Second Life Ranker

11Th. King (Population) (5)

Since when did "Anatta."

What she heard, even forgetting her name, was a 'voice' in a deep sleep.

At first I thought it was a mistake.

Please, Anantara. "The sound of voices.

I just thought that my heart was too deep for him to start bothering me again.

He won't, because he's not from this world anymore.

He was a hater... who threw himself across a river he could never cross.

Stupid. Who the hell am I to put you through this? That's why at first I just ignored it and tried to fall asleep even deeper.

Please don't torture me anymore.

Please make me feel better.

That's it.

I thought so.

Remember? When we first met. But the hallucinations kept going.

"I think we had a fight. And then Baldevich told me to make up, and he ate the lemonade that he gave me. He whispered to me memories that only he and he knew.

But now that I'm here to tell you the truth, it didn't taste so bad.

Right? "If I had hands, if I had ears, I wanted to turn my ears with my hands.

And when. However.

I used to be frozen when I lost money because I was robbed, instead of going up with a raid. I panicked for a second, and you told me to calm down and do this and that. But I couldn't do it.

Were you really cool then? It was so good.

Many other similar things happened. It's not our team, but there have been odd collisions, and we've been hanging out together from time to time. I felt like my heart was beating again because I liked it so much.

Tell me the truth. I thought that was a coincidence, but you pretended to be a coincidence, right? "The voices were sometimes mischievous.

This is why it's so hard for popular men. But... now that I think about it, it was fun to hang out with you, too. It was fun. I also melted my frozen heart with a warm voice.

You've always shown me the truth. Every time I think of the memories I just buried on one side of my head.

I wish I could go back to that. If time was like clockwork, I'd want to roll it upside down. Whenever the memories appeared, like a picture or two, I felt a new spring of water.

Maybe... … you won't wake up either. Then he spoke in a bitter voice.

"I understand. I did the same thing. I've always wanted to play around at the same time. These were the hardest days for me... but the happiest and happiest. I never wanted to get away from that. and consoled her.


But Anantara. I wanted to remind her.

There is no turning back time.

Where we are.

These are the times that Holler has wasted, and the things that have gone unnoticed.

No matter how hard you try to run, no matter how hard you look at it, you'll never come back. Every word of it pierced her heart.

I wanted to scream because it hurt so much.

But there are no screams.

Let's just bury the days we've suffered. Instead, why don't we create happier, happier times? The hallucination touched me that even such wounds would now heal.

"For us." Pain was diluted little by little like a lie.


I felt like I saw something.

You have a daughter? > At that moment.

She - Ananta feels like the world surrounding her is falling apart.

And when he raised his head, he was there.

The face I always dreamed of.

Cho Jungwoo...... was smiling, looking this way.

How long are you going to sleep being a mother and trying to find your daughter? This is a conscious world.

Cha Jungwoo's monument knocks her unconscious to wake her up.

She's finally responding to the voice.

Cho Jungwoo knew that Ananta had woken up, and said that first.

A playful speech. It was often seen when they were climbing the tower together.

Anantara's eyelids tremble as she recalls at that time.

My eyes seemed to get wet by themselves.

Anantara smiles, rather than grinning at the eye area with her hands.

It didn't suit him to shed tears here.

Rather, I grumbled as I held out my lips.

"That's not for you to say." That's right. It's not the old days, and I don't know which fathers leave their childcare to their mothers these days. He's a bad father, isn't he? Cha Jeong-woo slowly approached Ananta.

I mean, what I didn't know in the past, what I left out……… can you help me start over? I'll be really good at it from now on. Anantara glanced at Cha Jong-woo's hand. I wanted to hold it so badly, but the hand I couldn't hold was right in front of me.

So she tries to catch it, and I don't even know it, and she nukes it one second back.

Dislike: > ~ -.: Woong? For the first time, Cha Jungwoo's face felt confused.

Anantara feels relieved inside.

“I've been desperately waiting for you, haven't I? And now, when you say you're coming back, you think I'm going to come and get you? Wake up. ' Well, then, what should I do? It must have been Anantha who always longed for the attention and love of her opponent.

It was different now.

Anantara is growing, and Cha Jungwoo is clinging to her.

"Well." Ah, Anantha...! While Cho Jong-woo was drooling, Anantara walked ahead of him.

Cho Jungwoo had to hesitate without getting hold of her.

At that time, Anantara's steps paused. She glances back and puckers her lips in a blurry look.

'Let me think.` That | then: Shhh:! It was then that Cha Jungwoo was about to say something.

