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13. King without King (Joe) (7)

Tak! "Hello? Galilee asked as she watched the swamp landing slowly on the ground.

I had to endure an ambush, so my whole body was full of tiny whiplashes. However, I did not like the look on his face because of the fact that he almost put his first Sesha at risk.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

Galilee explained the situation in a voice full of guilt.

“As you can see, the situation is not so good. Fortunately, it was a lot easier when you came... But I don't have a neck.” "No. Well done. Rest for a moment." Yeon looks around the crowd, tapping on Galilee's shoulder. But his face was stiffer than usual.

I've spent a lot of time in the tower, but I've never been more angry than I am now.

It was the only place in the world of towers filled with memories.

It's mostly just a beaten memory, and it's the first place I had a relationship with my teacher, even though I grumbled and grumbled.

It was also a place where Anantara and Sesha were treated as family.

It is like a "home" that is no longer left on earth.

But I never thought I'd end up like this.

In the first place.

Until Yeon received Doyle's message, she did not care much about this matter.

However, when I heard everything, I could not stand still.

- I've detected all of their movements. But it's unusual to move together. Even the Ham of the Dead, the Darwood Brotherhood, and the White Dragon... I'm not sure if they're moving so organically, but I think there's a line inside the one-horned tribe.

There's an inside man in the one-horned tribe.

It was never a joke.

In addition, Doyle was immediately contacted elsewhere.


- Uncle, Asgard's movements are unusual. Rumors are swiftly circulating that all communication systems have been cut off in the sky and society has been shut down. We're working on it, but just in case.

Faithless, then Asgard? Could this be a simple coincidence? They had no contact at all.

Yeon-woo strongly felt that none of this was a coincidence.

And if that feeling was right, it was never going to be easy.

That means their plan to assassinate King is much larger and more sophisticated than they think.

Doyle eventually announced his intention to move the Laputa out of the tower. I was already prepared, so I was going to move as soon as Yeon-woo gave me permission.


- No, Artiya's falling back. I need to do something else instead.

Yeongwoo has a strange notion that she has stopped her march on Artiya.

And Doyle, like an apostle with a bright head, could see that there was another target on Yeon-woo at once.

Behind your back.

- 'Dongkollllll ^ Perhaps Doyle and Artiya have been faithfully carrying out their separate instructions by now.

The same goes for Athens.

We'll start by looking at the overall trends in the celestial world, and if there is a suspicious air flow in Asgard, we've even given permission to deploy our troops immediately. Allied forces have confirmed that they are willing to help.

So it may bring extreme tension to the domestic world that has already been fragmented by Yeongwoo's epilepsy... … but now was not the time to consider that.


Both the Summer System and the Celestial System are moving rapidly according to the instructions of Yeouido.

Yeongwoo appeared directly to the villages of the Onehorn Tribe, and began to move a legion of Declared Realms and Summoned Dead Men to wipe out the enemies.

The army has already fought with many opposition, such as the chaos of the crawling goddesses and the earthly gods. No matter how high the White Dragon level was, it was only the basis of the summer, but it was nothing compared to them.

“Don't leave any of them out. Eat them all.” The Legion of the Dead quickly defeated the players of the White Dragon in order to fulfill Yeon's orders and created an Abigail Cycle on the ground in an instant.

Then I noticed something strange about Yeon-ju.

'Then why is he invisible?` It was clear that Cesha et al. was in crisis, so she could have figured it out somehow, but she didn't seem to notice.

Even after checking the pairing, it was only perceived as weak, and it was not able to convey a message about what it was doing. It was the same as before.

“That's why the sea of poetry is moving so strangely?" Does Yeon-woo need to check how quickly she got back while she was taking Olympus back?

But that was later.

Now I had to quickly identify and deal with the public of the enemy.

At that time, the Monument of Cha Jong-woo called Yeon.

“You: {:!" Yeon turns her head toward you, her face hardened to the familiar voice. I tried to bruise it, asking what the hell were you thinking. As far as he knows, he's still at risk of exposing himself.

I was worried that if I kept on in a crowd, I would disappear. Thus, even if he later recovered his soul, it was impossible to recall the old memories.

However, Yeon-woo did not speak for long.

After realizing where Cha Jong-woo's monument is, Anantara is awake, staring at the pond. Sesha never intended to fall into her arms.


"You-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you sound

I opened my eyes wide as if I couldn't believe Cha Jungwoo's monument.

D-Father? Really, really Jungwoo.

You:..: { How did your father get here ~ … -? No, but what's wrong with you? "It was surprising that Chachoengwoo, who only knew Kronos as a middle-aged man who could still see him anywhere on the planet, had a spiritual form similar to his own.

Moreover, the combination of my brother and father was side by side, I didn't understand it even more.

But Kronos was so moved that he couldn't answer his youngest son's question, he just grabbed him.

Cho Jong-woo's monument trembled at first, then immediately hugged Kronos.

Chronos jumped into the tower with only one mind to save his son, and only after he had barely survived, he was able to reach it today.

Cho Jong-woo, who brought his family back together and went back to the time of happiness.

