Second Life Ranker

10. Ground mother (tenth) (1)

Crazy bastard... Gekko...! Then.

Through channeling, a branch-filled old age (dragon\) is transmitted.

Although I can't confirm it in any other place, I can easily see that his face would be crooked.

It's the only way.

I thought Persephone was dead and there was no longer a connection to the underwater system, and the potato pith took it and glued it together.

Moreover, the current state of Yeouido is the Apostle of the Mother Earth.

I couldn't hang up easily.

If God is the Apostle of the world, where is the odd man who chooses God himself? If it had been the same, it would have been the Mother Earth saying, "Is this bread?"

Not at all now.

That's how much the lotus feels now. From the moment I swallowed Kronos, I was not a tasty prey or plaything for the Mother Earth.

Maybe that's why.

Yeon felt a cool feeling in her chest like her chest was popping, and she twisted the tip of one lip greatly.

The angrier he gets, the more he flies.

The more I was angry, the more he enjoyed it.

And now this moment.

It was the same with Kronos.

I was having a rambling conversation with Yeong-woo, but his consciousness was more serious than ever.

Viera Dun, who swallowed the Mother Earth, was the enemy to be killed.

I can't just leave my youngest son standing there with a dagger in his chest.

"Yours… ~ Yours always bothers me! Perhaps the intensity of Yeon-woo has now reached a considerable level, the Earth Mother doctor sounded too vivid.

You said you would take only black! I am not interested in the things in your stream! But you're trying to get in the way of an incident! The branch of the Mother Earth grew larger.

Even though I felt like I was going to be punished here right away, Yeon-woo was more confident about it.

“I'm sure. He can't come down here right now." The Goddess of Earth is just a cat with a big inflatable body to hide its frightening appearance.

If they really wanted to bother Yeon Woo and kill her, they wouldn't just be screaming whales out there like the old man in the corner, they'd be trying to attack her from the beginning.

The reason why it doesn't show up all the time.

“Because eroding with the world's water isn't working out any differently than it means. Otherwise, this is a critical moment. `It was such an unpleasant time for Yeongwoo.

Nothing would be more fun than having your opponent's death force disrupt and ruin their grand plan at the very last minute! "My son, look how badly you're smiling. My flesh is trembling from my side.

I'm so nervous. "Kronos laughs as he looks at that alliance as absurd.

'So you don't like it?` No way. Chronos laughs.

I think I'm going to die because this father is so much fun. Khh! It's as cool as a cold beer that suffers and drinks in the middle of the summer. Even Yeon-woo had to laugh.

But you still have to be careful. Then Chronos speaking in a solemn voice, his eyes hardened.

"The Mother Earth has always been a troublemaker for me and your grandfather. You know what the curse was on your grandfather, and why I was so suddenly bitten by Maestro. Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

It was because I remembered what I saw in Kronos' corpse.

Uranos' death was caused by Guia's curse.

Kronos' frenzy has escalated with excessive force consumption during the course of Guia's defeat.

given that Uranos united many societies and created Olympus, and that Kronos was powerful enough to rule as a god.

I had to assume the earth-shaped power was that great.

Perhaps the goddess she had seen so far was only a cross section of her power.


And unlike the instinct that remained because there was no "self," you said it was different now. Knowing how to crash means it's even more dangerous. It also means you can make plans and make effective judgments. "Chronos himself is more dangerous than he dealt with."

'Then.' Yeon-woo nodded her head and asked her father a question.

'What if we could reverse it so that we could no longer make decisions about such incidents?` You. Pussy ""? Chronos realized that Yeon Woo had lost another public, and asked a question.

Tsurlock! Yeon lifts up the Black Chain, smiling coldly without an answer.

The goddess sought to 'somehow disconnect from Yeon Woo. We tried to close the restored terminals again, cut the channel, and take the position of the Apostle altogether.

[The reel of death begins.] [Kronos' power strengthens the handset.] [Kronos' power strengthens the handset.] [The Black King's Despair has enhanced the channel.]] [Channelling will be increased.] [Channeling with Taejimosin is up again!] Yeon uses the power of Kronos to strengthen the handset, while using a chain to tighten the channeling around it.

As it did, the existence of the godmother, which felt blurry beyond channeling, gradually increased, and eventually a few more increased with the enhanced channeling.

The system doesn't necessarily undermine the channeling of connecting gods and apostles.

Of course, the chain moved more and closed even the neutral channeling, and the UE gradually grew in signal and reached the point where it connected with the reel of death.

At that moment.

Yeongwoo felt like she was right in front of the Mother Earth.

At this rate, the earthly goddess was not at all odd, even if the earthly body was forcibly strong against him.

"Let go! Let go of me, you leech...!" "Of course, the goddess of the earth did not want this to happen, so she spread her profanity beyond embarrassment.

Contrary to the way you've been pretending.

Either way, this was not a good opportunity to miss out on.

Zwick, side! Eventually, more chains move through the void.

Now that we can accurately detect the coordinates of the location of the earth-shaped body, we opened the space without channeling and sent a direct chain to it.

Beyond the room, like a mop. Between the mottled voids, the tree was endlessly high.

World number.

It was disgusting to see the godly tree that symbolizes the leap, the past life, and the law, and the earthly goddess half-crouched in cloudy light.

The chains were wrapped around the wrists and branches of the earthly goddess.

[Channelling has been expanded to maximum number.] [The motivation between God and Apostle is at its peak.] Let go……. Let go! "The earthly goddess struggled to get rid of the Black Chain, but the deeper the chains became.

Of course, it was also impossible to disconnect. Shin Jin-cheol was never physically able to defeat him.

