Second Life Ranker

22. Erebos (5)

Poseidon…… There is a small murmur of Chronos in Nimbigrid.

Since he met his son after Hestia for tens of thousands of years, he had no choice but to become a singular saint.

But I remained silent until I thought it was not time to leave.


… Poseidon looks to his nephews who are having a nervous war with each other, but later discovers Yeon-woo and makes a bigger impression.

He hasn't had a very good relationship with Yeon-woo.

For some reason, his gaze was so intense.

“It's been a long time." Yeon gave a simple example with a little ceremony.

“The mortal is here again!" ”Poseidon was furious, staring at him as he always was.

The spirit emitted along with the powerful echoes through the room.


"Was it this small?" Before that, Yeon-woo, Poseidon, who used to feel too big, shined on the old man who is now too small and humble.

It was not just that Yeon-woo felt that strong.

Poseidon's personality was significantly reduced.

Size can no longer be a substitute, let alone a principal personality.

No, it was shrunk too rapidly to know when it would become mortal.

However, Poseidon did not like the way he looked at Yeouido, whether he was still fierce or more sharp than before.

- Now you will be treated as the heir to Hades. The next time we meet will not be possible.

While Yeonwoo was being chased by the earthly god, Poseidon, who had helped him, had a vessel suitable for his position, even though he was wary of mortals having dark powers.

But now I don't see it at all.

Perhaps, 'my soul seemed to have remained proud after a sudden decline.


That's not a good word for it.

"Don't you ask! Why did you say:" "Jen So Yeon no longer felt worthy of Poseidon.

Chronos seemed to want his inner children to get along, but he couldn't keep his mouth shut because he was guilty of what he did the other day.

Yeon-woo didn't have the same brotherly chin as in Hestia, so she tried to ignore it and move on.

Poseidon tried to squeeze the shoulder of Yeouido trying to get past him, screaming nervously, whether he had exploded in his right mind or not.

If you feel any lack of strength, your shoulder is supported by grip that could just crumble.

But the challenge of Yeon-woo stopping that arm.

Xiang! Athena suddenly appeared this time, striking Poseidon's hand to the side.

Knock it off, Mr. White. I'm sorry, we're not your emotional trash can. ”“ Poseidon's fist, holding a trident, trembles.

“They're ignoring me to the end!” He'd stabbed Athena with a trident right away, but Athena pushed him as hard as he wanted to try.

The neurological warfare created by the two people who were not so good was unparalleled compared to that created by Apollon and Hercules. The armed conflict seemed to be immutable.

At that time, Yeon-woo tried to go into the corridor to find a room with Hermes.

“Stop!” Apollon tries to shoot an arrow by pulling out the golden sunlight (B ), thinking he can't leave the kite alone anymore.

Ares and Hercules make their move immediately. While Ares was swiftly striking arrows with his sword, Hercules tried to put pressure on Apollon as he stepped ahead of his huge body.

Kuku Kong! While the temple trembles.

Yeon-woo said, "I just ignored it and went into the hallway.


You feel the energy of Hermes.

Th-that's fucked up. Chronos said that a long time later.

It was too awkward for the grandchildren who could not endure the crisis, just growling among themselves.

On the other hand, the collapse will only make Olympus so miserable.

But Yeon-woo didn't answer.

Chronos sighs deeply and asks in a bitter tone.

"This Hermes kid is important to you, right? “ To me, I am a savior as big as Athena. ”You've been in a relationship with Olympus for a long time." ” Maybe it's all going back in the cycle of fate. At that time, Yeon-woo's steps stopped in front of a room.

I felt a familiar substance from the inside.

He opens the door and enters without asking permission.

Hermes lies facedown on his bed.

Like a man in a deep sleep.

- In fact, the most powerful among us, the one who lost his temper... is Hermes.

Athena explained why Hermes came to Erebos with the greatest inspiration.

- I had to suffer a great deal of damage when I opened the Loirebos to move all of us, avoiding the chase of the Mother Earth.

- So I was exposed to all kinds of gangrene while my immunity was low…… and the result is now.

- Before that, I had a breakdown, and now I'm almost invincible. I don't know what to do.

- But when I looked back, I was always worried, and, Suck...... that one day he would come back to Tartarus and save us, and I always believed that, more than my father, he would trust you.

Yeon-woo couldn't forget the last thing Athena said.

You trusted yourself more than your father, Zeus? Why? But I can't just think of it as mouth-watering. Athena was clearly telling the truth.

What did Hermes see in himself?

From the first report by Olympus until now, Yeon-woo was always sorry and thankful for his faith.

So now I see her lying unconscious with a pale face, it felt like my heart was pressing on by itself.

“Father, did you say that the quality of Seo Seon Seok is acceptable?” Yes? Chronos gives a slightly startled sound to a questionable answer.

You, really? “It's worth a shot, isn't it?” I don't know if that's possible.

