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24. Erebos (7)

Before Athena, etc., enters the pillar of light.

Agares' "Assistance" formed an eye for each other. The Demon Duke of the Eastern East is getting his lips wet with a red tongue, as if this moment were so much fun to die for.

"No matter how hard the earthquake is turned off and the line of leaders is broken, it's not that easy to take Olympus back. Pray for help. Who knows if they'll get lucky? Athena listened to Agarash and said," Not only frowned, but went too far.

The Devil's Whisper is sweet, but the poison hidden in it must never be missed. Especially if it's the words of someone who drives the contractor mad and ultimately leads to destruction.

I knew Agares would seduce the contractor like that and eventually seek out the soul. Moreover, Athena knew very well that what Agaresh wanted was not her own channeling.

Maybe he's coveting the channeling of the "chief apostle" he's got to sit on.

“Farewell.” Athena bows her head to Yeongwoo, leading her followers, the gods of Olympus, and the soldiers of the name system.

Pa! You're on a pillar of light headed for heaven.

Attempting to possess the 'Senior Apostle` |] Yeon-woo closed her eyes and focused on channeling to Athena.

It is not the power to take away the free will, but it is simply the sharing of the apostle's gaze. He was here to watch Athena etc. reclaim Olympus and assist when needed.

However, Athena was only thinking about whether she knew that Yeon-woo was watching her or was inspired by the fact that she had finally returned to her hometown heaven, and was willing to bring victory to Yeon-woo with her own hands.

[This is 98th floor, celestial coffin] The place where the light disappeared.

I noticed the landscape of Olympus, with all kinds of marble built under Athena's feet.

Whether they had already anticipated their invasion, gas stationed along the temple and walls was watching this way armed. But the tension and horror on your faces were bright and young.

It would appear to them that an intruder has appeared from hundreds of holes along the sky.

[The Ground God is trespassing on the sanctuary of Olympus, the divine society!] [The gods of Olympus have detected unidentified intruders.] [The gods of Olympus have activated the defenses to repel intruders.] ['Olympus' has requested salvation from other alliance forces.] [Allied forces, Asgard has declined your request for assistance.] [A new battle between allies and allies has begun.] [Reclamation will begin!] So Athena was smiling at them without her knowledge.

Was that all you got from them? On the one hand, I could feel how great the power that was divided by the lotus was, even though it was so ridiculous.

A powerful magical force that wraps around the body. And the divine power derived from it. With this, not only could she have lost her temper in Erebos, but she could have had a higher power.

So Athena moved straight away without delay.

Sprinkle the Aegis in your left hand_and prevent all kinds of powerful baptisms pouring into this place.

I focused my magical power and mystical power on the sword in my right hand. The boomerang that Yeon-woo gave her to bring victory (Su-ha, the symbol the king used to give the commander) sounded clear.

Tsk! Athena swings it all down. When you become an apostle of Yeongwoo, you basically gain power and persecution (deflection).

Though not yet skilled, I was able to concentrate as much magic and spirituality as I could, and the sword burst with such fierce heat and light as soon as it was broken.

Khurrrrr! A dark red pillar, much stronger than the one they passed by, has landed in the center of Olympus.

As it covers the air, the shields and the defensive barriers are broken, and the other defensive systems are shredded even if they don't come close.

Athena wields her sword without stopping there. Every time, the lightning started blazing and devastating Olympus.

Guang, Guang, Guang! "Athena, you crazy bitch! Are you really going to abandon Bush at this rate? What are you doing, old man?! Don't stop them! That Strange! How do I kill a suspicious lightning… Khh! Stop it! Stop him, one way or another! Athena poured out her grim thunderbolts until she ran out of magical power and spirituality, as if she had never thought of Olympus being destroyed at all.

Worrying about the city being torn apart, avoiding the war and buying up the body, only adds more time and more damage to taking over Olympus.

Then the overwhelming force required a complete shutdown of the enemy's fraud.

Fortunately, Athena's operation came into effect. The gases were in chaos in no time.

As long as the commanders ordered us to cast our magic with spears, the soldiers had already lost their will. Fear spread through them. Even those who abandon their weapons and attempt to flee.

Disc Fluto was injected at that moment.

No matter how many bombs they put in, it was always the Army's job to call the shots.

Moreover, current Dis Fluto has fought many battles and won so many elite soldiers.

In the last few hundred years, no one has crossed as many lines as they did. Gas only wrinkles in front of them.

“Well, now I'm going to lose the ball to Athena. I can't lose.” “Mwahaha! I'll show you why the whole body of Ares was named a murderer!” Hercules and Ares followed behind Serra, Dis Pluto, into the field. They mostly sought to defeat the will of Gigas by hunting down commanders.

There was a gunshot blast from light, light and everywhere.

Hermes said, "I waved my head, shaking my hands high, looking at the brothers running like they had met water.

As the ground shakes, a snake protrudes out from under it and grabs the gases one by one.

