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23. Erebos (6)

[Hidden Stage, 'Erebos' has been made a sanctuary.] “Really ~ ~..." “I never thought Erebos would be a sanctuary.” “How…… = is this possible?" The message on the retinas of the gods in Erebos meant that the streets that had plagued them had vanished in an instant.

It's different.

By the time the message disappeared, all the pressures that had been tormenting their bodies (the Roll Bee) together had also shifted away.

[Erebos embraces your existence.] ['Erebos' embraces your presence.] ['Erebos' fully accommodates player # # # members!] as if you were in the heavens.

As I returned to some extent the lost power, I also felt the forgotten mysticism return gradually.

That's why.

The gods of Olympus were more and more afraid to look at Yeongwoo.

They were granted divinity because they "allowed" the stay of the Yeouija Gods, the masters of this place.

But what if that permission disappears? I couldn't help but get beaten up.

A curse worse than the first time they were trapped in Erebos will grab their ankles.

They were definitely feeling it.

I just had a chain around my neck.

The word "family" was proof of that.

After Yeon-woo gave the order to take over the temple.

Hermes et al. moved quickly and began to persuade or subdue the gods of Olympus.

In addition to the 12 who ruled Olympus, there were also many who followed them here, so I had to move quickly.

The oppressed 'were shocked by the fact that Hermes et al. caused rebellion, but were shocked by the fact that its owner was mortal.

No matter how much Yeouido became the next king of Hades, it was debated how she could become self-immolated and enter under the mortal.

However, according to Ares and Athena's testimony, I was afraid when I found out that Yeon-woo had sealed the Mother Earth, as well as defeating Tiffon and Persephone.

I never doubted whether they were scamming themselves.

It was an insult to Ares and Athena who testified.

When it was said that he was the son of Kronos who disappeared, everyone turned upside down.

Especially Demeter and Hera, who were listening to the story, said nothing.

However, either the mood swings were severe, or they were both confused.

However, Poseidon stared at Yeon-woo silently from time to time. No inversion, no anger. I just stared silently with my lips firmly shut.

I didn't know what he was thinking, but I didn't pay much attention to Yeon-woo either. It was none of my business how I perceived myself if I didn't interfere.

As Chronos, it was still bitter.


Stop! When the shattered beagrid is reassembled into Kronos.

It's been a long time. Some faces I've never seen before. There was deep silence among the gods of Olympus.

Those who remember Chronos' tyranny frown, but those who remember his glory frown. Of course, I couldn't make out much.

Poseidon, who took Kronos from his throne, was right here.

Despite a significant loss of power, his influence on Olympus remained immense.

By the time Demeter and Hye were still struggling to get out of the way.

Kronos looked at Poseidon's cold stare.


You bend your knees in front of him and bow your head.

I'm s-sorry. After everything that had happened, Yeon-woo did not have the courage to see it anymore, and moved away for a moment. The other gods retreated the same way, allowing Kronos and Poseidon to talk.

Chronos' return is only a matter of time.

“Are you feeling better?” Do I look like I do? “No." If there are layers of breasts that have been piled up over the years, if they are released in one morning, where is the hahn? Chronos muttered in a bitter tone.

The mistakes of the past were caused by Guia's curse and Maestro's mixed mind, but it was still his own fault. No excuses were accepted.

If possible, I intend to visit again and again. And every time I do, I ask for forgiveness. “But what if they don't forgive you?” But we have to go. That's my job. Chronos' heat was' slightly longer with a smile.

And this way, you can see their faces.

- I'm just sorry for you. Yeon shakes her head. A man who thinks so horribly of his children is, ironically, hated by his children.

I couldn't say anything at one time because he once treated my father like a man without a father.


“I've opened a gate to Tartarus.” Athena came quietly.

Yeon-woo nodded her head and got up.

Then he realized Athena was staring at him without a word, and laughed.

“Why? Do you have something to say?” Athena glances at him for a moment and shakes her head.

Doesn't seem like much of a horse to me.

Yeongwoo does not miss her little frown. You must be disappointed.

"Indeed. Hermes became an apostle." Yeon made an apostle agreement with him when he healed Hermes.

God has all authority over His Apostle, including the death penalty. Of course, there was also something about the soul in it, so it was essential to treat the horse.

However, since it also means giving everything to the other person, Hermes may have_rejected it.

Yeon-woo asks you to trust her, and Hermes accepts the Apostle's offer while he's unconscious, allowing him to heal at will.

In addition, God was able to distribute a certain power to the apostle as needed, so that Hermes could regain his strength and rise quickly through the channeling.

Thanks to this, Hermes is now more outnumbered than Ares or Hercules by divinity.

Of course, Ares and Hercules were later aware of this and were complaining.

He grumbled as an apostle that he would become like a cow, but it was a pity that the sequence was pushed.

Regardless of the situation, it seemed to me that Athena was relieved that she had fallen from the apostolic position alone.

