Second Life Ranker

6. Thousands (※ Pacho) (6)

At this moment, Anastasia's face was embarrassed.

An attitude that is completely different from what you have always seen, such as being cold or angry.

But Kronos doesn't know that. He's circling Anastasia and he's looking at her.

No matter how you look at it, you're right. At that moment, Anastasia turned her head sideways, avoiding Kronos' gaze. A cool band of bones was formed on the forehead.

You're right, you're right Hmm? Although Kronos managed to make eye contact with Anastasia, Anastasia continued to turn her head in the other direction.

Chronos said, "What's wrong with him?" I made a face, and then I smiled and laughed.

I reached my right hand forward.

The hand of Anastasia, who reacts immediately.

Yes. ~ >! ”Kronos glances at Anastasia's hand on the palm of his hand.

Anastasia's complexion immediately changed. Soon, she smiled awkwardly and turned to Kronos naked. Like an unoiled doll.

“Are you really... Khh... Lonos?” Then who does it look like? “Such:" "!" As Anastasia, who only knew Kronos was dead, she was devastated. Then I slowly realized that I was looking at him politely, and carefully asked Recronos with a stiff face.

So that little...... over there... No, is it? ”Anastasia almost swallowed what she almost said, 'Little one.'

But her expectations were soon shattered.

My son. At that moment, Anastasia could see Ming Aeak.

Behind Chronos.

I saw Yeon-woo staring this way in her wicked clothes.

[You have entered an area outside the tower.] “……… Sit back comfortably," Anastasia guides the wealthy to her home outside the tower.

Yeongwoo is a far roof and asked while looking at the street outside.

“Looks like the new entertainer has finally recovered, Fo-Fo?” “Your Nest" "{No. If that page hadn't broken it so badly, it would have become more hectic now……” Anastasia was still eager to make a loud sound when she thought about what was happening at the time.

At that time, Yeon-woo wanted to find herself, and the damage she took when she turned the entertainment area into a wasteland.

_Anastasia_and_Anastasia_have had to spend a considerable amount of time and capital restoring it because they are mixed up quite a bit here.

Especially since they are the ones who left in a commotion and it was hard to bring back customers.

Moreover, after that, he chased after his silent disciple, rolling around, and finally made it to Adamantine Nova.

I was still going to stop thinking about it at that time.

Anastasia. She loved Natalie as much as she had lived for so long.

However, the problem was that he found out about the name 88 that he never wanted to hear again even though he was dead.

I wanted to tell him to shut up about it, but I couldn't help but notice Kronos staring down at me.

Who would have thought, the identity of Yeonwoo, …… while coming here, Anastasia heard briefly from Kronos about what had happened.

Oh, my god.

Son of Kronos and Leah.

Plus, you became the star of Olympus...? Recently, I've noticed that the sky has changed greatly and the system in the tower has changed somewhat.

I never thought it would be like this.

I lost my back now, but Anastasia was once part of Olympus.

Of course, I had to open my eyes by myself.

On the other hand, why do I keep thinking...?

I felt so lonely.

I had some good news about the old owner I wanted to see and that Olympus was back to normal, but on the contrary, I also heard that Nose now has to be firmly dreamed.

“I'm sorry about what happened back then:” At that time, Apple of Yeon Anastasia narrowed her glabella rather than dropping the refreshments in front of Kronos.

She still has too much mistrust of the human being called Yeouido.

It's different.

“By the way."...? "You forgot to call me 'brother', Fo-Fo?” “This::!" "Call me no master.

Popo. "“ 00] Pair...! ”Anastasia changed her teeth.

Like a tray in your hand, it breaks.

What's all that? Instead of trying to drink the tea in front of Chronos, he hid behind that door and looked at the children staring at this side.

When the children met Kronos, they were furious and urgently hid behind him.

Anastasia sighed lightly and said.

- … fairy (%/0). " Fairy? Chronos opened his eyes slightly, then smiled slightly.

How could I smell anything like you? You have a hobby similar to Leah's. Anastasia 'Her head was slightly lowered.

I didn't speak to her for a while.

May I ask how you've been all these years? Anastasia nods slightly and opens her mouth slowly.

A calm, calm voice unlike any other.

In the meantime, the children who had assisted her were quite surprised at her appearance for the first time, but her eyes turned red one by one as she got older.

“Just until Leah first told me that Chronos would be somewhere, she and I... stopped him.” At the time, Anastasia cautiously opened her mouth, saying that Leah thought she was losing her mind.

Chronos nods' understanding. Even if they were in their shoes, they'd think the same thing.

The attempt to pull out the "reel" and send it down into the world was not something anyone else could do except themselves.

Previous life (a cow) was an unknown area that was not fully understood by the officials as well.

So Kronos' death was equally perceived to be death by the same gods of Olympus.

Instead of believing it, Leah was surprised to find Kronos.

Though I said as much in circles as possible.

Maybe Anastasia thought Leah was crazy at the time.

They were watching their children rob their husband of his throne right next to them. Hold it together.

“But Leah said she'd be back soon, so she calmed us down and left the tower.” Are you just going to stay in the tower, or are you going to stay in the sky? Ew > ° l |. "You must have been hit by a lot of things. “ Oh, no. ” No. What." Kronos indifferently snorts.

I don't know if it's the right attitude. At first, Kronos thought it was just like that.

He was born as the son of Mother Earth, lived as the prince of Olympus, and ascended to the God-king.

He had always thought that personality was an impossibility compared to mortality.

Sacred, relentless being.

