Second Life Ranker

17. Earth Mother (% # 8 Pa\) (8)

[Earth Mother strongly refuses!] [adra (color lust)_strongly rejects the merge of sinister stones (arrogance - appetite)] No. This much...! The Goddess tried to resist to the end somehow.

[Invincible 'Gaia's Curse' has identified the caster as a new subject!] [Tajimoshin is engulfed in 'Guia's Curse'.] Khh, Khh...! "It was already too late.

[Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite)_improves the function of the Hades Ritual Sword.] [Successfully merged!] [Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) has three properties.] [Sin Stone has been sealed partially.] [From now on - it begins to reveal its true nature as a sin (8041/331 5109).] [The worst qualities are now available!] [Many blessings from the temperaments of sin! Arrogance is the power over all things. From now on, from godlike transcendents and devils to mortals like you, from the providence that underpins the world, to rock-like inanimate things on the floor, everything will be under your gaze. The "appetite" is the power to swallow everything. No matter how much you eat, no matter how much you drink, your thirst will never go away, powering you to a higher world in the end.] ['Colorfulness' is the power to be loved from everything. Even if you remain silent, even those who are hostile to you will have no choice but to be conscious and irritated.] [The three worst qualities are engraved on the suspect.] [Three properties of sin are engraved on the narcissist.] [The three worst qualities are engraved on the new factor.] [The worst three traits are engraved on the Giant Factor.] [The soul has reached the maturity stage (Yoo8) and has reached the limit of its growth. For greater growth, we recommend trying 'desertion` and 'transcendence'.] [Argument change failed.] [Musculoskeletal changes failed.] [All failed changes attempts have been converted to 'Potential (\ 618)'.] [The maximum amount of magical power has increased dramatically!] The moment the Sin Stone swallows the adra and changes to a new form.

The magical force field (Porgy 98), which was flowing along the lotus, began to feel different from what had been seen.

It wasn't like it was getting stronger, more violent or anything... but there was something about seeing that made me tighten my head, made me cool my soul, and silenced my gaze on my own.

[Federation, 'Asgard` will review the declaration of war against you fully!] [Loneliness, Deva is appalled! Loyalty, the Deal Moon is silent!] [Loneliness, 'Bridge' reacts strongly to your Sin Stone!] [The divine society, Malah, tells you that the nature of your sin is not very beneficial, and recommends that you do not follow Luciel's trains any longer.] [Demonic society, Le Infernal, has a strong interest in your crimes. I look at it greedily.] It wasn't a terrible hybrid. You're a much worse hybrid now. Pahaha! "Kronos laughs loudly, saying that this moment is so much fun that he wants to die.

He's been living on Earth for a long time, so he has no idea of Luciel, but he can see that God and the demons are going to be a lot of fun.

Normally, I would pretend my butt is heavy, pretend to be solemn, and watch the inner world go crazy, just like a zoo monk.

On the other hand, I wondered how much his son has made heaven move, so I wondered how everyone reacted like that.

However, Yeon-woo did not have time to answer the question of Kronos.

The missing core of the processing was returning to its original shape.

[The nucleus of the core, which was the body of the mother earth, was erased. The Tajimoshin's body is new!] Kuaaaah! The earthly goddess was terrified by the fact that she had to return to a conceptual being with an unrefined consciousness. > "Rang" While wiggling the sapphire, there are hundreds ^ of sapphires in the vagina 5. ^ I gave 'Rangbak to the palace ". It's a big world again. C. c. I'm so excited. The Ring System 4s | Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip.

He was engulfed in a greater penalty as Guia's curse that was about to engulf the pond grew. In that situation, he was forced to return to the main body completely, and the evil conditions worsened without a scratch, and ultimately, Gaia's curse completely took over the concept of the earthly body.

For some reason, Niflheim quickly opened the gap into the shadows.

If I got caught in that stench, I'd be infected by Gaia's curse at once.



The Mother Earth vomited sorrowfully on her mind.

Even the body that needed to expand even more was not tied tightly to the black chain. You try to squeeze a mass of cells through the chains, but quickly more chains are piled up, even enclosing them.

“Open.” Yeon grips the chain tightly with her left hand while grabbing the beagrid with her right hand and pushing it long into the air.

The void opened its mouth greedily. It's like I'm about to eat the Mother Earth.

And as the osmotic phenomenon formed, it began to be sucked into the void along with a fierce gust of wind.


The earthquake was desperate, but the same idea continued to persist, trying to hold on.

