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21. Erebos (4)

The more I look at it, the more I look at it, the more it resembles the late night. "For Chronos to be so many times, Erebos had so many similarities to the late blacks.

There were not one or two things to care about, such as spreading a stench so profound that even their personality could be enticed, and from late-night to occasional ankle swelling, the sprouts were trying to absorb their souls.

Especially if it didn't move, the late feeling of slowly wanting to sink the body was also too bad.

We have to keep moving at all costs.

As soon as I tried to relax a little, I was immediately fascinated by Erebos' environment.

Of course, it might not be that hard for people who are self-assured.

This place defies status and power, and restoration is very slow.

Above all, those who fled here were often exhausted because there was no room for them to be chased by something.

So as time went by, I had to sink into Erebos and fall.

"The Grave of the Gods, it is true." Even Yeon, who has yet to escape the mortal's framework, is so shriveled up, that the burden on the real priests can't be felt. Perhaps the higher the turbulence, the greater the pressure.

Fast forward.

Fast forward.

Athena and Ares' expressions have not been good since they came to Imirevos. Even Hercules, who was confident, was silent and silent from time to time.

Everything just goes quietly through the road.

Ares and Hercules were still rarely able to navigate, however, to find Hermes and others.

Fortunately, before they left Erebos, there was no need to get lost thanks to the remains Hermes left behind.


Bang! The needle in Athena's compass suddenly begins to spin.

It means there's someone in the vicinity of Olympus.

Athena's desperate spirit is about to be released outside as quickly as possible.

“Kahaha! Kahaha!" Suddenly, I hear someone laughing from a distance. An encouraging voice that looks like a woman. I could feel the frenzy.

Athena is surprised to talk about the owner of the voice.

Calm down! At that moment, Chronos suddenly transforms into a human form and cries out in a desperate voice.

"Hestia! Hestia, where are you?" Chronos cries out the name of his eldest daughter.

Not right now, but I used to hate guys like Hades and Poseidon. I used to complain that they were the ones who carried out the plot against my father.

But since then, there has been only one child who has never grumbled and yearned.

The first child.

Cute and adorable, she and Leah were born for the first time, but she was always the big sister to my sisters.

For a long time, it was a face I desperately wanted to see in my dreams. But there was a child nearby who had never shown up.

My heart is beating. I'm losing blood fast. Although he didn't have the stomach for it now, he seemed to be suffocating on his own.

Then when he senses something, Kronos flies straight to you without looking back.

“Father!" No matter how fast the kith roar, we had to follow them, spreading the wings of the sky to miss Kronos. Athena, etc., jumped urgently.

And when they arrived, they said, "Aah!” Hestia, it's me! Kronos! Your father's here! “Go away, go away!” Can't you see me? This Abigail Kronos is restless and agitated.

It was a fiery monster. A multi-metre, scorching fire monster.

“Hey, Aunt Hestia...!” Auntie was clearly too late to proceed. But you're already mutating as much as I am? This is ridiculous! ”Ares and Athena thought about what happened.


Another phenomenon, also called red.

After Olympus' - replacements were defeated by Titan-Gigas, it was the first phenomenon to be seen after escaping to Erebos.

Erebos' atmosphere eats away at their power and damages their status. In fact, at this rate, the substitutes would have been worth it.

If you straighten your lines a little and then get out of Erebos, it won't be that bad.

But what left the parties in despair was that the Holy Spirit began to become contaminated and corrupted right after they entered Erebos.

The soul changes from its existing form to a strange shape that is different from the rest of the world. In the end, even reason became a completely broken monster.

It wasn't just that.

A monster that collapsed without getting sick < Po ) or a manganese that collapsed into existence with the myth broken like Gaia's curse (886 is a deadly thing for the statues.

I was not surprised that Yeon-woo had already heard about this.

Hestia is like that with a mutation, so I had to feel it more strongly.

"Did I come too late? If I had been exposed to this phenomenon at all times, I also understood why the partitions had been thinking deeply about the contours.

If you throw away your transcendent identity, the risk will still be relatively small.

Maybe Hermes is going through something similar.

The problem with Hestia was that Hestia's condition, which was the lowest of all the alternatives, was not very good.

All of my self-esteem was gone. If it weren't for the statue hidden in the substrate, it wouldn't have been recognized as a completely different being.

Chronos was restless to save Hestia in any way he could, but he circled around her.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hestia opens her mouth with a much more irritating face, even if she thinks that Kronos raises her potion.

A fierce flame poured down from above the purgatory of Yeongwoo.

Cough! Of course, that can't hurt Kronos.

Kronos gives you a sad look, his hand out in front of him.

A layer of barriers blocks the fire.

“Athena.” “|_1 | 4 Yiye >?” Athena looked back at Yeongwoo in an unfamiliar territory. She was also full of tea because she didn't know what to do with Hestia.

“Is there any way to stop or cure the mutation?" So far... nothing. Hermes was also having a seizure while looking for a cure... "...“ Then there's only one way to defeat him now. ”As if Yeon-woo could not be defeated, she kicked her tongue and awakened her power.

[Sixth Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Turns into a dragon, blows to where Hestia is.

Against Athena urgently tried to catch Yeon-woo, but it was too late. Ares and Hercules, who were only on their guard and unable to attack Hestia, looked at the pond that was measuring into the sky with surprised eyes.

Yeongwoo fell vertically from above. To keep Kronos out of the way.

The comestia slowly rolled the lotus, turned her head upward, and took a harsh breath of sparks.

