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2. Thousand Dollars (※ Cuckoo) (2)

The gods and demons who were looking at him looked like they were all together.

No matter how much pressure they put on you, how dare you show up like nothing ever happened.

Are they confident in their skills, or are they just so proud of Malach behind his back? I don't know why.

The problem was that it was hard for them to talk about it anymore.

In heaven, there was a reputation for Michael's personality. I thought it would only hurt my head if I listened to it.


There was one thing they missed.

No matter how much Michael calls himself in the heavenly realm, they still have a bigger personality.

The moment the group turns their heads with Michael.

It sounded like thunder was louder than ever before.

Arrrgh! Michael turns to his side in desperation, but he's already cutting off a handful of Michael's right wing.

A piece of flying paper rises up. However, as he was swept away by the light, Michael had to retreat with a stiff face.

Pase-Yeon smiles coldly as the white steaming beagrid drops to the floor.

“Did you think it would go away if you just asked me to talk? You're looking at me too waterlogged.” The other gods and demons looked at the kith and slightly opened their eyes, shaking their heads as if they knew it was going to happen. After being with Yeon-woo all these years, it was because he knew what he was boasting about.

The apostles seemed satisfied.

Only Agares and Fenrir burst into laughter.

"Yes. If you ask me to name a crazier person in this tower than I am, it's you! Of course, of course! Hahaha! King! King! Michael stares at the kith, ignoring Agarose and Fenrir, who make noisy noises. Then, I rolled up the tip of one lip as if it was funny, and I curled my lips with a red tongue.

"Can I look down on you for ignoring Malach? “ Malach must be ignoring me. ”Hmm." If you want to be a tyrant with me, Metatron will come to you personally, but if the envoy gives you a hard time...... what should you think about it? You think Olympus is a giant, a mercenary, and an ally of his, and you ignore it? ”Michael could only understand what Yeon-woo meant then.

Currently, Yeon-woo was not just an identity.

The deficit of Kronos (Cote).

The new Lord of Olympus, who sat on the throne.

A king under the rule of a missing Giant.

New blood vessels of polyps.

The successor to the Black King.

It was a body that ruled death and struggled.

There are not many beings that can be compared to God in the kingdom of heaven.

Although we have not yet achieved desertion and transcendence, there is no problem at all since we can try as much as we can now.

In fact, no matter what Yeon-woo said, Yeon-woo now occupies much in the heavenly realm and has no small influence.

Even though we have come to meet such a person, "being rude is like insulting Yeon-woo.

How much more do you acknowledge such fellowship and insult the allies who are with you?

Even if the entire alliance, including the alliance, were to use force against Malach, it would not be a problem at all.

Malach has a hint of Zeus' whereabouts... but in other words, if Yeonwoo just declared Zeus' position and turned away his interest in him, he would have to become a falling duck.

“Is that what Malach means?” So Yeon-woo talked about this.

Michael is silent for a moment, then steps forward and bows his head.

I apologize for that. Suddenly, I came into the world and saw the strong person, so my body was excited and my eyes turned dark. However, this is all your fault, and the meaning of this society has absolutely nothing to do with it. At that moment, I was a child with Yeon-woo's eyes.

Michael's confident attitude changed in a moment. Moreover, it was hard to see the egotistical figure bowing his head.

It also meant that he knew very well when to go out and when to fall in love.

"Therefore, if the king is angry, please forgive him in a generous manner and consider him lacking in this..." Michael's eyes sank deeply.

I hereby request that you receive this on behalf of your first value. He said that, and suddenly he pulled out his left shoulder with his right hand.

Phew! How can this happen without interruption?

God and demons both look surprised. Even if you regenerate it with a mystical power later, holding up one arm still means that it will lose that much power. It was clear that it would take some time for the condition to return to its original state. It is a wound that is never small to the body.

Nevertheless, 'Michael was speaking without a single glance.

I can't take much more of that.

[May God's society, the Metatron of Malah, forgive the disrespect of the Apostle.] Yeon-woo eventually apologized to Metatron, kicking his tongue lightly and turning around.

"At your own pace," you said, "at your own pace, pulling your arm out again." I saw you drumming and longing by yourself.You 're crazy as hell. The group smiles and nods in response, indicating their agreement.

Chronos shifts his clothes as he looks at Michael, whom he fearlessly treats from the Iranian army.

"Since I measured my strength by giving out one of my arms and know the extent of my alliance, it should not be a shortage of business`." "Chronos has expressed his intention to agree with the words of Yeon-woo.

He could see that Michael appeared to be as ambitious and violent in nature, but in reality he was as cold-hearted as he was strong.

The secretary's instructions must be somewhat. Malach's throne has always been famous for raising a few grunts. I don't know how many times I wanted to open his head. "Of course, Michael is not just a puppet because Metatron gave the instructions.

