Second Life Ranker

17Th. King (Population) (11)

The King's eyes are wide open.

He was immobilized in a smooth line of work.

Even though Knockton was shaken by the fact that he had realized his identity, for the first time, the calm that had not been let go was completely broken.

A desquamation! Knoxton was much more advanced than he was when he was pulled out of the 21 worms.

It was completely unknown at the time, but the potential to become a prototype was enormous, because it was him, and thus achieved steep power-ups.

So you already have the criteria for desertion. Maybe transcendence is possible.

It also meant the birth of another Allfowon.

Crazy. Even so, I can't believe I'm about to create another monster like that. Will this really work...? Hmm! "Asgardian priests were deeply distressed by Noughton's transformation.

Thor shakes his head decisively, looking at Thor as to whether some should disturb him. It meant never to intervene.


Light! The crown-prince moves swiftly.

To prevent Knockton's reckless behavior.


Excruciating fruit! Knoxton suddenly slams the sword down in a blurry glow, halfway down.

The king shouted as he poured his sword into age (% Vaz # 09), which he never thought he would do.

“You fool! So you know it's just an excuse for Allfowon, but what the...? This ^ Knoxton twisted the tip of his lip.

“Teacher must be terrified of Olfowon by now and then." -Nia “Isn't it the only time in the world that you haven't noticed? I understand” is. “Even the teacher who lived without knowing that the sky was always scary, is doing something. Even though you care so much about Allfowon. But.” At that moment, the day of the King hardened.

“You have nothing to worry about, Master. Allfowon will never come here.” What? "As long as we're not in heaven, aren't we prepared for that?” It was only then that the King realized.

Neither Faith, nor Asgard, nor Knoxton, and, in fact, no one here has planned this long term.

Whoa! At that moment, the flash of light from Knoxton embraced him all. As the crack that spread over the skin grew, all the fragments that made up his existence crumbled and disappeared.

And then the violent outburst from him almost filled the underworld with whirlwinds of light.

[A new owner will be added to the Sanctuary!] [Contains the sanctuary of Nocton, the god of no affiliation.] transcendence with the completion of desquamation (88).

A new_all-embrace has been created.

I have no soul. The self is just a replica of someone created by the system. I don't know how you qualified me, but I'm not a person. Knoxton said with a bold voice that echoes like that of the real Allfowon. If there's anything different from Allfoone, the glow is blue, not gold.

Who am I? What should I do next? Answer me, Master. "Like the Awakening of Allfowon, Knockton's Pressure (Oath) firmly pressed against the King's shoulders. I felt like my soul was firmly bound to something invisible.

King Petmu recalled his previous encounter with Allfowon and immediately opened up his back.

At the time, the only difference between him and Allfowon was the difference.

His skill was clearly his own superiority.

Neither aerial nor internal air was pushed.

No, he was stronger.

But only one thing made a difference between him and himself.


And new rights.

The power to create in the position of 'apostle of the tower' could never be drawn even if they brought anything.

Allfoone could have been the tower itself.

Incarnate of the system (6).

The King was looking at Allfowon like that.

If only the Awakened Nocton could wield the same power as a prototype.

No, not that much. If only half could replicate, this battle would be disadvantageous to the King.

No matter how convincing it may be, in the world of towers, systems are like absolute laws.

It was almost impossible to turn it off completely.

It was there that all the gods that existed in the heavenly realms, demons, and even the underworld, many conceptual gods and temples that were not known to exist, and even the many beings that were known to be close to the Emperor, could not overcome the Orlfo Garden.

How can they defy the all-foursome, who rely on the system, in their own backyard under the system? The Demibeast (4 cars) tied in the chain in the beginning was difficult to resist the guards.

Of course, to avoid the appearance of such a Demibeast, the King sought to find the key to breaking the chain that bound him.

The Taegeung Hye anti-sword that becomes the key is incomplete.

We had to avoid head-on conflicts.

"Yes, you can't. I didn't intend to in the first place.

I was just a Mormoth to my teacher, and when I didn't need it, I just wandered off without a clue. But Master. "No, even if it's not like that. The King could not face Knockton directly.

Unlike the first disciple who had little faith in his insides, or the third disciple who had done much better than expected and didn't have to worry much. The second apprentice always worries about him.

So I wanted to say too much.

It's not like that.

I wanted to tell you that what you think is a misunderstanding, that I never thought of you as Mormoth.

Knockton doesn't seem to be willing to listen to him.

I'll have to force him to listen... but there was only one way to defeat him, just like Allfowon.

This is also about desertion and transcendence.

You just have to fulfill the plan that you have been postponing so far.


Draw! `Festive' ""! The King had to forcefully swallow the blood to flow through his mouth again.

Guia's curse binds his feet. I still make him so disoriented, I did not have any idea how it would work if I had the personality.

Prudence. Did the first disciple have all this in mind? I look like this and still can't find my identity. It's just a doll that didn't exist in the first place. Kukukuku-but Knockton stood in his place, not chasing after such a teacher.

Like I'm alone in this world. I grabbed my fist while pulling all the power flowing from my body into my hands in a single (sigh) manner.

In his hands were the powers that make up all the worlds beyond, including the underworld.

Idea…… * moves.

Kong! And as he stepped out, the pressure intensified and all the air currents that existed in the underworld exclusively chased the King and tried to imprison him.

So I want to establish my identity from now on. Knoxton moved.

