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5. Rich and Rich (5)

For tens of thousands of years, the corpses of Kronos, which had become mountains crossing the center of Tartarus, have been crumbling.

I had to make a big impact on those who had been watching this place.

Aterna, Ares and Hercules, particularly those from Olympus, looked unbelievable and turned their heads.

Black particles fogged up where the bodies were broken.

Zwick! Like a snake through the grass, Vigrid, chained to a chain, quickly pops out and stops in front of Athena.

Vigrid was very different from what Athena knew. Surrounded by black debts, it seemed like a huge day to me.

It looks like the day is ripe out of nowhere.

Chang 'ang! The roots that were aiming for Athena were destroyed at once.

In all these years, no matter how many powers the gods and demons have, the roots have only absorbed them all without a scratch.

That's not all. The beagrid we flew in with once again swept in the direction and chopped off its roots at once! Vigrid unleashes a fierce whirlwind and lungs at the Przelnuts.

All the other roots that were on the ground stood up together, built several layers of walls to protect the Percelloner.

The spawn-begrid cuts through the wall so easily that it reaches Percellé.

Thankfully, Percy was able to pull out a sturdy wooden stake over the skin and remove the beagrid, but he was unable to stop the blood splattering from his forearms as deeply as possible.

"H-how?" Persephone did not understand the situation at all.

It's ridiculous that Kronos' corpse suddenly vanished. How can you hurt the Mother of Earth like this? I was frightened because it was a necrosis that had never happened before.

Tsarock! He draws or not, Vigrid returns to his place with a chain. Suddenly, in front of Athena, to Seonwoo.

“Are you all right?”... Athena stops unknowingly, not trying to say she's in charge like last time. I felt strongly that I shouldn't let go of the horse.

For some reason, I couldn't figure out why.

However, I felt like something had changed along Yeongwoo too strongly. The substance (rhythm) has completely changed. Or should I say, existence seems to have grown enormously.

Obviously, even though the cowardice was the same, the contents inside seemed to have completely changed.

It looks like something so massive that it can't be measured, so small it compresses it and shoves it into the fear of beef.


Until just now, I felt like if I reduced the corpse of Kronos that was trembling so much, it would be reduced like this. The presence, however small, overwhelms everyone here.

and also remained. ~ No, the whole tartaros seemed to be filled. So Athena wanted to ask Yeon-woo in front of her eyes.

What the hell happened in there?

"Well, this is my granddaughter, right? It's a little late for me to be seeing you like this. I'm only over forty years old at the age of Korea, but a granddaughter... Huh. Seeing such a dazed gaze, Vigrid trembled well.

Chronos returned with the kite to the real world, returning the body to the sword (Year # #).

It was because Yeon-woo had sent him a message just before coming out.

- If you go outside, you'll see your grandchildren.

- Sesha saw it as a prediction of the future... but did you have an accident too? - Am I the same as Jungwoo? It's not like that.

- My father's stuck in tartartarus, and it's been a long time. In the meantime, perhaps Olympus has changed.

At that time, Chronos was unable to say anything to Yeon-woo.

It wasn't because of him that I didn't know.

After all these years, Olympus would have changed. Though the statutes lacked many notions of time, they were still loyal to their own desires with identity.

But Kronos did not ask Cyrenea about the situation of Olympus.

I heard the approximate changes, but I didn't hear the details.

I thought it would only hurt if I listened to it.

A place where you abandon your children as you abandon yourself. It was because I had a hunch how hard the process was.

However, when I met my grandchildren like this, I had no choice but to become strange.

That's why I returned to the shape of the beagrid. I couldn't even begin to reflect on myself.

But I was fortunate that he grew up well.


As with the breakthrough, I learned about the situation of Olympus and became very complicated in my head.

A child's tribute.

Titan versus gas.

All of this... All of this seems to be made by the seeds he sowed.

So now that he's back in Tartaros, Kronos tries to put his gaze back on this side.

I wanted to understand how things were going.

Yeon-woo had already heard the rough situation, but she wanted to make her own decisions with her own eyes.

By the way, Then Chronos began to ask questions.

If it were Zeus' daughter, she'd be like a niece to you, wouldn't she? Isn't that the order? "If you don't know the relationship between Yeon Woo and Athena, you must have a question.

Even Yeon-woo was difficult to answer momentarily.

In fact, he was Athena's Uncle Vale, if you ask me. Even though there are so many Athenians who can't even compare.

"Let's put out the fire here first." Yes. Well, maybe I should. Yeon fixed Vigrid and told Athena.

“I found all the 'reel leaves'.” Athena's eyes widen slightly.

