Second Life Ranker

5. Thousand Dollars (※ Quench) (5)

“What a terrible hybrid. Chase!” The moment I first encountered Faithless, the impression of the Navel was very simple.

Hybrid (octahedron).

How one body could pierce so many souls.

It was ridiculous.

“I thought I'd done something about it since it was such a commotion. King Grug crosses his arms and smirks.

It was this morning that I heard that an uninvited guest had broken into a tribal village.

Some lunatic was in a frenzy from the dawn, but at first, a funny guy appeared.

The one-horned tribe has ruled in the tower for a long time as the 'best race'.

'Many clans and rankers have challenged themselves to surpass their subordinates.

Of course, every one of those challenges had to be frustrated.

Even with the one-horned tribe, it was a great honor for those who walked the dance. The entrance to the village was also crowded with visitors because even the favelas of the one-horned tribe could make great progress.

Then, someone from the tribe stepped up and confronted them directly, and if there was a recognizable presence, it was tradition to accept it as a dietitian, but if there was something wrong with it, it was tradition to throw it away.


Such traditions began to be disconnected after some time.

Precisely since the reign of the King.

The king was considered the most powerful of all the kings of the one-horned tribe, and the difference between him and the challengers was too great.

Of course, they couldn't be seen as arrogant monarchs.

- Anything less than a claw, why do you take it? Anyone who can cut it off once or for all.

In the end, Navall began to repel the annoying flies.

There's been a decline in the number of poor people, and there are none left but those who are truly to be acknowledged.

On the other hand, the visitor was now almost impossible to find.

But in the meantime, since I had a visitor, the King was interested in being able to ease my boredom.

I never thought I'd see a hybrid like this.

“Yes. Give me back my horn?" ”The king treated Faithless like a complete stranger. In his eyes, he was neither an old student nor an younger brother.

It was more than just a bunch of ideas, or less than just a bunch of stubborn gooks.

“Isn't that all I can ask for?" Cleanliness will still be alive. Prior to his full-scale war with the Red Dragon, the Spear Shin handed out his own horn in order to bring the one-horned tribe into an alliance.

Giving up horns means giving up the identity of the one-horned tribe.

It was no longer a tribal right, a duty, and it was considered a shame to let it all go.

But now he asks you to give him back his horn.

From the point of view of the one-horned tribe, there were no clothes on.

“Demand? How could you?” “The cost of the horn, the tribe, was not faithful. He asked me to join him as an ally, and he promised to listen, but I ended up as a bystander.” I was the one who defeated Ismereos in the end? ”“ That's not the case.

You didn't fulfill the requirements of cleanliness? ”“ What if I can't? ”“ I will formally call for a resolution to the meeting of the elders and elders. ”It's getting better and better.

“Do you think they'll take care of the back room?” At least some of you will. ”“ I've already kissed a few. ”You've got some pretty grumpy silver for your brother.” The one-horned tribe seems to maintain a solid structure centered around the king. And because each one is joyful and dandy, it is often regarded as not making much noise.

But just like everywhere people live, there is an endless rift between tribes.

This was because they were actually an alliance of more than 50 clans and families, united under a common ancestor, Soho Geumcheon.

Especially in recent years, some of the clans have also felt threatened.

From the Elder to the King, and the Fant Brothers, who have recently risen to a terrifying height. It was because the Chongram family outranks the other clans.

Of course, there are few objections and complaints about this.

First of all, no one is referring to the King for his well-being, but it's a powder keg that I don't know when it's going to be.

And now you're poking around like that.

Perhaps some of these light-high back rooms are already in a rush.

Do you think the King will have an arm? Laughter still lingers in his mouth.

“Okay, fine. What if we get the horn back? After that? I don't think it ends here.” I'm going to war. ”War? With who?" “Of course you are. The seat where my brother is sitting, I have to take it.” At that moment, the king suddenly opened his eyes to see what this was all about. Soon, he burst into a huge paan barn.

"You? This spot?" The laughter spills out, but Faithless is in the grave.

“I, too, am the son of the late king. I do not lack lineage, and I will regain my horn. So we're going to challenge the anamfatha.” The way to be king of the one-horned tribe is simple.

First, belonging to a family member who joins the blood of Soho Geumcheon ( Ph).

Second, the strongest of them all.

Even if_you bring as many factions and attract supporters as possible. After all, it is purely powerless to defend the chief's position. It was because the one-horned tribe was the founder of the shaman hole (the bone).

Therefore, the anamfatha had to accept the challenge unless there was a big problem with the statue, if someone from many blood types had formally challenged it.

It was because it was the first principle to support the tribe.


Only the strong will be honored and worthy of everything.

“I told you there's less inspiration to complain about, right? I'm not going to have children after I become king. And I'm in a position that I can't let go.” Then the next king will come from another family. After agreeing to this, it should not be a big deal to return to the tribe by the name of Faith, Plang '.

Through the bandages, Faith's eyes gleamed.

“So what are you going to do, sir?” With such provocative questions.

Bloody hell! The king said it would be fun, and he dressed up in armor.

“Whatever." After Faith formally asked for a meeting with the elders and the Senate.