Karma... I thought I heard that voice somewhere.

Anatta and Chachow lift their heads at the same time.

Become a hard worker.

“Get... away from my daughter!” Get... away from my daughter! "As soon as Anatta woke up, my horse was very cold.

But it's been years since I woke up. My whole body was groaning.

The always overflowing power of the dragon became very narrow like the stream, and it was too weak even without much strength. Maybe it would be terrible to open a window. There was no place that didn't hurt.

I picked up a sword that fell off the ground and stuck it in Troy... but even it was too heavy.

But Anantara did not care at all about her condition.

I was just angry.

My daughter.

Are you trying to... hurt my daughter? Dare? Though she wasn't born with a stomachache.

She was born with a heart.

I loved him more than anyone in the world, and I couldn't stand the fact that someone tried to hurt him.

And the fact that he stayed asleep until he was put in this dangerous situation, he just hated the way he looked.

You don't deserve to be the mother of a child.

And it was the same with Cha Jungwoo.

A daughter who, even as a father, had never even known her cousin.

I couldn't let the poor child who could not hold her once with these hands and could not stroke her head again.

From now on, it will be different.

If you can't be a father and protect your daughter.

If you can't protect your family.

How can I be a father? So.

Both of them shouted with one mind and one mouth at the same time.

“Umm... don't? Dad?” Sesha could open her eyes to the fact that she had always wanted to wake up and save herself, but at the same time, she could see someone else overlapping side by side.

A person who resembles Yeon-woo's uncle but has different, warm eyes.

He was wrapped in glowing armor and white wings, creating a thicker and wider shade than anyone else in the world.

And Cesha was able to figure out who he was.

“Mom! Dad!” Sesha summoned the two of them with teary faces, but smiling brightly. The trauma that had plagued her has been disbanded and disappearing like a lie.

“Daughter, wait a little longer. I'll get you some.” Daughter, wait a little longer. I'll get you something. "Ananta and Cha Jungwoo said that with the same voice again. While I was looking at Cesha, she was limitless.

“How dare you touch my daughter?” How dare you touch my daughter? When I look back up at my enemies, He had a fiercer look in his eyes than ever before.

“I'll make you regret it.” I will make you regret it. "Pa!" The two of them moved alike.

Cha Jungwoo awakens, possessed by Ananta, and fills her shortage of weakened strength and magic.

There was no difference at all.

At one time, it was possible to move with one mind because the innards knew about each other as well as the two men who were the irresistible tolerants in the world of the tower.

"Oh no! Shit...!” My heart is pounding and I'm leaning back with the blood flowing. Fortunately, I was able to twist my body instinctively before being ambushed to avoid injuring my heart, but now I'm close enough.

The problem was that Anantara never let him go.

Apparently, I heard from the hyena that he was an unconscious vegetable.

Was he actually hiding his condition? Whatever the reason, we needed to overcome this situation now.

But Anantara was too fast.

The dragon's wings, which had been shrouded in the back skin, were slapping the air at random, giving off a brighter glow than ever before.

"Like the wings of the sky and the waves of light, the world was turned upside down when Jen 'Troy remembered the appearance of Heaven Wing one day. And he was completely unconscious, blinded by the white flashlight that filled his eyes.

It was the last thought that the Red Dragon, the Black Dragon, and the White Dragon had a great interstellar who, once called the Hawk Eye, used to wield unstoppable power while changing their membership without ever standing.

Kuaaang! The beam of light emanating from Anantara's sword swoops across the room like a spider's web, sweeping the enemies away in no time.

A whirlwind blows. As the fires and black ashes fly, Anantara glances at the dragon's eyes and stares at the remaining enemies right in the center.

At that moment, the players and rankers of the White Dragon became incredibly firm.

The thought that they shouldn't have touched without knowing it, seemed like the warning was mapping in their heads.

“What the… |!” “Uh, uh, how...?" It was a very familiar energy for those who had been bound to the Five Red Dragons and commanded by the Summer Queen.

And it was an energy I didn't want to think about.

Dragon Pier (0002800 8680.

The unique energy of the polyp that stimulates the fear engraved on the genes of all subspecies in the world.

The air was zipping off.

I choked. Even though I became an unbelievable face, I couldn't keep up.

The world was stopping.


You can see Anantara from behind the battlefield, clearly in the field's view.

Behind the scenes of Heaven Wing Chongwoo! “Jill.” Jill Angry. "right?” Will it work? "Ananta's neck was spinning with a sharp needle.

As if it were indicative of the remaining lifespan of the intruders.

Number one.