Second Life Ranker

15. King without King (Joe) (9)

"What's going on?" Yeon narrows her eyes.

The underworld rarely breaks.

A world where the consciousness of its owner can be restored no matter how much it destroys.

That's why people who are trapped in them rarely use their power easily.

Maybe that's why the crawling chaos didn't fully use its power and was sealed by the Late King's transgressions after all.

Moreover, since Yeongwoo had seen the power given to her as she crossed the Sea of Mahea, she had already set her mind firmly since she set foot here.

However, the situation seemed very strange.

"This air... it's all sanctuary. The Great Sanctuary of the Great Society.

Asgard, these are Geiger noses.

Yun realized at once that the underworld was completely changed by Asgard).

I couldn't know without being able to take on such a rich Divine Power.

But the more time it took was rarely a ruin that didn't fit in the Great Sanctuary.

The sanctuary that could be restored, however damaged, had already been completely destroyed.

The earth has become a harsh environment, with multiple bombings already unknown, resulting in the death of the Seeker, or several tens of meters of cracks.

There were traces of restoration attempted everywhere, but what remained interrupted during restoration was even more bizarre.

The same is true of the powerful Asgardian who filled the atmosphere.

Usually, a myth contains its owner's stature, which means it has all different characteristics and the burden of conquering son-in-law, but the myth felt hot and sharp to Yeon-woo now. It was tightly deteriorated and almost felt spicy.

Perhaps the statutes of Asgard were the result of an argument with the Emperor... I can hardly imagine how violent the battle would be.

Guang, Guang, Guang! At that moment, Kukuku-kun was in such a far-off place as if he was waiting for Yeongwoo.

A shocking wave that has already worked together and feels smart, even if it is close to the throne.

Son, what is this? “Yes. I think you're a teacher." Huh! I've heard a lot of great things from you, but what the hell...? It's possible for a mortal to wield this power? "Chronos smiled. I was very surprised.

He's had a hard time figuring that out. I could also say that I was with the history of the universe.

In the meantime, how many universes did he take care of and rule?

He, who was the supreme ruler, had to see so many mortals. Perhaps until I met Cyrenea and made an ordinary assumption, all the beings in her eyes looked like grains of sand on the sand.

If he was this surprised...... it means that the King has already surpassed the category of 'common sense'.

Is it true that you have not been deprived or transcended? “Yes. I'm sure Olfowon wouldn't be idle if he did.” Th-that's just him, too. Chronos said, "Hmm! `and I was drooling.

"In your case, there were accidental factors such as Jungwoo and my help, and crooked performances, 'I still can't believe that a mortal has built up this much power.'"

Even the progeny of Soho Geumcheon... Huh. Haha. This is going to be a long life. Yeon-woo slightly rounds her eyes.

The King was great, but Kronos was no worse to him.

“I knew you were extraordinary. Is that how great you are?" Don't shout. When you lose your skin this much... "Kronos says," You'll find your tongue gracefully.

Minimum new king level. It's my prime. Yeon-woo did not miss a word in Kronos' words.


Then it meant more than just releasing power in earnest.

By the way, if you achieve transcendence...? What, are you trying to be "Huang" right now? "Chronos had one more question than that.

Then, what is Olfowon doing to stop this existence...? As Yeon hears Kronos' question, she blows herself to a place of increasing turbulence.

Paad- “Olfoone, what are you doing? Is that because it's outside the tower? But a little prick like that would leave something like this alone? `Yeon-woo came up with the same questions as King Wu, but his thoughts did not last long.

Suddenly, a few Seekers flew in front of him, like firewood.

Yikes! Yeon wields a beagrid and slashes it without hesitation. The starfish didn't even feel it. It feels like a lump of sand with a knife.

Because of this, the black firewood was so easily cut off that it broke out of the air before it even hit the ground.

Ur! You, Bitch # Bee ": How You Are 7. At that time, the three identities who had come to save the broken pieces of wood later found Yeon-woo and made a dent.

I don't know why Yeon Woo is here. It was wet with ruin.

'Indeed,' Yun Woo realized that their plan was to quickly assassinate or capture the king and then retreat.

'After the Allied forces were defeated, Asgard approached King Faithless behind his back, demanding multilateral peace treaties from his allies.

This would have been to take the slightest advantage of notice before entering into the agreement.

On the other hand, he was going to do some damage to those related to Yeon-woo.

Even the one-horned tribes were just a bunch of arrogant bastards in their eyes. No matter how strong the King was, he would have thought he was the only one capable of clearing the air before them.

But even Kronos is amazingly talented. When Lord Odin went missing under a thousand coins, it was too hard for them to catch the King on their own.

Grrrrr! Yeon-woo sweeps away all the thunderbolts just before the three personalities reclaim their coolness, then reaches the source of the upheaval.

There was no king.

“Ha, ha, ha...!" ”The King was out of breath. Her torso was drenched as if she were in a shower, and her muscles stood up sharp and hideous. Moreover, the water vapor above his body 'soared into the sand and was showing him how much he had fought.

I was so tired that I didn't even realize that Yeon-woo, a disciple, was coming near me.

It was clear that the opposition, which must have died in front of the Emperor, had once again taken shape.

When I saw the battle raging between them again, Yeon-woo tried to resurrect the lightning bolt to help the King.

Unexpectedly, there was an intricately dug hole in the blind spot.

Yeon-woo swiftly turns to the side in response to Chronos' warning, striking an arrow on either side.