In the meantime, the chains are overlapped, tighter and tighter, and we're pushing him into the void. However, it was not easy to get in, whether it was because he was so big or whether he was able to overcome Guia's curse and still have strength.

“You son of a bitch!” Even if Niflheim and others tried to help Yeongwoo, the poison of Gaia's curse was so intense that they could either buff Yeonwoo separately or beat the goddess with a ranged attack.

Right then.

Look at [Hades' Mythician_Player # # #].] [The myth of Hades is new!] Oops. Everyone's having a hard time. "Suddenly, the shadow that was lying in front of the earthly goddess suddenly came up and slowly blurred out."

And the moment it came out, the moment the Izzie stared up and down the Mother Earth.

You hear a creak coming from the beagrid looking at you.

And she opened her eyes like her father.

There was someone who shouldn't be here.

How many times have I wanted to see you?

Hades looks this way and smiles.

"Brother, 'power' is not something you use." Hades smiled slightly at his mouth, which he could not show even when he was alive. "What was so good about it was very different from Hades, which was left in the memory of Yeon Woo.

No depression or dark spots appeared.

Hades draws his sword slowly from the scabbard hanging from his waist, and swings it as hard as he can.

The last day, when Yeon Yuan first entered Tartaros. It was the same look Hades showed me when he met Titan and tied his ankles.

"Death" by your brother does not just mean everything that was hit by the end. To be precise, it is this place, the power to lead to the commandment Tartarus, the power to lead to the end 0 # 88. "Swing the sword from top to bottom.

Then, the black lightning hurled down between the cracked spaces and cut the body of the earthly goddess into clumps.

There is a huge difference between being killed and leading to death. "Light, light, hyperbole! Yes. Let's go.

Yeah, go. E. rae. Line.

Then, the body of the earthly godmother who had been enduring it all this time was cut off and rushed into the void at a rapid rate.

When the ground is blown, it breaks the ground and if the space is set ablaze, it breaks the space itself so that it doesn't stick to anything. In addition, Hades' aggression was much more intense than Niflheim's demons, and he was only focused on the earth-shaped weaknesses.

In the end, the earthly goddess shudders, drawing a whirlpool and is sucked into the void. It looked like it was drowning in the sewers, so it was even funny.

Yeongwoo's earthly body completely resembles the void, then it closes the void completely.

Bang! The whole place was wobbling, trying to get out of the void somehow.

Kuang - With the sound of the 'door' closing completely, it was silent.

It meant that the envelope was completely finished.

Waves Discount,. Phew... However, even though the 'door' was closed, the conjoined factions and the demons of Niflheim were watching the situation for a long time, not knowing when the earthly body would leave.

D-doesn 't it come out? 9 Somewhere, Jormungan's muttering voice breaks the silence completely.

Th-this is it really over? The Mother Earth was the same! Ha! Hahaha! Everyone who was in the fight laughed loudly.

[Tamsimosine has been sealed!] [Allied forces, Olympus has lost all their heads.] [Allied forces, Olympus has fallen into chaos.] [Allied forces, 'Asgard` declares retreat from Tartarus.] [Alliance won the 'Tartaros Capture'!] An emerging message came to the proclamation of the Mother Earth's complete blockade and the defeat of the Allied forces.

[Neutral, Deva remains silent as a result of the Tartarus siege.] [Loyalty, the 'Deal Moon' seizes new possibilities in the battle for Tartarus.] [God's society, Malach, conveyed the festival.] [Demon society, Le Infernal, observes your movements, while observing the 'Eastern Prince's Army'.] [The majority of the gods sigh greatly at your creation.

I feel a strong hostility, saying that a new Luciel could emerge.] [The majority of demons have seen a very interesting match and would like to present a substantial amount of causality to their allies.] [Bimagildara is wrapped up in a predecessor (\ 8) that is strong for your victory. I think deeply about what I can do to draw the line between meeting you.] Nernunos looks closely to see if the apostle has been harmed.] "… When Yeon-woo's long harassment ended, he felt a sudden 'drop of strength in his body.

Until we get to this moment.

How many fights, how many difficulties, how many obstacles we had to overcome.

Of course, there was still little work left to be done, but I heard strongly that I crossed the arm crevice.

If we move forward in the light of the path that is spread out in front of us, we can reach the final destination.


“Brother" " Yeon turned to Hades, holding her mind to relax.

Hades was looking this way one day and smiling. Not a smile on the side, but a smile on the vagina.

The word 'brother' that was thrown at him felt so low. But it was never offensive. Rather, it was as sweet as a spiderstone.

