Second Life Ranker

3. G&a (3)

Yeon-woo remembered that much.

All gods and demons are left behind in the tower, and even the Black King is left in the void.

But what's he up to? No way.

Why do you bother doing that?

If Heavenly Horse is really up to something, there's only one reason I can think of.

"Bored," as long as you've been stuck in an open library for a long time, and you've chosen the celestial world for fun.

But he's not even a local kid. He wouldn't do that. Gbil 7Houtyeong took away "Pride" 099 The moment I was in military custody, I remembered the thousand horses and frowned.

The cloth I saw in the open air library was so liberal that I wanted to be a person who was bound by the law.

If there was something bothering me, I put it first and looked at it, and if I thought it would be fun, I touched it without thinking about what would happen later.

Curious monk.

No, boss monkey.

It was more intense than the impression that he had received from King Mihu's transgressions, the possibility of playing with the kingdom just because he was bored, and when I came to think of it, I couldn't cut it off just because he was not bored.

Possible, if he is. Cancer.

Yeah, maybe he wanted to have more fun with the sequelae of what's called a thousand bucks. Even Kronos, who had seen Thousand Horses at a distance in his childhood, nodded his head.

But he's from Earth? How is that even possible? As I recall, it's been here for a long time... Did you really go through all the time (\ peck)? As the mysteries of Kronos flow into question, etc.

After Yeonwoo was silent for a short while, those who were waiting for what he would say were busy looking at each other.

Y-you 're suggesting that this case has absolutely nothing to do with 2,000 horses? When I heard Michael's question, I came back to reality and gave a bold nod.

For a moment, Thousand Horses had doubts about the culprit, but they got it right again. It didn't seem like the Heavenly Horse was that childish or too short of an idea.

“Somehow the Devil has kept the gods and demons in 98 insects for quite a while. You can't deny that.” The gods and demons had no answer in advance. What they say here, they're just wondering what their pride is.

"Then why does the Creator go to the Library of Creation?" ”Is that him? Is there any hope of guessing something?

Michael's eyes are slightly dilated.

[Metatron urges player # # # to answer.] The other gods and demons stared at Yeon Woo.

“I don't know." [200 [Metatron is silent.] Michael closes his eyes quietly.

I will wait for the next day to be cut. Eventually, Michael's visit ended with no income.

It won't be long now that I have some of my twins. When Michael appeared and disappeared, all Michael threw was a sharp roast of softwood.


“Maybe_we're on our way, but I think we should get up.” Even the army and Natasha left the temple of the king with a stiff face.

Even their leader, the Jade Emperor, couldn't stay here until he disappeared.

“I wanted to see for myself where you were going.” Natasha was a very sad face.

Meanwhile, 'The pedestrian who saw Yeon Woo was so destructive that he was completely seduced by her.

“The alliance system remains intact. I need adra, too.” Yeon-woo did not intend to end her alliance with the archangel here, so she left room.

The Lantern army and Nattaya also nodded satisfactorily. We're not done with King Dongju yet. I could always start over if I wanted to find the Jade Emperor.

So I followed Michael to the heavenly realm in a hurry.

“#\ #::": “Go now." * Ares and Hercules, who had seen the slightest glimpse of the kite, bowed their heads in thanksgiving after hearing the kite's answer.

No matter how he made Yeonwoo king, Zeus was also their personal father, so he couldn't just let him disappear.

Similarly, Hermes bows in gratitude, and all Olympus troops ascend to heaven, except for the minimal force left to defend Tartarus.

"A society without principle. That would be kind of fun." It may be as dangerous as the First Earth Godmother, but Yeon worries nothing else.

Already the alliance system is so strong, and with the disappearance of the Creative Gods in a chain, it will be difficult for them to drool on Olympus.

If someone wanted to shamelessly massage Olympus, it was enough to borrow the body of Yeonwoo Athena and be strong.

By the way, Janet, did you leave without returning the apostle's duty? Then Chronos whispered as he watched Ares and Hercules disappear into pillars of light.

Yeon-woo smiled as if she hadn't heard.

That's probably the same for them.

“Tartarus is cleared now." Yeongwoo took a quick peek at the Temple of the Emperor and the Tartarus.

Just a few hours ago, this place was such a bust.

