Second Life Ranker

19. Erebos (2)

“Here we go.” Following Yeongwoo's instructions, the three summoned Cyclops nod heavily.

The three faces had a tense look.

They were very happy that Yeon Woo had just reclaimed the tartarus.

I was nervous to find the stone that was buried in the Temple of the King.

This is how it came to be when I came back here.

The place where the Pure Stone was buried was surprisingly open.

Below the second bronze statue to the left, just off the altar.

The people who saw it looked ridiculous. How did you think to hide it in that place?

Although the three Cyclops, especially their youngest, could not figure out how to use the Pure Stone, they knew how to extract the original fire bit by bit, so they were able to make various weapons of Dis Pluto.

But that alone could serve as the most famous cavalry in the heavens.

What if Titan and Gas found those stones?

"Everything is dark under the lamp." Arges replied too quietly.

And soon people could see why Arges was so confident.

Bronze coins hid the only known organ device underneath, so it had to be manipulated to find the Pure Stone.

Kuku Kong! The ground splits open and the remains protrude. Opening it, the Pure Stone hardly slumbers, “That...!” At that moment, the eyes of the Ranged soldier who was watching it shook greatly.

They thought they could cure the Jade Emperor's illness with that.


“Just a little bit. Just a little bit longer.” Nattaphae has no hands on his shoulders and speaks in a loud voice. He realizes that he was walking towards you without even knowing it, and blushes slightly. He seemed to have moved on too far.

While the two kidneys of the bridge hold together.

Hmm. Is this adra? It sure doesn't feel like what you have. Chronos glanced at the stone of innocence and briefly admired it.

Despite the seemingly ordinary stone, he seemed to have sensed something.

Yeon-woo hoped that she might find clues about new features other than what she had found.

"What do you think is different?" Hmm. What can I say? All you have is an evil, sour feeling that resembles my master, but it's purifying itself a little bit. Why are you looking at me like that, son? Yeon looked at Vigrid with a nonsense expression. I felt like my father was making fun of my son more and more...... But if I pointed it out, it would only make me crazy. Separately, I shook my head.

“No, nothing. Purification?" A deity divided from one another to maximize one particular element… No. To put it simply, what was it like when you first discovered the adra you had and learned how to use it? “It was fierce. ` Yes. 0 & within). The magic inside must have been drawn without rest, right? “ Yes. So we had to transfer all our magic to the Wise Man's Stone and refine it. Maybe so. Your magical properties are very active, so you have a strong temper to protrude from the outside. Like a mad dog, but against this. Acceptance. "Do you mean the reverse absorption of magic?" Similar, but different. They don't just lock you up, they suck up everything around you and they spin it. "So you mean purify?" Uh-huh. Whether it's a table (\ #) or an egg (Halcho), just absorb the stone and purify yourself. Pure and clean.) It's so clear, it's like poison to ordinary creatures. Open your eyes in a circle. He also made the Wise Man's Stone and accumulated a considerable level of knowledge while exploring the Revelation. I knew what purity was doing.

The clearer the purity, the better. However, the purer the fish are, the more poisonous they are to the living creatures, just as no fish live in the clearer water at all.

However, this stone creates the energy that would have existed in the primitive universe...? and confers character. "… as in" pure "? The moment I met Yeon, I remembered the first time I met the arrogant stone.

The moment I removed my brother's journal, the arrogant stone released an enormous amount of magical power. The energy contained the heavy power to crush everything like the name 'arrogance'.

The same is true of the Eating Stones. Even the original food emperor showed a ferocious appetite because of the stone.

The stones of greed were equally matched to Bierra Dun and the Mother Earth.

But it's always been a sin.

Since the stone of purity belonging to the 'mainline' is called acceptance, not release, it was shaped to retain a purity that was refined to fit its purity characteristics.

Although I think I know how the functions of 'Stan Seok' and Sin Seok are interchangeable, which will be created when they are gathered together. You mean l "l" is dangerous for you now. "That's right. It's just mutual insubordination. Yeon-woo took her hand to the stone of purity just in case.

Dig! A strong spark protrudes from your fingertips and you refuse to approach. I can feel the Wise Man's Stone trembling violently.

It was as if that wasn't it yet.

Perhaps we should help the bridge in exchange for the adra, or find another 'mainline' adra stone.

In addition, even though I had encountered adra for the first time, my father's insight felt great just by looking at it at the function at once.

Of course, I didn't wear it on the outside. Yeah, I can only hear them squealing.


She extends her shadow and leaves the stone of purity in its place.

After retrieving the Pure Stone, Yeongwoo leaves Tartaros with the Bridge and Niflheim and moves directly to Athena et al.

It was because the news that the door to Erebos was finally opened.