On the contrary, you have as many grunts in Metatron as you have in your hands as you have in your arms.

By the way, a man with that kind of hair and that kind of skill... I can hardly see him as well. Do you want to be our youngest, god-king? If you want to win the throne, you must be qualified.

Not only should he be ruler of Olympus, but he should receive respect and admiration from many societies at once. Of course, considering the nature of the proud personalities, it was never easy.

Be careful. He's no fun at all. Yeon-woo gave a bold nod.

What's worse than that in your hand? You can't carry that around, can you? Will you just give it back? “Why would you give it back?” Yeon looks at Michael's left arm in her hand and smiles deeply.


[Power, Hades' Necromancer 'activated!] Tooth in his left hand swallows Michael's left arm evenly. It was definitely one arm of the highest power that Malach boasted, so I could feel the power growing faster.

“It's a pile of dust.” Phew! How did this guy get out from under me? Ugh. Freak. Wouldn't beans be planted? Instead of talking…… -! Yeouido entered the temple of the King during the battle between Kronos and Tea.

Thank you for your patience. Michael appeared in a hurry to the conference room with only the scar on his left arm sealed.

While he was here, he meant to keep the courtesy of Yeouido, and he continued to respect it as he proved it. I couldn't find any more rudeness in my actions.

Let me start by not wanting to talk about your talents, and let me tell you what everyone wants to know. Michael bluntly said with a solemn face. A chilly tone that doesn't feel anything. Yeon-woo wondered if that's what Michael really looked like. The attitude you've seen before is more like a mask.

Olympus, and other places that are similar to the Bridge… ~ are all 47 spots that have detected signs in this society. Of course, Michael's eyes sank deeply.

They were all nonalcoholic. -I0 "Likewise…… He = The expression of the army and Nathaniel was stiff, and the apostles of Yeonwoo became a face of contemplation.

Agares and Fenrir, on the other hand, had become fun.

Even with the same alliance, the faction was unable to defeat the others.


It was never a small number.

It means that the placenta in God's society has been largely evacuated, even in places where the name is well known.

“A large army asked with a calm face where the damage was, but Michael shook his head.

"It's hard to tell exactly which society or character you're in.

Apparently, they were reluctant to reveal themselves outside. Of course, the stories of those who live here will not be told from the outside. "Is the New Testament the only place affected?” That's not an issue I can answer either. Again, Michael shakes his head.

But everyone was noticing something.

If the demonic society had been harmed, the first would be Baal in Le Infernal and Loki in Niflheim.

However, at the end of the investigation, there were traces that seemed to have moved to the same place at the same time. “Th, is that true?“ Where did he go? ” It's not accurate, but if you trace the rest of the coordinates... it looks like an open library or something. Tiaiaq > >! Everyone opened their eyes wide.

The Sky Library.

Where all knowledge and events of the entire universe are recorded.

All the gods, demons, polyps and giants prowled to the ground, but few had the honor of reaching them directly.

You moved to such a mysterious place? Everyone who sat on the crack? Besides, everyone in this room knows.

Who's there.

That's why.

Everyone's gaze poured out on Yeon Woo at the same time. Michael faced the same fate.

"You are the only one who has reached the Library of Sky, Summer, even in a world other than the Tower, including the universe and the other gods, and most recently, the King of Olympus. Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

"The king guessed something, and the secretary asked him to come and ask him himself." Soyeon could see why he had sent Michael directly from Malah.

If it were a simple report, it would be enough to use a separate message.

Or send a messenger, not an messenger.

But sending Michael all the way over here, consuming a tremendous amount of causality, that must mean he's getting a kick out of the case.

This is about a thousand horses.

Those who did not use it are all victims who have mastered the power of creation and suffered great damage from Heaven Horse. However, the secretary is concerned that the Heavenly Horse, who has been silent for some time, may be trying to reach heaven again. "So if you know something, tell me."

At that moment, Agarose and Fenrir couldn't enjoy the situation any longer, and their expressions hardened.

Looking at them like that.

Yeon-woo answered briefly.

“No, not at all.” Hmm. “However, I can assure you that Heavenly Horse does not intend to put his hand on the heavens.” Michael's eyes sank deeper.

"Why do you think that is, may I? [Metatron opens his ears and waits for Player # # # 's answer.]“ There's no need to worry. If a thousand horses in the first place was worth it, you wouldn't have to do anything about it. "Yeon-woo smiles as if it were nothing.

“Just a hand gesture, and there won't be anything left.” ~... Nathania and Mia all looked stiff.

[Metatron is definitely talking about Player # # # 's answers.] "You can't say no.

All I could breathe in the heavenly realm was the deep silence that Heaven gave me (because I saw it).