Second Life Ranker

7. King of Muskets (1)

Pepe? ~ ~ He knew he was good at business, but he said he was doing business? "Chronos opens his eyes wide.

“Based on Leah's legacy, I'm doing a pretty big job of adding mine.” The eyes of Yeon-woo, who was listening to their conversation, sparkled.

'So it really is the Buy The Table Identity 7::? "Slowly," perhaps, referring to the total number of Fregians.

Yeon-woo smiled without knowing it.

“Not only in the world of the tower, but also in the vast network across universes and dimensions, who would have guessed that the Buy More Table would have such origins," Yun could see how much influence her father and mother had before her birth.

Even when they were on Earth, they clearly thought they were just an ordinary family.

Of course, if there is a relationship between Mother and Fregia, we cannot force it on Wafrezia at this time.

But you can appeal to admission.

With the Buy The Table, we should be able to get Adamantine Nova from the outside of the tower.

Then I beg you. At Chronos' request, Anastasia nods slowly and stands up.

I mean, I've been a little preoccupied with the Fregians.

But I didn't doubt he'd be happy enough to hear the news.

“He's got a fucking ego!” The King smiles as he looks at the statue he just completed.

It seemed like a symbol of a great monarch who led the clan to glory, and I felt exhausted by his shoulders.

“My shoulders are too wide. His chin's a little thinner, he's a lot taller.

Who would call that anamenfath? And why is it so big? It's a waste of space. ”But unlike the proud king, the leader next to him wore his glasses with an unworthy tune. Then I asked Henova, who was coming down from the statue.

“Still, the correction is too much, isn't it, Henova? You spent more money than I thought.” “Inspiration! What are you talking about? Calibration! It's perfect for anyone to see!” The King took another step on the road, but the smith did not pretend to listen.

Henova shrugged her shoulders with a bear stand in her mouth instead of making excuses.

“I'm just doing what I've been asked. The man who gave generously is next to you. Ask him." The commander narrowed his eyes and stared at the king.

Ugh... This damn Chief! The last thing you did was burn to the ground as an excuse! ”Ugh! Don't talk to me, old man! Just like this body, huh? My clan? There is no great king to prosper, is there? Well, that should do it, right?” “Do you know you're doing something that Soho Geumcheon didn't do?" “You didn't want to do this, so you're doing this.” The King is' old power! 'I gave out my boat.

The smith had to suppress his desire to clear his mouth today.

But what can I do?

No matter how much I hate being the king of my clan, I don't think that's the case at all.

Just the statue that was completed today.

It's been a long time since the one-horned tribe settled in the tower, and that's how many kings have been expelled.

None of them dared to erect a statue.

It was because no matter how strong and great they were, they could not keep up with the work of Soho the Necromancer.

But the king broke the precedent too easily.

What do you think that means? What better way to show off that you're lower than your great-grandfather? Of course, the reaction of the tribesmen was nothing more than "ugly and interesting to watch."

But there's always something called opinion and procedure, and we've driven it around.

"Who would I be referring to if I didn't call him a tyrant?" "Besides, my tribe's opinion wasn't all that favorable.

Many families complained about the unshakeable and the hateful Qingram who emitted the elders.

However, since the proportion of the tribes and towers occupied by the King is so large, it's just that he doesn't react very much.

They were like an armory of gunpowder that blew up all the time.

If I pulled a complaint on the wick, it would be dangerous.

"Even though this child will never know it..." The elder frowned, looking at the king who was still unable to guess, and immediately got to the point, thinking that he shouldn't be swinging anymore.

“Faithless…… you heard that Plane's identity was returned from the Elders' Meeting this morning, right?" Oh, that? ”“ That? Is that what you're saying? ”Fan goal deepened between the glances of the blacksmith.

He was generally known as the 'Wise Man', but it was difficult to do so in matters involving the Selfless King.

“Is that all you can say about it? You said you'd take your seat openly, and now you're giving advice everywhere.” The King smiles bloody.

“Inspiration.” “What are you smiling at?” “Do you think it's possible for inspiration?" “Of course not! What a plan!" “So that's what I'm talking about, right?" “It's not that easy to see!” The Elder wanted to say there would be a trap. "It was the same thing that the cipher said.

Why does anyone insist on fighting obvious outcomes? I can't help but think there's something hidden in the cards.

Of course, even such a hand would have been ignored. The commander knew what a "monster" was. And in fact, the king has broken through and broken through with overwhelming force.

However, the problem of the stipend was the prophecy of witchcraft.

I don't know how much it weighs, but I couldn't easily carry it.

In the end, the commander complained to the King in a fit of anger for a long time.

As always, King Muang is busy watching the statue with his ears closed.

Then when the breath of the elder was a little rough.

“Are you done arguing?” “You white bastard!” The smith still seriously considers hitting the face of the godless who grins.

But even in that situation.

The King did not take his gaze off the statue - at least to the extent that he looked the same.

Faith, the moment she regained her status as a tribal member, immediately threw the challenge to the throne as she had announced.

