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8. Rich and Rich (8)

As soon as word gets out that you've taken back the Temple of the King.

I felt the clans that were connected by pairing with Yeongwoo all cheered together.

Finally, finally...! It is too late to rejoice! It's not too late to rejoice after you got rid of all the gas from the war! "All troops, the Great Sage! Go forward-!" Eliminate all the gaseous bugs! "Let's clean the temple until the Lord returns! Death to the Enemies!" Struggle for the Friends! "Despite his joyful celebration, Dis Fluto was eager to make peace until the end.

Even the Dead Giants were inspired when they won their first battle with God's society. The lions had nothing to say.

The performance of the sub-Faust was even greater than Yeon-woo expected, so he didn't seem to need to care anymore.

So Yeon-woo reappeared the void with a beagrid without delay.

Beyond that, I was able to confront Persephone, who was sitting frozen.

“This is the only place you can escape? Yeon-woo laughed at her like that for a long time.

Once upon a time, he carried Hades away and laughed at him in the same manner that Persephone had built him.

What was different from then was that what was being hunted was not lemon grass, but Ixercellene.

Unlike Hades' sacrifice, there was no escape for Percellene.

By quickly occupying the central altar to the heavenly system, the sub-Faust completely blocked its retreat.

If Percy escapes here, there is only one place left.


But can she choose something as proud as a Taj? Nothing.

Yeon-woo was so sure.

Yabbuck! Yeon takes a step into the void.

At that moment.

Pabba Park! All the magic and power that had been installed in the room was unleashed on Yeongwoo.

[Powerful, gloomy flower]] [Power, 'Frozen Spring Cold' is unleashed on intruders!] [Power, 'degeneration into compost' unfolds!] [Death has been implanted into all powers and destroyed!] But as the lily sways the beagrid into thin air, the reel of death churns through the air.

“You're good at useless things.” Yeon-woo lightly snorted.

It didn't work with his powers or his curses.

As long as the Black Chain is connected to the beagrid and the reel of death continues to spin, it can be easily overridden.

The concept of death was not just for life. Cutting off the source that makes the object possible. That was the death that Yeouido inherited from Kronos.

"You… why are you only interrupting us from one to ten! What are you pretending to do with us...!" ”“ The floor is long. ”Yeon sprinkles beagrid roughly at Persephone, staring at her with a fierce look in her eyes.

As the deadly-black chain rages, it opens wide to the back of Percellne's head.

Percellene dodged while turning his head back while simultaneously striking a tentacle, pulling out a portion of the world's water and its roots.

Whip it up! But Beagrid doesn't care how long it takes, chopping up all the roots at once.

Cough! I exploded a massive, tightly condensed quartz on the blade.

The lightning did not stop there.

Ultimate, triple, and quadrupole...... burst out like a firecracker.

Then Beagrid's dagger plunges into Percy's right side.

Chae Yin! Fortunately or unfortunately, the stems of the world's most prolific waters have pierced the beagrid.

Pod! An interstellar kite appears right in front of Persephone's, grabbing the golden beagrid by the hand and stabbing her in the chest with an inverse number.

Phew! Blood splattered into Percellés' mouths.

“Myanmar, Myanmar:: Hell But in the meantime, Persephone's eyes were filled with anger. Though the lightning struck the spirit and the energy of death spilled into the body and became infected, it was never easy.

“How did I get here?” Instead, I tried to turn this into an opportunity to reverse the tide, but I almost took hold of the ruin of the rainforest without thinking about pulling out Vigrid.

The more she did, the deeper she pushed the beagrid.

“Me!” A whirlwind blows.

A fever of flowers ( &) that Persephone acquired while she was the wife of Hades, the Queen of the Order.

Vigrid pulls out the road.

A flame rises from her fingertips and fires up her torso with the root of the world's waters.

Light! As the kite's spacing is moderately spaced, Persephone considers him to be running away and fires a bomb.

A powerful explosion that completely destroys the ground and destroys all its surrounding temples.

Guayaow! Yeon leaves the ruined building and leaves the Sanctuary.

Where Percellne was, there stood a huge wooden scaffolding, as covered in a pulsating lava.

Giancy (1st ().

It was presented to the Titans only, and a spiritual opening he never intended to do.

Khure! He roared violently.

The Temple of Pluto is greatly enlarged with an immense amount of mystical power unlike any other titanium or gases.

All of Gigas' gaze is on you, including the kite and the clans that fought in the middle of the battle.

"Persephone 'The Divine Power of Chronos:": The Seven Principles of Giant Myth! Are you going to destroy this whole place? Gigas realized that Fercelle, who believed until the end, was in crisis.

She was desperate, and she thought she had triggered the final move.


Unlike them, Yeon could see that it was the 'real' look of Persephone.

At that time, Chronos spoke as he wept.

“What's the matter?" I'm sorry that I've been thinking of you as a terrible hybrid. -Pusson will say ":? More hybrids than you... Ha! Told you? That's a clone made of crumbs and stuff. Since I'm using my powers on such topics, should I say it's arrogant or irritating?" In fact, Chronos was amazed at the sight of various gases after snowing again.

