Second Life Ranker

16. Groundbreaking (Lotus) (7)

The young Percellés continue to follow Hades. Demeter noticed the situation and came to visit.

Let's discuss what your sister is doing right now. I'll be fine if I get stuck in a tartaroth again... but my sister won't be able to carry her face forward. "Hades chilled, and Male Edemeter was no longer defensive and had to open the way.

The young Percellés were then greatly shocked. I had never seen such a helpless mother before. To her, Demeter was able to do everything in the world, so it felt like the world was falling apart.


In Tartaros, for the first time, the young Persephone became aware that she was "free" for the first time.

I no longer had to be stuck in a small room.

Instead of sleeping trapped in a glass tube, there was a plush bed.

It's the first time I've ever heard so many people say, "It's so nice to talk."

I always had to do everything myself, but a lot of people took care of her here.

The meal was delicious. The sky was noticeable and the sunset was beautiful. The air was cool and the feeling of walking on the ground was so pleasant.

Everything in the world was mysterious and fun.

But, at some point.

When you go out into the world, you realize there's a much wider world here than Tartaros.

Is that why? At some point, everything in Tartarus became boring for the Percellés.

It used to be so beautiful and strange... Now it was dull and depressing.

Nothing changed. It was like looking at the "prison," which he had locked up as a child.

No, this place was a real prison. Prison that keeps a lot of prisoners behind.

Those who thought they were kind were merely loyal to Hades' authority.

That's why Persephone wanted to escape from this stuffy tartare.

I wanted to see the sky, the sea, the grasslands, the desert, the forest, the stars, the moon...... that Ram once told me was in the outside world.

But the Tartarus constraint kept her from going out.

That's what Percelly was thinking all along.

"Perhaps...... Hades, like his mother, is behind me in a lie?" Suspicious female.

Her doubts grew as she did not realize it, but she was deeply embraced in her heart.


"Oh my… there's a poor child in this place. Tricked by Olympus' men, the bluebirds trapped in cages." Then came the Mother Earth.

It was Guia's curse.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Fiercely accelerates the reel of death to enhance its properties.] [The reel of the eel is overheated due to excessive winding. At this rate, there is a concern that the reef will wear out.] "Son, have you lost your mind? Are you awake? I could barely concentrate listening to Yeongwoo Street's echoing voice.

But that's all he can do.

It was just a matter of making a decision while barely holding on to the consciousness.

I couldn't say anything, and I couldn't act. Even the conversation with Kronos was difficult in my mind.

Kronos has been holding back Gaia's curse somehow, but it hasn't been easy.

In such violent, shaking vision.

The Mother Earth laughs.

You will die now. "I don't know how much time has passed.

But the earthen goddess was still in chains. When the adra stone was drawn, it was not strange, but it was smiling.

I acted like my long dead mouth would swallow Yeon Woo in no time.

Very cold.

Hohoho! Yes. I might as well go into the void. Unlike how many times you've been revived, it's the same this time, so you may never get out again. However, the twisted lips became more distorted. "

You will surely die. Why? Because I'm gonna make it. Like Uranos! Like Kronos right there! "There was a dazzling madness in the eyes of the Mother Earth. The willingness not to be alone was uncovered.

Even if the adra is plucked and plunged into oblivion, I will drag it with me just as much as you do.

Ugh! Do you think something's coming up from the inside of Yeon-woo? I forcefully swallowed it, but I couldn't help but feel the bitter taste along my mouth.

The myth of Tiffany. Be strong against player # # # who has harmed themselves.] [There is the myth of Siqueus.] Player # # # who swallowed himself has a strong malice.] [The myth of Helios.] Protest against Player # # # for the return of Chronos.] [Many myths want to interfere with your myth in response to the Gaia Curse.]] [Strong Vengeance Strengthens the Curse!] The effect of Guia's curse is very simple.

Leaving behind the 'balance' of the target.

Common players with nothing to lose may not bleed much, but transcendent personalities did not have a more deadly curse.

because they're unleashing the myths they've been building.

Of course, it wasn't the destruction of the myth itself.

However, it was enough to shake things firmly so that 'gold' would go. Moreover, the myth is not how to repair it in a short time, so that this "gold" gradually grew into a "crack" over time.

And after that…… most of the time, the military collapses completely in mythology.

The higher the intensity, the greater the risk.

Although it did not eventually collapse, it was often suffered a significant blow to the consciousness and continued to live in terrible agony.

A representative former was Uranos, the latter was Kronos.

The kings of Olympus have suffered for generations.

Of course, the earthly goddess also emitted all her will, and once she exerted it, she had to fall into a deep sleep until she regained her strength. It's a kind of self-destruct (Rumsu ).

This is why the myths of the conquered gods, who had been deeply engulfed in the myth of 'Shinsae (\\)'.

Following the call of the Mother Earth, she became aware of herself and began to fret, and the myths of the honeycomb began to flutter greatly.

Mostly natural gas from the mother earth.


There's the myth of Percellne.] The myth of Fercelle, an apostle of the Mother Earth.

The Percellés - the most extraordinary of them all. In addition, she was also the queen of the kingdom, so she was perfectly suited to shake the myth of the Nile.

Yeongwoo could feel the Gaia's curse, which was barely pressing, rising up very little to infiltrate the conscious world.

