Second Life Ranker

16. King of Emperors (4) (10)

Knockton's memories are beginning to look behind someone's back.

A person who is thinking about something with his hair hanging loose.

Soon, I saw myself calling myself "Master."

You awake? Either he felt Knockton's wisdom or he woke up from a deep thought and looked at him.

- Is this...? - Outside the tower. A town full of one-horned tribes.

- Kyo... Knockton didn't want to say thank you, but he immediately impaled the pain that was inflicting on his skull.

A headache that might break.

The tinnitus that touches things.

I was so distorted that the noise was unusual.

I wanted to do something about it, so I pressed down on his head, and he realized later.

There are no past memories.

Who am I? Where the hell did I come from? What was his name...? During the instant, countless thoughts passed through my mind like a mirage.

I felt the thread twisted in my head. I felt like my head was getting hot.

- Don't overdo it. What am I supposed to say?

After comforting Knockton like that, the king bent his back head as if it were embarrassing.

- I brought you here somehow. Do you remember? "Knoxton shakes his head, but at the same time it's absurd.

It looks like a lost kitten picked it up.

Knockton saw the King's reaction and was a bit absurd in his mind, but later decided not to mind knowing that it was his original personality.

- You don't remember? Then stay here for a while. You can leave after you wake up.

- I... forgive you.

Why is that a name? That's not cool.

As soon as Knockton got up from the bottle, the first thing he started was giving himself a name.

- You can name her whatever you want. "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." How was it? - …… I remember my teacher being very disciplined. May I have their names, please? - Pant, Edora, Jean... … Well, anyway. - Are you picking on me, or is Naming Sense your first booty call? - Of course I'm picking on you. But look at this guy. I can't even find the decency to be a teacher.

- I never said I'd take you on formal service.

After examining Knockton's qualities, the King suggested that he would be the second apprentice if he liked him quite a bit.

As Knoxton was supposed to stay in town for a while until his memory came back, I didn't have anything.

From what he saw, the King was qualified enough to take him as a teacher.

When I decreased my skills, it was hard to measure depth.

However, if it took a little while, it was the King's dirty personality... I heard that there was already another disciple, so I felt great how he could do math # spraying under that personality).

No, I heard you seduced King Ahjussi's brother and went out. He must have run away.

Ranner, Black Sleet, "Phew... - Did you get two bottles? - I've heard of it. I don't remember the past, but suddenly I feel like I'm about to be taken out of my hands, or suddenly I'm about to wake up from my past life. All of a sudden, there's this impulse.

- …… haha.

Knockton considers for a moment that he can swing the sword in his hand at the king.

But if he did, he'd be beaten to death just because he was being treated by his master.

Obviously, the one who put up a fight first was the king, but he never tolerated pointing a knife at himself. It doesn't matter what you do. His dignity is all that matters.

He was a typical inwardly immortal human being.

Even if I didn't remember, I knew it was easy to ignore when dealing with Humans like that.

- Yeah, well, you name it, and it's not like I have anything to do with it. Can I call you that from now on? The king looked at Knockton, who was unresponsive. This time, the disciple complained, 'I don't want to be teased.'

Knockton nods slowly.

Knockton Er0: m 101 (2nd Night Song)_The music of the evening song flows emotionally as if it had changed the atmosphere of the quiet night.

He was able to recall that tone in his memory, so he couldn't think of a better name for himself.

And I eagerly wished.

After a quiet night passes, like dawn.

Someday all these dark memories will settle, and a new debt will shine upon the memories of the past.

- Ha.

The King sighs and looks at Knoxton, saying, "Get lost."

The face of awesomeness.

- You're leaving?

- Can I ask you why?

- I thought I'd stay here and waste my time. I'm sorry I failed to fulfill your wishes, but for me, this is what it is.

- I wonder if you've felt that way since the last time you passed 21 floors... The King seemed to want to add something, but kicked his tongue together and braided his head.

Actually, I was thinking it might be a little hard to get the secret of the Black Sword from you.

- Better yet, you know what it means to ask for a ride without my permission. - Yes, sir.

Knockton nods heavily.

It is believed that the relationship between priests in the one-horned tribe is very deep.

