Second Life Ranker

9. Emperor of Pomegranates (3)

[Divine society, the Great Sanctuary of Asgard (Hornbo) has been implemented!] “I don't think I've ever had any contact with you.” The King looks at them with a ridiculous look.

Hundreds of them.

It was ridiculous and ridiculous.

If it were enough to set up a metropolitan area in the summer, it would have consumed the vast majority of the cause-and-effect rate that God's society had.

It'll take at least a few hundred years to fill that amount.

And then he tried to assassinate her.

Of course, the clothing had to come out.

But Asgard's statutes are as serious as any.

Nayu the King. "Thor, who has been the head of Asgard for a long time on behalf of Odin who has fallen asleep, borrowed a horse from the Mage.

I and this society have nothing against you personally. You are truly an outstanding descendant of Soho Golden Age, and you were faithful enough to realize the limits and vessels of our kingdom and to stay in the system. "Immortal" limits? The bowl narrows its eyes.

But Thor cried out, "Do you know the different gazes of such a king, by frying three yellow brains even louder?"

But that doesn't make your sins go away. # # #! You have left sinners in this world, the ungodly beings you call Cain. How can such a sin be so small? So we Asgard ask you for your sins. The King had a clear understanding of what was going on before and after and had a hot smile.

I don't know what happened between them, but she came to complain to herself after a night with Yeon-woo.


Dammit. You've lost so much foam, Nayu.

No matter how long it's been, how can I disappear like this?

I mean, this is like a three-time best man grabbing a pupil's ankle, right? As a king who still prides himself on being a minister, it sounded like he had a lot of pride.

The fact that he might be caught as a "hostage" made him even more angry.

Because of this, the King's head turned even more grim. In the meantime, Thor was using a rigorous vocabulary to find excuses for himself, but it seemed to him as an imminent nonsense.

“So I just cut off his waist.

Pussy ""! “Are you full of shit?" Wherever are you...! “Let's close that mouth and start.” Kwang! The king's feet are hard on the ground, thinking he's had enough patience.

Thor, like a natural warrior, leans back and raises his epilepsy even higher. At the same time, the shaman's consciousness, which had lent him his body, moved quickly, and the razor blade floated into the air like a flash of light.

Over-exploited! Even though every single one of the preemptive razor blades boasted 'powerful' power, I was reluctant to confront them.

'Even as if he were chasing a wingworm,' Furr-King broke all the preliminary swords with his bare hands. Then he reached all the way to Thor.


Torr, who had never thought he would move so quickly, was shocked but reflexively close to punching. At the end of the fist, his brain was tightly condensed and then exploded.

An enormous explosion that devastated the Great Sanctuary.


Pava Bak! The King pushes himself into the explosion, pulling Tor's wrist in one fell swoop.

The roaring brain, like Howling of a beast, rushed over his body to eat the king right away, but it wasn't enough to clear the solid barrier of the self-reinforcing machine ( only the drum knee) flowing along his skin.

What power! "Thor dares to set an example for the king who is trying to struggle with himself, but when he is dragged away, his eyes widen. How do you know that you are the\ best seller in heaven...? But the thought of Thor did not last long. Pretty soon, a big shock hit his abdomen.

The King's Knee fell to his knees. The pain is so terrible that I don't think my soul will break like this. Thor's mind is white.

“Sounds good," Wheyrick-Unking forcefully pulls his wrist back in the same way as he smiled and strikes the spot classified as a weakness, such as hit, loss, etc.

“Then let's sing the song.” Pufferfeng! The King's movements are clean as a whistle. With just a simple gesture,_Tor showed tremendous stature, his flesh bursting, his bones crumbling, his legs flying, etc.

Thor can't help but react. I've been so busy all the time getting beat up. Now I was in a hurry just to protect my body. There was such a powerful car between the King and Thor.

Thor! How dare you! I rushed into the ranks of other statutes that were worse than this.

Light! The King rolls his feet as he smiles. As the tremor rises, countless grains of sand splash up.

Magnificent strength compressed grains.

To the enemy, they said, "It was like a scary_scare.

After all, many of the personalities that came after it were burned and drunk.

The king suddenly squeezed Thor's face in his hand.

Between his fingers, I could see Thor's frightened eyes.

Fruit! The King empowered his grip as if he didn't need another word. Thor's head is smashed open, and his flesh spills down.

No matter how many enemies we meet, the vessel Thor sits on is a saboteur. He was the disciple he had raised himself, but he was not hesitant at all.

However, even though he defeated Thor with an overwhelming force of force, he was still frozen.

The personalities that remained were stiff and unable to make a move because of the fierce energy he was inflicting.

At that time, the King's gaze turned in a different direction.

The hills are quite far away.

Whew! I hear the bird's brains are clumping together, and Thor reappears.

His complexion was slightly paler than before, but he seemed relatively clean.

"What do you think? Are you still okay?? When King Aeyeo Ahlmu smiled coldly and asked, Thor kept his mouth shut. The same goes for all the other personalities that have resurfaced.

They were devastated by his skill that they could not even imagine was mortal.

~ Ghoul ““ A few grass) Thor was only able to realize what they were touching.

