who had been hit first by the Heavenly Beast, I had to have a stiffer expression.

Even though Yeonwoo can use her body as a vessel based on pieces of Woman's staff, she is still mortal.

Percellene, on the other hand, was born tall.

Nevertheless, it was only meaningful to be able to practice the service of the body in this way.

- The Mother Earth behind her is about to do something unknown! It was never possible for a person to gain the power of service.

How much worse was the earthly goddess known to have existed since the beginning. There must be something going on.

If not, unlike all the other gods of Olympus, we've heard that the Mother Earth has been rarely seen from the outside lately. I thought maybe it had something to do with that.

But I didn't have to ask Percy for water.

Fruit! The earthly goddess's energy sprinkled by the Percellés nearly spurts out into the surrounding area, striking the whirlpool again.

Nattaiwa and the Iranian troops are each deploying their power and repelling the whirlwind, leaving them far behind.

How dare you humiliate me? Agares thunderously lowers his hand in an angry voice. Like a black magpie lightning that rises from your fingertips, it plunges down over Percy's head.

The body of Fenrir, who was with him, was brilliant.

Even though we've been hanging out, Agarés still considers Fenrir a lost cause.

Of course, the fury pushes to the very edge. Anger summons madness, and madness becomes a source of great power for Agarash.

Kuku...! The black lightning that split the space with the tremendous vibration of the tartarus falling like this was so intense that the other representatives in this room would be able to respond properly if they encountered it.

However, Persephone relaxed, turning the goddess's energy, she cut off all the black lightning from the air.

“Humiliation is what you do, not me. because I was born in my mother's arms, and I dared to reject it. So." Persephone's eyes are cold.

“Let's get back to where we were." The fruit-earth goddess's energy poured down on them as an awl.

At the same time.

Agares' back was clearly visible.

Percy's body goes up, and something miraculous overlaps.

It was a giant tree.

The enormous, thick Nammoth leaves and branches that connect heaven and earth rolled over the entire sky of Tartarus, and the roots were someday firmly embedded in the Hidden Stage and were taking away all the remaining intelligence.

A giant tree that feels beautiful, but mysteriously clever.

“Is that Yggdrasil...? The Mother Earth has been trying to take over the world's water (reflux)...!" Natasha later realized what Fercelle was up to and screamed in horror.

And it was the same with other societies that were watching the situation.

[Loyalty, Deva strongly doubts the truth of Olympus!]] [Neutral,, 'Bridge' to 'Olympus' This is' against the treaty 'and protest vigorously!] [Loyalty, Memphis has declared a full review of the Celestial Union!] [God's society, Malach, hardens the appearance of the Mother Earth.

Metatron has summoned his archangels.] [Examine the seriousness of the demonic society, Le Infernal.] Under the control of Baal, the demons argue.] “It's too late.” But the Percellys were smiling coldly as if it didn't matter.

At that moment.

The roots stand together and mingle with the energy of the Mother Earth.

Agares tried to cut off its roots in the wake of the Magi storm.

Over-excuse-perfume! The powers are so strong that they stand out.

No, the word "absorbed" was moved rather than "fired."

I got sucked into it before I even pulled it.

Agares immediately realized that it was the same mechanism that served Fenrir.

And the hardships that have been absorbed are being fed to that tree! Maybe Fenrir got sucked into that root.

[The Demon Society, Niflheim, is about to unleash a great deal of anger!] [Elder Loki throws a notice of the incident. I declare my intention to never ignore it.] [Le Mungand prepares for the rainfall.] [Hel prepares for the rainfall.] [Incoming attempts continue to fail.] Cough, cough! Niflheim reacted violently to Fenrir's uprising, and two of the three brothers tried to prepare for the fall, but it was rarely easy.

Teia almost took over Tartarus' sovereignty when she died. The invasion of the sanctuary requires a substantial causality, so the descent of Jormungan and Hell was already difficult for Niflheim to achieve.

Natthazar et al. faced the root but somehow avoided direct collisions. It is too hard, and even if they change it first, they will not be able to escape the service.

“It came out much sooner than I expected... … but it doesn't matter. I, my mother, not only you, but the goal is to swallow this whole tower. So I want you to gently return to your mother's arms and say," Pabba! If people had said something like that, they might have thought it was crazy, but I could hardly ignore it.

Given the grade? No, I don't even know the date the new king hasn't come out since Chronos! They're pretty impressed about how to deal with the Percellés here.

“And in order to do that,” Percy's gaze turned the other way.

Kronos' stirring corpse is still in sight.

“I must reclaim my mother's son, Kronos.” Vyric! The hardest roots rise above the ground, rushing toward Kronos' corpse.

“No!” Then Athena hurriedly throws herself toward you. While the kite has yet to return, I cannot give up Kronos' body to Persephone.

"Nui! Heh“ dangerous! ”Hercules and Ares urgently tried to pursue her, but her ankles were tied to the roots.

Athena quickly spread her breadth across Kronos' corpse.

However, no matter how hard the water was, it seemed to be unstoppable.

Is Athena going to be swept away at the roots like this, when everyone suddenly opened their eyes?

[Player # # # is coming!] Squeak! With the sound of eggs breaking for hatching.

Kronos' corpse is broken.