I was named "Brother" first, but it feels new to hear it like this. Unlike me, I thought you could do it well... But I'm thankful you did it better than I thought. "Why does that praise make my heart beat so much?

Hades glances at Yeongwoo in a peculiar fashion, turning his gaze slightly upward.

The question, "Are you happy?" was not about Yeon-woo.

Calm down! Beagrid is shredded into pieces, then shaped like a man.

Kronos smiles bitterly and looks at his firstborn son. As a father, the ugly images of the past that could not give warm love as a father seemed to pass through my mind.


You nod slowly.

"Not happy." "I'm glad you look like you do." Hades nodded earnestly. His eyes didn't seem to have any grudges or grudges about the past.

He had also been walking through Yeonwoo. To protect the lives and children Kronos has lived.

The first sister is the same as before and now. The second sister always waited for him to come back intact. ever since my father left like that. So don't be so hard on me if you see me this time. He's the poor one among our brothers and sisters. Understood. I'll Remember. Second Sister. I'm talking about Demeter, perhaps the beginning of an earth-shattering incident.

And…… Nirhades shakes his head with a grin, trying to explain more about his brothers.

Let's go this far. The rest of us will take care of it, " Like we'll never see each other again. When Chronos' voice grows sad, Yeon Woo steps forward.

“If possible, please take over Tartarus..." No. That place is no longer my seat. Your seat, and as I said before, "Hades spoke boldly, facing Kronos, still bitterly looking at himself.

I really want to rest now.

I was... exhausted for a very long time. "Chronos seemed to know a little how much Hades had been carrying in his heart.

The three sisters at the top were always desperate, and the brothers at the bottom were running off on their own in different ways. And yet, he decided to come down to Tartaros responsibly and keep an eye on the past sinners.

He had been getting tired of the yoke of his parents and brothers all by himself.

That kind of chain must have exhausted him all along. Even after he died. "".

But there really isn't any sense anymore, is there? I feel like I'm throwing everything away like this... "Hades looked at Yeouido with a slight gesture, and said to Kronos,

Now that you have a handsome youngest, please consider it a kindness. Father. "Father.

Why that word is coming so heavy.

Kronos is speechless. It just ached like my heart was closed.

That's why.

Yeonwoo could no longer hold Hades.

Paa! [The myth of Hades unfolds beyond the allowable limit.] Hades bows slightly to his father and brother, his head shattered.

"Dear youngest, have a good day. Father, please take good care of your youngest and brothers." Chronos nodded heavily.

Hades just turned back slowly, smiling satisfied, as if he was traveling a long way somewhere.

And that's it.

Hades disappeared completely from the world, leaving behind a final greeting.

I am the myth of Hades.] [The statue of the Four Thrones has been completely assimilated with the reef of death!] A world of nothing ().

It's like drawing paper in one place.

The Percellés carefully wander around for a long time, smiling bitterly and turning away.

It was because she knew exactly how crazy she was thinking.


But... I wanted to see him one last time before I left.

But you were a sinner, and you know it's too late to ask for forgiveness now.

I tried to retreat quietly.

By the way.

"Have you been waiting?" Suddenly, a voice was heard behind you.

Percy turns his head back in surprise.

Hades stood, smiling at this side of the day.

Uh, how ~ … -? I told you. I know everything about you. "Hades smiled even more.

When Persephone finally met her husband, her guilt raised a bigger head. I took a few steps back without even knowing it.

But Hades approached and grabbed Persephone's hand, wanting to go where.

Percellne's eyes became even bigger.


Hades is warmly clothed.

Like her favorite hot flower.

Like the yellow sunlight of her most beloved spring.

Or like the provocative little Orion she loved the most.

Let's forget all our past memories.

I thought the Bondi fight was supposed to be waterboarded with a knife. It's the same for me that I was so indifferent that I couldn't touch your heart... Let's do it together from now on. "Hames glanced lovingly at Persephone and slowly blossomed one knee.

Hence, she gently grabbed her left hand and stuck a yellow flower ring on her fourth finger.

Will you marry me again, Fercelle? "Propose."

My first proposal.

Before that, the wedding proceedings were too hasty. Everything was different now that it was all sorted out.

The Prussians hugged Hades without a word, looking at the flower ring with their eyes for a long time.

I accept. "Hades slowly got up from his seat and held her hand as he felt Fercelle holding her in his arms heavily nodding.

Then I took a step.

We didn't know what was at the end of the world.

Whatever they were, they'd be happy somewhere with each other. They both thought so.

That's it.

The two who were smiling happily at each other slowly disappeared beyond the white world.