In fact, he couldn't miss the ball.

That's how the apostles became overwhelming.

... We can't lose, can we? "" Let's get Olympus back from their hands! ”Even the gods who were forced to serve Yeouido, including Apollon, plunged into battle with unwavering devotion.

Poseidon looked down into a hole he could not even fathom.

"Y-yeah, I didn't let you trespass here... Khh!" ”After Athena finished bombing, the first place she wanted to take control with the other apostles was the center of Olympus, the 'Omphalos'.

It was originally the sanctuary of Zeus, but now it's the home of Gigas.

It was only by taking this place that we were able to establish Olympus as an entirely Yeouido sanctuary.

[Olympus] has called for salvation - strongly from the Allies!] ['Olympus' is strongly seeking salvation from the Allied forces!] [Allied forces, Asgard will silence Olympus' call for rescue.]] [The Alliance, Asgard, has declared an alliance.] [The alliance between Olympus and Asgard has been destroyed!] [Olympus requests assistance from another god's society!] [Loneliness, Deva is silent.] [Loneliness, 'Bridge` is silent.] [God's Society, 'Malah` announces a statement. We declare our support for all activities of Player # # # and positively approve the new cabinet regime he has built for Olympus. However, I expressed my concern, asking for reconsideration regarding the restoration of the throne system that had once been disordered in the heavenly realm…, ”] [Demonic society, Le Infernal, willingly surrenders sanctuary to Olympus and establishes an asylum government. Olympus wants to save the mercenaries.] [Bimachildara will review the quest in favor. Instead, they demand that Olympus be their pawn.] [The quest has been canceled because 'Olympus' is strongly refusing!] Nernunos refuses the quest message. [Olympus] is in despair! [Fear takes over Olympus' sanctuary.] [Alliance forces have been disbanded!] Gas had to be forced into forced attack by waves like Athena somehow.

"Asgard, these two damned birds." “{} Especially when Asgard, who used to act like a liver and a gallbladder, turned his back on me, had to feel betrayed.

When other societies turned their backs, they were devastated.

Malach no longer treated them as a society, and when Le Infernal 'tried to swallow them up' he could no longer be angry enough to suffer only helplessness and frustration.

No matter how plausible the rhetoric was, it was only by the power of the heavenly world that people could be recognized and maintained.

More people have carried the Goddess of Earth on their backs and regarded Gigas as a kindred spirit.

There were a lot of people who wanted to say that this situation was going well.

Of course, it was true that Yeon Woo had been pretending to be with many societies in the battle against the crawling chaos.

However, if we help gas, we will not benefit from it, so we will turn away.

In the end, all the gas was crushed without any resistance.

A message to Athena that Dis Fluto has taken control of each point.

A few mangroves (a few trees ) in the west. Eastward, Orneloy Field . There is no movement to invade the sanctuary from the outside world. "Tanatos' Land" was just subjugated. There are currently 13 Holy Grounds where eight of them may be occupied within hours. All the best. Do your best to the end. Restoration. Restoration. "[The action of Dis Pluto is stunning!] [" Struggle "begins to strike at the sanctuary of" Olympus. "] [Death prevails in the sanctuary of Olympus.]] A colossal myth of time is in use!]“ This place, I can never give up as much as this place. "“ Bark, "Omphalos.

Once, the three brothers of Zeus sat side by side in the hall of the king who ruled all the universes.

Eid, who ruled Gigas on behalf of the dead Tiffany and Persephone, looked at Athens, the apostles and the Displuto surrounding him with shaky eyes.

I struggled to keep the throne in place, but I could never erase the horror that was already in the snow.

“I'm the one who...!” “Ares, wait.” “Why did Ares, who had been beaten once by Eid, nucleate Athena and turn around?

Athena steps forward handing her sword to Hercules, who was by her side.

“Today is the glorious day the throne will be reborn on this earth in tens of thousands of years. This is the place for such a meaningful coronation. On that day, you can't see blood in a sacred place like this, right?“ …… So is he. ”Ares nods as if to agree, and takes a step back.

Athena passed him and approached the three thrones.

Eid looks up at Athena with shaken eyes.

“What are you going to do...!” I don't know what to do. ”Athena smiled coldly and almost touched her hand.

“Let's get rid of the bugs.” Athena made the lightning bulge at her fingertips and threw away all the power and power that Eid had sprinkled on her. And then I grabbed him by the face and I let him down.

Heave-ho! As if a hunk of chisel is distorted, Eid's skull is crushed to the side of his butt and crushed miserably.

You hear a desperate scream. A chunk of broken flesh splashes across your body, but not a drop of blood burns through the mines.

At the same time, Athena blew away two of the three thrones with her hands side-by-side.

There will be no one else to sit here but the new king. There was no need for other thrones.

[You won a Recovery Conversion!] [The owner of the Great Sanctuary, Omphalos, has changed!] [God's Society, Olympus, welcomes a new Lord!]