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6. Rich and Rich (6)

“Why? `After returning to the Temple of the King, Persephone stabbed him, looking at his severed right arm.

His body is currently connected to the number of worlds. It was because the erosion of the Mother Earth into the water of the world ( year) was almost at the end.

The world water penetrates all the universes and dimensions of the world, and the idea-0868 located on the back of the world). It is also the center of all life's inherent systems and lubricants.

That is, because death conceives life, its infinite life force overwhelmed all the spirits that existed in the world.

Fercelle, who held the so-called "Spring" and "Seed," was chosen by the Mother Earth.

In one personality, I was able to now have the power to match my personality because I had all of my contacts with the world's water.

So no matter how much power you used up, it should have been replenished by now, and if you have severed limbs, you should regenerate quickly.

I didn't see the possibility at all.

No, the foreign energy left over from the cut was pouring into the body.

I use my power to forcefully press down on the wound, but this foreign energy was slowly trying to imprison the soul while slowly eroding even such power.

The problem was that I was also familiar with the nature of this energy, Persephone.

^ This was the moment when Jen's thoughts continued.

Le Death. "" Uh, Mother Persephone put her waist on a voice that echoes in her head.

Mother, Mother of Earth.

Unlike before, she was already speaking the correct language.

It means that a lot of doctors who have been arrogant have now become one. Evidence that her identity has finally begun to recover.

Are you finished with "erosion" …? ”The earthquake was now so focused on penetrating the world water that it couldn't care less about the situation elsewhere. That's why Titan couldn't go straight to suppression, even if it caused a rebellion.

No way. However, the earthly goddess smiled lightly. It was a sharp, pointy gesture without knowing where it was.

"We haven't done half the fighting yet. “ Then why…? "What would you do if you weren't so miserable!" The outrage that spread beyond the channel forced Persephone to bite.

You let Titan and those vermin run amok, but the heavens that were only one piece at a time split again. Previously, he used to fly the Elo power for the first time, and now he's been taken to Kronos. What the hell are you doing? Did you forget what Tartarus said about being in our hands somehow? Persephone could not say anything.

After all the hard work the Mother of Earth has done, it's all been for nothing.

Especially when Kronos' body was taken over there.

Maybe it was all because Kronos had the power to restore the lost identity and recover Olympus.

It was like an infinite source of reporting for them. That place has been taken from us.

Although the Mother Earth is acquiring a new resource report called World Water, no one knows when erosion will end. Not even the Mother Earth.

No, considering that many of the mystical weights used for erosion are Chronos' mystical powers, even then it was inevitable to slow down greatly.

Confront the allies who have taken over the Dead Giants in such a situation? I had to go dark.

But there was one thing that worries Persephone the most.

That Yeon Woo is the son of Kronos.

It wasn't just a son, it was a deficit born between Leah.

Brothers like Hades, Poseidon, Zeus.

A true descendant of Kronos who was not part of the rebellion.

"Titan is acting as an excuse to resurrect their king, Kronos... and if # # # is to inherit Kronos' will in such a situation, then, of course, we must. Plus, if I can get my hands on the door to Erebos." Persephone bit her lower lip tightly.

"By then, everything will be ruined." Poseidon, etc., will be joining Yeonwoo! Zeus fell into a deep sleep with a thousand words.

Within Olympus, there have still been many dissatisfied with Gigas' rule.

Nevertheless, the reason we follow them is because we are afraid of the Mother Earth, not the other way around. After all, there was no one who genuinely welcomed them.

Suddenly, there is a unifying entity of Titan and the former Olympus? And then... I almost saw the fire, the cause, the bloodline. Even the support of other societies could not be united in terms.

When I first heard that Yeon Woo was the enemy of Kronos, I pretended to be as innocent as possible because Yeon Woo was right in front of me.

That feeling of cooling my spine at the time... It was not something I could express in words.

Fortunately, there is an all-fou on the 77th floor that prevents the desertion and transcendence of the pond.

How far can that go, too?

All Fowon has never been a part of it.

The pits that Fercelle had been observing so far seemed to someday overcome such obstacles. There was a crisis.

And that, too, will be the Mother Earth.

"No, I don't know if it's better. Chronos and # #, they were originally mine. Dark, dark! Now that they're all mixed up, we can have them all at once without any hassle. The hysterical voice of the earthly goddess had suddenly changed. Like a mother hugging a sleeping baby, a sweet, warm voice.

However, for some reason, the attitude change of the godmother seemed to be more subtle.

"Joon must not fail in his mother's request to make you born into the world." I hope I don't disappoint you this time. Lungsellne lowered his head slightly.

“Gan {.. __ herd ~ ma'am_ Even though the author who speaks now is more like the willingness of Viera Dun, who is not the mother of the earth," Chuck. "

She could not bear to say anything beneath her chin. His life and authority came from her in the beginning.

If an order is made to stop it, we must stop it.

Swallow if told to swallow.

That was the only decision he could make.

I've come all this way to be free.

