Second Life Ranker

18. Erebos (1)

Watching Hades flow into the light.

Yeon-woo suddenly thought like that.

How did Hades appear? In fact, for a few times, Yeon would try calling Hades using the Summon Lion Skill.

Nevertheless, the myth underlying the four thrones originated from Hades, so if you wrong the first person, you may get confused with the myth of layering.

Hades had lived a hard life for many years, so he didn't want to take any more burdens.

So, in principle, Hades' myth was impossible to fulfill, even if it could be incited by Gaia's curse.

But Hades did it, and even helped Yeon to serve the Mother Earth.

Of course, I couldn't even say that I had hallucinations or hallucinations.

Kronos has seen Hades together.

"Or is it because of this? So Yeon-woo still had no choice but to look at the world's tall water in place.

World number.

Behind the world, the pillars that make up Idea, the pillars that are responsible for life's lubricant systems.

It still boasted of enormous size, even if it was severed by the earth-born.

I don't know why the Mother Earth was aiming for the Black King, or why she was aiming for it in the middle of it, or the exact inner sanctum.

However, this tree, as mysterious as the Library of the Sky, might awaken the myth of Hades ":“ I thought about it and passed through my mind.


The water of the world was still shaking its leaves in the wind, whether or not it knew the mysterious gaze of the swallow.

Yeon-woo stood for a long time and looked at it, then turned away.

When I returned to Tartarus.

I was waiting. "Valdivini and the Dead Giants bowed their heads in the form of a master's example. The other two suns sat at the edge of a nearby cliff, looking this way, keeping watch.

Shannon and the Army of the Dead were the same. Especially the expression that explained the fact that Displuto had succeeded in retaking his hometown. The atmosphere did not seem to sink a bit.


Standing side by side in front of the angelic and Dong-ma armies.

"Ooh, we're on your side, by the way! The place where you are hostile is Gas! No, you're right! And I made a decision before I left. Uri Titan will regard you as a king as much as you want...! These bugs! This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't split up in the middle of betrayal! Shut Up! Have you ever considered us as allies? You……! There was no market floor.

The survivors of Titan and Gas were all lined up, but there were no jokes about flirting or neurowarfare towards each other, so they laughed at each other to see if there were any such survivors.

It's a little ridiculous to think that such things have ruled over the celestial world. We don't have to watch anymore. Jormungan, who came to Tartarus late with Fenrir, suddenly kicks his tongue and looks back at the kite.

"Although my older brother did his best, you know that like an angel, our society is not just allied with you in good faith, right? " Sure. ”Yeongwoo nods calmly, smiling at the sight of Jormungan's favourite smile."

I see. Unlike mortals who only want what you can't see, or foolish transcendents who know how to stand before my honor, you are very reasonable. I know how to make a deal. I don't think my eyes are wrong, so I'll settle this later. Yeon-woo was able to win at once the fact that 'later', he said, was the theorem of Tartarus, the entry into Erebos, and the complete recovery of Olympus.

It means that Yeon-woo won't grab hold of her ankle for a short time, or take her hands and raise the price of the deal more expensive.

Knowing that it was all the consideration of Jormungan, compassion had no choice but to express its gratitude.

Then Niflheim returns. Jormungan confirms that Yeon-woo understands his words well and slowly turns away.

Suddenly, Hel was struck by lightning.

Second, Second Brother...? What are you talking about? I haven't even said hello to # # yet! I need a sign, I need a handshake, I need a personalized channel, I want to take a picture, I want a hug if possible, and...! Loud. The biggest reason we're going back is because of you, too. No! Five minutes, then! No, three minutes! One minute...! Arrrgh! If I can't sign, I want my hands... No, even my hair... As if Jormungan didn't want to hear any more, he swallowed Hell with his big mouth and opened the portal and disappeared into the heavens. The clans that followed him were laughing bitterly.

King, king! And the only one who said, 'Penlor left here was bending his big head to the left and to the right, like those two brothers couldn't stop him.

In the eyes of the army and Natasha, Fenrir looked as ridiculous as Hel.

Fenrir just stands side-by-side with Agares as if he didn't care at all.

What are you going to do now? "At that time, Selene, who was kneeling at the forefront of Titan, carefully looked at Yeon-woo.

Her eyes are shaking without rest.

The situation has already been fully inclined to Yeongwoo, and as long as the road to Olympus is completely blocked, their fate is in the hands of Yeongwoo.

She said, 'I had to soothe Yeon-woo and convince her somehow that she would be angry.

Even if the prisoner were to be reunited with the Tartarus as an identity, it was an appeasement.

"Now with no mother, no brother... We have no way to overcome this phenomenon.

