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15. Ground Mother (※ Pear) (6)

"Still, my mother, how come the blood is still red? I thought it was still creepy green. Chronos laughed as if he was feeling refreshed.

But the Mother Earth couldn't help but laugh. I saw the cut wings and the impression was hard.

How did this happen...! With her common sense, this could never have happened.

It was an involuntary reform, and the 'wings were cut off' must have flipped over, causing the attack to turn to nothingness, or the moat should have been countered. That didn't happen.

What are you so surprised about, Mother? At that moment, Kronos' laughter echoes louder beyond the beagrid.

If you've made your grandson an apostle, you should enjoy such charm! No way...! "The Mother Earth realized what Yeon-woo had done.

Currently, they are leading to the Apostle Covenant.

Although the earthquake was not desired, channeling lies directly between the two. That's how they got over to Idea with the Earthling.

Furthermore, Yeon-woo even used it to thwart Mother Earth's decision making.

The reform takes place with the 'will' of the subject. If the apostle could intervene in this "will," what would happen? If the 'will' is properly embodied by a single shred of determination and can be hindered in any way, the mood modification becomes irrelevant.

It was because the law was revoked even before it flowed.

Maybe it's too easy to think about.

But the Mother Earth is a god of concept. "Will" is superior to any other being in the world.

And you're interfering with this? Even if you're using channeling? "Mother, your grandchild. You're talented, aren't you? You've managed to get this much talent by rolling it, but you should be able to do enough. Oh, of course, the father of a child is so great that he can't help you. Haha! Are you sure you want to serve as a servant...! The earthly goddess looked at him with a gaze that 'The Kan tribe was deceived by Kronos, but could not believe it rather than anger.

Kronos is now serving as an auxiliary for the Union.

It expanded the consciousness world of Yeongwoo infinitely, and helped him to have all the magic and mythology flowed through him.

It is the same role as Maestro.

However, if there is a difference, Marseilles is able to raise the subject and, if she wants to eat the lotus someday, Chronos is able to help her unconditionally without any of that.

Only the rich can do it. It was possible because Kronos had sacrificed himself for his two sons.

If my son could shine as much as he wanted by sacrificing himself, he was willing to do so.

It came as a shock to the Mother Earth.

The one who's been judged to be the culmination of all personalities. The one who acted arrogantly like he belonged to the whole universe. That's why the guy who fell into Tartarus and set his revenge on fire is now looking so warm.

What the hell.

What is the noon between the rich? Did the two of them who had been living happily ever after and causing conflicts lean on each other's backs as if it were so natural for now.

Didn't I tell you, Mother? Kronos frowns.

I'm happier now than ever. Right now, I can protect my son. The brother-in-law moved again.

The earthly goddess fades away and retreats.

"What could you possibly know that you have so many children and have never given them affection? Can you understand that? You saw them only as a means to my desire?" The earthly goddess did not move much. There were no wings to open the space.

In that brief moment, Yeon-woo suddenly appeared and wielded the beagrid.

"Though it tickles a bit during the day to say that I am no different from you. Just because a parent gives birth doesn't make them a parent." The earthly goddess twisted her head to the side. The Sword Blade (Wheel ) slashes through the left, big red.

At that moment, a black chain protrudes from the open air in the blind zone.

You have to show affection, attention, and trust. What have you been up to? "Fruit! The chains snap into the Mother Earth's left wrist, and the wrists twist alongside."

Zwick- "I just forced your desire. I just wanted to be satisfied with what you couldn't accomplish, what you wanted to accomplish even in death, through your children." The earthly gods were bewildered and tried to break the chains, but the more they did, the worse the bond became.

And then she realized what Yeon-woo was after.

No, to be precise, he was trying to cast himself into the void, called a chain.

Forced instead of affection, forced instead of attention, and restrained instead of trust. So you can't say you loved her, can you? It's just abuse. New blood does not work for her, a conceptual being. It is also impossible to conceive of the "death" that Kronos is good at. So the Mother Earth was defeated several times, but more than that, she was able to rise again.

That's why Yeon-woo was so far into the void that she couldn't even dream about it.

I would have snorted about what the hell it was.

It was possible with Yeon-woo.

Those chains that imprisoned even the Black King, couldn't they take the earth-born goddess from that fragment? "Do you know what happens after that?" The earthly goddess shunned the onslaught of the moat several times, but failed each time.

It was still burning.

She was annoyed. And I got nervous.

Everything bothered me.

Especially that croaking Kronos! Only grumbling remains. But Kronos continued to speak as if he had a very good idea of your heart.