Why do you think you're not so different from when you lived as Hades' wife? Percy lifts a finger and clears the air. I can feel the pairing of the gases coming down the tartarus.

“From now on, I will stop all pursuits of Titan and exterminate the bugs that dare to disturb my sanctuary.” Follow the Queen's instructions. Follow the Queen's instructions. "Worm." It was a word that led to the allies of Yeon-woo.

There was no objection. The Titan that has already lost its owner is nothing but dust that can be removed at any time.

I want to clean up after the most troublesome people. Luncelle's orders were far superior to his dead phone.

By the way.

My Queen! We are in trouble! "A urgent message has come from Gigi Gas, who is in charge of the center of the royal temple.

“What's going on?” I've got Chuck! "" Aah! "The Prophecy was cut off in the middle.

The impression of the Percells was rigid. She opens a pairing that connects to the other gases in the temple.

“What the hell is going on?! This temple must be protected by several barriers. How are we going to get attacked?” Percellnedo_did not expect him to follow in his footsteps when he was fleeing from the swamp.

Nevertheless, I did not worry much because of the many consequences of protecting the temple of the king.

The owner of the Temple of Pluto had been briefly changed to Teia because Tifon suddenly launched an ambush inside the conclusion.

External inflow had to be very difficult. Instead of being the center of the sanctuary, the war was blessed with a strong blessing.

How could it be possible to break the barrier now that it is once again the sanctuary of Persephone and the divine power of the Mother Earth...? "But the thought of the Percellés did not last long.

Kukukuku... 7...! The entire temple of the monarch was shaking violently.

Myeonghwa, the Temple of the Plutocrats, is under attack from your alliance!] The face of Tiyiyiyiyiyiyi Percellne is filled with awe.

and subsequent messages.

[Player # # # #] is up and running!] Persephone couldn't say anything more.

[The reel of death works. Death has been implanted in the Mother Earth's blessing! Death has been implanted in the splendor of spring!] [All boundaries have been disabled by death.] [The seal has been broken!] [You have entered Merchant Sanctuary, the Temple of the King.]] It was dozens of layers that covered the monarch's temple in a hemispherical shape that blocked the basin.

Just swinging the beagrid without a lot of fuss makes it easy for you to break the boundaries.

It's not just life that affects the reef of death.

Even the inanimate could not be avoided.

Every substance has its own lifespan, and the reel of death accelerates its lifespan and leads to collapse.

Even though Persephone and the earthly mother put a seal in her heart, she couldn't escape the reel of death.

The whole thing was shattered, and it turned out.

It was also a very ripe place for Yeonwoo.

It was where he stayed when he was below Hades.

However, at that time, the temples that had been boasting such immense magnificence on Hades' behalf had been severely damaged after many battles.

Though there are many spots left, they are still quite large. It must have been very godly and beautiful at least for five years.

Chronos looks down and mutters in a grotesque voice. The longing for Hades, who left everything to Yeon-woo the youngest, was deeply buried.

But Kronos' emotional lines are momentary.

The Crystal, the Seal Has Fallen! It's # # #! Stop him! "After the war with Titan, Gigas, who was about to take a sigh and restore the temple of the winter monk, later discovered Yeouido and sprinkled all kinds of power.

"Father." Coming! "As the lily sways the beagrid roughly, the Black Chain swiftly revolves and the myriad of powers that were pouring this way are shot out of the air.

Purging, a lot of explosions going off like fireworks.

Tsurtuk-Vigrid 'appeared from the base of the temple, through the void, and moved quickly on the ground.

The black arrows burst everywhere, and the gases that lost their ankles collapse during the episode scream.

Agh! Agh! My ankle! My Baldemook……! 1 Where the hell are you! Kuaaak! Oh, shit! Vigrid slaughtered the gases, leaving a long chain along the sanctuary, like a snake moving toward its prey, hiding in the grass.

Gas rushed up into the air, thinking it would be dangerous to stay on the ground.

“Arise." According to Yeouido's starter language, the shadows everywhere in the sanctuary are connected to each other, and there are black soldiers rising above them! Disc Pluto.

The old families of Hades have returned to their lost home. Their eyes were filled with a blazing fire.

Here is the enemy that must be killed. Brothers, let them be put to death for their past grudges! "Under the direction of Shannon and Ghost, Displuto began to spread aggression as he burst into a mournful shout.


Confectionery! The other communities of Yeouido have revealed themselves.

"According to the king, I will exalt his innocence!" In the earth, the giant dead men, including Baldevich, stood up and struck down the Gigases who were trying to flee.

"Gigases, they didn't want to look like each other before." You are closer to darkness than ever, so it is much easier to be sensible. "In heaven, the dragon queen of summer (88) and calatus flew and sprinkled the breasts with their bare hands and burned them.


"This land. Ugh. Dark." Two eyes of wealth appeared empty, trying to force all of the temple of the king into the shadow of Yeouido.

Along with the upheaval, a myriad of magic and powers were unleashed, overwhelming all the gases within the temple of the king.

Death to enemies, struggle to allies! "beneath its slogan.

The Temple of the King has fallen at once.