Second Life Ranker

1. Thousand Coins (※ Catfish) (1)

It began when news of Zeus' disappearance arrived in Olympus.

I used to say, 'I don't think there's anything good about it because it's known to the outside world, so I didn't want to tell the same alliance.

If he stumbled across Zeus in another society, he would have told Niflheim, the bridge, and the Eastern Prince's army in Hermes' opinion that it would not be too small to spread.

These are the largest societies in the heavenly world, so if they use the information network they have, they will be able to find Zeus as quickly as possible.

And of course, in the process, they were "in debt."

It's better than losing Zeus' recruit to another society and not knowing what's about to happen.

But when I spoke to the Allies about Zeus' disappearance,

The face of the allies was not what they expected.

Precisely the atmosphere of the bridge was not good.

“I'll be out of your way for a moment.” He made an impression and left the meeting room seeking understanding.

And when he came back, what he said was shocking.

“I just got a... similar call from Samsin Mountain. The Emperor suddenly disappeared.” Not just Zeus, but the Jade Emperor? Something unusual is about to happen. Such anxiety passed through the head of the mobile alliance at the same time.

[The divine society, Malach, scrutinizes through various data to confirm requests from allied forces.] The first thing the alliance did was ask Malach to cooperate separately.

It could be showing weaknesses on the first side.

Malach and Le Infernal were specifically classified within the heavenly realm.

Malach is always on the verge of absolute lines, so he usually has a strong perception that it is' an inflexible place where threats and negotiations do not work. '

But on the contrary, it also brought about the perception that it was a trustworthy place that never forsakes faith.

He never showed any alliance with other societies, but always ran to the back to maintain the order of the various societies, always relying on them when intervention was necessary.

Malach's pronunciation was also peaceful (tufts), stable (forests), and compassionate (fleas), and he was actively involved in this affair.

And fortunately, Malach never neglected to take the matter seriously.

However, the matter seemed to take time to complete the investigation.

[The divine society, Malach, has confirmed that many similar signs have been found. Currently, societies with identified signs include "Deal Moon," "Mempas," and "Vogue."] [The similarities are also found inside.] [The divine society, 'Malah`, has determined that it is necessary to capture unusual airflow and to investigate in detail. We have sent cooperative communications to other societies for the current investigation.] The results were shocking.

[The divine society, Malach, wants to secretly contact the allied forces. Accept?] [Accepted.] The envoy of Malach ', Michael, is coming!] After seeing the envoy attempt to come with Yeongwoo's permission, the allies were all stunned.

“Michael, job title?” “What the hell happened?” More than that, Gabriel's work must have made me happy. I hope you don't have a nervous breakdown. ”King!" You're right, puppy. Ajuil was having fun, and Kyoguales said, 'Talking to Penhir, he blew up the Paan Daeso big.

Michael is an archangel who boasts the next sequence of Chief Metatron, even within Malach. No, more than that, he was fully endorsed by several angels within Malach and had even a unique influence.

The one who is judged to be superior to Metatron if he is powerless.

I hated evil and sin and was classified as a hardened wave so I didn't want to come out...... He volunteered himself? Those who were familiar with Michael's personality had no choice but to express their concerns.

No one would acknowledge God unless they were serving Him, and the word "good devils are all dead devils." Without hesitation, Navall almost saw the fire of what to do here.

How much hatred for Yeon, who had made Gabriel out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! And...

Grrrrrrr! When a white, fierce lightning bolt appeared on the ground, with numerous wings bent backwards and red lips like a parrot, a handsome white face appeared.

[Alliance, All Eyes of the Bridge are fixed on Tartarus.] [Alliance, all eyes of Niflheim are fixed on Tartarus.] [Allies, all eyes of the 'Eastern Prince' are fixed on Tartarus.] [Demon society, Le Infernal society, oversees the movement of Malach.]] Maal's gaze is fixed on the tartarus.] Le Infernal's gaze, including allies, was firmly fixed.

I wanted to find out who Michael was so badly accused of.

I never thought so many people would pay so much attention to what I do. A handsome man with such a pale white face, Michael looked up at the sky with a cold smile on his mouth.

Taking into consideration a statement that was not physical like Agares, Tartarus trembled up and down, mixed with powerful spirituality in one word.

If so, expect that. Michael shouted loudly, almost clapping his arms like a singer receiving countless requests for anchors.

You can't give up, can you? At that moment.

Podmichael's new brotherhood has risen to the ground.

“# # # Woman“!? Ares and Hercules, who have been waiting by Yeon Woo, instinctively stepped forward. It was almost like they were headed to Michael Eardeen.

Chaaang! Grab it! Ares stopped on the way, not crossing the blade of the axe_held by Hercules with the sword he almost put forward.

Suddenly, Michael stands before them, smiling coldly. Pushing out two weapons with a spear full of blue flames.

"Hoho! I heard that two of Zeus' bravest sons went on to become apostles, but it's amazing!" "Unlike Ares and Hercules, Michael had a firm expression on his face, his tail was curling up on one side.

