Second Life Ranker

11. Mother Earth (& Mother Earth) (2)


That's what I heard when young Persephone first met Hades.

Unlike his loving mother Demeter, Hades was too blunt to look at.

I wonder if they're going to hurt me or what they're going to do to me.

You're looking at me with those scary eyes.

Wheeler! The first thing Hades did was say, "It's very cold. First, melt yourself with it. I took off my top and wrapped it around her body.

Then, for the first time.

Young Percy realized what it meant to be 'warm'.

Young-rok or Tachun? I don't know what to say.

Of course, from Viera Dun's point of view, I can only put it in one word.

“No……! No!” Viera Dun was covered in wounds.

The beautiful, 'stubborn appearance that remained in my brother's memory was not gone.

Her silky, dark hair is dull and mottled with something strange, and her eyes are full of frenzy.


Yeon-woo thought so and approached him.


Very slowly.



“Oh, don't come...!” Viera Dun provoked a lot of magic in her mind.

No matter how far you've come from the Mother Earth, those so-called Star Witches were quite destructive.

Overwhelming! However, even if you were to spread such magic around, you could not suddenly see the wall of the dead and the shadow of the black as you ride along the pond.

Not a scratch, not even a soot.

Even though he was strong enough to be called the master of all witches, he is now invincible.

Resplendent personality was a placenta that was not only mortal.

And Yeongwoo... is a mere wordsmith, but she already boasts of the level of dignity looking down at her feet. In addition, no one ignored the Chronosphere in the heavenly realm.

“Don't come! Arrrgh!" Viera Dun, no matter how much magic and curses she has, can't stop crying. She slips her ass back and screams to the top.

The horror that I was holding on to somehow was kicking me under my chin. I can't breathe. My hands are shaking less. I'm sick of the whites in my head.

The senses that I didn't feel when I was living with the Mother Earth were returning.

After a sensation that they never wanted to reclaim, the two Bierras try to lose their minds and frenzy, choking on fear. I threw whatever I could find into Yeon-woo's hands. I even kicked him.

By the way.

[Fenrir is coming!] Suddenly, a space opens up in the back of Viera Dun, and Penhir pops up and stabs her in the front foot. The Mother Earth freed him together.

Light! With all the magicians that Viera Dun was opening, all of them vanished into thin air.

King! Fenrir wags his tail as he looks at the kite.

[The Devil of Niflheim greets you with a greeting!] It's like asking for a compliment.

Yeongwoo grins and bends under Fenrir's chin, meaning Gomam, then calmly lowers her posture to grip Bierhadun's destruction.

And slowly pulled her up.

“Scream…! Let go...! Please...!" Viera Dun struggled harder to escape from the storm somehow. I held up my fingernails and grabbed Softwood's back and kicked his abdomen with my feet.

But the more she did, the more she broke her nails and twisted her ankles.

Thanks to this, I was followed by physical pain because of the mental pain of fear.

I've never felt anything like it when I was an earthling. Even though it hurt so badly, the sound of "evil" came out on its own. How can humans live with this feeling? I couldn't understand.

It's only been a few years since I ascended to heaven. Why do I feel so low?

Viera and the two were regarded as human beings as being just as if they were thousands of years ago.

It's probably because of the terrible loss. And it must be because the sensation of the lower body, which he thought would be nothing more to do, was foreign.

The gaze that was so desperate to face all the universe fell to the ground, and all the senseless rituals seemed to be closed and trapped in a narrow world.

Even though Yeon Woo didn't hold the flesh, the two of them seemed to choke. It was like he had embedded himself in a very narrow cage.

I didn't even feel alive.

So she had to suffer greater horrors.

The fact that the almighty can never be restored. Use your hands as much as you can (). The power that followed her even if she waved and leaned but fled (% of kisses).

I still couldn't believe that I no longer possessed the Miracle of the Celestial Hall (\ 1\ 1%) and the "Almighty Command Statue (8 Hollows)."

Goods or fame? Rich or filmy? How can we compare all those things?

Above all.

I felt that I might die like this, so the obsession that the things that had been barely there might vanish in vain even more.


“Let go" "Rat“ “! Life:" "Rat," "{" I pleaded with you to save me, even while I was being held in the hands of the brood who heard Viera.

“Very ugly.” It was absurd for Yeon-woo to see such a guy. Bierra Dun's gaze is clearly cynical.

I had to.

Even when I whisper to my sister that I love her.

Poison them, knife them to the heart.

Even when she was a godmother.

He was always so confident and smiling so hard.

But now there was no such thing.

I'm just trying to be rude.

But at least I thought I was getting my ass kicked till the end. What the hell?

How have the heavens, the Summer, and their brothers been toyed with all this time? It was something I would never pray for.

And do I get that look?

Viera squeezes her voice forcefully, even though both of them are choking.

“Frosty girl“ "Yes" "Hory... Don't!" Bierhadun's eyes are sharpened for the first time, fearful.

“You... you're only a third party. You don't know shit! Do you even know? Your brother always did. You didn't treat me the same way. I only considered it a trophy to protect and put somewhere else...!” There was a special poison in his voice.

