Second Life Ranker

12. Undying (Pomegranate) (6)

"Let's get this over with as soon as possible. `Anantara has completely overwhelmed her enemies, but has not lost her cool.

I've been chased around Valpurgis' night for a very long time, so imito decided the situation calmly.

And from what she saw, Earth war was never possible in its present state.

Even though Cha Jungwoo's monument expanded its magical power by spreading its wings, there were limitations.

Maybe Cha Jungwoo's memorial wasn't completely restored either. As time went on, I was concerned that the more I could recover from the winter, the more confused I was.

So Anantara demanded a speeding ticket.

Chae Jungwoo answered, "I see."

The Dragon Pier, created by two dragons, was soon strengthened with Freshman 01688000) and gained tremendous weight.

They hurl themselves at the frozen bastards.

The origin of the White Dragon in the beginning is the Red Dragon. Aren't they the ones under the Summer Queen? Of course, the dragon's power was much weaker.

Every time Guarruh-uh Ananta wields his sword, the debt flock explodes with his sword.

The waves of light.

At one time, every time the numbering skill that terrified the Haven Wing and eventually turned it around to eight clans, the members of the White Dragon clan were wiped out.

“Oh, shit……!” Why is Haven Wing's technology working on her? "” “Y-you have to back off...!” Many of the clan members stagger backwards. They always went out to get a chance to fight back, because they never went out to get swept away by a pile of saturation in vain, “What are you doing, you lunatics? No way to stop them!” Stay back from here, and we're all dead! ”Let's go! Whatever it takes!” But the captains of the White Dragon tried to stop Anantara at all costs.

They knew instinctively.

You miss your chance to strike, and there's no turning back.

It's only a matter of time before the situation in Onehorn Tribe enters Artiya.

They sent reinforcements to know it was over, so they had to somehow eliminate Anatta or capture him alive.

Luckily, some rankers with Scan abilities noticed that Anatta had an unlikely amount of magical power, and rushed to grip her teeth to catch her.

The war against the White Dragon began now.

“Oh my… blah…!? Rather than pandering and puffing, Kurtz realized that the situation around him was not unwinding.

Even though she had a personal grudge against the one-horned tribe, she was never a fool to judge the situation.

If so, it would have been a hundred times more devastated by the brutal attacks of the Artyrians and the Phantoms.

She said, 'As I learned from Mother Summer Queen, I was determined to look at everything calmly and quickly come to a conclusion.

It has been a long time since I decided that the raid on the Onehorn Tribe will end in failure.

But I got involved to secure Anantara and Cesha's recruits in the middle of a marriage like this.

I was encountering Panthers using blood mines, but I did not decide to retreat quickly, because I thought I could succeed the operation if I just held his feet.

But I can't believe Anantara's gonna wake up! I don't know what I did, but I was spraying the waves of light with the wings of heaven.

I felt that my complexion was pale and dull, but it's hard to subdue if I stay like that.

The problem is, even if you try to do it yourself.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fant ridicules her thoughts like a bloody minefield.

Bloodline taxes. The feast of blood mines, which is to tear apart everything it touches and toss Bush away, tries to scratch the bread.

At that moment, Ts' body richly bloomed petals made of strong force around him, and he painted a pale pink reflection.

Chronicles (\ mo). - Every time I moved home, I managed to avoid the lightning bolt with the development of a metaphor and self-immolation.

Nine identities disappeared in an instant because the power of the bloodstream did not end there, but because it spread fiercely to the ground and exploded in all directions.

And as black smoke and ashes blew away, Pant ran up and down like a bull, forcibly hugging her widow.

Asleep activts tried to drop the pand somehow, inhaling Haram in a desperate mood. He knew better than anyone that if he got into a power struggle, he wouldn't stand a chance.

So I forced the strength into my mind (Root, >) and beat the back of the pant countless times.

Light! “The Quick Face Plate is not at all dazzled by the attacks that may break its first spine, and as it races around, it crashes into an azurite tree in the vicinity.

Even within the tribe, the tree that had been classified as a new tree had been broken so easily that it fell behind.

In the process, my breathing was short-lived and I had only collected the energy.

The pant does not miss the gap.

With one determination to completely silence the waist and ribs, I gave my arms strength.

At this time, there were no new challenges for running blood mines.

Fruit. Fruit. I had to feel something clever and crushed in my body and suffer.

What was even worse was that there was no screaming at all.

We don't know if the vocal chords are severed or if the lungs are cleverly tightened. Being unable to make a sound involves much more mental pain than I expected.

Then I'm going to fade into consciousness a little bit.

“I can't... do it!? He grips his teeth. When that didn't work, I bit the back of my tongue hard. I thought my tongue would be crushed, and the stench of ragged blood rushed to my mouth, but I woke up early.

^ Myself "" My Lady “": How did you get here……! "No matter how bitter you are, you hear the cracking of your jaw.

"Mom! Dad! `I still couldn't forget.

I remember my parents who had raised themselves hard in a slum where everyone said they were dirty, one by one.

After burying them without a proper grave, I could see the days when I had to flee from the one-horned tribe that was chasing me.

I did not achieve any revenge at that time. I couldn't have fallen like this.

