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7. Rich people's lives (7)

"You have to listen to your mother, dear. Whenever.

I don't even remember this very young age.

Now, in a blurred memory, Persephone still remembered what her mother Demeter said.

He's always stuck in a glass tube, and he can't even think straight, even though all he has to do is hold on to a little ritual.

Demeter always mutters as he looks at himself.

Hear me out.

Listen to the wind of this mother.

Help me get my sweet father back, the ones my bad brother took away.

Help me defeat those who made my warm mother disappear.

If you are born with their love and talents, you will be able to recognize this mother's desire.

Will you do whatever it takes?

Only you... are the last surviving member of my family who has been destroyed. So_please...

Persephone could not understand a single word of Mother that gave birth to her.

But every now and then, he asked me a question.

Mother, you beg for your precious parents back.

Why don't I have such precious parents...? Deals death to enemies and struggles to allies.

The Dead Giants began to capture and break things as if they were going to show you exactly what it meant.

The gases, which were feared by the first members of the Confederate regime, sought to reclaim their courage and initiate a counterattack.

In particular, the role of 8 symbols of gas in the era was the most striking.

epialtes, clithios, mimas, and others. In particular, Alkyoneus, who is particularly fond of earth-shattering, even made progress by destroying a substantial portion of Dis Fluto.


"C. Poetry. Wake up." In accordance with the order of the riches who were guarding the battlefield, the visibly broken disco pluto resurfaced as his shadow rose and chased him from behind.

If Yeon Woo is safe, they must be immortal in the first place. Even if it was broken several hundred times, I was never worried that it would disappear as long as Yeon Woo's magic followed.

And for Yeouido, who had swallowed Kronos' main body and gained almost infinite magical power and power, "Magic Exhaustion" had become an impossible thing.

Of course, as a gas against them, I was forced to go mad.

"What kind of bugs are these? Why does it keep showing up...!" Alkyoneus looked up at the sky and burst his fury. Vigrid was terrified of when and where he would open the void and come out, and Dis Pluto was terrified of continuing to recreate in the shadows even if he killed him.

Is this place really their sanctuary? I doubted whether Olympus' realm of absolute advantage was right.

Above all, what terrifies them is that each time Dis Pluto dies and is regenerated, the color of his armor and weapon grows.

And their temperament was completely changing.

If your previous temper is just a warrior from death, if you feel aided and sharp as a soldier who once protected Tartarus.

It has now turned into a more intense and violent substrate.

It's like an epidemic that brings death to the living. There was a strong fear and dread mixed together.

Alkyoneus knew very well where it came from.

No, I could never have known.

It was a very useful force they had not long ago.

"The power of Icronos to bring the power of Kronos to us so soon.

An unknown power that was created to restore power to Titan and Gigas when the tide went down, and to finally defeat Olympus.

Though Titan-Gigas was able to dominate, it did not change the fact that it was the power of Kronos that enabled it.

And the power that made them invincible, it's now being used by Dis Pluto? Of course, gasoline was a frightening sound.

They've been deprived of their absolute advantage all along.

Of course, many of the myths of Kronos remained with Gigases, including Alkyoneus.

But it has now become a finite resource that cannot be brought back once exhausted. Moreover, they had to have ecological limitations to use it.

It was the concept of using the power of the Mother Earth to suppress Kronos' power.

Dis Pluto, however, was different.

Not only can they now receive the immeasurable power of Kronos from Yeouido, they have no limitations on how to use it. It was because the reel of death was the driving force that moved them.

And over and over again, we're getting closer and closer to death, and we're getting more and more familiar with the power of Kronos.

If the fight continues for a long time, it is obvious that the fire is leaning toward the best for whom.


There was more than just disco pluto on the moat side.

Once upon a time, the descendants of a tribe that threatened many identities, the dead giants roared everywhere.

In heaven, they said, "I can't help but be distracted by the barrels of roaming lions like Summer Queen and_Calatus.

[The Temple of the Plunder is in jeopardy due to the overwhelming power of the alliance!] [Eastern Territory Conquered by the Heavenly Spirit (Rebecca)!] [The western region has fallen to the Legion of Dead Giants.] The southern region has been exposed to the threats of the Bone Dragon (Ismereos) and the Chaos Dragon (Calatus).] [The North is at risk of collapse by Death Road (Shannon) and Death Road (Ghost). Quick Recovery Required!] [The Temple of the King is in jeopardy!] [The Temple of the King is in jeopardy!] [Need more aggressive defense!] [Temple of the King 'inner sanctum begins to fester with the color of player # # #! [Alkyoneus] had to bite him, looking at a message that only conveyed dark content.

There was only one word in his head.


In the past, I was born as a child of the Mother Earth and tried to reclaim Olympus, but in the end I will remember when I was stuck in Tartaros, never crossing the walls of Zeus.

'I can't go through that again...... again...! "Alkyoneus gave strength to the hand that held Bird. I didn't want to go back to a time when only mourning and oysters were full.

"What do I do, how do I...?" Alkyoneus realized that there was no odds, and fixed his gaze while circling the perimeter.

Far away, you can see the magnet at the center of the palace.

What is otherwise seen as a pillar.

In an emergency, it was an altar used to connect with Olympus in the heavenly system.

"First, we must retreat to Olympus and regroup! `Alkyoneus - as soon as he finished thinking, he started leaping towards you.

