Second Life Ranker

20. Erebos (3)

An apostle () is a god incarnation, self-immolation, and leads the congregation.

That is why God never gives up on being an apostle.

The work of an apostle will soon be part of the myth of God, and the reputation of an apostle will be the foundation of faith. In addition, since the authority of the apostle is an important godfather to determine the direction of the gospel in the future, even though the standards of the apostle were different, most of them had to be strict.

So even though there were so many players and -rankers in the tower, the number of apostles was extremely small.

The desire to strengthen the interference with the summer is like a chimney, but it is prudent to be cautious because such desires can erode the myth that should slowly accumulate.

That is why the periods of God's searching for apostles usually range from a hundred years to a thousand years, and sometimes there are overlapping times when there are generations where there are no apostles at all.

But from a different point of view, if you have such talented and talented players who are drooling, it means that many gods can run as apostles and as heroes.

That's why, when Yeonwoo first refined the one-horned masons for herself, several gods and demons showed interest in him, and then sent a love call to him on a seemingly disruptive walk.

Talents like that were not easy to find, so even if they were, they were usually overcome by pride and people walking the path of superhumans or monarchs.


On the contrary, this tendency meant that God could perform "as many" apostles as He wished, unlike what was known in the three times.

In fact, the gods only made one apostle to give him full authority.

If I wanted two, three…… even theoretically, it was possible to make dozens at the same time.

However, as the apostle existed to shake the name of God, he had to divide a considerable amount of divine power among them, and sometimes he had to give blessings and blessings from time to time, etc., the management was annoying. Above all, it was true that a considerable number of people went through the system.

So it was typical to be an apostle, but not more than three.

Meanwhile, Yeon has made Doyle an apostle for Artija's care, and Baldevich an apostle for the Giant's care.

But I never thought I'd make two more apostles here.

Maybe they're just substitutes.

Ares was the son of Zeus, a superhero, and Hercules was not less than that.

It was very unusual in heaven to make this existence an apostle.

Moreover, they are subjugating such large temperaments, so even if they are united, the herd will have to go.

The problem was that it was just a swarm, not impossible.

Ares and Hercules knew it well, so they had to hesitate.

Yeongwoo swallowed the corpse of a giant Kronos and eventually overthrew the crawling chaos and goddess of the earth.

Only the strong are mortal, but their power is greater than their conceptualism.

Moreover, he is the son of Kronos.

That meant that their status was never lower than theirs.

Parallels equal to Zeus' generation.

Where else could there be a stronger identity? So if he agreed to do it...... I had no choice but to borrow it.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha." "Sim." “Chon 7. Hh, I've got a stack of things for you:" “Yo7. 12291; Ares only put a 'yo-yo' at the end of the sentence with an awkward tone. So far, I've lived without fear of the world as an unmanned person, but now I feel like I have to show that posture.

Especially in the form of softwood piercing one end of the lip, we could see that it's not just for vanity or just for pressuring them, it's for real.

“Stacked," yes. "“ So Ura Bill. "“ ”“ A lot. Very. "“ Hehehe. Then don't be like this, but let's talk about it in a cute nephew vs. a pretty uncle's posture... "” “Yes. That's what this is about, isn't it? No?” Yeon-woo's smile twists louder.

Ares is speechless for a short while, rolling his eyelids in a frozen posture.

As Yeon Yuan focused on Ares, Hercules suddenly began to flee to the other side. Seeing that I was so strong, every time I hit the ground with my feet, my body went ahead and died.

"You, you bastard! Aye!" Ares was slowly freaked out and ran in a different direction with the emotion of 'Era, I don't know'. I wouldn't be able to catch them at the same time, so I'd roll my head on the other side.

Peek-a-boo! Yeon-woo lets out the sound of an affair between her lips.

Poor bastards. You have to try it yourself to see if it's poop or miso. Chronos shook his head in horror after the loss of such grandchildren.


“Put your hands up straight.” Ares and Hercules both had to stand with their knees high and their arms high, with their eyes crossed.

When my arm was about to fall down, I couldn't help but notice Yeon-woo like a ghost.


[Ares' third apostle!] [I made Hercules my fourth apostle!] [All accomplishments of the two separate beings belong to the god of the future, Player # # #.] The faces of Ares and Hercules are gloomy.

It would be unfair not to use Yeon-woo as an apostle or as a servant, but rather, because they became the sinners themselves.

However, it was a hard choice to think that they would run into Yeon-woo now.

Athena laughed bitterly as she watched the whole process.

They both wanted to fly so badly that they were naked. I knew the moon would come one day, but I didn't expect it to come suddenly like this. Ares and Hercules, which are regarded as the first masses in heaven, are both unable to pray to Yeonwoo.

Especially when I forced them to sign an apostle contract without thinking about their pride, I couldn't do anything other than Yeon-woo.