Chae Yin! The magical beagrid shook violently.

Yeongwoo's face was stiff.

Pa! The arrows are not real, they are a cluster of light. It was unbroken and strangely turned into three stems, flying back towards the knee, sharp spot and glabellar glabella, respectively.

Khur-Lee-Perfeng! Yeon tries to shred all the arrows in the light as she digs up the space, shredding her sword on Beagrid's blade.

The two rays that were flying down the ground succeeded in sweeping them away with a lightning rod, but the one that came through the glabella was split again into countless rays before the lightning even pulled.

They all wanted to form a prison around the pond, each at an odd angle. It was like placing mirrors everywhere.

It was only after the whirlwind was filled with lightning that we were able to erase all those rays at once.

After all the features had collapsed, the cloudy gunpowder had to vibrate before it could lift its head.

Tarhac! His gaze settles on the party, and someone settles quietly.

The moment you see the opposing Pokémon's face, her face hardens.

Because there was a face in there that I never should have been.

Zhang Wei, the palace of Zhang Wei, lifted up the Sile Dong Palace and pulled the protest towards this direction. Then, the same light arrow as the one that just embarrassed Yeongwoo was caught.

The strength in him was never player's, but Yeon had to narrow her glabella.

“No. Who are you?” Zhang Wei, or Jean Wei's scarf, rolls up one side of his mouth.

“Yes.” End of story.

“Trinity Wonder as you speak (10010, 000060 species Hana zigphat! He laid a hand on the demonstration.

A beam of light pierces the world.

A disciple who thinks this place is a tomb to save his master, but walks in on his own feet. You really have a good apprentice, haven't you, King? Thor rolled one of his mouths lightly as he recovered his collapsed corpse.

In fact, he did not have a bad situation.

It was originally just to catch the ones who could be the weaknesses of Yeon Woo to gain an advantage.

Since Yeongwoo came to my feet like this, it wouldn't be bad to get rid of it right away if I could.

In the beginning, this was also one of many plans.

However, I didn't expect much because I knew how clever Yeon-woo was... It seemed like they were much softer than they thought.

“Even the ugly Second King knew about it, so he had no choice but to say it as he did.

Until the first deep-seated seal was installed, the king showed a ridiculous powerlessness that overwhelmed Asgard.

But unlike Asgard, where life is infinite, there is no other limit to health than environmental constraints.

Eventually, I had to feel increasingly tired over time.

I didn't know exactly how much time had passed.

It seemed to me that he continued to fight without resting for approximately a few months. It was an unfortunate accident because it was completely separated from the external time.

And most of all, Hydra's poisonous Gaia curse was about to envelop the dancing soul.

HYDRA's poison was once dangerous enough to dread various substitutes, so there was no limit to stopping poison with the King's poisonous tentacles (tentacles 1).

Guia's curse makes me constantly irritated by trying to let go of his stacked up work.

Perhaps if he were an ordinary mortal, Guia's curse wouldn't have had such a big impact.

But the problem was that his work was so vast that he could always evolve into mythology.

Due to the nature of the one-horned tribe, the word "shameless" (9) is a word derived from meaning. Therefore, the senseless shameless shameless shamelessness was based on business, so there could never be a bad effect.

The shameless, itself, is falling apart.

Maybe that's what consciousness is all about.

To continue to fight with such a body, and to be able to endure this much, you must mean that you are that great. I'm sure everyone here has the same idea. I can't help but admit it. It is astonishing that someone like you remains mortal. “Angle,! What a filthy tongue. Did you get that bird? Come on.

As long as # # # walks through the covers, our business with you is done. "What the fuck are you talking about?” The King's face is hideously dull. You expect me to just hang up and walk out of here? He's in the worst shape possible, so, technically, if he can get out of here, he'll have to. His pride never did.

Above all, it's obvious from now on that Asgardian blades will be drawn straight to Yeonwoo. I couldn't be the bad guy who became a teacher and sold his disciple.

But Thor's smile grows as if he knew.

"There is someone who has been waiting to meet you instead, and now he will deal with you. Phu" "{ Don't ask me what I'm talking about, but the King had to secretly cut off his waist.

Behind Thor, a new face was emerging that had never occurred to me.

“It's been a long time, teacher.

I don't know how many years it's been, "was Knoxton.

He was the second apprentice of the King, but he was also shredded like a swordsman.

But not when I first encountered the Mage.

- You "" Several ”were shaking your eyes out of nowhere.

“I didn't want to see you like this, actually.” Knockton glanced at Thor, or rather, the Swordsman who possessed him, and spoke to him again in a solemn tone.

“From the death penalty, I heard some unexpected things." "The old memories I wanted to find so badly...... The teacher actually said he knew and published the past.

And I guess you've been hiding it all along. "The death penalty.

I didn't want to believe it. ”For a brief moment, Knockton smiles bitterly without losing touch with the eye of the King.

Knowing how obsessed he was with the past he had forgotten, he pretended not to know... Even after being shredded, he still regarded him as a teacher and broke his heart to believe until the end.


Knockton's face is cold, and he leans out bluntly.

“On the 21st floor, in a shadow coffin, there's actually one secret that ordinary players don't know.” “Knockton, I said...!” “The final thirty-third compartment. I heard there are no visions of Allfoone, the top recruiter.” Knockton's eyes sank cold.

“Is that a vision, is that me? ”