Second Life Ranker

25. Erebos (8)

“Oh!” “Finally, Olympus." ”Nattaphae bursts elastically as she sees a message spread throughout the sky, and the ranger gives a bold nod.

Though I've had my eye on his victory since Yeonwoo's succession to Kronos and overthrown the Mother Earth.

But I was surprised that Yeonwoo had taken the place of Olympus, "The original three new thrones were also their goal to prevent dictators like Chronos from appearing. But you just can't stop it now?" The eyes of the Lantern army sank deeper.

In fact, the absence of the new throne of Olympus, and the rise of the three Lord's thrones, was a phenomenon in which the three brothers of Zeus sought their share.

It was due to the sheer pressure of other societies who were concerned about the birth of new Kronos.

As Zeus, who was about to take the throne by himself, he had to give up his seat to the other two brothers because he needed to clear up the chaos as soon as possible.

But now that I've made my way through the throne of the new brother Yeon-woo,

I wondered what Zeus would look like if he found out.

In his deep sleep to cure the aftereffects, Olympus was about to be demolished and stripped of his place that he thought would last forever.

But I don't know what to do. It's the habit of the heavens.

In the end, my place is not strange when it disappears if I don't keep it myself.

“Perhaps there was a new conflict with Zeus, and the army was humanely attracted to Yeon-woo. However, as the head of the bridge, he could not continue to show positive intentions about Olympus, where the kingdom was integrated.

From Uranos to Kronos Eyre, the power that Olympus had at the time was equal to the bridge.

In that situation, the birth of a new Chronos was a concern.

That's why I wanted Zeus to wake up and have a little internal conflict.

"Of course, that's the story after the Purgatory crossed over to us, as promised. `I heard that they cured the curse and poison of many gods infected with Erebos' poison, including Hermes with Pure Stones.

Maybe he could cure the asthma, so he had no choice but to rush in.


“By the way, Nanai Ranjin turned his gaze toward Nattaya, who brought out the horse. Why? Face.

“Brainwave's gonna be a real pain in the ass.” Rangjin nods, smiling slightly, as if in agreement.

I was sure my colleague who had left me in the heavenly world was going to go crazy.

Supporting themselves in Tartaros and Erebos won't be the only thing that bothers me, but it's time to deal with the rest of Asgard.

And it's likely that other allied forces, like Niflheim and the Eastern Hemisphere, have similar circumstances.

Now that Asgard has left the Alliance, there's no reason for the Alliance to take pleasure in that.

Asgard is probably trying to negotiate underwater to appease its allies by now.

Of course, the allies will be on the lookout for many advantages from Asgard.

Perhaps other societies that are watching this will not have a drink at all.

In order to benefit from such a violent negotiation process…… it may not be necessary for a stroke to grasp the head.

“He's been complaining about losing his head lately. I'll do it this time. Haha!” Natasha blows up the façade thinking of the brainiac who's staring at them right now.

Then I rolled my mouth up one by one and said to the ranger.

“But since you helped restore Tartarus as promised, as well as Olympus, now is the time to ask for our water." ”“ Yes. ”What did you see? # # # You seem to have a chance, but you care more about war than I do, don't you?” “Yes, it is. At least we have some enemies to deal with.” He nods heavily.

In fact, this was not only involved in the bridge, but also in the abdominal war, as well as the disconnect that had been in conflict with them for a long time.

Abdominal warfare was a very small number of people to call "society," but it was as extravagant as power.

Especially as the King of the East Asian Horses who ruled the war was so powerful that it included another face of the thousand horses, the Emperor of Heaven.

Especially in their role, the King Bull (Xu Po) was so good that he was reluctant to directly impact Chronos on the count of five.

Since he woke up from the original fragment and was still active as a Hyunhyun, he has no choice but to be a burden as an angel.

It was still unknown if Yeon-woo could handle him effectively.

“I can already say # # # # is a monster, just looking at 'Olympus' … but surely the celestial world is full of more monsters than that. In fact, there are people like the Emperor Oze (= Father) and Seo Wang-mo who appear to be 'elders' in the palace and are not interested in their inner circle.

Some Trinity Wanders have built towers far away.

Ten fingers had already been easily passed, considering the existences that might be similar to or greater than Yeongwoo.

Above all, there is' Olfowon ', which is like a wall.


As a Ranger, I just wanted Yeon Woo to be the opponent of the King Bull.

Athena restores the throne and leaves it vacant. Currently, Yeouido cannot ascend into the heavenly realm, so no one can come near her.