They were the only ones who considered themselves worthy.

However, after falling to Earth, I repeatedly lived several lives, and the conclusion was "No."

In the end, everywhere I lived, it was the same.

I want more, and I want you to go higher.

Of course, there are some very noble beings. With a clean character, there were few who could be admired. But more jackals are busy biting each other, saying they'll have more. Kronos watches such sights so eagerly.

So the story of Anastasia's disappearance of Kronos and Leah's solid background was as clear as fire.

You chose the arch.

And wandered off.

In the meantime, in Anastasia, Leah was everything in life, before she was a 'master'.

A thankful being who gave love and cared for. She was a gentle mother hugger.

But did he suffer so much pain because he disappeared, and was thrown away in a lonely, desolate world? Eventually, her past memories and feelings would have been a scratch on her heart.

Trying to find something else stimulating to forget them all.

Probably drugged, drunk, colored, entertained.

Despite having this much strength and strength, he is also lazy. It must have been all for a baroque reason.

In Kronos' eyes, it seemed that Anastasia was drawn to him, how he had lived, how he had lived.

And Pepe? ~... I'm fine with green. On the contrary, I wanted to firmly believe and follow Leah's words. ”I'll come back one day. With Kronos.

Leah said that before she left Olympus.

Chronos grins bitterly and taps his cup. If there was flesh, I wanted to drink alcohol and get drunk. How uncomfortable the spirit is at this point.

“Yes, but Kronos said, Tell me, Fo-Fo.

It's a coincidence we ran into each other like this. Do you have a favor to ask? Anastasia twists her head slightly as she looks ashamed to say it. The balance is slightly red.

Tell me. "Anastasia can barely give her voice to the continued roots of Kronos.

“I… ~ 7 Hmm?“ The name is Fo-Fo. ”Po-po? Why? " If you can stop calling me that, "Chronos opened his eyes and smiled indifferently. Then, I turned around and yelled at Yeon-woo with an angry face.

You bastard! Stop making fun of me by the name of Popo! Aren't you ashamed of Fo-Fo, Fo-Fo? I think we have a tone of voice, "Fo-Fo!" Why is the word 'Fo-Fo' so powerful?

“Khh, Kronos...!” Anastasia's face now rises completely red as if it were ripe.

Stop calling me "Four Four"! I'm the only one who can call him Fo-Fo! You know we're ashamed of Fo-Fo. This personality has blown! Ain't that right, Popo? “U6 > >!" Ha ha ha! "The sound of Chronos' laughter echoes loudly.

Yeon shakes her head.

Who told you the toughness blew up?

Kronos' laughter stopped shortly after.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was able to organize her thoughts gradually.

Anastasia, Victoria's teacher and her secret hideout, had no idea she had this contact with herself.

On the other hand, there were many things that made sense to me.

Kronos asked why it was so hard to save Adamantine Nova.

“It would have been enough to get Anastasia to do it, 'I wonder.

Given that Anastasia has been a treasure (a bottle) and collected such soldiers, she wouldn't have been much different in Olympus either.

I'd still be sitting around pretending to bring you treasure, so how comforting and grateful I am.


"The frezia Anastasia called you...? `Around the time the accident of Yeon Woo bites the tail.

Although I've been playing around, Fo-Fo is not a pet. More precious than ever. Chronos sat down in the pond and took up a shrine. Don't treat Anastasia lightly. It was ridiculous as a pittance.

However, I opened my eyes to the words that followed.

This is your mother's identity. "What is that?" Your own mother shared her divine powers. Words I never thought of.

Your mother used to love that sometimes. He liked to grow things and grow things. Remember? Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

Obviously, even on Earth, my mother liked to grow plants even though they were not that targeted.

Occasionally, I took care of organic dogs or cats.

"Maybe Fo-Fo was raising these elves or spirits, or taking the transfers on the 11th floor was influenced by your mother. Especially since it's a place where all the pathetic things in life come together, it shouldn't be that different. Apparently, it's called a godmother here. Whenever Yeon-woo's disciple Victoria would not listen to her, she grumbled, but she reminded herself of Anastasia who took care of her.

And. ~ > LO ”At that time, Chronos spoke with a spirit so that only the kite could hear.

It seems like you've been hiding something for a while now... Keep an eye on it. Yeon-woo's eyes narrowed.

"What do you think? ' I don't know. But I'm sure it's about your mother. Ahh.!" At that moment, the day of Yeongwoo was stiff.

Kronos shouts at the sliding door.

Then Anastasia appears, opening the door waiting outside and bows her head.

“Yes, Kronos.” Anastasia tried not to show her face.

I couldn't bear to look at the reddened eyes.

Just like she told me about her life, Kronos also told me what happened to Leah, who had been quietly managing her emotions outside.

Even though it didn't work out.

I have a favor to ask you. Will you listen to me? “Mine is...." ”Anastasia takes a small breath and speaks in a polite tone.

“What is mine belongs to Kronos and his little master, # #” What is his master? That's never happened before. Anyway, we're going to recover Squite now. I need you to help me. “Do you need Adamantine Nova?” Yes. “How much do you need or dare to give?” As many as possible. Anastasia sighed a little as if she knew. Then he bit his lower lip tightly and said,

“It's not like the outside world.

There are limited resources in the world in the tower, so you might be able to get a few of them if you want to save them somehow... But it's hard to be sure of that quality- ” Then, is there no other way? Anastasia gives a moment's thought, then nods.

“I'll call him because he's finally doing business. ”