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Ps. Ground mother (& belly) (4)

Bang! That's what I heard when the Mother Earth fell. From a distance, it looks like a pile of very crooked brass branches fell.

But it was writhing like an animal, not a plant.

Then, in the shadow of the earth, the Dead Giants, the Lions, and the Boo-Fost, and Dish Pluto, appeared.

Excruciating! As you gallop towards the earthworm, you begin to cut off a massive piece of dung at random.

Thanks to the full power of Kronos, they were reborn into the 'Legion of the Dead' and boasted in their vicious hands.

The Great Mother Earth... was being dismantled at a rapid rate.

[The Blind Man, Niflheim, will bounce back at Player # # #!] Niflheim, who hunts the Goddess of Earth with the kith and kith, finds this surprising.

[Remungan protests against his brothers that they cannot lose. Hel nods, of course. I can't show disappointment to my precious.] [Penír ga.] What are you doing to the soldiers of Niflheim?] Watch as Loki, the leader of Niflheim, stops his allies from playing in the heavenly realm.] The Fenrir brothers have launched another bombing against Fenrir, as if they could not be defeated by the allies of the Union.

Queek! The more violent the beast grows, the more it screams.

Victory seems to have arrived sooner than expected.

Don't be careless, my son. "At that time, Chronos warned Yeon-woo.

The earthly goddess is still the earthly goddess, although she was forcibly removed from the water of the world.

If you could have caught it so easily, it would have been me or us. Or someone from another society. "After Uranos and Kronos, Olympus had a reputation throughout the universe, but there was no other society like Olympus.

Nor was there anything comparable to Kronos who was close to 'Huang'.

Malach's Metatron and Renfenal's Baal were the only ones Kronos could not guarantee his victory.

That poison can't be done so easily. Cockroach... Or should I say bitch? It's gonna happen one way or another. Especially after the adra processing. And most of all, Chronos' voice is low.

That's even the nature of the world's water. I'm sure they won't shut up.

By the way...... I cut it off as forcefully as I did.I guess the broken laws have caused a lot of confusion in this world for a while.

It's going to take time to get back at him. Hmm. What should I do... -? So Chronos mutters in his own words and warns Yeon-woo.


"Why?" “I know that. `Silence flows between the two rich people for a short time.


D-son, do I have to make sure that you don't talk to me like that? "Yes. It's funny, isn't it?" "Son of a bitch! “ If you say so, it's a self-pad, but this lunatic...! Chronos no longer had four sons to play with his father, but soon he had to turn his gaze back to the goddess of the earth.

“I think we're about to start.” W-we 'll see about that later. "Queek! As the earthen godmother, which seemed to be breathless for a short time, burst into a crooked roar, clutching together in a strange shape, she began to rapidly expand to all directions.

It's like a giant cell mass moving. It's horrible. Even poison and stink were being grassed.

But it was also a very familiar sight for Niflheim. Before they were trapped in the tower, they were the only real form of the Earth Mother they could remember from ancient times. Until now, it has been humble for them to have a human figure.

That's why the action was immediate.

Fall Back! "The Mother Earth's venom contains her divine power. Now, if you are mistakenly exposed, there is a risk of contamination of the divine power of the Mother Earth.

In such cases, there have been many "meals" of the Mother Earth, so we should avoid that. The retreat was very fast.

The communities of Yeouido that were watching quickly sink into the shadows.

A giant cell mass that was pumping poison gas is shrinking like a wind-up balloon this time.

Yeongwoo was able to confirm that adra was working at the center of the change through Yongsin 'an. He was vomiting out only adra through the distorted grains of black and white.

The action was immediate.

Yeongwoo was able to spread her wings as far as possible and move the space at once and reach the vicinity of adra.

At that moment, the poison gas that was protecting the cell mass rushed into the body to suffocate the cow.

Hydra's Poison. The poison Siqueus used to catch Athena.

Even the alternative was' a few Shin Dok (shotgun) that could be overturned.


[Unknown substance penetrated into body!] [Status Effect: Addicted "] [Significantly decreases function in the body.] [Skill 'Debt Poison' stops the symptoms of intoxication.] [Decryption complete.] [Perform ingredient test for absorbed 'Hydra poison'.] [Analysis completed.] [Added to the nature of debt poisoning 'Hydra poison'!] [Debt Poison 'skill level has increased dramatically!] Poisonous skill renders the poison a little impenetrable, and it loses its power in the process.