However, the inner circle went straight into the back of the house on behalf of Yeon-woo herself.

In the meantime, he ordered that the sanctuary destroyed during the war be quickly restored while punishing the workers who participated in Titan-Gas.


Athena moved directly to the prison in Omphalos' basement.

Resisting the reign of Titan-Gigas, the same "elders" as the rebels were trapped there.

In fact, if the elders had done their best, Olympus wouldn't have fallen so easily into Titan-Gas.

The earthquake on the Titan-Gas side has made them less powerful than they thought.

Most of them were pregnant with the mother earth, and of course many forgot how to struggle while living as conceptual beings.

Queek! Athena opens the gates wide.

A giant hall revealed.

But I did not see the elders who said they were exactly the same.

There was no doll (W88).

Instead, there were many debtors boasting large and small sizes.

At that moment, various voices dug into Athena's prices.

You, "" 7 That child... Who was that? It's early in the day somewhere. Stupid! Did you just forget? You're Zeus' eldest! "Ah, I did..." I forgot that I was drunk for so long. But, how did Zeus' eldest daughter get here? Titan-Gas Isn't there? Athena. How did you get here... +? voices that are not organized.

It was hard to tell how many there were. It was like crying in a crowd of mosquito shops.

Some of them are medium-grade heating, and some of them are not communicating properly.

However, unlike the chaos that crawls around and the earthen goddess, it is easy to understand because it is somewhat refined.

The owners of this voice were all elders.

Long before Olympus was born, they almost forgot their existence after so many years, and now they have to meet at least consciously.

Tanatos, Kerr, Momos, Portia... and the real Nemesis Wanike.

Athena looks at them and gives them quiet.

“Athena, daughter of Zeus, does the elders." No more greetings. Outside. Tell the story outside. Coming here means something else has happened. All these years, instead of falling asleep as the law of the world, those who were forced here by Titan-Gigas wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

So Athena briefly explained to the elders, "You are all free," the takeover of Olympus.

They didn't have much emotion until they got together here.

"That's great, really. Now I can go back to sleep.

It's a hard world out here. A son of Kronos, by the way, was born far away and returned to this place. Is this what Momoi said? "Moira" means the three goddesses who ruled destiny. They had some degree of fame in heaven with the three goddesses sitting on the 16th floor. What kind of prophecy did they make about Yeon-woo? But even before Athena questioned, someone else asked her a question.

More importantly, Athena. You came here yourself to wake Zeus 4 Yes. Yes. ”Athena bows her head politely.

In the meantime, Titan-Gas has occupied Omphalos, but has not been able to locate Zeus' residence and eliminate him separately. His dwelling place is so hidden that he thinks he's not in heaven.

But Athena knew.

Zeus' bedroom was right under their chin.

It was right below the prison where the elders were together.

Without the permission of the elders, it would never be opened, so it had not been discovered by Titan-Gas.

But now that Olympus has been taken, Athena wants to meet Zeus separately.

I had to tell her the truth.

He must have been struck by lightning while he was sleeping.

However, Athena was his eldest daughter and senior apostle of Yeon-woo, who of course thought it was her duty.

Zeus, that poor thing. Heavenly Horse was the problem... Yes. We've cleared the way for you. Go now. "Thank you.” Athena greets the elders and suddenly walks over to the stone gate on the other side.

Yeongwoo has also successfully cured Erebos' poison, which was unlikely to be cured. Maybe you can lower your asthma, so Athena had to meet Zeus a little sooner to get specific about her symptoms.

“Arbor…!” So when I stepped into Zeus' bedroom after all these years,

Athena had to take a breath of wind on the way, not to summon him.

Zeus says, "The bed that should be sleeping... is empty."

Like there was nothing from the beginning.

“__:: What?” Yeon shakes her eyes greatly at the message from Athena.

Zeus, he's gone? "I'm sorry. I don't know how it happened either... The elders aren't sure yet, so I'll check in with you in more detail." Athena's voice was trembling. As her father has suddenly gone missing, I have to be nervous. Maybe they snuck out of Titan-Gas. So we had to find him faster. There was nothing good in other societies to know about this.

After ordering Athena to search closely, Yeongwoo had to close the channeling and see Hankronos with a stiff face.

This foolishness was more and more agitated by his disappearance as Ario Acronos had always felt guilty about Zeus.

Yeon-woo could only tell him that he would be okay.


That evening, Yeon-woo found out later.

Not only Zeus, but also the Jade Emperor in the sky, Odin in in Asgard, and the inner disappearance in Deal Moon.

They were all people who were not stoned.