Second Life Ranker

8. King without King (Kojo) (2)

“You know what, sir?” ~ A vacancy where all the spectators retreated.

Faith smiled as she loosened her body before replacing it.

He was still staring at him with a fat expression, as if he was going to die of annoyance being here.

Faithless continued to speak boldly during the cold smile of the day.

“I never in my entire life thought I'd be able to stand here.” Woman “is like heaven to me. I was also evaluated that I was born well in the family, and I was expected by the adults as well... So I could have regarded you as my rival, just like all the other brothers, but not at all. because there was so much sun in the beginning, and it was only enough next to it. And it says,” I painted a thin arc line inside the bandage.

“So was Sun-na," Sun.

The nickname he used when he pointed to the sword.

It was the first disciple King had accepted when he wanted to awaken the Tongue Sword.

No, the Shredder.

"He was completely intoxicated by his brother's dazzling image, and he always wanted to be. I was the one who advised him to learn to do the work, but in the end, what he chased was his way. I ended up with my brother.” Eyes gleam brightly between the eyes of the arc.

A glow with mixed ears (wand ).

“It's not just me and Sun. Most of the people who chased radishes in Purity were like that, and others who looked up to their brother and revered him were frustrated. He left a very strong footprint in the hearts of more_people than you think.” The King motioned still.

I thought he was going to listen quietly because he left me a note. He was annoyed by the nonsense he kept saying.

So he twisted his head to the outside, keeping his legs straight.

“So what?" Again. He's always consistent. "At that moment, Faith's glow shimmered to a dark green.

“The point is simple. There are a lot of fans who want to be with you.” Right then.

Husband, stay back! As if a spiritual woman had found something, she exclaimed urgently in contravention.

Before that, Faith clapped loudly.

The King felt like all the bandages around his body had come loose.

Pa! The world surrounding the King has been turned upside down for a moment.

Then, when he returned to his rightful place, he was no longer in the arena of the one-horned tribe.

A world filled with light.

All I could see was the landscape of hills standing just like the endless expansion of the horizon.


Where Faithless was, there was a plan.

A little bit different than before.

A man with big, coppery muscles that will never be left behind, even compared to a pant. In his right hand, he held a black spear that seemed to be three metres tall, and in his left hand a single spear that was about 50 centimeters shorter.

The days of the so-called "shrubbery." Even within the tribe, except for the King and the Elder, it was hard to find enemies, and they returned to their fullest days when they led cleanliness to the best clans.

For the first time, King's gaze had calmly subsided.

"I didn't notice at all. `What this meant to him was never small.

The King has been acting as if the struggle for the throne is nothing, but in fact, he has been focusing all his senses and consciousness on Faith.

The same goes for the cipher.

She was guarding the village's boundaries in spirit (hall 7). During this time, she was looking closely at the gaps between the village and the tribesmen, as well as trends toward the various forces who would hold a grudge against the King.

Her eyes were never easy to avoid.

Although it may not be as close to the 'Cheonan' of Allfowon, I could boast that there is little I do not know about the situations within the tower.

In fact, the cipher saw Faith in the dark in contact with the elders, including the white sailor.

However, it was not evidence of 'rebellion', so I let it go.

And until this battle for the throne came along, I was thoroughly monitored, and I was done checking to see if I had anything as dangerous as that.

'Nevertheless, Faith quickly brought the King to another place.

It was definitely not magic.

The town's solution is to force them to release everything they need to do.

In other words, it was clear that this was a technology and power gained by Faith.


I don't know what I did, but I was sure of one thing.

This is probably their trap for giving her the "mortality."

"Is it bad news?” The king looked at the world of light surrounding him and asked. There was no sign of him anywhere that he was embarrassed.

It's amazing what you've done to avoid the 'Eye' of the Spirits.

I wonder if this is the only trap King has ever faced in his life.

Faithless, no, Moussein nodded, smiling confidently.

“Sort of. Do you know if it's a god of another world?” “It's great.” Black bastard, he accidentally borrowed some of their powers. ”Black man"? ”At that moment, a black mist rises beside the spear, giving it a human figure.

“Long time, no king.” One of the nine kings, one of the heads of the Dawood Brotherhood, smiles at you. But his eyes were glowing fiercely, as if they were going to swallow him up right away.

