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9. Rich and Rich (9)

Only you...... are the only light that can save us. "Demeter's words have always crossed Percy's mind as a child.

But it was good for Percy, too.

Her location was in the middle of nowhere, with no one visiting her but her mother Demeter.

Even Demeter came and stayed a very short time, that's all.

The young Percy just had to kill time on his own.

The friend was another self, and the only one he could talk to was himself. One day I just kept mumbling to myself.

I snuck up on her because she was doing something weird again. I never thought there'd be a place like this.

It's very unpleasant. "For the first time in my life, I saw someone other than Demeter.

A man who is seriously narrowing his glabella.


Ugh... Well, that 's--that's where the name makes up God's society. It's been a long time coming.

“Haha! I like this in my own way. That means our alliance is strong!” After crossing into the temple of the king, the Iranian army and Natasha exploded in different ways.

The sight they saw was shocking.

Gas... is losing.

Gas hijacked Olympus, where several replacements for Poseidon stayed.

Of course, the Titan, which was one of their main forces, escaped, but it was still an amazing thing that happened to Yeon-woo.

Particularly holding the earth-shaped statue on my back, I even felt unrealistic about the neck of Persephone, who was the object of fear in heaven.

“Hahahaha! That's right! I've felt it since we first met, but he's a great friend!” “I kept telling you. He deserves to be an apostle!” “What an apostle. To this fine breed of Hercules!” My brother, you still haven't given up on your appetite. "” Late appearances of Hercules and Ares were chattering as they watched, but smiling at the mouth did not leave the ventricle.

On the other hand, 'Athena was praying somewhere with one knee locked and her eyes closed.

Unlike your noisy brother, you must be celebrating this situation.

For them, what had always felt like a dead wall was gone, and the road was finally wide open.

Looking at it.

Irangjin said, 'It was easy to see who would get Olympus' hand in the future.

“We will salvage the existing identities of Tartarus, who were once trapped here in Erebos, and then climb up to Olympus. Tartaros was originally a separate place from Olympus... The synergy wouldn't be so small if the two were combined. `After all, Olympus, to be reborn like that, was similar to what the existing societies knew, but it was different.

"Moreover, if you add the existing dead polyps and the dead giants, Hmm……!" Throughout the whole time I was cooling my thoughts, my eyes were heavy.

In the heavenly realm, a crisis theory was emerging about the lotus that was growing sharply and rapidly.

But now we have a bigger fire to start. If he sits on the throne of Olympus, other societies have no means of stopping him.

Of course, since the creation of the tower, there has been an anticipated view that there may be an opponent (anger\) who is worthy of defeating Olfowon for the first time.

"More than that, you might want to take away their powers of attorney.

After that, you can almost see the light of day what those fools are gonna think. We should be able to control it in the middle. "As an archangel in desperate need of Yeon-woo's help, I only decided that I should be good at cleaning up the chaos in the heavenly realm in the future.


Late arriving Agarose folds his black wings and plunges into the stream.

At last, Yeon-woo was surrounded by Ares and Hercules and was suffering from the strange sound of the star, "Be an apostle," "let's hunt together," and "Let's be with ourselves," and quickly she turned her eyes to Against him.

Son, as a father, I'm serious, but let's start with mental education. Is this what you kids do nowadays? It's not up and down in genealogy, it's up and down. Will you fight me when I see this grandfather again? Chronos wanted to be freed from the mute Pinzan.

'Before you worry about that, you should start thinking about appearing.` Testimonials! That's later, but the naming is called the God-king, and for these kids, it's an old-fashioned thing.

It's just humbling to show up. If you're going to show up, you have to be very mysterious, don't you think? When Yeon-woo saw them, she felt ashamed to say that because she wanted to face her grandchildren for the first time.

I didn't say much because I thought it would make me nag if I pointed it out.

On the other hand, the reality of being able to communicate comfortably with my father, who was clumsy and slow, came to me strangely.

“What's the matter?” Yeon-woo looked back at Agares, leaving behind thoughts like that. He had a very serious look on his face, unlike him. It meant there was something serious to discuss.

Get the son of a bitch. “Fenrir?” Yes. Yeouido is not too late to realize that Fenrir was defeated by Persephone. Precisely, he knew it was a 'body.'

On the other hand, I was surprised at the situation.

This arrogant, greedy bunch of agares never thought he'd ask someone to save him.

In the meantime, I thought Fenrir and I might have gotten along well, but in the meantime, it was a deep thought.

He is like a dog in this body. As the owner, I should have taken good care of him, but it didn't work out. If I knew the structure of the body, I would go myself, but I do not know | ]_{{{'^ < But I knew that my ego had disappeared completely, and I knew that my ego had been cleverly embedded in Agares' face. There was also humiliation.

