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14Th. Ground Mother (tenth) (5)

Making up with your hated father and standing on the battlefield with # #... It's so cool! "Hel was ecstatic to see Yeon and Kronos, who had just passed away from the body of the earthly god.

I drooled a little in my mouth like a man who just woke up.

Everyone who knows the youngest princess of Niflheim is amazed.

Hell! What the hell are you doing! Can't you see the others are struggling? Jormungan said, "Seeing such a youngest, I distorted my face. I'm so busy because of the spilled magic spills.I brought him here to help because he's being sold somewhere else.

The Mother Earth threw away her faults. The limp cell mass was still alive, even though it had drifted away from the body.

And from that came cell division. The cells twitched and poured out all kinds of strange shapes from the inside, like an egg.

Production ($/ 6) is one of the original earth-shaped powers.

It was to give birth.

Given that she gave birth to many of the heavenly bodies, it's clear that the beings she conceived possess exceptional qualities.

The problem was that many of the pregnant people did not have the proper intelligence or form.

Seeing that the earthly godmother, who could not have a proper accident, could only give birth to it as needed, only her primitive instincts remained, such as breaking or eating what was just shut down.

And so were these.

It was even worse than before.

How much food has been sucked out of the world in the meantime, much more than before the individual cost, and the risk of each of them is very high.

Even the members of Yeongwoo were fighting together, but it seemed to be endless unless they erased the "batch of cells."

The Tooth Brother. Why! Can something as humble as me be with him? # # # must not harm Aura...! What nonsense are you talking about! Jormungan finally screams.

Yeah, well, it didn't even work on Hell.

"But if I help you here, # # # will recognize me and praise me with a distinctive, thoughtful, heartbreaking tone... … Then this hel dies!" l ′ "'__ Chew.

Jormungan couldn't say anything more as he watched Hel, who was answering the rhythm that was flowing through his mouth.

And then I had this idea where I turned my head.

King! Fenrir has been working his ass off to clear out the witches.

I was very impressed by that.

Jormungan did not miss that Fenrir held a fabulous performance award, but that he would glance at the moat like the occasional praising puppy.

However, since Yeonwoo doesn't use any nerve towards you, her tail is slightly downward... This is just amazing.

I mean, why does a guy who can talk enough if he wants to? Why does he keep saying "king" or "dog" all the time? "Father." So Jormungan looked up at the sky very seriously and asked.

Loki, the leader of Niflheim, turns his gaze toward his second son.] [The head of Niflheim, Loki, asks why.] If we keep going on like this… -Would it be okay? "Loki, the head of Niflheim, smiles.] [Loki, the leader of Niflheim, sighs and sighs.] Fortunately, he seemed to be smiling bitterly, thinking the same thing.

"Wait. It turns out my dad used to be an accident, too, changing gender to free-for-all...? Maybe this isn't just about Fenrir and Hellmann, it's about Niflheim all over the place.

Suddenly, when I thought about it, Jormungan had to feel depressed by himself.

Why do you think I gave birth to you?

The question the Mother Earth suddenly asked.

[200 Kronos did not speak for a short while.

Yeonwoo had no choice but to worry about Kronos like that.

“The myth of my father began when I met Uranos- = grandfather, and because of this, I knew that Kronos was a child of the Mother Earth.

In the myth he saw, Uranos spoke.

- Gaia, the goddess of the earth, who calls you a conceived mother, seeks our position as she pours out strange things day after day. That's not it anymore! But Kronos' complex feelings for the Mother Earth were far more serious than he had ever imagined.

In fact, when I look back now, I can see signs like that everywhere.

Chronos has never been a member of the 'real' family besides Uranos.

Above all.

The myth of Kronos began when he became Uranos' youngest son.

In fact, I couldn't think deeply about why I started at that point because I didn't have to be obsessed with mythology at that time.

If we're really going to replay the myth of Kronos, we have to shine a light on it from childhood.

It didn't happen.

Probably because 'even unconsciously, Chronos never wanted to be remembered.

A memory I never want to remember again.

[A childhood record of Chronos' myths has been unlocked.] Ow! Yeon-woo was able to see a white dream coming with a flock of debtors for just a short while.

- Mom...? Mom! I can't think straight! I'm crying and crying in the basket of many magical things.