'By the way, "Athena smiled bitterly and fixed her eyes on Yeon-woo, who was still watching the two of them.

"Suck... rich man." I really didn't think of that.

In fact, from dusk to pond, Athena did not take her eyes off the twin brothers from the beginning.

I didn't know why.

It's just...

I was just attracted.

When Cho Jungwoo first entered the tower and was having a hard time. It was a coincidence that I found him.

Olfowon suddenly sensed that he had tried to force his descent into the tutorial by ignoring the system's restraints, then went to find out why and found Cho Jung-woo.

'But at that time, the reason Allfowon moved was Chrono... No, it was' because it was fun '` when I first saw Cha Jung-woo.

And I wanted to cheer him on.

Unlike the rest of Nobis, who possess some basic abilities and enter the tower, he had read only Cha-choong books about magic.

Nevertheless, with the sole determination to get medicine to cure Mother's illness, Chow overcame the steps in turn, suffering from exhaustion.

I felt sorry for him, but I wanted to help.

That's why you might not even know you're there.

After Cho Jong-woo was defeated by his colleagues and various monarchs, he was forced to spill his nerves even when Yeongwoo entered the tower.

The same face, same voice as Cha Jung-woo, but with a completely different personality, in turn, light up the tower and defeat the enemies. The appearance... I had no choice but to approach her heavily in my heart.

In some ways, we can say that we have worked together from the beginning until now.

In addition, among such players, it may have been the blood draw that only they cared about.

^ Nevertheless, "“ Jen, Athena suddenly emptied her head with a smile.

Whatever it takes.

Now that Yeon-woo has become a protector who protects herself from the protectors she was supposed to protect, it might be okay... to show a little insanity to her youngest uncle.

It wasn't easy for her to have lived as her eldest.

Athena's eyes curled into a curve looking at the kite.

It was a hard look to imagine.

“If you listen well, I'll let you go.” The kith soon released the bees of Ares and Hercules.

And I threw carrots at them just before I crossed the gate. Of course, the eyes of the two who were staring at the dead state were forced to go to Yeon-woo by themselves.

“Him_:_:! " Me too. "" {”“ I always listen well. If you keep messing around like you did, Yeon-woo would say something without soup. She cut off her two nephews' waist and empowered them.

But whether that was enough, both Ares and Hercules' eyes were somewhat beautifully indebted.

“Ahaha! Leave this to Ares, my youngest uncle! I'm a professional at this kind of thing!” Who am I? The Lion of Nemea's head was also Hercules with one hand. If you're using your strength, leave it to me! ”Ares and Hercules gladly beat my chest and give me their word of advice.

Thinking that instead of Yeon-woo, it's not going to be that simple.

“Then we're going in.” You set foot inside the gate to Erebos.

[This is Hidden Stage, 'Erebos'.] [Attention! It's a place away from the laws of Idea. The transcendent will of transcendent beings is not easily achieved. We recommend leaving as soon as possible, as damage may result from prolonged stays.] 'It's too dim.' The Heresy Boss was much different from what Yeon-woo expected.

I thought this place was just a maze, surrounded by helpers.

There was heaven and earth, like Tartarus, even though it was a light here.

But what's different is that if you don't walk a little bit, the ground will sink to your ankles like it's too late. Above all.

This place was "ripe somewhat during the day" for Yeonwoo.

"It's late in the dark. Kronos, who returned to the sword, murmurs a little.

You look like the late night. "Where Yeon Woo saw the myth of Kronos. It is situated in an abandoned space in a stone quarry, similar to the place where Mars was seeded for Kronos.

"Is this what Erebos used to do? No. Like Tartaros, Erebos was one of the many territories originally owned by Olympus. I remember exactly that. It was older than the commandment, a place where the living and the dead were indistinguishable, and many personalities, including Donna, didn't want to be like this at the time... but never like this. Kronos' voice sank deeper.

Has the whole tower with Olympus changed? I have no idea. "After all that time, the environment may have changed. ` Maybe so. But being so angry and deprived of my powers... It's annoying." Whatever Kronos said, Athena and Ares did not look good.

It seems to be tightly bound to something. It is clear that the restraining forces of Erebos' environment have given a tremendous amount to the soul.

"A stage of denial of identity.

Can this be established? "Of course, as a world of miraculous towers, there's nothing strange about one of those places.

“This sucks. I can see why you two call him Erebos. Hercules didn't look good because he had stepped foot in Erebos for the first time like a kitten. Fortunately, he was not spontaneously Awakened like Athena and Ares, so he received less pressure.

“First... we have to lead the way, so we'll lead the way." ”Ares began to lead with a stiff face, without a trace of what he had shown in Tartarus.

He was born to save the blood that fled with him, and now he's going back.

Of course, my heart had to sink that heavily.

Fast, fast! That's how they slowly moved out.