Th-that's probably the only person in the world who's used channeling like this since the universe was created. Chronos' Chase 'and Finds the Tongue.

Channeling made for the apostle to eat is actually a brother country that carries God.

And just as they responded to the words of Kronos, reactions from other societies in the heavens quickly emerged.

[Allied forces, Niflheim, are astonished and disgusted at your idea.] [Allied forces discuss re-review of management of channels that the 'Bridge' has been negligent about.] [Allies talk about various uses, saying the 'Dong-ma Wang Army' can be a fun game.] [Allied forces, Asgard is silent.]] [Allied forces, 'Olympus' keeps silence.] [Loneliness, Deva inhales the air.] [Loneliness,, 'Bridge' looks fearfully at you.] [All members of God's society, Malach, look at you with astonishing eyes.] [Demonic society, Le Infernal, is very pleased to hear that your disposition must be 5.] [Vimagildara blows up the façade as she looks at you.] [Kernunos is reckless and tolerates it well.] "Those demons used to do that, but how only the lewd demons roared. Gosh, chase! Kronos laughs at Le Infernal's reaction.


Suddenly, it sounded like something was coming out of the void.

Something big fell through the void and fell heavily in front of Yeon Woo.

An enormous helmet the size of which seems to be much more than a hundred meters.

It was the world's number of rotten areas that were "infected" by the earthworm and were blackened.

Part of the swarm count has been lost! [Chuckles] The earthworm cries out in agony.

"Stop it! Stop it!" This will destroy the world! Your laws too...! How can you not know that the providence of your world can be corrupted and the physical world can be harmed? Is that a good thing? Forcibly pulling the goddess, which was being synchronized with the water of the world, the number of the world had to be a little longer, of course.

The problem was that if you can remove rotten areas like that, it can affect areas that are not yet infected.

It also meant the damage to Idea.

Deity is a living being that embodies providence in harmony with the law.

Of course, I had no choice but to become obsessed with world water.

No, beyond that, damage to the world's water was inevitable because it would be a direct hit to the physical world.

No matter how crazy they were, even though the conflict between societies was severe, that was why they wanted to avoid affecting Idea.


"So?” If there's a problem the Mother Earth hasn't thought of yet.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?”... Yeon-woo was not yet confident.

This madman...! How many times have I said the same thing today?

Yeon-woo laughed as she thought her vocabulary level had greatly decreased, even though she might have regained consciousness.

“World numbers or not, I would take anything if only you could eliminate it." _° ____! "The Ground Mother could clearly see that what Yeon-woo said was not an empty word or a simple threat. It was her who was able to clearly read Yeon's mind with channeling.

Yeonwoo's intentions were even more insane.

Since her brother went so screaming, Yeon-woo has been running for revenge all this time, and has broken through many obstacles, and the revenge has finally reached the end.

Most of the eight clans are broken or broken. Even what was left was now huge enough for Artiya to collapse at any time with Karam alone.

The same thing happened to the enemies who hurt him. Most of them were strangled by Yeon Woo's hands, and now only the last one remains.

The most hated opponent! Viera Dun.

I could never go away with the idea of taking him out.

Even if the tower collapses in the process of getting rid of her, or the laws of the universe collapse... if that's what it takes to strangle Vierra Dun, Yeon had every right to do so.

Son, that's...! Kronos could not speak to Yeon-woo any more at this moment.

For him who was born a god, the worldview was clear that the world water was not to be touched, but on the one hand, he also felt that he could do anything if he could defeat the earthly body that had taken his youngest son.

Because the two ideas were so interesting to each other, they couldn't stop the coincidence.


The goddess had no choice but to call for compromise.

What you're looking for…… Vieradoool: "" I'll give you "“ { The answer I wanted.

The dried tail of Yeongwoo became more curly.

At that moment, I could feel the Earth Mother's spirit, which had been unified all over channeling, splitting into hundreds of pieces in an instant.

What are you talking about, me! I will give you the Star Witch, so take your hands off me...! No! This is a lie! I will kill you one way or another! I must be you, how can I separate? It just reverts back to the way it was. Rather than eat me up. With mortals like you. It's offensive to compare me from the beginning...! Shut Up! "The Mother Earth ritual is as busy tearing each other apart as if they were the bottom of a market.

A ritual to cut only the part of Viera Dun, a ritual to resist what it means, or a ritual to find a compromise, or a ritual to be attracted to Yeonwoo like this, where she would rather hold off on the fairy tale of world water and seek revenge.

Even some of the primitive instincts of indifference or hunger for this matter remained, and the turbulence of all kinds of untidy accidents caused the head of the pond to become congested.

"Huh! This is bullshit. Chronos was only curious about the situation. As with the use of channeling, many new societies have struggled with the Mother Earth, but this has never happened before.

However, even in such a chaotic situation, there were several medieval generations of earth-shaped consciousness.

Why so shallow? It's me! How can you treat me like this? Even the adra...! If you have no use for it, discard it. That's what you said in the beginning. In many verses, I heard a cynic-filled voice.

The earthy godmother shrugged her 'left arm' to her shoulder.

Caugh! No! You can't do this! All sorts of cries and cries rang out, but he threw his left arm into the void, toward the lotus.

Kuww! I can't tell if my left arm was thrown out in a violent sandstorm filled with tiny branches and leaves. However, it was full of cloudy colors and smelly.



“Me." "Oh my." "Crab." "So far... here... but...!" ”” It was' like a corpse, shivering with a pale complexion and a shivering body, pushing for cover.

It was Tacheon and Bay, Viera Dun.