He was just a teacher of Yeon Woo, so I was just trying to pressure him.

I realized that I was wrong to ignore the existence of the Summer...

But Thor bites his teeth.

There was no place to retreat, and unlike Yeon, the King was alone.

On the other hand.

They were overwhelming in number and were able to resurrect at any number of times within the Sanctuary.

After all, the weary side is over there.

'And he must be eliminated. Even in this state, if we achieve desertion or transcendence...... we will have no place to stand. "Thor finally clears his mind, then slowly pulls out the water, Mulnir, and rushes back to the king. The maximum output of the brain was reaching the sky.

I was careless a moment ago... But this time I won't.

"If not, write 'it'. `From now on, the King was their official.

With a hundred powers pouring out like that.

“Bivat, why isn't this son of a bitch coming? Usually they pretend to be that smart, but they're useless when they need to be.” The king asked a question, thinking of Allfowon, who still does not snore despite the situation. Soon, he folded his thoughts and clenched his fists.

“Yes. Let's do it right. I wanted to try something new.” Grrrgh! After the devastating impact that the Great Sanctuary was about to fall.

While the King was dealing with Trojans and Mulnir, Heimdahl-Spear's spear, which dug a blind spot, was deeply twisted into his farthest corners.

['Hydra's Poison' is speeding up!] [Guia's Curse 'Contribution!] As the King was wrapped up in the world, the town was becoming noisy.

“Huh, huh? What have you done to the throne duel?" ”At first, the face of the tribesmen who were trying to watch the duel with a light heart was extremely embarrassing.

Along the vast arena is a hemispherical boundary that boasts enormous heights and sizes.

The elders, including the elders, immediately dispersed as much as they could, but instead of being broken, they absorbed the energy.

I couldn't see anything inside, so I had no idea what was going on.

Furthermore, the embarrassment was that everyone, including the white sailor, was dominant in supporting Faith.

“Baek Seoin Joo!” Immediately, the elder stepped forward, working roughly. The eyes of all the tribesmen poured down on him and his pale complexion.

“You need to explain exactly what's going on here!” “I, I would have believed you:"! "The Baek Sunbae master tried to make excuses urgently.

Throne Duels are a sacred tradition.

There's no way to break it. No matter how big the head of the house was, I couldn't avoid the punishment. How can a blacksmith not be as good as King Evergreen? If he tried to ask for sin as he was, he could not escape the great harm.

But his words didn't last long.

Just in time.

Excruciating! Suddenly, there was a violent roar from the outskirts of the village, with three or four pillars of fire measuring above the sky.

Protecting the village, I could feel the circulation of curiosity twisting as all the laws were being broken.

“Brother!" “Okay, hurry up!" Edora urgently calls for a pant and wants to leave. We didn't have much of a conversation, but they already knew what to do with each other.

The Pants are the outskirts of the forest where the raiders began to invade. Edora will be a spirit.

The sudden breakdown meant that someone had blindfolded the psychic.

“My mother is in danger!" Edora embraces the faithful and performs the hypnosis with all her might.

Tada_What the hell is "“? ”Frezia was, until Anastasia urgently found herself.

Her work has been very busy these days.

Various challenges and conflicts have been going on throughout the universe and dimensions, including the world of the main customer tower.

Though the causes may be different, the biggest hurricane was the reconstruction (00) of the world around the tower.

She was forcibly summoned here to investigate such restoration.

If only Anastasia wasn't the majority shareholder at the Buy More table.

No, I wouldn't have come here if I wasn't her best friend.

Above all.

One of the words written in the memorandum of her haste forced her to come.

- I found Kronos.

Frezia realized that it was really true.

"Apart from Po-Fo, I'm relieved to see you doing well. “ Are you really... Kronos? "Inside the carved wooden shaft, her eyes tremble.

"If not me, who?" “Amfrezia bursts into amazement in a short amount of time, her tears pouring out, sitting on the floor.

Since Leah tried to find Chronos, it's been a long time since he came back. How many times did their son say he was the target of his investments long ago? I had to wait for myself.

That's it.

Just like Anastasia, after a short afternoon between them.

… Adamantine Nova, you mean? ” Yes. I think we should make squeeze. We need as many as we can get. Is there a problem? Chronos did not miss the embarrassment in the eyes of Fregia.

Frezia hesitates without answering. Not at all like he used to lead the Buy More Table.

She can only answer after a short sigh.

“Hegemony, the main ingredient in Adamantine Nova, is now very hard to find in other dimensions and in space, not just here in the tower.” Hmm? Was this so precious? "There is a reason, but it is precisely because there is an organization that recently bought all the rocks and adamant that are expensive every time they come out on the market.” Chronos and Yeouido's eyes have grown. It is true that Adamant is a precious ore, but it was not easily handled. If I touch Prepaid, I'll only take heavy casualties. Where...? Where is it? Presia sighed deeper in Kronos' question.

"A sea of poetry.” The moment when AnaYeon woke up from her grave without even knowing it.

Bro! We're in trouble! Suddenly, the Apostle and Channeling opened wide.

It was Doyle.