I don't think I can say anything. In fact, I've never even heard of Luciel. First time you've heard of Luciel? If you were the one who made the heavenly system noisy, I thought you were famous just as long ago, but that's not it.

And perhaps you are more knowledgeable than I am in this field. This father didn't like studying that much. “I think it was because of my father that I hated books.” Heroes don't usually study. Yeon took the Pure Stone out of the shadow as she listened to Kronos' bold answer.

Jiaying! The stone of purity trembles violently.

Yun couldn't touch herself, so she used the Shadow to remove the Pure Stone from Hermes' chest.

He also sought to connect the soul of Hermes with the Pure Stone through the Shadow.

What Yeon tried to do was very simple.

The main masonry is characterized by reception and purification.

It was used to absorb the energy of Erebos, which was plaguing Hermes, into Pure Stones and, if possible, to purify Hermes.

The problem was that it couldn't be as easy as it said.

Handling adra stones is just as complicated as handing it directly to Hermes' soul.

Though I admire it, I still feel confident. Reaching the soul with that stubborn mental system, it was not common sense.

What if I enter the conscious world and get caught up in it?

Afterwards, the connection with the Pure Stone was also dangerous.

The energy of Erebos, as well as other spirits, can be completely sucked up.

That's why.

I had to be very careful when I touched Hermes.

Together, we made another attempt to increase our chances of success.

"Hermes. If you've been waiting for me, Hermes whispered in his own words (sadness) so that he could party unconsciously.

I want you to trust me again. Huaak! As the dark, red glow flashed along the lotus, the wings of the sky appeared again.

When Yeon-woo came back from all the work.

Poseidon and Apollon remained far away from Athena and the like.

Especially Apollon, who had already heard about what happened in Tartarus, was looking at Yeon with an unbelievable face.

However, I couldn't believe the words of the brothers, so I bowed my head with suspicion.

“I'm sorry if I misunderstood. And... thank you.” Apollon's attitude was polite.

"Uncle,” Yun looked at Athena, etc., without answering for a moment.

Athena nods gracefully.

“I told her everything, not hiding it, because she's gonna find out soon anyway.” It also meant imitating the identity of Yeon Woo.

That's why Apollon comes out so dark.

But when I thought Poseidon would be different, I turned to him.

It's different.

“You've come to mock us.” Poseidon stares at Yeongwoo with a fierce gaze. I didn't think to rush like before. However, one lip was twisting heavily.

“You saved Tartarus?” “The Goddess of Earth.” “And the son of Kronos?" “It means your brother.” “Shut up! I never had a father like that! And I didn't even make a scumbag like you my brother!” Poseidon knew that Kronos was with him at the end of the rainfall, but he didn't seem to stop blaming him.

No, I screamed as if to listen.

“Get the hell out of here! We didn't ask you for help, and we don't want your help! Olympus will take it back by our hand, or mine. I won't stop your legacy, Tartaros, and the outsiders are gone!” Of course, there was no way Poseidon could take Olympus now.

I didn't know if I'd be able to go up to the heavens like this.

However, he insists on no further assistance from Yeon-woo. Apollon gives you a sad look, but Poseidon seems reluctant to insist.

I don't know why he's so broken.

In the meantime, he has experienced some internal conflicts and has no idea how emotional changes have occurred.


“You must be mistaken.” At that moment, you hear a faint voice behind you.

Poseidon and everyone else's gaze was on you. Then everyone became surprised.

Hermes... ∙ was walking slowly this way. Her complexion was still pale, but her breath was intense.

It means that not only has the condition been cured, but it has recovered to some extent.

They couldn't figure out what Yeon-woo had done.

But one thing was certain.

Hermes feels the same way about them.

“He's not an outsider. And you no longer represent us.” Hermes was cold. As if he would no longer listen to Poseidon.

After all, Poseidon's face was hardened.

“You're mistaken, I have no intention of helping you, but when Yeon-woo opened her mouth again, Poseidon's gaze went back to you." “What………!” It's not a favor. Why help? "” Yeon twists the tip of one lip.

“Just take it.” The moment when Poseidon's eyes were startled.

Yeon-woo shouted.

“Ares, Hercules, Athena, Hermes!” “Make a name for yourself.” “Make a name for yourself.” “Make a name for yourself.” “Make a name for yourself.” Your god bows and bows.

An example of a gentleman facing the king.

“From now on, I will make Erebos my sanctuary and Olympus my domain. He discards the existing three Zhang Poseidon and kills Zeus instead. In addition, I will consolidate the throne that has been divided into three since Chronos and make it a new throne (\ po ), so know this.” Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls! " For those who were also sons of Zeus, I was surprised at the first thought of betraying my father.

Without protesting against it, I bowed my head even deeper.

Ever since Zeus fell asleep, Olympus has been on his way down.

I couldn't let that happen to them anymore.


Yeon-woo coldly looked down at Poseidon looking at himself with a dazzled eye.

“Overpower all those who resist, and quickly take over the temple here. ”