What was immediately poured out to the king was the Book of Psychics.

Her voice was urgent.

"It's a trap!" I know. "Their goal is to create a one-on-one seat with you! They're gonna assassinate you there! " Who knows? "" Party "“! The tone of the spirit became satisfied.

She was always calm.

Recently, the same meal was repeated over and over, and as the 'time' continued to approach, she was increasingly impatient.

On the other hand.

The King was still bold.

As if it were someone else's business.

“My wife's voice is trembling a lot. It's been too long. I used to hold hands. Nowadays, I'm a very big lady. The King did not end up with a long word.

Then I smiled.

“Wife.” She breathed heavily about what was scarlet.

“Don't worry too much." Of course, not for long.

Burn! I don't need to worry right now + … 7! 4 “I'm the King. Nayu." I couldn't say anything for a moment.

Even now, her husband was too confident.

It's also against the looks of it.

Sometimes I hated it too much.

He didn't take his worries lightly.

“You said I was destined to die, right?” The king seemed to have a clear view of what the cipher would look like by now.

“I assure you, that's never going to happen." Faithless smiled as he left.


Do you think he knows? that he was also smiling at the time.

That smile was not a laugh, but a genuine smile.

An adversary.

It's been a while since I met you.

After the Summer Queen's death, there has never been a more interesting event as a king who had to endure boredom alone.

It was just that his disciple hit another gang somewhere.

“You have to abandon Bush in all that fate, don't you think?” The grinning eyes of the King are glowing brightly.

According to Kronos' opinion that Yeongwoo should make squites, she immediately embarked on preparatory work.

“How do I strengthen the beagrid?” Gather the ingredients first. “Ingredients?” Once the contents are in place. My myth is that you have it all intact, and my reel is working much better than before. “Then you need a bowl.” Yes. "Everything else is in place, which means there should be ore to beat Beagrid."

“So Vigrid…… no, what is Squite's raw material?” You know what? Adamant. "As well." Yeon takes a sigh of Gabe.


The world's most sturdy and magical material.

He knew how precious it was because he had already sought it once to make a quinee.

“Is Adamant the one you need, Adamantine Nova, to be exact?" Of course. What if it's not Nova? Like, "If it's not Adamantine Nova, where can it fall into the category of Ore?"

I thought that Yeonju's scope of "common sense" might be much higher than he thought. It was the same word that sat on the throne for many years.

“So how much do you need? Based on quinae." "For quinae, what did you do to those Cyclops? " Hegeman l_s. {} ~ "Shya. l: ′" A helmet made of crude stuff, and a real daytime helmet. Compared to that, where do more of them go? Ten times. [ It must be enough to change the nature of the beagrid. Yeon-woo covers her face with her hands without even knowing it.

He seemed to need a lot more bleeding than he thought.


I woke up slowly sweeping my face.

The red portal opens wide beneath your feet.

Where are you going? “It's not like Adamantine Nova fell from the sky.” I fell. "What kind of life did he have?"

Ugh... That's it. I was rich in my father's time, but now I have no chin as an Olympus. Adamant is not an easy material to get in the first place. " Hmm. I've heard it's true. “ So I think we need to meet someone who has Adamantine Nova, or knows where she is. ” Who are you? Anastasia.

Yeon-woo mumbled the name of the gumiho, who may not know where it is now, and climbed to the portal.

Not exactly, but he's probably on the 11th floor right now. I told you before that I needed something related to the hallucination (&] ). But what's the matter... What? Again? I'm sorry, but could you not tell me that I taught you this time...? I'm going to die like this...! I contacted Victoria shortly, and I was fortunately able to locate Anastasia's whereabouts.

[This is the 11th floor, the dream world's gaze. The 11 pests I found while cutting through the clusters of light were incredibly peaceful compared to any other insect system.

It was very warm like touching a soul.

A sensation you never felt before.

[The Legendary Beasts detect the wavelength of their strong presence and pluck their fur!] [The narcos check the wavelength of their presence and flee to a nearby hideout! All the traffickers kill your breath.] But unlike Yeon Woo, the transfers living on the 11th floor were not at all.

Transfers are closer to zero than substances. So, as my senses were very sensitive, I began to feel a sudden appearance of uninvited guests and fear.

It would seem to them that there was a huge earthquake that they could never resist.

“Huh? What's the matter...?” “Chel! Wake up!" “Oh, I'm gonna break an egg!” Because of this, players who were focusing on the trials on the 11th floor could not escape the distress due to the abnormal medieval transfers.

Yeon-woo knew that it would not be good for the crab system here, so she was just going to leave as soon as she finished her business.

However, there were several messages that filled the retina.

"Demibeast? Aren't they all dead?" All four of them must have been killed by a ghost during the war between Purification and the Red Dragon. Did he have any new recruits while he was leaving the stage? By the time I thought about it, I suddenly felt something approaching my place. The space was wide open right in front of me.

“I thought something was up...... Was it you again?” Anastasia is staring at Yeongwoo with a face full of irritation.

At that moment, Vigrid turns to Kronos and looks at her in astonishment.

Yes? Did you raise Leah's Poponia?