However, Siganxious. As Michael advances, he starts to console the spear. Even Olympus is pushing the two great warriors together with only their strength.

Especially as Hercules boasted that there would be no enemies in the heavenly realm if only for his natural strength, he became greatly shocked.

But do it or don't.

Michael pushes Ares and Hercules hard, smiling coldly.

Come on! The tip of the spear creaks upward, and an intense friction makes the flame splatter, swiftly turning the blade in between.

Pumpeng! The fiery statue (\ horn) strikes Ares and Hercules at once with an enormous bang, like a cannon. With every swing of the window, there was a thunder that sounded like it was going to explode right next to it.

Ares and Hercules have barely prevented an attack. But I can't let go of all the shock on my body. My body was pushed backwards. My head was all splattered and my shirt was all bloody.

A truly overwhelming power car.

Michael clears out the two leeches, and straightaway, he opens a space in the back of the stream and sweeps his lower body away.

Cough, cough! However, a dark red lightning bolt that fell from the sky brought Michael to his senses.

Then Yeon-woo grabs Beagrid by the hand and wields it roughly. A dark red lightning bolt cuts Michael's throat as if it were a flash.

Tsoaoaoang! But just before Beagrid pulled Michael's neck, the scepter comes crashing up, and it's blocked.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

The feeling of being conveyed on the beagrid was quite heavy.

Was Michael this strong? Perhaps Malach has more power than he expected.

In addition, I began to have new emotions from one side of my mind.


The desire to have a proper battle with him has raised my head.

Enemies whom Yeon fought for a while were closer to the enemy than enemies.

Instead of enjoying the battle, I had to concentrate on hitting their throats, so my unmanned impulse was suddenly sized.

Yeongwoo has only been in a relationship for a long time, but I quickly chased him away by checking Malach's power, which had no such big contact.

A series of lightning darts exploded.

Cough, cough, cough! Every time Beagrid swings, dark red lightning and flames blaze violently across Michael in one fell swoop.

All the decency that could have been avoided, or the power that couldn't have avoided the great injuries.

Michael said, "Not only was it easy to beat the violence, but it was enough for the liver to react.

Instead, it was the other gods and demons who were struck by lightning.

He had to retreat from the splinters that popped up everywhere.

The whole area is starting to collapse.

By the time the lightning had reached the Pole, Michael's prowess had reached the boiling cow's neck. As he descends, Vigrid enters the fray, intertwining blade with blade.

Vigrid and the spear roar to break each other. It was a tension that was not pushed against each other.

Do we have to work together? "Yeon considers a brief alliance with Kronos. When I started watching the battle, I thought I would end it completely. However, if there is a catch, Michael seems to have a hidden hand.


Jiaying! Suddenly, one side of my heart trembled violently.

The Wise Man's Stone is ringing.

Why do I want to do this? I'm narrowing my eyes.

I heard you have the most pieces of my bad brother!... Surely you're worth it? Instead of struggling, Michael smiled as he looked at Yeon-woo's breasts to see if she felt anything.

Yeongwoo's eyes narrowed.

Hyung-yeon said, "Oh, you don't know because you're mortal." Michael looks back at Yeon-woo and smiles with white fangs.

About Luciel. You're stuck next to your heart. That's what twins like me leave behind. Mi, a word I never thought of.

Luciel, the lighthouse keeper who once terrorized the Celestial World... No, Lucifer is Michael and his twin brother? But on the one hand, it made sense.

Why Michael is so abnormally strong, even though he doesn't have a special personality, such as a concept god or a creator.

I think it's best to stop now, uninvited guest? At that time, the arrow that tightly compressed Magi between Yeongwoo and Michael fell.

The power to just walk away from injuries is inevitable, and Yeonwoo and Michael push each other away, as promised.

Where they were, I was at Agarez, who had just completed the transfer to the mainframe. Beautifully spread dozens of pairs of black wings.

I've always told you. This is mine. It's only me who can taste it. Agarose smiled coldly, slightly wagging his tongue at the hand that was bitten by Black Margaux. However, his eyes were as sharp as they were going to slaughter Michael with just two eyes.

"Annoyed”, "{}" Michael tried to tell Agares not to bother and to get lost, but he soon realized that the rangers and Fenrir were surrounding him.

In each society, not only those who called themselves what they were, but also the members of the league suddenly appeared and looked down at him.

Especially the big eyes of the sub-Faust in the sky were lighting up like a torch on Iradomiel right now.

[All allies pay attention to Michael.] [God's society, Malach, calls Michael to a stop.] It's hard to have fun with Michael all at once.


Things that are not fun. I can't believe you made the red I found so cold. Michael sighed as if he were steam. He unravelled the banquet and plunged the spear deep into the ground. The vibrant blue flame that was burning cooled down.

Then, I smiled coldly, rubbing my hands in shameless daylight as if nothing had happened.

Then let's talk about it properly.