Battle of the thrones.

This is a traditional one-horned tribal event in which only the victors here are qualified to sit on the throne.

In all this time, no one has challenged him because his skills are so overwhelming.

After a big event, the tribal members were already bright and red.

In fact, the throne duel did not take place in a solemn atmosphere unlike the name.

It was close to Dory's festival.

If a new king is born, it would have been a pleasure to have such a strong leader.

This is also a delight, as the king proudly proves himself worthy if he keeps the throne.

And under the blessing of Soho Geumcheon, both the king and the challenger were in the sacred battle, so it is also a joy in itself.

There could be no greater festival for the tribesmen.

Of course, not all tribesmen were happy.

“…… Brother, how did this happen?” Edora hugs Cinema with a stiff face.

Following Yeonwoo's command, Vibo (…) received from the tribe while serving faithfully in Artyria and continued to upset her heart.

The Battle of King and Faith.

This could have been her father and uncle's boss.

As a child, she had only good memories of the plan, and the reality was sad to go back like this.

I just hope that Sangchan doesn't turn into a bloodbath.

And so was the pant. He hasn't said much since he came to town.

“I don't know. You're the smart one, aren't you? Fant's voice was heavy.

“But I know one thing, I'm so dumb. He continued to speak slowly, verbally, that he was now the enemy.

“If my uncle was just greedy for the throne, I would have cheered. If my uncle had wanted to seduce my father, I would have supported him.

I understand your heart better than anyone else. ”The pant 'was still not greedy for the next anamfath. No, it was exactly the kind of passion that one day wanted to outdo my father.

“But that's not what you are.

He touched the things that were fresh and did things that could be harmful to the tribe. You put your self-esteem out of your hands. And...... I made some cancer medicine from behind.

I can't forgive that. ^ Fant still hasn't forgotten what Doyle said before he got here.

- Faithless is not the only one holding hands. Quite a lot. Among them... Anyway, be careful, Pant. Something's going on here. I'll keep an eye on the manners here, too. Intervene whenever necessary.

But Pant refused Doyle's offer at the time.

The principle is to deal with tribal matters within the tribe.

It was because I could never borrow an external hand.

But I never ignored Doyle's bride.

Rather, he was making sure they couldn't do anything else.

I've already been told to alert the outskirts to the soles of the Cheongram family just in case.

If they tried to do something as expected, they would intervene and take control.

Above all.

The pant prides itself on having enough power to do so.

“You're right.” Edora nods at the words of Panda, but she looks at him with strange eyes, wondering when he might have thought this deeply.

After struggling outside, it seemed like he was mature enough to disappear and become a family man.

That's it.

When the two brothers and sisters were silent, they were just keeping an eye on the village entrance.

... … Edora's gaze falls on you in the words of Ondapant.

Then, along the way that the tribesmen made, I saw Faithless walking slowly this way.

The body is plummeted in a dark figure. In addition, the ear (T ) wasp (90 ) was horribly grim every time I moved.

No one will be able to think of the previous day's shelter and confident plan in his appearance.

Moreover, those who followed behind Faithless were familiar faces to the Fant sisters.

"As expected..._I guess Jean and the White Shipkeeper are over there.” They weren't the only ones.

There were also Changgyugaga (# Forest ), Swordsman (Rukhee ), Signal\/6 ), etc. It's just that they're pressed against the Chungcheongby.But they're still pretty big in the tribe.

Meanwhile, 'I wanted to be invisible, but it was completely attached to that side.

However, Edora could not understand their choice. I have a hunch why I'm supporting Faith, but I still don't think she'll be able to win against the King. Is it okay to stand up to her like that already? I don't know what kind of pressure I'm going to get after the battle is over. No, more than that.

"I couldn't have avoided my mother's gaze. As Edora, the beggar welcoming () had just begun to become a newcomer (\ ), everything was a mystery.

In the meantime, Faithless arrived in front of the King.

A tight stream flowed between the two of them.

However, the substrate was completely different.

Faithless was as sharp as a well-sharpened knife, while the King was restless.

"Have you been in a bad mood, sir?" Faithless asked the question with a broken voice. I could barely hear my back.

The King was just sniffing around the Faithless and the elders of the family behind him.

“Well, I slept through the night. By the way, what's with the rattling behind your back?" Thank God, there are so many people who support me. ”“ I don't know what kind of street boss you're playing, or who you're fooling around with.

Of course, the elders' faces rose with shame. Some were trying to figure out what kind of mess it was.

“Never mind.” The King ignores their rebuttal as if annoying, and claps his hands at Faith.

“Come on. Let's get it over with and get some rest." No matter who sees you, you don't care.

Immediately, between the bandages, Faithless' eyes shimmered coldly.

Then the tip of my lips twisted greatly.

“I'm comfortable with that, too." At that moment, the elders of the Baek Seoin turn and shout aloud.

“The battle for the throne begins! Everybody back!" Dong dong, dong -! He frowned as if he had waited.

The tribesmen took a step back to clear the space for the duel to take place.