It was too quiet, like when.

Maybe this is what Tartaros used to have.

As if time had stopped, nothing could be found but the world of the still-minded dead.

In fact, death is a halt.

I mean, I've managed to manage that kind of death somehow.

In fact, I didn't know that there was no place in the world that wasn't more compatible with the rain than the rest of the world.

[Agares says he's here, and now that the distractions are gone, he taps his chest for attention!] [Penlor wiggles his tail as he asks to stroke his head!] Of course, Agarose and Fenrir, who had returned from afar to look like a young child and puppy, waved their hands very loudly over here.

I just ignored it.

“Is there only one thing left? `Yeon-woo turned the direction of thought elsewhere.

There was only one reason he came into the tower, but he had many purposes.

All these purposes have been eliminated one by one so far, and now there are only two things left.

One of them, Finding Your Brother's Soul, needs to dig deeper into the secrets of the dark, and it will take some time for the research into the sea of poetry to be more thorough.

The other one wasn't.

“Kill Allfoone. `Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

Every time he tried to do something, Allfoone always stood in the way.

Even when you try to deflect, even when you try to save your brother's will.

Even in the past, he didn't stop his father's path.

What if Allfowon hadn't blocked his father's way back then? No, at least if I'd listened to my father.

So if only I could save him and go back, nothing like today would have happened.

Staying true to your own beliefs may be a good thing, but it was inexcusable to force others to do the same.

Therefore, Yeon-woo had to defeat Olfowon somehow.

Meanwhile, I had to pull down what was separated from the celestial system and set a foothold to go upstairs.

I see what you mean. At that time, Kronos appeared, with Beagrid's specimen shattered.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

“Now we have to catch it.” Not at all. Because you've gathered enough power now and you don't have much power. Kronos nods satisfactorily. He also had a history of being beaten once by Olfowon, so his body was slightly warmed up to get it back.

“But there is one thing that worries me” What? “Catching Olfowon is a problem, but after catching it, we don't know how the thousand horses will come out.” Thousand Horses? Why is that? "Olfowon is the son of 1,000 horses. Chronos' eyes widen slightly.

It was the first I had heard of the Celestial Horse's children.

However, I still couldn't forget what she said when she broke up with Thousand Horses.

- Oh, come on. If you see your son again later, tell him I'm sorry.

At the time, I was a little nervous about who his son was.

I could now be sure.

He was able to clearly capture the substrate that was detected by the Heavenly Horse in the image of Allfowon when he saw Kronos' memory at that time.

The light.

Allfowon only exerts power in relation to light. The problem is that the only thing that stands for the light of the heavenly host.

It's a simple coincidence, to say the least. The bitter look of the thousand horses that appeared when they chased him out of the open air library, and the look of him full of wool was not similar to the previous ones.

Yeon-woo gave Kronos such thoughts calmly.

Chronos smiles and looks for his tongue.

If you feel that way. The higher you deal, the sharper the sensitivity. Maybe you guessed right. Then I narrowed my eyes.

Still, the Son of Heavenly Horse...... Do we really have to put in the variable the actions of Heavenly Horse? If necessary, it means that it may have to end up being captured alive.

But if we're dealing with an all-foursome, is it possible to capture him alive? There was a big difference between killing them and capture them alive.

"Well, at this rate, worrying about Thousand Horses won't be too late after winning. Isn't that right?" Yeon-woo nods.

In fact, no matter what Kronos said, no matter how much I thought about it, it wasn't going to be a problem.

Then, Chronos glances at the pond.

When will your colleagues introduce you to Iavi? We fought together all the time, but there was no formal greeting...... White one. Yeon-woo bent the ball with a detection.

It was an act of disregard for my father, even if I thought about it.

But still, introducing them to Kronos made me tired and ashamed.


"If he shows up, be noisy...!" But with the challenge of ending the thought of Yeouido.

Knng! Suddenly, the shadow of Yeon Yu seems to open, and it rises above Shannon in a peculiar way.

“Shit: 'Yeon-woo covered her face with her own hands without feeling anxiety.

Shannon's expectation of such a alliance (?) You slammed your head into the ground in an objectionable posture in front of Kronos.

"Death Lord, Shannon! I'm crashing my head into the great master!