"Yes! We don't have to do anything with this damned Tartarus anymore!" `No matter how long the kite and its family flew, it was limited to this Tartarus. It would be impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven in' 98 because you are not qualified.

Then they're nothing but chicken chasers.

In fact, after the corpse of Noda and Kronos was taken, Tartarus was no longer a land of great importance to them.

Though the way to chase Poseidon, who fled to Erebos, was lost forever, he could provide them with clues that would open up new opportunities for counterinsurgency.

“That's it! If you block the rest of the hallway completely, that's it!" You'll have to cross 77 all-fours to get up to 98.

And Alchioneus didn't think that even if the kite captured the myth of Kronos, it would make it over Olfowon.

If Allfowon had been so easily involved, there wouldn't have been so many strong people in the heavens.

So, Alkyoneus decided to take the liberty of reforming his forces after he retreated.

Though I was troubled by the Mother Earth's failure to do what she had commanded, and I don't know what punishment I would face in the future, it was my duty to leave first.

By the way.

What is a bitch…? Someone else had already arrived at the central altar.

At first, I thought he was a colleague who came to the same conclusion as himself.

Alkyoneus quickly realized that he was something else.

There was a massive undead surrounded by a gigantic robe.

With a suspicious crystal ball in one hand and a blue flame burning above both eyes.

Arc Rich.

It was a sub-faust.

If it were normal, I would have blown it away by now.

Alkyoneus was unable to get any closer than a certain distance.

I could tell from a glance that the ark was different from the usual undead.

But it was moving beyond that.

That's why the question was not "Who?" It was' What is it? '

All the shadows that were... rattling around with wealth seemed horrible.

It's like a strange feeling of rejection in the world.

Obviously, the sub-Faust was clearly a transcendent who gained the status of 'pallid'. It was hard to tell if it was God or the Devil, but I knew it was him.

However, as a transcendent who ruled the law, I did not feel the need to have a response.

It did not transcend the law, but appeared to reject it.


^ Matcher “": If you think like a true sine ": {> In thinking like that, Alkyoneus opened his eyes.

Then the sensitivity along the sub-faucet came to my attention exactly what the substrate was.

There are other rules of the world that they call chaos or chaos.

Isn't it similar to those who call themselves' old rulers'? “No, that would be... 'Exodus' Egger's ambition... -!" But Alchioneus' thoughts did not last long.

It was because_bu-fast, who had been silently staring at him, had opened the plant for the first time (&\ 88).

"I, like you. Silver. Seeds.

Hated it. C. True. Owner.

I don't recognize. Fool. Eye.

with. Things. "Whenever the groping, groping, and jaw joints moved, there was a strange sound that struck the bones.

Every time.

Alkyoneus had to feel the chills rise along his spine.

"Him. In person. Dendo.

Despite. Why, you guys. A nightmare.

One. Things. Knees, honey. D. Head. Joary. Oh, Nihaha. "As if I didn't like him, he frowned.

What nonsense are you talking! "Alkyoneus used his grip to somehow scare away fear.

That. E. Right, you guys. Sin.

C. "The crystal hole in his hand floated high in the air, as if it were no longer worth fighting.

At that moment, Alkyoneus flew forward. I didn't know what Boo-Fast was up to, but I knew as well as I shouldn't have left him there.

But it was the wrong decision.

The sub-Faust was closer to the leader who was originally in the group of Yeon-woo, 08080).

From past life to present life, the magical knowledge gained by continuing to explore the Emerald Tablet was surpassing the gods of other systems and personalities.

He is mastering both the law of the order, the providence and the knowledge of the chaos.

So it was no surprise that Alkyoneus sensed the God-like qualities of other systems in Bu-Fast.

But what Boo-Fast was after was not what he said was chaos because of order.

It is merely a convenience distinguished between the stature in the tower and the gods of the other world. In the end, what's fundamental is that we have to go much further than that.

That was black, and Boo-Fast was confident that none of those who liked it would ever be as close as he was during the long history of the tower.

The one you serve is the heir to darkness. Now he is the true transferor who made the apostle his father.

Then, these remnants that try to disobey His will are nothing but rubbish that must be removed.

The crystal ball that plucks out cloudy debt is made based on the identity of the personalities that Yeongwoo has absorbed, such as the teetering chaos and tiphone.

As he absorbed the castle, the identity and tangled substance (Breath #) of the snatched roads glowed brightly. In a way, what can also be called the head of a magician is the vagina that becomes a fog, and the veil is damaged.

Partz- Oh no, I wanted to surround Alkyoneus, but I slowly absorbed through pores and turkeys and began to erode.

He later realized that it was a curse that took away the soul, but it was already too late.

After all, the one who couldn't resist turned to dust and disappeared.


Grouch! Beyond the disappearance, the Boo-Fast takes a slow step to completely wipe out the gases that are still out of the picture.

Every time, the sound of the bones pounding at each other resonates.

[The Shrine of Pluto, the heart of Tartaros, has been taken back!] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [As a reward…….] [From now on, depending on your achievements, the 60 floors of Hidden Stage and 'Tartaros' will be attributed to_Player 7 # # from 'Persephone'.] [list! The environment of the current stage is extremely dire. You cannot inhabit any living thing.] Build floating temples.] [Build a war on the Loyalty site to strengthen the sanctuary.] [Many are now trespassing in the sanctuary without the owner's permission.]