Dory Yeon was able to detonate a much more enhanced debt poison on a lightning rod.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Between hearing a much smarter reverberation than before, Yeongwoo's gaze was firmly fixed inside the long mass.



It was tangled with so many blood vessels and organs, it was beating like a real heart.

At the same time, the sinister stones of Yeongwoo responded with the same tremor.

Just as magnets attract each other, I feel the resonance of wanting to unite.

The colorful stone, Salmon, is pushing his hand inward to catch it.

E. j. is.

Yeah. Cool. To. No. Hahn. C.

Although it resembles Vieradun to the side of the adra, a much colder look suddenly pops out of your face.

A face that is gray all over like a plaster statue and cannot be found to be alive.

The body of the Earthworm. It spreads its rough hands.

Guangxi! Yeon has not caught the colorful stone, and wrapped her wings inward to block her hands.

But not all shocks are lifted, and the body goes up into the air.


The earthly godmother's body was swallowing colorful stones in a single bite and finishing the final change.

The skin of the body, which was like a gypsum statue, began to grow apricot, and was reborn as a real flesh.

Just as Viera Dun left useless parts unattended, it was successful in removing all damaged or unnecessary parts and leaving the necessary parts around adra to form a human.

A pervert (horn-rimmed).

Though she had remained only conceptual, she had finally become realistic.

The earthly goddess's face felt as if it was not sweet.

As originally planned, he tried to swallow the whole world water and make more of the identity of Bierra Dun and be reborn as a perfect omnipotent god, but this was only half the story.

We were able to intercept as many conceptual parts as possible while absorbing some of the world's water, but we still failed to acquire the omnipotence we wanted.

Of course, such anger was always a distraction for Yeon-woo.

I'll kill you! "The earthly goddess suddenly spread her wings of light on her back and swarmed towards Yeon-woo.

Perhaps because existence was refined (\ destroyed) through adra, the consciousness was well organized as if it had a self.

When she read his movements, she pushed the beagrid up and blocked his access.

Guangyang! Yeon gives a slight impression of the stinging pain she feels on the beagrid, but she continuously `unfolds the beagrid without being too dazzling.

Every time a sharp lightning bolt popped out of the blade, the space was completely blocked.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A gentle gesture was enough power to bring it out lightly.

Not even the earthly goddess after a pervert touches it, the lightning bolt has been nullified by the rising tribe's touch.

No, there was some way ahead of Yeon Woo.

The Mother Earth is a creature that has lived since ancient times. Of course, there were only a few ranks in this transcendent battle.

You stretch your right hand wide to reveal something powerful, and if you turn your blade to it, the beam of light erupts from the bottom-left and tries to swallow the lotus.

If you wanted to restrain the movement of one leg with a chain and cut off its wings, the cut areas were like sharp blades sweeping through the abdomen.

The law here was working out.

[Mood Remodeling] It was similar to what Yeon-woo had experienced earlier in the Maharae clash with Neshi.

Of course, the quality was completely different.

At that time, if it was a way to blend reality and illusion in the deep depths that it was composed of, now it's really twisting the law and dragging it in a direction that was in my favor.

The earthly goddess has been piling up since ancient times, the power of adra, and the corrections collected from Kronos' corpse.

Since all the clutter was mixed up, there was no denying that the adra stone, which became the core of the earthly god, was smoothly extinguishing all of it.

Too much light! Fortunately, there may be a shortage of allies in the powerful part, but in physical conflict, he was the superior.

He had built up a lot of work and organized it as a “struggle" while climbing the tower.

Kronos' mythology was also conveyed through Vigrid, so he had a clear sense of what "the struggle of transcendent beings" was.

Above all.

D... + left. - And the right side. Th-the invalidation will happen. "" The fog formed by Gbil unmistakable Pucha poison and pushed back. "Chronos helped us in the right place, so it was much easier to detect the movements of the earthworm.


The earthly goddess had to retreat as far back as possible without doing this kind of damage to Yeon-woo.

His face was badly distorted.

Her branches quantify and the surrounding space bends.

She knows where the reason for not being able to catch Yeon Woo is.

"From your father to your son, three generations are killing me. After you, after you...! At that moment.

I wanted the beagrid that was holding the lotus to be divided into several pieces, but when assembled into different shapes, I had a human figure.

One day, Kronos appears beside you, crossing his arms.

His gaze at the Mother Earth was very sharp, but there was also some bitterness somewhere.

:: 7}. "The Mother Earth screamed.

Bad things. You thought I gave birth to you like this? You're such a family man.