The myth of Tiffon welcomes the myth of Persephone.] [The myth of Siqueus demands a common enemy in the myth of Persephone.] My children! Swallow him! Use him as your host to free me from this chain! "The Mother Earth has provoked many myths with a voice full of joy.

It was about to collapse the myth of Yeongwoo and escape the danger. Nevertheless, there is no way to avoid hibernation, but we can still start anew.

Above all,_Yeonwoo had two adra stones combined.

Crossing it could have reduced the duration of hibernation as much as possible.

By the way.

The myth of Persephone is silent.] [The myth of Persephone stares at the Goddess with the eyes of Player # # #.] Surprisingly, the myth of Persephone did not go straight to the word of the godmother. Even though the myths of many gases such as Tiffon and Siqueus urged him, the myths of Persephone were not dreamy.

"Why do you do it, my daughter? Get rid of that vile thing and save this mother! The earthly mother realized that something was going wrong, and she shouted as she hardened her face.

The myth of Percellne will become a myth of the past, and I want to ask the Mother Earth.] [The myth of Prussian 'Mother asks if she loved herself.] What……… do you want to say? [The myth of' Tiffany 'makes me angry.] The myth of Siqueus] provokes the Queen to go mad.] The myth of Persephone' has succeeded in suppressing the rebellious myths with power!] [The myth of Percellne 'was an opportunity to become a myth of the past that I had inadvertently forgotten during the diet.] The myth of [Persephone] said that she was saved from the Mother Earth as a child, and she became a daughter, and she was free.] [The myth of' Percellne `has one question as it becomes all myths of the past.' When I was free, was I ever free to live as the goddess's daughter? The myth of "] [Prussian]" continues to question. Maybe he lived as a puppet. What Hades thought made me a puppet was a bad idea. '] [The myth of' Percellne 'did not stop asking questions.' What I wanted to see was the sky, the earth, the forest, the river, and all that, but you've never seen it? '] [The question of the myth of' Persephone 'was the tail....] The Myth of Persephone` …….] Stop, stop! "The Goddess of Earth cried out in succession.

"Didn't you ask me what I wanted to say?" [The Myth of Persephone] presses a complex question and asks the Mother Earth. "Mother, did you love me? '] No wonder! Where do you think you are? Your mother only thought of you as a doll, and your husband thought of you as a bird in a cage. Who opened the cage?" The earthly goddess tried to put on a smile as much as possible so that it did not fit into her evil face.

A kind face.

This is what Percy saw the first time he met the Mother Earth.

[The myth of Persephone is silent for very little time.] [The myth of Percellne asks the Mother Earth a different question.

"Do you know what my favorite food is? '] Well, that's a posson" "? However, the expression of the earthly goddess did not last long.

The myth of Persephone asks the Mother Earth in succession. 'What's my favorite color?`] [The myth of 'Percellne' asks the Mother Earth again: What's my favorite constellation? '] Oh, dear. "The earthly goddess did not want to appear as embarrassed as possible. I tilted Percelloner in a casual voice.

"Sweetheart, did this mother have any grievances? When you were caught by this rogue child, was it because you didn't hear this mother's plea for your help? It was the same voice that the Earth Mother sounded like when she first visited Persephone.

The face and voice of the "Mother" statue that Persephone had dreamed of since childhood. It was comforting just to see and hear.

However, as the earthly goddess who was looking like that, it was a burning heart.

The myths of other 'gases are all tied to the myths of Persephone. Guia's curse was stopped by an unexpected situation. We cannot defeat Yeon like this. I had to convince Percy here somehow.

But no matter what he said, no matter what he looked like, he never dreamed of the Persian myth.

"Him." "~!" The Mother Earth was about to say something more.

[The myth of Hades slowly raises his head.] There has been another myth that has kept you in the depths below.

[The myth of Persephone is disfigured by the myth of Hades.] [The myth of Hades is the flower tea.] [The myth of Hades tells me that you loved Orion best because you loved spring yellow, and you wanted freedom and you loved love strong young love that much.] [The myth of Persephone is silent.]] [Seeing the myth of 'Hades', the silent myth of 'Persephone', he says. I know everything about you. The myth of '] [' Persephone 'is silent.] [The myth of Persephone] says, watching the myth of Hades. "Fool…… 2] [The myth of' Persephone 'quietly subsides. Forcibly pulls out all the myths that they hold.] [Various myths, including the myths of Percellne, are well broken and flowing.] Gaia's Curse' has not been lifted!] At that moment.

617 million yen felt something that had been forcibly imprisoned on her neck for a moment.

At the same time, my breath returns. As the fierce horsepower calmly sank, the blurred vision was once again caught.

You see the earthly goddess in shock.

No way...! "Yeon realizes that the Earth Mother is in a time of confusion in an unexpected situation, and pulls the chain in her left hand tightly.

Tick, tick! I hurriedly turned my head down to see if the earthly goddess wanted a break, but by then, the chains had already become taut with the sound of the pulleys spinning.

Light! The chain lifts the adra with its heavy spine and forcefully pulls it out.

Yeongwoo stretches out her right hand to you.

I don't know what's going on in English.

It was an opportunity Hades gave me.

I couldn't miss it.

[The Spirit Sword of Hades wants to swallow adra!]] [Sin Stone (arrogance 'appetite) tries to force a merger of adra (color lust).]