“Back? Then" "? “ I brought all the myths of Kronos, so you won't be able to gather any more myths. ”Look at this guy. Now you're just saying your father's name out loud? Yeon's voice echoes through her back as Kronos mutters.

On the other hand, 'Athena became a happy face. He took the myth of Kronos. It also meant that Yeon-woo was too strong to compare with now.

Yeongwoo soon turned her back on Nattae, Iranjin and Agares, who were looking over here.

Of course, the gaze fixed on him was not the only one.

Niflheim is watching you.] [Allies, 'Bridge' is watching you.] [Allied forces, the 'Dong-man army' is watching you.] [Allied forces, Olympus is wary of you.] [Loyalty, “Deva 'looks at you with frightening eyes.] [God's society, Malach, is troubled.] [Demonic society, immersed in Le Infernal' Lee Suk-go.] Mimadila is eager for you to come as far as she is. You're the only one who can quench his thirst.] Nernunos shuts his eyes quietly. All beings on the 98th floor look up to you.] The heaven, which was looking at smarter or more politely this way, was never out of sight.

Unlike Athena, who is rarely in contact with heaven when dealing with Persephone, they were already aware of the state of solidarity.

And his secrets that have been hidden all along.

Even a half-man who's lost his temper, knowing Kronos is awake can only cause that many wavelengths.


Percellés was also detecting something in Yeongwoo, or barely moving.

"That child is my daughter-in-law? Chronos' daughter-in-law, who had taken Hades' life, had a distinctive spike in her speech the whole time.

“He's also my father's granddaughter." Hmm? What are you talking about? So why granddaughter? “She's Demeter's daughter. The second daughter born between Kronos and Cyrena.

Of course, my voice was a little dazed.

"The original Olympus myth is the same." Niemi. What the hell happened while I was gone? "Chronos became a voice wet with chaos.

It was not that I didn't understand at all.

There have been many cases of intimate marriages on Earth to protect their right to self-interest. The ancient royal family of Egypt, the Habsburg family, and even the history of Shilana considerations.

Moreover, the personalities are very individualistic.

Not on the standards of mortal men who are strong in the flesh.

But even so.

Just saying that his children did it makes no sense as Chronos.

Even Uranos was adopted by all the children down there.

Could this be the result of the karma that he sowed?

I thought that maybe it was.

After the fall of Chronos, Olympus had to be controlled by various societies as authority plummeted to the ground, so it might have to be strengthened internally in order to harvest the power that was about to fail.

By the way.

"Hmmm? Chronos revealed something rather than looking at the Percellones with a twisted eye.

"Son, is that really my hand? “ Is there a problem? As an apostle of the Mother Earth, you may have felt something...) No. The Mother Earth is like that...... but different from that child Demeter. It was never made naturally. The basics remain Demeter's myth, but everything else has been complicated. “Well, what?" A clone (01000). Chronos, who manipulated the factors, shed a hot smile.

"Ha! Is it possible to artificially create character? Saaik A puppet made based on Demeter's factors, which are only outstanding among the factors of various superatoms. That. And in the following words, Yeon-woo had to open her eyes wide.

It's my fake. Yeon unwittingly turned to the nucleus and Vigrid.

I can't believe you call that my granddaughter. You were all going crazy while I was gone, weren't you? "Chronos muttered nonsense, but did not erase the cynicism.

Yeongwoo felt like she had seen her father's cold appearance for the first time since the meeting of the batteries. Perhaps this is the closest I ever came to my father when he was a king.

On the other hand, I remembered Demeter who had flashed before.

Poor little girl, Persephone, who couldn't settle down.

But then I thought about it for a second.

… I see. Kronos. Has the succession to Kronos finally fallen to you? "” Persephone looks up at the sky and mutters small. Looks like we've made contact with the Mother Earth. Above her icy sunken eyes, a brief tingling of emotion passes by.

Then I narrowed my eyes and said, “I can't help it. As long as we can't take Kronos' power anymore, there's nothing better to see. Let's step back.” "Who wants it?” Of course it's up to me. ”Zück-Percelléne opens the portal simultaneously with raising the roots in a bold response. Lifetime retreat.

However, the chains move swiftly, as if she wouldn't miss it.

The moment Beagrid becomes a ray of light and cuts through space.

Aaaaarrgh! The portal made by the goddess of the earth swallows her whole and disappears as Persephone's right arm splits into the air.

You'll miss it right in front of you.

Yeon-woo didn't care much.

I missed him in the first place on purpose.

Are you going to hit a gangplank? “Isn't that natural? You have to show them that you're not going out, even if you're coming.” Following the trail left by Yeong-woo, he swings his beagrid to open the void wide.

From now on, he blinked seven times.