"Think about the children you've been drinking with. Why they refused your attention, and later held their own swords against you. I could not see the end.

"Of course, Mother, you would never think. The children who do not seem to understand their own minds in your eyes, let alone hurt themselves. At that time, I once again collided with Yeon-woo.

This time, the reform of the heart failed.

Blood splashes from his side, and a chain hangs over his neck.

But the earthly goddess wasn't the only one who was beaten.

Phew! With a gruesome sound of bloodshed, the goddess's blade pierces through the right chest of Yeongwoo.

"Therefore." Chronos did not seem particularly agitated.

"You'll never understand. You won't change your mind even if you die in the first place. The Mother Earth's face was once again pale.

It was rapidly healing the wound of super-renewal Yeon-woo, which was powered by Universal Restoration.

"Poor mother. So, without hesitation, Yeon-woo swung the earthly body without hesitation.

Every time the bolt of lightning flashes, large and small wounds continue to pile up over the mother earth. The number of chains that stick together has increased that much.

However, the earthly goddess's damage to Yeon-woo has increased proportionately. The left forearm flew away and shocked me to the point just before my heart broke.

However, I kept rushing forward without blinking an eye. If only I could strike one arm and strike one more chain against the Mother Earth, that would be my gain.

If you restore it, that's it! There were many ways to target the Mother Earth anyway. All you have to do is use channeling to disrupt the display of power, and target the weaknesses as Vierdun has told you.

And if you move like that, you can move.

[The myth of Chronos is the embodiment.\)] [Tons of Heroes' Achievements engrave on your soul!] [Glorious heroes chant for you!] Yeon could feel the union getting worse as the reel of death began to roll faster.

It felt like I was taking a walk in the woods with my father... holding his cold hand.


Beagrid penetrated the Mother Earth's abdomen.

The feeling of penetration through the mother, but not now. : Where is the fucking power of the opponent? How could you do this, son? "If you don't like it, you can change the shape." ” The ruthless one. I ate seaweed soup to give birth to this. My mother ate seaweed soup.” Yeon talks with Kronos without resting, with or without the look of the goddess on her face.

However, his eyes were 'shiny and penetrating the earthly body.

Channeling with him was getting weaker and weaker.

Terarak! And as you react to it, another chain protrudes from the back of the earthly god.

It was near the heart where the adra was located.

I felt something tightening with Yeon-woo's fingertips. A hand that feels like it's been bitten by a fishing rod.

It means the chain is in adra.

Yeongwoo was about to forcibly eject this adra, and now the earthly body can do this organized thought and planned action because the conscious circuits are being processed around adra. If this main part was forcibly removed, it was clear that it would return to its original shape.

A nugget of greed with an unrefined mind, bent on action, bent on will, and lust.

At that time, it would be a lot smoother to be stuck in the void.

The earthy goddess clapped onto Yeon-woo's words, clawing her hands as if she knew what she was thinking. The more I tried to turn the cervical spine, the deeper Vigrid dug.

However, the struggle was so tense that I didn't know which side would win.

At that time, as the chain coiled further inward, I tried to pull out adra.

[Haedes' Sword of Spirit 'is triggered!] [Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) finds adra (color lust) and attempts to absorb it.] [Worststone (arrogance' appetite) finds the energy of adra (color lust) and attempts to absorb it. The adra rejects the sinister stone. Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) attempts a forced merge.] The Wise Man's Stone tried to use Hades' Silk Sword to forcefully swallow colorful stones. When the two stones trembled and resonated, and the magical forces connected to each other tried to forcibly pull out the magic contained in the colorful stone.

"Like this, I will fall...“ “:? Suddenly, the earthly godmother opens her mouth and screams a strange scream as the tail of her mouth grows closer.

Queahhhh! At that moment.

Brace, brace! The Dragon Heart of Yeongwoo begins to run like crazy.

The blood spins too fast, and the magic does not control it, making it crazy.

No way...! Yeon-woo tried to calm the rushing magic somehow, but the condition condition condition was faster than that. Kronos' urgent voice is cut off in the middle.

Then Yeon-woo realized later what this was.

Whether immortal or immortal_Uranos was driven to death, and even Kronos was eroded by Mahjong.

The Last Hand of the Mother Earth.

Something shoved me all the way down my throat.

[: Guia's Curse 'will eat you up!] [: Guia's Curse' is triggered and various myths have been absorbed!] [Many myths respond to Earth Mother's desperate plea.] [The Myth of Tiphone 'Corresponds.] [The myth of Siqueus responds] [The myth of Persephone responds!] [The underlying, Hades' mythology reacts for unknown reasons.]