Second Life Ranker

12. Mother Earth (& belly) (3)

Mar. Fig. No, no, no. is.

Medicine. Turn it on. D.

The Mother Goddess expressed 'a sudden and fortuitous reaction to coincidence', whether she was appropriately embarrassed or angry.

You gave me two Bierras as you wanted. So I was shouting for him to keep his promise.

However, Yeonwoo did not complain about such a thing, and did not take a cold look at Vierudun.

“You don't want to tell me? But I guess there's still one last victory, huh? Then we have no choice.” As Yeongwoo tried to put her in the collection of souls while confining her to purgatory, the two of Viera screamed in tears at the feeling that she might actually live in terrible pain forever.

Oh, no! I'll tell you! S-so please...! "Viera and the two started discussing information about the earthly body like quicksand.

She was the identity of the Mother Earth and had unique information.

The weaknesses demanded by Yeonwoo, as well as the secret parts that would never be known without the Mother Earth.

It happened because the earthquake quickly separated Viera Dun and failed to properly remove information about itself in the process.

G. Bay. Two. Nails, off. Lose.

The earth-shaped godmother condensed her powers with both eyes wide open to fire rays to see if she thought it was really dangerous to stay like this.


Zwick! Another empty black chain swiftly whipped away the rays in the middle.

I can feel the Mother Earth getting more agitated.

"Hoho. You mean there is such a thing? I always thought it was ambiguous to think of the concept of a god (\ gasp), but some of what the two Bierras said surprised even Kronos.

I understood why the earthly mother showed such frenzied obsession with the dark-related kitten and her brother.

"The birth of the concept began with the creation of the universe in which the first light arose..." "The creation of the universe was in some way a 'process' that arose from the 'standstill' (\ 0) and the violent explosion of the world, along with the foreign matter of light.

The pieces of the void that fell out of this situation were infected with light and gradually changed in nature, and gradually became a spiritual being by gaining activeness as the uplifts accumulated.

With an unrefined consciousness and primitive appearance, power and power penetrate the universe and dimensions.

These were the beings that could be called concept gods, or alternatives.

Most of these are active, but they have no desire, so there are many things that exist but do not exist.

They were often transformed into the components that make up idea while precipitating behind the world.

Even those who did not are classified as Higher Alternatives (80ha 809), they do not appear to intervene, just to observe the changes in the universe.

But there are unique beings everywhere.

Unlike most conceptualists and altruists who had a secret disposition, the earthworm boasted a completely different characteristic.

In her view, the changes in the universe were all her own.

Where the earth enters. Where trees grow. A place where forests and mountains rise.

Where life is conceived. Thus, the existence of the civilization 'who' gave birth to them 'continues to evolve over and over again. The mystery of life could have been said to have started with her being in place.

Then the earthly goddess became obsessed with embracing the beings she had given birth to. Even though he didn't have a grandchild or consciousness, he only moved and moved with the idea of 'having to hold it.'

And of course, the target included transcendents such as the current personalities and demons that originated from life.

Similarly, the earthly goddess was greedy for the Black King.

The earthly goddess was born from nothing and nothing. And the circle of such fragments was the Black King.

But the Dark Lord's ego now lies deep in the void.

The goddess of the earth can make these black kings her own. Or I wanted to be more perfect by swallowing its existence.

That's why he wanted Cha Jeong-woo, who was blessed by the Black King. He wanted to enjoy his soul and open the way to the Dark Lord.


He also occupied Vierra Dun, which was close to Cho Jung Woo.

It also adds activeness by using the two Bierras as as egos.

When Yeon Woo showed up, she tried to swallow him.

It all comes from that desire of his.

Bierra and her two have been awkwardly hiding the inner lining of the Earth Mother.

Yeonwoo and Chronos were furious about this, but relieved that they could clearly identify weaknesses to the godmother they had never known.

"Finally, there is no way to capture the Mother Earth either now or then. But I can make sure I never have to play the bow again." Behind Chronos' fury, the two Vierras squeal at the last remaining power.

Because the earthly goddess does not have a proper shape, the appearance is now based on adra! And I was in charge of the processing. "":! "Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

It was easy to understand what the adra two of Viera were talking about.

A colorful stone.

A treasure that my brother saved through some sort of route, but Viera Dun escaped in the middle of it.

Jiaying! At that moment, the Wise Man's Stone stuck next to Yeon-woo's heart trembled violently. Bring me another component, the colorful stone.

Th-7 will do it this way. So, now please let me go... Please! "The processing that Viera listened to was somewhat familiar to Yeonwoo.

It was a very special revelation about the Emerald Tablet.

Probably her own unique system based on knowledge gained from the crawling chaos of the tower.

If Yeon did it alone, it might have taken a lot of effort to plunder the adra.

But if these two Bierras tell us all the processing, the story is completely different. Not only could I understand the system correctly, but it was easier to analyze weaknesses because the information in the book of Revelation was much superior to hers.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo was able to figure out how to capture the Mother Earth in front of the Mother Earth.