“Oh. Look who it is, an apostle! I've been waiting for you!" Ugh! Who's an apostle? To the precious warrior who will become my companion!? “He's still saying the same thing. Hey! I was the first to settle down!” Huh! You're not going to pray. What kind of people are they? If you salivate, it's yours? "And as always, Ares and Hercules were fighting amongst themselves.

It was still amazing in the rainy season.

By the way, "" today. “I want more sparkle... no, I'm glowing!” Then Ares and Hercules stare at him suddenly, instead of fighting, as the allies try to pass by, ignoring them.

There is something different about it. I felt a strong pressure on everything, but strangely my gaze did not come off easily. Otherwise, my greed for the large lotus seemed to have grown much more vigorously.

“A damn colorful stone. `Yeon-woo later realized why and stabbed the impression.

Even when dealing with other gods and demons, they felt a subtle mood swing, which seemed much worse than that.

The love of my nieces' uncles is more than I thought. I hope you're popular. For the record, son, we have to make sure that the more traffic is organized at this time. "You can stop nagging me. ` Then it's done. Yeon-woo sighed lightly as she listened to the bride of Kronos.

From now on, we go to rescue Hermes, Poseidon, etc.

Before that, it was necessary to tell them the truth in advance in order not to confuse them, as long as they knew the secret of their hidden births.

And Chronos.

Athena is in front of a wide open gate. Seems to be quite exhausted, with only a few left to open the gate and all of my mind consumed.

“Hello?" “Yes. It was a little late to finish up.” “No. We're just thankful. This is what we were supposed to do...... I'm sorry I've been making you carry so much weight all this time.” However, I was so thankful that Yeon-woo tried to smile.

So, unlike the exhausted Athena, Yeongwoo had no choice but to have two bad men follow her around peacefully.

No matter how I was born on another ship, I don't know how I got the same offspring.

“Actually, there's no reason for you to take off your feet and help us like this..." Watching Athena get all crooked, even the honeycomb suddenly speaks.

“No. Olympus is not a job for me either.” Yia ~ l; 'Kernello looked back at Ares and Hercules, leaving Athena looking at him with questionable eyes.

“Before we go to Erebos, let me tell you something." "Oh! Finally to be my apostle:: A few " Now # # # "is going to remain bright and bright for you, what do you mean. Of course, with this body... I am... I am the son of Kronos.” Shya-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

Athena, Hercules and others laughed because they wanted to know what this was about.

“Well, that's easy for you to say.” Yeon said, avoiding Athena's gaze, deliberately feeling behind her back, looking at stunned Hercules and Ares.

“I'm your uncle.” Moaihi “.: 4:. Ju, what the hell!” Hercules was trying to make an impression and yell, "Is that okay?"

Huaiak-Yun opened up the energy that was fretting.

It wasn't his magic.

The energy that Beagrid has been hiding.

It was the power of Kronos that had not been able to reverse the reel of death.

Ares and Hercules take a step back, surprised by the delay. Athena woke up slowly with her eyes wide open.

Huh-huh. Yes. I'm meeting my grandchildren for the first time in my life. Still, I hope the monk's name was the new king, isn't it? "Chronos whispered in his filthy little insides so that only the kittens could hear.

Calm down! I'm trying to be smart.

The pieces of the broken beagrid shuffle around and form a human figure.

The image of a Mediterranean woman with a big black head.

At that moment, Ares, Hercules and Athena's complexion hardened.

They've never seen Kronos since they were born. All the corpses were lying in the mountains.

But it was only at once that I realized that Kronos was their great-grandfather.

It had a unique trait, and the soul within it was very similar to its own.

God can see the soul hidden in its appearance, and again, the soul hidden in its form.

"You are the children of Zeus?" 000! ”Eww, the voice that resonates with the 8th soul.

The three of them couldn't say anything, as if they were completely drawn to it.

In fact, the existence of Chronos was very disagreeable within Olympus.

I led Olympus to its peak, but eventually I fell into madness and fell into ruins.

But in Olympus, there were many people who honored him.

Especially in the generation of Athena, where there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the current heavenly world, and there were many conflicts between the generations above and the times, it was often the case for his ascension.

For them, Kronos can only be seen in mythology.

However, when such a creature appeared before my eyes, how can I learn without being surprised?


Yeonwoo said, 'Sons of Kronos,' which still makes sense to them.

Ares and Hercules looked so bored, thinking about what they were saying to Yeon-woo.

“Sa, uncle?” “Suck“ “Boomer?” A message came to mind in front of them.

[Player # # # # proposes an apostle to Ares, the god of no affiliation!] [Player # # # proposes an apostle to Hercules, the god of no affiliation!] Suddenly, the two gods look embarrassed.

Yeon-woo stared at them with a fierce smile.