If so, we should duck and duck again for the next chance. Whenever that happens. `After being wrapped up in tartarus, tens of thousands of years passed, and they didn't have a chance. I didn't doubt it because I didn't know when it would come again.

But that's the last resort.

Selenedo and the rest of Titans had the same desire to get away from this damn tartartarus, so they were willing to listen to anything Yeon wishes for.

"You are the king of Hades, but you used the crown of Chronos yourself before..." Chronos was the great king of our Titans. Wearing his crown means he's also our new king! You... … No, if you wish, I, Selene and our Titans will worship you as king, and will follow you. "Selene and Titans have been disconnected from Olympus, and we still have no idea what Yeouido is.

However, knowing that he had passed the obstacle called the 'Chronos Test,' he was saying that he would regard him as a king with a plausible excuse.

It was a joke to Chronos, who had just come back to see it.

"Hahaha! When should I hit my back while I'm on the throne? How can I express myself like that?" That's funny, too, considering you're a total faggot. "There's no one to cry to, so we're after our son who shines beautifully." Kronos is making such a fuss.

Yeongwoo turned to the gas side as she listened to it. Titan has offered to make himself king.

If Titan were to be added to the forces and allies he now has, he would tempt them to not only reclaim Olympus, but become one of the greatest societies in the heavens.

That's why I wondered what gas would say.

Dead Tiffany, Percy, the Godmother. Do you want to fight? Or should we surrender? Woman's Entrance Woman's Wear Gas is busy seeing each other because there is no leader to represent their opinions.

Until just now, he pretended that he would fight to the end, and he didn't want to die or be abandoned because of the situation.

However, begging for their lives made it hard for them to stand up and be branded as a traitor because of their race traits.

However, one of them tries to make a quick move, whether he really didn't want to die.

We too...! "Done. I've decided what to do with you guys anyway. I was just going to leave a note, but I don't need anything.” Yeon woo makes fun of you, but she only hears one word from Titan and Gigas.

A testament! "Wow, my king! Don't be like that, all we have to say is......! “ Do you know what I have against the three lords of Olympus? In the meantime, your disposition has been too generous. "Let's get rid of the cheap premature heat.” Suddenly, the black shadow spreads widely over the ground beneath which Titan and Gas tread, and as the chain rises, it begins to roll around their necks and limbs.

Tsuruk! "Oh, no! Help!" Titan and Gas look so dull together. When the punishment of 'death' came upon those who believed they were immortal, a terror that had never been imagined approached them.

Some tried to get up and run away, but the chains began to spin faster with no need for the Dongbu army or the angels to stand alone.

As though the garden was fine, the chain shoved titanium and gases into the shadows with a stopgap.

The bones crack and the body folds at an odd angle. The broken limb bounces upward for a moment, then is sucked back into the shadow. The roars and screams of my valley echo through the tartartarus.

Too much, too much! Kudeuk! [Power, Shadow Realm, has been given the effect of Hades' Sword! [Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) reacts dropping.] [They say there's a huge appetite (shawl)!] Th-that doesn't look good. Chronos was still confused when he saw each and every one of them dying at random because they were all inexperienced.

Nevertheless, I did not try to dry the lotus.

He also sat on the throne for a long time, which sometimes required inclusion and tolerance, but he knew that decisive punishment was more effective.

I told her that I... mistreated you as a... king... but... I forcefully climbed out and caught Yeon-woo's ankle because of what Selene was struggling with between Tifon and Gas.

But I had no strength in my hands. After more than half of the imagery was lifted.

Yeongwoo looked at him like that and was dressed in bloodshed.

"Don't worry. But I still have a conscience about what I say." Wha, what is it? "I admire such a son," Kronos said.

“I will accept your willingness to make me king.” Huh. Haha. That's right. You have a big, beautiful conscience, son. - Yeon kicks Selene's dying upper body back into the shadows, leaving the laughter of the fallen Kronos behind.

[The energy of a mired soul is given to the whole family.] Yeon gave all the rations she swallowed divided evenly between the Deadly Giant, the Lion and the Disfluto.

I didn't have to go to the end of my childhood anyway. Rather, it was in many ways beneficial to strengthen the family members and strengthen their morale.

After all the big ceremonies.

Deep silence settles in Tartarus, as if it had never happened before.

Pahahaha! I'm sure. He watched the whole series of demons rather than God, and unlike Anattata, the Shocked Ranger blew up the Agaresman Observatory.

[Demonic society, Le Infernal, has asked us not to get involved.] [Demon society, Niflheim, says the sky is in the sky.] [Demon society, the 'crossover` turns away from Agarez.]