No. Done. C.

You told me everything! Put out the fucking light! Or I'd rather destroy Rinna...! "In his presence, the wrath of the Mother Earth and the lamentation of Viera Dun were mixed together.

She looks at the two Bierras and wrinkles one lip greatly.

“Viera Dun, thanks to you, I have good information. So let me give you a good gift” Well, well! I did what you told me to do, now...! "Viera opened her eyes wide with hope for the first time at the words of Yeongwoo.


“There was something Jungwoo used to say all the time.” Pusson ""? "Bullshit, asshole.” Delbyerra Dunne's expression is hard again.

Yeongwoo's laughter got wet at the paan center.

“Aren't you always lying to Jungwoo? So you have to put up with it." # # # … - …! I, "Close" Viera Dun, cannot do this to myself. Despite her desperation, she climbed to escape the path to purgatory somehow, but the shadow long up and swallowed her back up. With the whole fire.

Kong, Kmm, Kuhong! Viera told Yeon-woo that the two of them were struggling with the pain of erectile dysfunction.

I had no idea how much bad business I was in.

And the thoughts that were leaked in the process naturally fed the shadow.

Yeonwoo turned her gaze back toward the Mother Earth.

I'm stuck to the water of the world, so I can't recognize the look on his face. I could see him clearly distorted.

Now, it was time for the last hunt in Tartarus.

“Fenrir." King! As Fenrir looks at the kite and notices, he looks up at the kite and howls toward the sky.

[Fenrir's community, Niflheim, has asked for an army.] [As Fenrir asks, the Alliance of Niefelheim will deploy the troops!] [8Armungad is coming! Hel's coming!] Then a group of people began to appear as the heavens opened.

On a rapidly trembling earth, a giant serpent of immense size stood up in the shadows, with a pale complexion in the sky, but a beautiful face appeared with many soldiers in it.

The snake that wields the world, the goddess that rules Jormungad and the dead, Hel appeared.

All of them were brothers of Fenrir, known to rule Niflheim, especially Hel, the youngest of their three siblings, who also ruled death, so the sight of Yeongwoo was full of colorfulness.

Finally, I met her...! Our star. I can't even close my eyes here right now. What the hell are you talking about? Calm down, Hel. Now is not the time to fulfill your selfish desires. ":" Sim " For me, there is nothing more important than this moment. Do you even know how I feel about my second brother meeting his best friend? Ever since the accident, all I can think about is us # # #. What is love and virtue thinking? How do you know the strange words in a summer like that?" While Jormungan and Hel say unknown things to each other.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of Heaven] Softening spreads its wings wide and raises its gaze sharply. Filled with Kronos' divine power, the Wise Man's Stone has been battling more fiercely than ever before.

Pod! The honeycomb travels through the void, along the path created by the chain, to a place with the earthen goddess.

Fenrir catches up quickly, and Niflheim's men follow him into the air.

Ah! Me too! I'm coming with you! The last time Hel came in.

You are connected to the reverse part of the flock (\ 0 beeps).] [Idea appears.] [The Realm of World Number '.] An endlessly tall tree appears.

World water Yggdrasil.

The tree, which is the source of all the laws that make up the world, had the earthly godmother attached to it, and was rotting halfway through.

[Alliance Alliance 'Niflheim' starts a war at the request of the Alliance, Player # # #.] [The casualty is the Goddess of Olympus.] Kwaaang! As soon as Fenrir sees the Earthling, he rushes into the world's waters without delay. As if I was going to get the shame I had before, there was anger on my face, so every time I raised my head, I felt a violent breath toward him.

Jormungan quickly set out to swallow the Mother Earth while riding the waters of the world, and in the sky, Hell led Niflheim's forces and launched a single fire.

In the midst of a dazzling series of effects.

W. Two. Kill. Work.

As a target, the Mother Earth spewed her fury as she looked up at the sky. In the past, the outburst of anger is very violent, as it reminds me of when I was attacked by them before I closed down the tower.

As Mother Earth wills, the rotten roots stand swiftly to hunt down Niflheim's forces. The laws of physics twisted and all sorts of fireballs rained down along the sky.

But his blind spot didn't last long.

[Yongsin 'an] [Golden Coin] [Black Gubitara - Wise Man's Eye] Yeongwoo sought to find as many earthly gods' weaknesses, 'grain (#)' as possible in the ritual world that was significantly faster with the golden eyes of the dragons' bite.

Fortunately, the information we got from Viera Dunne was able to recognize as much of a result.

[Humpty humpty] Yeon bursts as hard as she can with her determination feasts, following the lines of sight outlined in black and white.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [The body of the earthworm cuts off its upper body, cutting off its limbs in turn, and the heads of the five cavities explode like fireworks.

The earth-shattering screams spread to every corner of Idea.