Second Life Ranker

14Th. King (Joe) (8)

“H-help... me...!” I was so bored with the look on her face that she turned the whole life upside down.

Once upon a time, Pants was a man who had been evaluated for being so talented that he was intimidating.

I was humiliated by Yeongwoo and left behind by the Fant sisters.

And I ended up touching things I shouldn't have.

"Magi." Yeon frowns, feeling a faint aura from the man under her eyes.

I don't even know where I got one of these.

In fact, Margie told the players, "It's like drugs.

It brought strength and pleasure to the use, but it eventually corrupted the mind.

Jean was on the verge of becoming such a master. My hands and feet were showing tremors of addiction, and I was running around with fuzzy maggots.

No matter how low the grade was, Margie tried to push Yeon Woo's hand somehow, but that was it. He couldn't even scratch the magic power she possessed.

In that case.

I wonder if the White Shipper or any of the other Tribe members have noticed this condition all this time? 'No way. "Even though Margie is rarely seen on the outside, she can't fool the sensitive sense that she has since the birth of her tribesmen.

"You! Get your filthy hands off my child!” At that time, the shipwright flew over the ground with his eyes turned upside down.

The moment I saw it, Yeon-woo could realize it at once.

"You've been lying. `Even a hedgehog cares about my baby, and that's exactly what he looks like.

The one-horned tribe prides itself on being a shaman. That is why he despises foreign energies such as magic and magic, and is very negative at learning how to do it.

So, if you have learned the chief's son, Jang Magi, it will certainly become a nuisance...... ~ The unknown is that it has been hidden from the family thoroughly.

Chang! The Baek Seoin master still boasted the power of a high ranker, but he had to be stopped by Shannon's sword, which had risen from the shadows before approaching Yeon Woo.

"Hey, inspiration. How dare you speak to our King of Families? You must have many lives." Shut up! I can't give up my baby right now! ”Who told you to do that? If you guys did something wrong, why are you yelling at a whale like that?" Begone! ”The Baek Seoin tried to flank Shannon who blocked him somehow, but he had already gained the status of 'conquest', so it was difficult for the mortal to endure him.

Despite noticing the difference between Shannon and him, Baek Seoin shook his hands on the idea of rescuing his only grandson.

If you want to rule, do not be so clumsy, but be perfect like our human king. That's why you guys are amateurs! "Grab a whip! Shannon turns the sod breaker in many directions, speeding away from the whitey artist's aggression while smiling. As his martial arts skills improved, he was pleased to compete with the one-horned tribe. As a white artist who couldn't even save his only grandchild, his outfit was turned upside down.

“My Lord!" “Get your hands off me right now!” Eventually, there were worse members of the White Tiger and Alliance.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! They had to stop at the bloody thunderbolts that poured from the sky before they could even move towards you.

Spot of thunder. The elder grunts, looking at them with a crooked face.

“Don't let any of them leave. From now on, those who disobey will be treated as traitors.” Farge, Farge, Farge! The red cerebral cortex in which the body of the colon protruded upward was so intense and hot that it could not be compared to what the plank normally looked like.

He bragged about the devastating speculation that he had dared to deflect just by pulling.

“Dium} ː::!” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The gasols that must somehow defend the White Sage are trying to resist, and they can't even be swept away by the sudden bloodshot lightning and leave a body behind. "

The horror spread across the faces of the tribesmen.

Typically, the ethnic law (%), which oversees several factions and families, stipulates strict penalties for the same tribe. Most exiles were confinement, discipline, and so much so.

It was a phenomenon because there were so few of them, and there was a culture that mattered about the bond of the same people, so there was very little death penalty.

However, the commander showed complete disregard for such tribal laws.

There was only one thing that could be said in common.


It is defined as those who want to break the ties of tribes and break the order of the community.

Even though the King was born to behave like that, the blacksmith tends not to be loyal to the tribal law and favorable toward certain families and tribes.

It was considered fair by Tang Pyeong Co., Ltd.

And that's why I was able to decorate the duel of the White Cedar Lighthouse Throne.

Even though the sovereignty of the king was blameless, he thought it would be enough to prevail if he thought about the nature of the elder who usually held him up, even though sometimes it was too weak and foolish.

The resolute appearance of the Elder now was enough to shock the tribesmen.

“Didn't you hear what I said? Or has this silver been lifting up a lot lately and looking decent?” It was only then that the Tribes remembered the old nickname of the Orthodox Elder.

Bloody Wise Man.

It is the impression of scholars who love door (%), but in fact, once they use their hands, they must be nicknamed to create a sea of blood there.