- You... yeah. I'm very hungry - drooling. That's right.

- You have that body.

- Darkness will love it.

The Mother Goddess wondered how such a Kronos was born of herself, but was excited to use this mutant to feed it.

Chronos' spirit grows more fragile and hardened every day.

- She'll be... she'll be here soon. Soon after fighting with the many gods, the Goddess left without a word.

Kronos doesn't even know he's been abandoned. He just waits for her to return. In a pile of rotting things.

I waited endlessly for the smell and maggots.

- Why is this child in a place like this...? Oops. I guess I didn't even get a proper meal. I don't think so.

Come with me.

It was Uranos who first discovered Kronos on his way to Yahweh, and then shook his hand with a worried face……

- Who are you? My mom told me not to follow strangers...

- From now on, I'm your father.

Guaoang! Do you think Yeon-woo will wake up in that moment?

The illusion vanished, and reality came to me one day.


You can see Kronos staring this way with a crooked face.

You haven't seen him, have you? Yeon-woo smiled slightly, not immediately answering.

“A-Pa? Who are you?” Sheep! Stop it! "“ Mom said, don't follow strangers. ” It burns! “ Mommy, Mommy will be here soon. ”Yeon-woo's gaze shifts as if she really was Kronos.

Chronos explodes.

"Lose, you bastard! Yeon-woo quickly turns away from Kronos, trying to fly back to the glabella once again.

“Survival of the fittest, but this?" Who cares who ate my father's corpse? " Chronos roams the streets with the urge to destroy his son who possessed his dark history.

My baby! “But, Dad.” Well, let's see! “You know what? Systematically speaking, you're my father? Yeon pulls out a black chain. Then Beagrid, who was attacking Yeongwoo, came along and got caught too easily in Yeongwoo's left hand.

Woof, woof! Ugh! You bastard! "Vigrid trembles violently and somehow reaches out to Yeon-woo (?), but Kronos was never able to harm the Union, unless he was designated by his own name.

In the end, Chronos was only able to calm down after a long time of warmth. However, there was a sound that made a difference whether the anger was not completely released.

"Ugh… ㅋ Son of a bitch, really… ~ woman]“ Are you calming down now? ” Will it work! “. ” Damn you. I won't say a word. Chronos grumbles in an annoying voice and asks with a serious voice.

"Did you really think I'd get caught up in the old school? Yeon-woo did not say anything.

Chronos sighs a little.

"Arthur. You can't think of that monster as a mother who ate her precious youngest son, even though this father is ugly. Beagrid's blade points back to the Mother Earth.

Having a child does not make everyone a parent. You have to hold it in your heart to be a parent. [The reel of death works.] So. Blah, blah, blah, blah! Vigrid makes a clear sound.

Kill that bitch. The answer was enough.

At this moment, Yeon-woo could feel like a new union was being made.

I felt completely different from when I joined Mardi Gras.

If only consciousness had expanded infinitely and been drawn to something else and felt strong as if it were you and not you.

Now, 'although the consciousness expanded, the subject of all of it was Yeon itself.

It seemed like something warm was holding onto me.

No, something solid was behind my back.

Thanks to you.

Yeongwoo was able to fight with a more stable mind. All the myths of Kronos have been completely digested, speeding around his body.

[Chronos' Myth completely combusts ( Chu\ ), speeding up the reel of death.] [The Beagrid 'is getting a little more aggressive.] Pet! Yeon reappears before the Goddess of Earth, wielding the beagrid fiercely. An unprecedented intensity of lightning placed a pillar between heaven and earth.

And then five knives.

Lightning McQueen.

King Mihu's faults were also being freed from the difficult pioneering.

How dare you treat my mother like this. I don't think so. That's how it's gonna be! "As if the earthly goddess had guessed, she almost reached out her hand with a smile. As the maw remodeled, the specter deflected to penetrate him and knocked him to the ground.

What the fuck? What's wrong with my bad boy now, Mother? Don't you know? He's gone up to the new king! He's just thrown at his son like a sword...! I'm sorry. Chronos laughed as he looked at the furious earthly goddess.

"I'm happier to protect my son than I was when I was crazy. What do we do? At that moment, Vigrid bursts into debt once again.

It was a slaughterhouse that had never been opened.


Phew! The severed wings of the Earthworm protrude into the air.