In some ways, it was more important than a parent's child's relationship.

For the one-horned tribe, nothing is everything in life and the goal is to pursue it, because the teacher who established it is greater than his parents.

And without further permission, it means that the disciple will abandon his master's decision to abandon his teaching.

It meant refusing to give shade and not going back. It means the same thing as giving out the "horn."

The King is the most serious face since Knoxton became his apprentice.

- Knoxton, a Cheongram disciple.

I declared it solemnly.

- I order you to stand down.

- In the meantime.

Knockton barely swallowed something that was pushed to the edge of his neck.

I didn't know what it was.

I thought maybe it was crying.

I thought I'd forgotten my feelings because I didn't remember, but I guess I didn't either.

- Thank you for teaching me, Master! Knockton was able to recall his past with the King for a very short time.

Memories for him, too.

In a few pages of memory albums, they were the most significant.

Since then, I've been climbing the tower in earnest, experienced many acrobatics, and made many connections.

Nothing was like staying in a one-horned village.

It was not once or twice that I wanted to go back to that time when I was too tired.

It was a time when I was as comfortable and happy as I was.


It was only a short time ago that I realized that happiness was actually a deception.

The death penalty, which was all he had seen a few times before, came and told him a secret that no one would know.

“Do you remember what you told me about the one-horned tribe 'There is one bitter grudge that has been passed down for generations from the past'?” But Knockton did not believe the death penalty straightaway.

I tried to seduce you.

Because I believed in the old teacher that much more.

“Taekhye semi-go gum (& Sun Horned Somhe)." But when I asked you if you knew about the last vision,

He didn't miss the sight of the King without seeing.

Faith... was shaking.

“Soho Geumcheon, one of Trinity Wonder's great-grandchildren, gave blood to his descendants after realizing it, but his great-grandchildren did not realize it." However, if the faith is shaken, the heart should not be shaken.

Knockton purposely said in a cold tone, in order to win his heart.

"I've been thinking. Why didn't a teacher like you realize that in the first place? Isn't it strange? If you were to exclude Olfowon, you could be a saw... … No, if it wasn't for the power and status of Olfowon, why didn't you wake up the Taegeui Antigua Blade?” In fact, Knockton had been assured for a long time that the Emperor would never fall behind even if the heavenly bodies had already come. And in fact, the battle with Asgard here has proven how great he is. Perhaps everyone would be appalled if this message were sent to the heavens.

No, he was confident that Allfowon would surpass the 'pure force'.

Nevertheless, there is only one reason why the king cannot cross Allfowon.

It was because of the location of Allfowon.

All Powon (C | {0 (000).

The nickname that everyone now calls harmlessly was actually the collective term for their identity and myth.

As long as it existed, it was impossible to 'cross' Olfowon, no matter how strong it was and even if it came, it was impossible.

At least in the world of the tower, the inner king was frustrated by that.

Olfowon tries his best to surpass his standing position.


The way he chose to respond to Allfowan's absurd position.

It was Tae Ji-hye's anti-Go-go sword.

“Then I realized later. It's not that you haven't noticed.” Knockton's eyes sank deeper.

“It was impossible to learn in the first place.” The King's Tremor has stopped for the first time.

There was silence.

One tip of Knoxton's lip twists.

“The reason was simple. Soho Geumcheon is the" Sun "in the beginning, right?” The trait of Tai Chi Hye's half-sword is to bring about yin and yang harmony.

However, as a descendant of Soho Geumcheon, it was an area that was almost impossible for descendants born with solar delays (& > 0). I wanted to learn it, but I wanted to realize it, but my physical nature was too neglected for sheep.

His innate qualities interfered with his mastery of his ancestors.

Eventually, what he got was Edora - trained Transfer 0871 > “The teacher was frustrated when he found out later. The Taegeui Antigua Blade was the only key to cutting off the identity of Olfowon, the enemy in front of you... … but it was a treasure that could never be obtained." Every time Kuku-knockton opened his mouth, a little energy gushed out.

There was a time when King Wukong told Yeongwoo that it was only when he scored on Knoxton.

It meant that it was one of the few things that could stand between a king and a sword in the Summer.

Just like that assessment, the metropolitan area was roughly shaken.