So please. [The Demon Society, the 'Dong-man Army', humbly requests the alliance player # # # to follow Agares!] [The Demon Society, Niflheim, asks us to protect our duty as allies!] [Jormungaaeta looks at you with his eyes preparing for the rainforest.1 [Hel looks at you with his agonizing eyes preparing for the rainforest.1]] [Loki, the head of Niflheim, awaits your answer.] Yeon-woo nods slowly, feeling multiple glances.

“I was going to do it without you asking me.” His gaze was still bound in the air to the corpse of Persephone.

“If you take a big sigh, the fight isn't over, as long as the Mother Earth is around." ” You? “ We should drag the bitch who ran behind the ceiling down here. ”Agares reads the fatal flesh of the kith's eye, and breaks the waves.

Hell, no! You can't end it here. That's why it's # # #. This is a body language that Agarash recognized. Agares returned to a frenzied state from the 'serious' state.

"Son, do you have any bipolar disorder? Why are you back and forth like this? Yeon-woo deliberately ignored her if she told Kronos about her brother and Agares' crazy obsession with herself.

Agares stared up at the sky and spread his dozens of black wings.

Black Margaery spreads like fog.

Then this body will help you to focus on bringing down the earthly body. At that moment.

Kukukuku...! The sky of Tartarus' light began to tremble, and hundreds of meteor showers fell to the ground following a trail.

We can beat the gaseous fugitives who flee from the Temple of the King. [At Agares' command, the 'Dong-man Army' is coming!] Tartarus is already declared a Sanctuary of the Union. Of course, with the permission of Yeon-woo, the causal rate required for the descent was extremely small, so there was no great crowd to come as a group.

Agares moves to hunt the remaining gases throughout Tartarus, with the demons who swiftly soared to the skies and completed the descent.

“We can't just stand by while the demons move. Let's clear out the rest of Titan, where they're holed up.” Natasha smiles at you, as if she's been insistent.

He shouted, looking up at the sky.

“Come, motherfuckers.” [In accordance with the resolution of two of the three kidneys, the Cheoncheon Pyeong-gun (Hartsfuyu) will come!] Nataethai and the Ranged Forces went west with troops attempting to descend, each of them a flame and a water dragon.

If all the remaining Titanium and Gas in Tartarus were cleared out, it would be the end of the siege.

“Then we're repairing the door to Erebos.” Athena was willing to support Yeon-woo as much as possible because she knew they were out of place here.

Yeongwoo nods, meaning Gomam, and pulls on the chain.

Tsurlock! The corpse of the Percellene hanging from the end of the chain falls down powerlessly. I spread my left hand wide towards Yeon-woo.

[Power, Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword, attempts to consummate Persephone!]] What Yeongwoo was about to devour was not merely Percellene's soul.

Already swallowing Kronos' corpse, he reached a state of maturity, and even if he swallowed more personalities, it was difficult to achieve any further growth.

However, what Yeon-woo needs now is inside the soul of Persephone.

Termination associated with the earth-born body.

If he could have the medium that could have been an apostle, tracking the Mother Earth shouldn't be too difficult.

"It seemed like the godmother cut off channeling at the last minute, but it shouldn't be that hard to recover. `Persephone and the Mother Earth used the power of Kronos, and now they have a hunch that it will be a card against Yeon Woo.

[Power, Hades' Sword, was successfully consumed!] [The god of Olympus, Persephone.] All the myths she has achieved have passed.] [You can qualify for all of Mercellne's qualifications.] to become a member of the Percellés.

It meant that she would become an apostle of the Mother Earth.


Yeongwoo was able to find something very blurry but he was looking for in the remains of the carnivorous Persephone.

[You have found a broken terminal.] [The reel of death works.] [Attempt to restore.] [Failed.] [Attempt to restore.] [Failed.] [Restore succeeded.] [Channeling has been restored. Strengthen your channeling.] [Title: The Mother Earth Apostle!]] Puhaha!_A descendant of the Black King, this son of Chronos, won't even lend me the Apostle of the Mother Earth! When what had happened had become a reality, Chronos could not help but smile.

It's also a place where all the personalities hate...! I mean, he's my son, but I've never seen a man hit like you! Chronos' voice shook brightly.

And now... I never thought a goddess like that would bring her to this land! to bring God down! Where in the world is something as fun as that?

“They were all taught by their father, right?” Huh. How dare you compare to this father? Have you ever heard of bluefin fish? Yeon-woo almost raised her hand, having such a rambunctious conversation.

I used to feel like I could only feel it before, but I couldn't touch it or see it.

[The reel of the phoneme works.] Feeling the strange senses of Yeon-woo.

Like a tug-of-war, he pulls it hard inward.