“That's why I took it! But what? What's wrong with that? It's because your brother has been honored and honored at the cost of our gunships. Because we had it all backed up! And then they got tired of it, and they all fell out!" Biera and I had already been expecting her death. If so, he blurts evil words with a blushing face, as if he were going to somehow publish the rest of the words.


“Maybe you're right.” Yeon-woo said so after a long silence.

Unexpected answer at all.

Viera Dun's eyes widen slightly.

- Like you said, Jungwoo might not have been a saint. He's just my brother, so maybe I'm just looking at him as a good victim. ”Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

He had been through his brother's diary several times and had even noticed various situations within him that were rolling like a cog.

The betrayal of his brother must have been his fault.

“So what?” But that's why I wanted to ask Yeon-woo.

“Why should the victim identify the perpetrator? Do we need to assess the situation?” What::! ”“ Why were you supported by Jungwoo? You guys were just jealous of it. And if he really only thought of you as a puppet, when he put a knife through his heart, when he poisoned you, he would have chased you somehow.

No matter how weak he was, he still had that much power! "“ But Jungwoo didn't.

Because I loved you that much. And... did you say trophy? That's funny. I don't understand which one of you gave up his liver and gallbladder to the trophy. "Yeon-woo's face distorted miserably.

“You're just a traitor, Viera Dunne. No matter how plausible the horn was, you poisoned your lover and turned your biological daughter into an experiment. She's just a vicious monster like that." “Vierra Dunne tried to open her mouth to say something.

Yeon-woo's hands tightened as if she no longer listened.

I broke my neck as easily as I did in class.


[The target's soul has been assigned to the soul collection.] Yeon pulls the souls of the two Vierras back into the despair of the Black King.

I didn't want to give this a clean death, but he didn't think it was his tie to judge the two of them.

Anantara and Sesha.

And Abraham.

I was going to hand him over to them.

"" "Tongue Eyes)." Kronos, who had been watching the conversation between Yeongwoo and Viera without saying a word, murmured a little.

He hurt his youngest son, but he thinks he left too easily.


“No, I don't think so." Yeon shakes her head decisively.

“That's just self-comfort. I draw more than any moment now. I have a gift for Ananta." Chronos was unable to answer any of it. It was because his shoulders felt heavier than ever before.

It was then.

Medicine. I turned it on.

Let go. Oh, I see.

Me. You. Wow. C. system. None.

7. Black. P. Group. Ha.

Beyond the void, the Earth Mother is crying, still unable to turn off channeling.

Maybe it's because he took off two of the Bierras he's been using as his central self.

Several ideas that were not much more organized than before were spilled into the middle heat.

But what they said was one thing.

Now that you've let Viera Dun go, let yourself go. This was the end of all evil.

Inside, there was also a conscience that I would not bother chasing after the dark.

Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

“That one... ~ ~” He made a promise he couldn't keep either. Funny, isn't it? The goddess of the earth, whose ego isn't moving properly, is a bit of a rebound. Only primal instinct and will remain. Chronos read the thoughts of Yeon Woo and smiled as he tuned.

But it is also more dangerous. Unrefined power is that much more threatening and violent. “Even if I ignore you for being stupid, I don't want to look down on you.” Yeon nods at Kronos' warning and triggers an option.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] The “Viera Dun" soul collection was wide open, leaving only the corpse.

For just a moment, her face, which had been shrouded in the world of tens of thousands of ghosts, was parched.

She tried to yell something in an urgent tone.

[Power, 'Inferno' is triggered to give birth to the soul of the designated target ().] "Gaaaah!" Bierra Dun's spirit suddenly became overwhelmed by the fire, measuring from beneath her feet.

The flame that cleanses the soul of the evil trade. Of course, the more bad business there was, the more pain there was, and the more pain Viera Dun suffered, which also occupied the earthly body, the more it could not be expressed in words.

Furthermore, he's locked up in a prison he never dreamed of getting out of.

I could have cried out for it to vanish.

Please! Enough! Gmaaaan! "Does it bother you a lot?” Yeon-woo was ridiculous to see such a guy.

You don't blink at the pain you inflict on others, but you scream at the pack that you're inflicted with pain.

I thought my ears would rot, but I decided to be patient because I was going to play fun from now on.

It hurts!_It hurts! Please, please, please! "There is only one way to stop it.” Viera Dun could see that she was looking for something.

Please! Please……! I'll do anything you want me to do, so please let me go...! Arrggg! "Give me your soul right now.

The tip of one lip of Yeongwoo twists sharply.

“You were part of the Goddess of Earth, so you know the weaknesses of the unknown and the teeth, don't you?” Yours "a few," Viera Dun opened her eyes wide, not screaming.

It was because I realized that Yeon-woo was aiming for this moment all along.

Yeongwoo's eyes tilted open.

“So tell me everything you know.

He's the one who abandoned you anyway. You don't have to feel bad about it. ”~ Beat each other's backs in front of the women.

Bierra Dun was first stiffened.

Phew! I 'm--I 'm guessing it's a quick reconciliation. Chronos shakes his head in the beagrid.