“But the teacher would never give up, so he wanted to find another way. If you can't do it yourself, aren't you trying to get a clue from Taegeuk Hye's half-sword and find a complement there?” __:: Green. ”“ That's why the first disciple who made a long search was as sensitive to his innate senses as he was to the one-horned tribe! You were stranded because you weren't close enough to your castle! "” Knockton shouts loudly and calmly buries the voice of the King calling to himself.

He was always trying to keep the peace, but he couldn't stop his rage now.

“In the end, you were looking for another way. You must have lost your mind at the last vision in Article 21! With his talents not enough, he would have the same old data of the hateful Allfoone, and his weaknesses would be easy to spot! Isn't that right?" The reason for not having the last visions of Article 21.

It began with the selfish greed of the King.

Knoxton did not know how it was possible, how the King was able to defy the tower's system.


One thing was clear, for the King, he was only Mormoth.

A test subject used to defeat an enemy at any cost. On the outside, it was a doll that used to do all kinds of experiments while pretending to give love and care.

Every time he tried to recall a memory he didn't have, every night he was obsessed with an unknown nightmare, every time he struggled with pain, every time he shed tears because of sorrow, and every time he wanted his teacher's attention somehow to fill his pencil, what did he think? You think it was funny to be so optimistic about making memories that didn't exist in the first place? Could it have been ugly to pretend that people are not real people, but just data? I didn't know.

No, I don't.

I didn't want to know.

This more deception will leave him with even the best of tits.

Knockton squeals as he grabs his sword.

“Then I will be your new challenge from now on.

It will be an adversity and I will grab your ankle and let you settle here. "Kuku ku!" Teacher. "The Great Sanctuary trembles.

At that moment, as Knoxton's poop cracks, light begins to seep out from the inside.


Just like Allfowon wants to come here.

It was desiccation.

In the previous issue, you seemed to have a lot of questions about Power Balance, so you left a note to say hello to the writer.

On the other hand, I've been balancing the story for a long time, and I think I've explained it enough, but many readers have said, "If there are so many questions about this, it means that my explanation hasn't been communicated enough, or that I'm missing a lot.

The first thing I want to say is that it's virtually meaningless to base it on Allfoone in Power Balance.

Although the paintings played today included a rough explanation, the power that he possesses is great, but I will reveal in advance that Olfowon is in his "divinity."

So, even if you compare the power of Allfowon in the past to the power of unity with magic, it's just a reference to the body of Allfowon, not that it can have power that comes from a god.

Because of that stature, at least no one in the tower can defeat Allfoone.

I think you'll find it more comfortable to think of it as a follicle in the corners.

In fact, I've been keeping this on a very steady line, but I don't think I've been able to see it very well. It's all my fault. Please be patient, we will focus on the upcoming AllFoone episode.

It's not a set-up collapse.

And one more thing.

So to give you a sneak peek at the preliminaries here, there will be a dramatic breakthrough on the storyline based on the episode without a king and the episode of Allfoone.

Because the background is going to change so much, there are quite a few episodes to show you in the future.

And, of course, the villains that we're going to be fighting against are going to show up on a regular basis.

However, given the situation so far, I'm sure there will be more chaos among my readers. I will soon organize the hierarchy of the gods that I have described in detail.

First of all, all you need to remember is the formula, 'Yeon + Chronos = Divine Monarch'. In addition, there are many spiritual beings living on the 98th floor in the heavenly realm, and many of the unobtrusive successors and concepts are equal to or greater than the Mother Earth. However, we do not show much interest in the summer, or are only resting conceptually, so please be patient.

For those of you who have seen my work from the beginning, I don't know if there are many scenes that seem to be deformation or nonsense that often work as a repair line, but I might have been more confused.

And since the story unfolded much longer than the story was originally planned and the balance patching was confusing… I will pay more attention to expression in the future.

Now I've also crossed a part 7 ridge.

He's just as precious to me as he was to me because he was the first ever challenged fantasy genre, and he was loved much more than I expected.

I want to run to the end without a big shake, so I'm going to ask for a lot of cheering and encouragement in the future, and sometimes the same rebuke as I do now.

Best regards,