I didn't think they'd be using the myth they left behind like that.

Yeon-woo couldn't tell him that Titans were worse than me. If you look at the tall giants walking for miles, what do you think?

Let's wrap it up quickly. Nachronos was giving me a nasty look.

Yeon nods and grabs Beagrid.

In conclusion.

Percellene's body grew in size, and posed no threat to Yeouido.

No matter how much I vomited, I could not overcome the power and purgatory in the throne.

Even if I dragged Boulder Sulfur deep underground and burned it with the roots of the world's water, it was not enough to withstand the heat of lightning.

Perhaps the power of Kronos that has allowed her to remain is no longer her ally after all.

Above all.

Since Tartarus has already passed to the Sanctuary of the Pool, the throne's stature has been shining more brightly than ever before.

“Declare the Land of Destiny.” [Bound Tartaros adds functionality as a 'Landmark'!] [Bless allies.] [Curse him.] Tsurrok-Obviously, the power of the Percellés may outweigh the status quo.

Good boy, good boy, good boy! Kuaak! Unfortunately for her, her imagination with Yeon-woo in the first place was not good.

No………! 3 Ever since Hades handed over the Throne to Yeon-woo. I didn't even know it was the future I had planned from the moment I decided to have it.

Nooooo! "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Przelness, unlike being so intimidating, was forced to climb up and down the chain, and eventually the limbs of his remaining hands and feet were cut off.

A lightning bolt showed the power to process even a huge body, such as a signet sheet or a shredder.

You can't do this...! "In the end, Persephone had to make a choice that was postponed until the end.

[At the request of Apostle Persephone, the Mother Earth begins its descent!] Percellne was about to unleash the goddess on Tartarus with his eyes wide open.

The Mother Earth has ordered us to stop her allies, allies and allies at all costs.

Percellne now knew it was impossible.

Since the moment they captured Kronos' corpse, the clans have already boasted the same power as gas, and Yeobu was already strong enough to be their own personality.

Perhaps...... a strong man who might be able to rival Zeus. He wasn't something Percy could handle.

Although I know that Mother doesn't have to worry about this because she focuses on eroding the world's waterways.

But now I needed the Mother Earth's help. Otherwise, it was all over.

I didn't think the Mother Earth would reject the request. If the Tartarus is taken, and Olympus is taken, the Mother Earth's plan will be in jeopardy.

No, even if you leave it like that.

"Mother…_If you were a mother……… about” Persephone did not think that the one who thought she was much more like a mother than her mother, who had never warmed herself in the world, would reject this call.

By the way.

The Mother Earth has rejected Apostle Persephone's request! Persephone's face was stiff with an unthinkable response. A wooden chuckle covers your face, and you feel stunned.

“Looks like you're close.” Tak! Yeon-woo spills her cynics as she gently lands in Percy's lap.

Like I knew it.

“Well, long-term mates are usually thrown away when they're done.” No way ', no way...! Mother is the only one who understands me in this world! Bullshit. "": Jen. "No. Wrong. The eyes of Yeon-woo sank deeper than the Goddess of Earth.

“Hades." ”What a hoax." "Zen." Persephone lets out a shout and pauses.

However, you will notice that Yeon-woo's tone is not as serious as it used to be.

On the other hand, Yeouido inherited the throne from Hades. Not just mythology, but also some mythology.

Then? What did you... see? Yeon-woo did not feel the need to answer the question.

"What did you see?" he asked! “You've come to that place because you've made a fool of your only understanding of your husband. Then it's only your turn to tell me.” After a few fights with her, Yeon-woo has already made her decision.

I don't need to talk to her anymore, and it's not worth it.

There must have been something great about betraying Hades and being queen of Titan-Gas. There was no such thing.

Just a creature with a large background on its back, who is drunk with enormous power and unable to discern back and forth.

The crawling chaos seemed so much better than her.

Crawling chaos was more than just enjoying fun, even though it seemed like he liked black, and Tiffany wanted to free his own kind.

Huai-Yun pulls out the beagrid and sprinkles it roughly. The rest of Percellne's body is shredded and protrudes into the air.

[Paired Oyster ( Fetal. *)] -Black thunderstorms cover the giant body in an instant as Yeon-woo gained power while watching Chronos' myth.

Phew! The cracks spread out along the wooden ledge, causing the Black Spirit to gush up into the air like a fountain.

And all of it flowed into the air currents and was sucked into the bracelet of Yeon-woo.

Every time I try to resist a little more, the roots rise several times and try to tie him up, but I can hardly keep a wall of chains spread in the air.


Tsu! I thought the Black Chain would become taut, but I hung it from the air, naming it Fercelle's neck as it had just returned to its human form.

“, Kerek……!” The Percellés - they struggled hard. I felt urgent for the first time, my face was filled with horror.

Questions about the Mother Earth are still swirling about the Sovereign Republic of Hades, but it's suffocating and it's leaking completely out.

Yeon-woo looks at him with a expressionless face.

I grabbed the chain in my hand and turned it around.

Percy's head goes back, long as his tongue is dead, and he thumps and falls.