Grrrrrrrrrrr - It was only a smear of beeswax on a tiger that was already much more powerful than that.

Rather, while constrained to a blinding attack, a chain protrudes out of the air around him, stringing his arms and legs together in a flash.

The light! Hestia sinks deeper into the abyss as soon as her body falls free of any birds to resist. A part of the debris rises up as your right arm explodes.

Nirvakronos shouted with an indignant face.

Yeon-woo was cold.

“Father, now is not the time to appeal to recognition.” Unlike Kronos, there were no blood feelings for Hestia as a brood.

It was too difficult for Yeongwoo to have an emotional transfer or empathy easily with someone who had lived as a stranger all her life.

How could Hestia not be the one who once listened with Poseidon to kill him?

Though it was more than proactive at the time, it was bound to be accorded Poseidon's coercion.

However, Yeon-woo was never willing to forgive her.

It was either that or it was going to hurt itself, and maybe Hestia's idea of getting rid of noisy bugs at the time was not out of hand.

So as long as Chronos insisted on something, Yeon-woo had no intention of wielding it.

Of course, that would only hurt Kronos if he had killed Hestia mercilessly.

However, he is now descending on Erebos as the "Savior of Olympus."

I had no intention of hurting Hestia any more than this.


'It's not going to be easy just to overwhelm him: "Hestia struggles hard, even if he's stuck on the ground, to let go of this right now. Every time, the chains rattle, rattle, and rattle.

That this mutation, without a cure, couldn't it have prevented the symptoms from deteriorating? "I. I don't know. C. Sorry." First, he immediately sent a negative doctor. I thought it might have something to do with mutation chaos or 'disorderity,' but it was different from that.

I also asked Rebecca, the apostle of Chernunos, who is skilled in many ways.

Nernunos gazes at you silently.] As always, Kernunos has been watching him, but has not given his opinion.

"It would be helpful to have Brahms around like this, 'but he's been weakened a lot lately. Whatever he was doing, it wasn't easy to get in touch with him here.

"Still, it's probably less likely to keep him off Erebos' atmosphere. `In the end, Yeon-woo could not give an answer like this, and slowly eroded Hestia into the shadow.

In fact, it's an easy way to stop the mutation and heal the family.

"That would have cost you a fortune. `I pretended I didn't see Kronos' gaze, as if I had already guessed what you were thinking.

It would be very convenient to take Olympus as a family. Yeon-woo forcibly erased the sadness on the side of her head.

The residence of Olympus' successors was located just a short distance from where Hestia was found.

Temples built in a form commonly found in the realms of Olympus such as Tartarus.

But watching them all collapse like nothing else, I could almost see what the statutes here would look like.

“Athena, Ares! You're really here! And Hercules...!” Then Apollon, the god of the sun, who was guarding the temple, opened his eyes wide.

The burning red-eye, which she saw when she left Tartaros, was guilty as if the water had run out, and her glittering eyes were full of fatigue instead of a sharp instrument.

It was still a day of great joy that the brothers had returned.

“Are you sure you came back here...?” Yeah. It's all over, Apollon. Now all we have to do is get back to Olympus. "“ Ah! The cursed ones finally burst into laughter with an impressive face. After all this time, it's finally over for me to wander around the indoors without seeing an exit.

“What the...? What the hell happened? Did you get rid of them?" Apollon has several other statues besides the 'sun'.

Art, music, poetry.

And prophecy.

Although I did not see things exactly at a certain time like the three goddesses sitting on the 16th floor, I was able to approximate the causation rate.

Olympus used to use Apollon's prophecy to help him because he knew it well.

However, he had never seen any of the quadruples of Titan-Gas, nor could he have predicted its downfall.

We do not know whether the eyes of the prophecy were closed or what transcendent variables occurred, but Apollon had to be very surprised.

Thanks to Uncle... ”When Athena looks at the kite and says, Apollon opens his eyes wide. The mortality that he had saved before looked completely different.

It was true that I paid some attention to Hermes and 'Athena,' but I never thought I'd grow to this extent.

I had a lot of questions, but there was a poison key part.

“What's more, uncle? What do you mean:" "!" “I'll explain the details later.

Where's Hermes? It's inside. "“ But he's stable now, so we shouldn't let anyone in... Hey! "Apollon shakes his head, but the breeze shifts toward you as he senses Hermes' energy.

Apollon made an impression and tried to restrain him. God says we're trespassing. Even though Athena played a role in defeating Titan-Gigas, he was only 'helped'.

With his common sense, it was never possible for a mortal to help a transcendent.

“You cheeky bastard!” But as the kith continue to ignore it and try to get to the room with Hermes, Apollon screams and tries to stretch his hands.

Just moments later, Hercules and Ares get in the way.

“You better put that hand down, Apollon. If you don't want to be touched.” “I know you're worried about Hermes, but I won't tolerate any more harm to # # #. I've blown Apollon's spectacle away in a whirlwind around the two of them.

“Your Pushul." "Your Pew." Apollon froze sharply as the two bodies, the most violent and fierce within Olympus, took on the side of Yeouido.

I wanted to do something about it, but I turned to Athena, and she was holding her head still.

“I can't take it anymore either. Stop." You:: Until? Apollon was confused. Athena, Ares, Hercules, are you with the humans? They call him the next Lord of Olympus? What the hell happened to Tartaros? That's how violent it is.

“What the hell is this commotion!” Hearing the commotion, someone from the inside walks out with an angry face.

The one holding a trident with his blue hair lying bare.