The encounter between the two rich people had to be heartbroken, even with Yeongwoo.

The only thing I knew about both my true heart and my hidden trail.

However, it was urgent.

“Jungwoo, let's finish saying goodbye later. I'll explain the details on the way.” Okay. Is there anything I can do to help? Cho Jungwoo's monument came out of Chronos and looked at Yeongwoo with a serious face.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

“Your reel.” Tai leaf? "It became a face, but Anantara noticed the meaning of Yeon-woo first, untied the clock around her neck and gave it to Yeong-woo.

“You need this, don't you, Father?” Yeongwoo flinched for a moment for the first time in her life, but soon received a public watch with a bold nod.

Okay, okay, okay.

The clock was still ticking.

If only we could recover the time contained in this, we could also resurrect Kronos. And the successor of his work and myth will have the throne in full.

“Thank you." Take good care of him. ”Anantara looks at Cha Jungwoo's memorial, which is standing next to Yeongwoo and Chronos, and looks great with a silver smile.

Cha Jungwoo in the memory was always depressed at the end. Seeing me so happy now, my heart felt overwhelmed. Happiness of a loved one becomes happiness for itself.

“Dad, uncle, let's go!” Yes. I'll be right back. In the meantime, listen to me. He leaned down and stroked Cesha's head. Such a charming and adorable daughter.

I thought I was blessed.

Chronos looked at his youngest son with jealous eyes, followed by an anticipated wet face and asked Cesha.

"What about Grandpa? Don't you have grandpa? “ Who are you? ”But Cesha had no choice but to cover the day because she had never seen Kronos before.

Kronos looks desperate to see Sesha hiding behind his mother.

Yun ignores Kronos like that and starts running toward the village, forcing him back to Vigrid.

We're not done with the White Dragon yet.

It seemed like enough to leave the finishing touches to the Summer Queen and the sub-Faust.

Treat my granddaughter like an out-of-towner. What do you mean, I'm you? Yeon-woo was still in despair the whole time, but the mumbling was deafening to Kronos' scorn.

I just ignored it and asked about the questions.

“Father, how can I restore the reef?” The reel of death in Vigrid was easy to restore.

Yeon-woo also has the status of death, so it was enough to restore functionality by interworking with each other.

But the timing was different.

It has nothing to do with Yeon Woo.

Of course, I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

However, it was impossible to forcefully extract the reel of time from the clock. That would put his remains in jeopardy.

I needed a whole new way.

That's why I'm asking.

I don't know. “What the……!” Really. In a situation like that, would I have anticipated what would happen next and considered how? The future I saw was when you entered the tower. That's it. Mic Aeyik fixes his impression, nodding heavily.

If he had enough time, he would have tried to figure it out, but given the situation, it seemed that_he would have to find a solution with a contingency response.

There was no word from Cha Jungwoo's monument. I'm sure they're returning their thoughts to the clock. All the facts that I didn't know about the tag were as shocking as they were, so I thought I would need a little time to convince the situation.

In the meantime, Yeouido was able to reach the center of the village during the Battle of the Thrones.

“Chase down all the traitors! Don't ever forgive me until you tell me how to break that seal!” “Captain, didn't I tell you! Seriously, we had nothing to do with this!” I was able to split into two and confront the confused one-horned tribe.

The Baek Seoin family members and various factions insisted that they were unfair when they saw the people surrounding them.

But the elders and most of the tribes didn't believe in them at all. It was enough to reveal the horrific life of watching them die right away.

No ordinary appearance of the one-horned tribe was seen anywhere with a pleasant and positive side.

It's just like walking on a slab of ice.

Then, I started straightening up the day to see if I didn't think I could be beaten like this. The commander, of course, accepted it as treason and put even more pressure on it.

Yeonwoo was probably aimed for even this atmosphere.

Right then.

It seemed clear in Yongsin of Yeongwoo.

"What about Support? What's going on with Support?" You said you would save me and my family! 'So I said I would_get_you back in the future...!' Wait. This way is more urgent. How long should I wait? Caine, that son of a bitch is gonna be here any minute! Wait. Hyena. Hazaman: ""! Cik Goodbye. A very faint red line that connects from the White Dragon's back to the White Dragon.

It was a line that was completely invisible to the public.

The pairing line 091008 1100 is particularly hard to find for the one-horned tribe who exposed magic and trained only the performers.)

It means someone is communicating outside.

At that moment.

[Player # # # # 's Energy Covers the Town of the Onehorn Tribe!] Mia Ijimi, Elder Lee and the Baek Seoin, 'all turned to the pond in amazement of the storm that suddenly overwhelmed her son-in-law, not to roar.

However, Yeon-woo almost touched them without hesitation. Then the one who was calling the pairing line came up to the top.

He was the heir to the White Clan's throne, Jean.

“Huh? Huh! Joe, Grandpa!” Jean! What the hell are you……! ”The Baek Seoin master was frightened when his grandson was sucked into Yeongwoo, but at that time, his neck was already in Yeongwoo's hands.

“You got it, rat.” Yeongwoo's eyes widen in horror.