Almost as if it were a previous generation story.

The elders and housewives were even more aware of the fear of the elders, because they were the people of the previous generation.

I could also feel how furious he was.

We can't all come together like that.

“Hang-" A shadow opens next to Yeon-woo, and a spirit appears and bows down.

"Summon." Two words. ”Without delay, Hanoi pulled out the biggest & 7 blade of the Ahon sack and swung it as it was.

A tight compression of mystical power and mystical power knocks the conclusion that the King is still the same, but there are no scratches.

As if he didn't like it, he drove his tears and struck down several times in a row, but the result was not a dream.

… I think we need to find another way. "The arrogance sounded as if it was corrupt. Given that the strikes he wielded with all his might are comparable to mines, the readiness of his enemies is just as great.

Yeonwoo can feel greater reliance on Asgard's intervention.

Finally, with cold eyes, I looked at the bowel that was still fluttering.

“That conclusion, how do we open it? You better answer the question," You're gonna do this and be fine. "Answer me, how do I get in?” “You think I'm gonna say it?“ No way. "" No way. "" No way. "Jean turns her head back, not out of pride.

“Ahhhh!” The white-knuckle cries out.

"Summon lion.” Yeon unleashed her power by throwing her corpse on the ground. The Dark Lord's frame trembles.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “River? Whistle! Aah! You killed me! The chapter yelled at the whale with a wet face. That's how much death has impacted us.

But do it or don't.

Yeongwoo drew the flames of purgatory and cast his soul into it.


Queek! The acoustics are gloomy.

Yeonwoo 'imprisoned his soul in the flames of purgatory and interrogated him.

Viera Dun, who had swallowed the Mother Earth, was in so much pain that she cried out in a blaze. Of course, Maguire's addiction was absolutely unbearable.

Eventually, Jean's soul confessed all her sins in front of the whole tribe, including the united front.

“So you've confiscated all the information of your clan to Faithless and others under the name 'hyena`? You were part of the plan yourself?” That, yes! Now that I've told you everything, please, please stop...! "If you have sinned, you must be punished.” Hey, that's not the deal! Make yourself at home if you spit it all out...! "The soul of the chapter disappeared while screaming.

The blacksmith's side, the blacksmith's side, were all silent.

Everything that bowel said was shocking.

Jean said she had planned and participated in all these terrible things to become the next king.

After the assassination of the King, Faith would sit on the throne, and then she made a pact to succeed.

In addition, the clan confusion created during the process was deliberately induced, and in the course of investigating it, we planned to put out those who were likely to become static (&\ 0) and put allies in key positions.

It was practically treason.

Particularly, Baek Seoin sat on the floor, dejected.

Not only did my precious grandson die, but everything that he and his family had done all of a sudden flowed out of my hand like a handful of sand.

“Seize them all and confiscate them. Anyone who resists should be dealt with immediately.

The verdict against the traitors will be dealt with after all. ”The smith quickly regained his senses, commanded the tribesmen - to keep all the sinners in one place. He seemed to need considerable effort and a deadline to end his punishment for them.

And the kitten quickly found out how to get through the deep web in the intestine.

I didn't think he'd be easy, as long as he knew how great he was.

However, I have just been growing anxious like a hen (minus 6) and have only made him hurry.

I had never felt like this before, but now I keep getting anxious. He was a madman.

"Ghost. I haven't seen Edora in a while, so find her quietly." `I will follow. "Nevertheless, I did not forget to ask Hanoi for help because I was anxious about Edora, who could not detect the strange posture.

'He was also the head of the place that provided Margie to Jean. "Asgard was followed by a new generation that I had never thought of.

Yeon-woo almost decided to save the King first.

Unfortunately, I didn't even know how to break or open the seal. However, there were coordinates that were set to allow for a separate bypass and minimal personnel access.

My love-beagrid reads the thoughts of Yeon Woo and is held in his hands. And the consciousness expanded indefinitely as a whole.

[The reel of death works!] Agh! Yeon bends the beagrid roughly to open up the void. Once there's a bypass through the mediastinum, I'm going to jump right over it.

Be careful. If you're prepared for this, you must be prepared for something. And. "The rebellion of the elder settled quietly across the street.

Yeongwoo's steps stopped for a moment.

There was something I wanted to say, and it seemed like I was nursing it.

N-no. Please bring that son of a bitch back. It must be.. "But the blacksmith did not utter a word in the end.

But I could feel the worry inside.

Yeongwoo nods slightly and pushes herself inside the boundary.

I can feel it in my nostrils.