I didn't think it was very good for Yeongwoo, but it was his fault if I didn't think so myself.


Yeongwoo forcefully endures the almost laughter, pretending to ignore Athena's gaze and moving toward the gate.

"I think I'm going to lose my back." Athena stood pinned in place, looking at the lotus with her axe's eyes for a long time, followed quietly.

Yeon took all the gods of Olympus and returned to Road Tartarus.

“Ah… ㅋ17“ I never thought the sky of Tartarus would be this expensive. "“ Is it true you defeated the Mother Earth? "I can't feel the power of that crazy bitch at all." “Why are there so many transcendents here?” Isn't that the architect and the infantryman? "" “Marang (\ Bum) in Niflheim and the Eastern Duke of Le Infernal...... What the hell happened here?” The gods of Olympus were horrified by the sensation from all over Tartarus.

How can I not be surprised when the familiar faces, who are called inner beings in heaven, stand still and look at themselves?

Especially this time, Poseidon was surprised.

They all have a high order within five fingers in each society. They were not as proud as they were strong and would not admit it.

When we saw that they were treating Yeon-woo equally and shoulder to shoulder, we realized that Yeon-woo had overturned the earthly body.

No, this was to say that maybe they considered Yeon-woo superior to themselves. It was an individual named Yeouido who made an alliance with society.

Individual alliances with society… were rare in the heavens.

I couldn't say anything more when I realized that there were giants known to have died of polyps, other than Edith Pluto, the clans that followed the alliance.

I just lost the words to a series of shocks.

And yet.

On the one hand, the gods of Olympus began to be slightly encouraged after coldly realizing the reality.

“Oops:” ". Wolves say," Not only can we completely reclaim Olympus, but we can also reclaim the new throne. ”'Even with the mortal' body, if we make it to transcendence, could we target 'Huang'?” Someone's words quickly turn the tide of Olympus into chaos.

Since the fall of Kronos, the Olympossines have walked the path of collapse and eventually suffered the embarrassment of taking Olympus from Titan-Gigas. Zeus, who had to look like a king, was still unable to wake up from his deep sleep, was not qualified to be chief.

Even if Yeon-woo became a scourge as a new leader, there was no increase at all.

Although it is said to be mortal, it has already been acknowledged by the beings of the heavens, and since its lineage was also born between Chronos and Leah, it is not a problem at all.

Eventually, the public opinion gradually became favorable to Yeon-woo.

Whoa! The steps to the 98th floor, the Celestial Hall, have been opened!] From the Jet Light sky to the Temple of the King, a giant pillar of light descends and connects.

I remember the faces of the gods of Olympus little by little. The moment I've been looking forward to has finally arrived. The way back to my hometown is open.

“Athena.” Yeon glances at the place quietly, turning her gaze towards Athena.

Athena, along with the other gods of Olympus, looks at the pillar of light with wet eyes and bows her head to his call.

“Yes, uncle.” "Take it.” ~ ~ > 7 ”Athena opens her eyes widely after receiving what Yeon-woo had thrown indiscriminately.

What I caught was a blade sharpened with obsidian.

Instead of the water that was symbolic of Hades the king along with Quinee, “Why did you tell me this...?” “From today on, you will be the commander of the Discover Pluto.” Shhh.! "" And since you're a wealthy woman, you could use them a lot more. Armed with more armor and more troops than when you were under Hades, you should be able to play in the heavenly realms. ”Athena seemed to know the intentions of Yeon-woo just then.

Olympus is still home to a large number of gases. We had to wage a great war to drive them all out.

In such a situation, the current system does not go up to the 98th floor of the pharmaceutical. So I'm sending the Discover Pluto to heaven on my behalf and delegating his authority to Athena.

It's temporary, but the owner of Dis Pluto becomes Athena. Moving to heaven will also be relatively free. exploiting the blind spots of the system.

It was also about empowering Athena with power and authority.

In the future, we will sit on the throne of Olympus' throne, whether it be willingness to sit Athena on the throne of the Lord who rules over it.

She is shrewd and wise (if she holds the status of a civilization.

Integrate the divided Olympus and lead it better than anyone else.

[Player # # # # offers the unaffiliated god, “Athena", an envoy!] [The apostle that Player # # # promised to Athena is the Senior Apostle (sum Seth).] [The chief apostle stands for the chief among the apostles leading the congregation, taking his god in the nearest place, replacing his eyes, and representing his voice. Are you sure you want to accept the flock?] ”Do you accept?" Athena opens her eyes, decides something on the roots of Yeongwoo and bows down again.

As she tightens her head, her blurry strength is once again sharpened like a sharp spear and a firm shield.

“I will obey the word of God.” Death to the enemy, struggle to the allies! ”With Valdevich's roar, the clans roll their feet on the ground, raising their weapons high in the sky.

A scream erupted.

Bang! Death to the enemy! Fight for the big boys!