No, not without something else.

Mother Summer Queen's maintenance had to be achieved at all.

He doubted that his will would remain with him someday.

But he gave thanks for giving him a new life.

It was never possible to throw such a life away in a place like this.

So, as it is almost a crime to come here, I forcibly hold the Mana Circle and disconnect, wondering if the shape will remain intact.

I didn't have to be dazed.

Just a handful.

With just a handful of magic...! At that moment.

I'm sizing up like a fucking eyebrow with the eyes of the Knuckles.

Light bulb (8 & 8).

Just as the candle grew big before it was extinguished, Wangs maximized his magical power by pouring out all of his life on the remaining handful of magical powers.

Of course, the internal air volume has exploded.

He tried to free himself from the restraints of the pant that had forced him to imprison himself, not completely destroying other parts of the body that were fine.

Kukuku-! As the fierce struggle between the two builds up, an upheaval erupts.

And of course, the victory was leaning toward the vortex.

In the beginning, Pants couldn't bear to suffer her, as long as they decided to consume the life force of the Celestial Guard in situations where the aerial gap was a little bit prevailing.

“You fucking bitch!” The pant yelled at me to see if it was annoying.

He gives a note to Seog, expressionless.

We need to get this intruder out of sight before we can take Anantara and Cesha. It was not too late for the treatment. Perhaps you don't know, but this shinglelight brigade will only last a year or two... but it was enough to complete all the revenge I had left.

Heartbreak (+ d). Even within the one-horned tribe, it was a shameless shaman who boasted of the devastating power and put the casters into jeopardy, but there was nothing in the yard that had already caused the gyre.

"Mother's care...!" Until then, what remained in Tsu's head was the idea of getting revenge for the summer queen somehow.

Phew! Finally, the pant vomited blood and drooped all over the floor for a long time.

She flies to where Cesha is, like a spill.

Noticing that, Anatta quickly moves her wings and blocks the way ahead of her.

“I'm going to get you first." Get lost, you crazy bitch! ”That's when the two bullies tried to cross.

Grrrrrrr! Suddenly, a black dome rains down from the sky.

He realized it was clearly an attack he was aiming for, and had to step back. At a time when time was running out, we had to attack side by side somehow. The force that was sensed was so intense.

Kuku! It's different. As Tsu had anticipated, the black oom melted down everything he was touching as soon as it burned to the ground. How deep she went, and where she was, there was an invisible abyss.

Just looking at it, my gaze went up into the air. Anatta raises her head in a hurry, and they can see.

A lotus on top of a Bone Dragon.

Hyung-1 [At that moment, Ananta has the same face as Cha Jung-woo, but the atmosphere is completely contradictory. Then I heard Cho Jungwoo's words and clenched my fist.

I've always heard it from Cesha in my sleep.

You saved yourself and your daughter. And thank you for getting Cha Jung-woo back.

I felt relieved that I didn't have to worry anymore.

On the other hand.

The look on his face was hard.

The Bone Dragon on which the kite stood was so familiar.

Summer queen.

It was only a pity that she closed her eyes, not the remains of the deceased Mother, and she couldn't rest comfortably. And I was angry with Yeon-woo for doing such a vicious feather.

But do it or don't.

Yeongwoo fell from the Bone Dragon, just as she was holding her arms together.

“Declare a Realm.” Then, as the shadows spread widely across the ground, the corps of the dead rose up one by one.

[Realm 'Bina' Declared!] Dis Fluto, along with Athena, was Olymposco, and the Dead Giant was brought back to Tartarus, and the only thing here was an undead created by the majority of the sub-Faust.

The White Dragon was already in a state of great power, and he was in a state of confusion.

Those who were damaged by the waves of debt scattered by Gator or Ananta were forced to take a stronger blow.

Moreover, the shovel from the shadow was their ankle, and how hard it was to get rid of it in the barrel tied to the limbs. The shadows bleed too late and even suck their bodies inward.

“Oh, shit!” Aah! Magic! Magic won't work! ”Plus, the bu-fast's Inferno site faced them in the air and built a massive barrier across the region.

As long as it is encased in it, the White Drag straightaway escape was impossible. Even if I tried to practice the narcotics, I was forced to be cannibalized and manic and panicked.

The knowledge of the tower, as well as the magical ability of the sub-Faust absorbed into the Emerald Tablet, has already reached a point where it is hard for any single player to guess.

Already they were like rats in a poison.

Just like that.

Tsu had to bite his teeth.

Since the moment Yeon-woo revealed herself, she realized that it was already over.

But I'm not going to admit it. I'm going to try my last move.

My favorite - Suddenly, the Bone Dragon suddenly twists its wingbone wide and attempts to descend this way at a rapid rate.

I didn't know how the Bone Dragon would come out, so I made a hard impression. I try to draw magic with my fist, but the Bone Dragon is surrounded by light and tries to make a polymorph.

Then my face became stiff.

It was there that I thought I'd never see you again.

“How..." Money? "Tsu acted naked for a moment without understanding the situation.

The Summer Queen made a long spill, and without hesitation, she almost touched Tsu. The Hellfire, boasting the best of the fire system magic, spills to Ts.