As a king, I could only fart.

“Is your nose bone okay?” “As you can see, In fact, I was the only one with low complexes, but no king gave me an excuse to build one. I wanted to say thank you to the godless one day. I never thought we'd get a chance like this. Haha!” The Black Prince blew up Faandao as if this moment was too much fun to die for.

How could I not? The last day, I could barely stand the pride of being hurt by him! The mission of the spies who infiltrated Janek's rock den was not simply to extract the hemisphere.

Beyond that, contact deeper, deeper beings.

The goal was to go from the Central Administration to a place called Mahea (Red\), meet the 'kings' there, and borrow their strength.

The Black Prince had long assumed that his players would never be able to control the tower, and Allfowon had determined that none of the transcendents in the heavenly realm would be able to.

To defeat them, we must borrow other forces.

That was his judgment all along.

And that was the right decision.

Thanks to this, I met one of the kings of Mahea, the "rabbit", and got the power I wanted.

This is one of those forces.

Forcing the creation of a conscious world around us by using serum directly from the sea. Forcing the physical world to create its own "sanctuary"! "And that's it.” In addition, Pacese is in charge of the current advancement.

That is to say.

Now this world can be called the Faithless Sanctuary.

The Black Prince was a force of his own, but he did not use it himself. It was because I thought it was more efficient to use it.

The reason was simple.

“My colleagues are the same.” Concentrating on the King, the black fog blooms just like when the Black Prince appeared.

And slowly, in the shape of a man, he draws his weapon together and aims at any king.

Each and every one of them was filled with a strong slaughter.

Some were shameless and black, but not outnumbered, or perhaps even inferior.

There are 99 of them.

And the 100th black mist bloomed between the Bluffer and the Black Prince.

It became a gumshoe.

He opens his eyes beautifully, with his five-pronged preliminary sword around him.

How's our stage, Master? Going back to the days when things were going wrong, we started pouring out contradictions together.

“Oh, my!” The king smiled as he looked at the faces of the 100 swordsmen, the shamans, and the Black Prince.

He said, "It was just familiar faces.

Those who once stood against him or were defeated.

They held a deep grudge against the King.

“How did you get all this crap together? He's really talented, man." It wasn't that hard.

When I told my teacher I was going to fight him, they all said they would help. There were even people who opened their chests and pulled their hearts out. "All beings who appeared here in the underworld were chosen by the strongest of those whom he had absorbed into the carnival.

So I'm proud that I can be a fun enough sport for you. “Don't you know that?” What is it? "No matter how much dust you collect, once and for all, it disappears completely." The arrogant remarks made a big impression on the dead.

The Swordsman insisted.

I know_ “You know what? And yet you do this?” "Of course it's not going to end here, is it? The Swordsman slowly lifted up his right arm.

At that moment, the bracelet wrapped around his wrist loosened and had a spear and an analogous shape.

I'm tired of what he used to call a sword, Gunnar.

The bayonet grabs it and stabs it to the ground.

['Kunir' has worked!] Gunnar was used by Odin, the Lord of Asgard, a divine society.

The characteristic was not just summoning lightning, the Necromancer.

If I had, the Swordsman wouldn't have been so fond of her.

Gunnar's true value lies in forcing Asgardian laws to be implemented in the Summer.

[A new trait has been given to the underworld!] [Attribution rate will be granted.] [Attribution rate will be granted.] [The Physique world is forcibly rising!] [The Physique world is forcibly rising!] [The underworld opens a bypass to the celestial world, and Asgard directly influences it!] Kukuqui! The world is trembling violently and filling with mysticism.

[The god of Asgard, Heimdall, has appointed you and Plank as apostles.] [Heimdall is coming!] [The god of Asgard, Valdur, has appointed the player and Sacandal as apostles.] [Valdur is coming!] In addition, as 100 dead were uniquely appointed apostles, the fall of their souls was fulfilled.

Because of the devastating effects, the world is becoming more spectacular.

"Teacher." The swordsman coldly worked for the King.

You will never get out of here alive. "[The god of Asgard, Thor, has designated the player and the line as apostles. Thor is coming!] Pawn job, pawn job! Papajig! The body of the Swordsman flashes into Thor's tumult warfare.