Breaking up all the relationships we made the other day. The King said, "I almost cut open the space and handed it to Knockton in front of me.

And I could see how the fuzziness came about like that.

“If I don't do this right, this is going to be a real graveyard. `For the first time, it cooled down behind the King's back. Guia's curse was also aimed at Hoshitam's suspicion at this time.

I gripped my teeth.

The Eighth Circle has unfolded! Pufferfung-Yeon struck down the debtors who seized her son-in-law with a lightning bolt.

But instead of looking into the conflict between the King and Knockton, I had to blow up the flag.

“Olfowon's welcome...?” Yeon remembered the memory of the 21 pests and opened her eyes wide.

Even if the King did a lot of extraordinary things, how did he get out there with just one piece of data? And how did it come to be free will like life? He remembered that the vision was only a program that was injected with instructions to carry out the command 'somehow defeat the challenger' together.


'No. Maybe it wasn't just like that.' Later, Yeon-woo had to look forward to her brother's visions and King's visions, where 'the visions she saw' gave him a smile at the last moment.

The King's vision was to disregard the law, develop itself with some self-esteem, and push Yeouido to the brink of danger.

Perhaps the system seemed to be 'perfect' and there were errors that ordinary players could not detect. Or an unexplained Easter egg.

Whatever it was, it was shocking that a new all-embryo was born.

How the hell did the Swordsman know that and give it to him? 'I had no choice but to think that there was another obscurity behind their organic movements.

“Where are you looking?" A subtle voice rings from right behind you.

“In the middle of a struggle, all you have to do is turn your eyes away and shout," Son, back! "38 Yeon-woo turns away, regaining her mind to Kronos' urgent shout.

Chae Yi Yi Yi is half suspended on the beagrid, as if she were a child swinging like a dancer.

Zhang Wei...... No, Lee, who possessed his body, smiled and said.

“You're as good as I heard. You said you were suicidal, and you deserved it.” Yeon frowns, forbidding the power of pressing Vigrid.

“As I've heard?” This was just a strange smile without any answer to Yeon-woo's question.

There, Yeon-woo could gain confidence.

A veil.

Iyedo has joined hands with them.

“Why would a Trinity Wonder intervene here? The status of the Trinity Wonder within the Nacan is completely different from any other god.

Players are the first pioneers to open up the world of this great tower and be victorious.

To God and demons, he was an abomination that was as big as a thousand demons.

It was like a guard watching over them! Solar ascension, Soho Geumcheon.

Master of the Moon, yes.

It was the first time I stepped foot in the afterlife.

They were all once thousand-man aquariums and hypocrites.

Of course, it was no exaggeration to say that it was the will of the devil to build a tower, to trap the gods and demons there, and to attract players from various universes and dimensions.

That's why.

They were also the "Creators" who created the system on behalf of Heavenly Horse. At least in the world of towers.

Therefore, it was wrong for Lot to think that the intervention of the Creator and Lee Yijeon in this matter was treacherous.

However, Lee's answer surprised Yeon-woo.

“At first, I did.” Foreign language, "but right now I'm wondering if the function is really working the way he wants.” Him.

You're talking about the Thousand Horses.

“The insect system and the trials haven't worked properly for a long time, and they're stagnant. The celestial system is busy with a bunch of people gathering together.

This is a lot different from the ideals we first pursued. That's why I went to the right place first. ”Yeon-woo could not understand what Lee meant at all.

Lee smiled.

“Well, I don't want you to understand. It's just that we've had our differences. Otherwise, what am I supposed to do, dip my foot in a bridge that used to be like an enemy?

Now I'm going somewhere else. ”This meant that there was another purpose to pursue.

Yeonwoo was puzzled by the mystery of the creation of the universe while looking at the book of revelations in the open air library. What role did Thousand Horses play during the Genesis, and how Soho Geumcheon and Yiyeo helped him next to each other.

In the process, Lee Ye was at a loss (good @). Perhaps he is also close to 'Huang'. The same was true of the blade. It was never an easy thing to think of.

No, it seemed that Yeon-woo would rise on her own given that it was Soho Jin who had yet to fully acquire the Tiger Blade, and Lee Ye was shoulder to shoulder with him.

Given that Allfowon is also the son of the Thousand Horses, the Heavenly Horses and their people are eating it all up.

“Anyway, there's only one thing we want here.” Cha-cha-chang! He was a cold-hearted horse, speeding with Yeongwoo to find out if he was good at martial arts, including gymnastics, as well as palaces.

“I'm sorry I tied you here so you wouldn't get involved." You were chosen. ”[The Sea of Poetry 'is upon you!] … > >!" Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

A name I had no idea would appear here.

And I changed it.

I was furious.

I didn't know what their target was.

One thing was clear: you should never have your ankles tied here.

“Declare a Realm.” [Realm 'Bina' has been declared!] That's why the light shadows spread in all directions. The Deadly Giants roar behind the Black Slow, summoned from Tartarus.

Asgard's statues suddenly turn their gaze to this side. The Dead Giants realized what they had to do and rushed to build them, even though they didn't receive much orders.

Overlighting - simultaneously.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Moaning Cold Accelerates!] Afterwards, the honeycomb was extended, pushed back as far as possible, and sprinkled the hexagonal pole (8).

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! "The inhaler shields himself in anticipation of lightning falling on his head.

But not as shocked as he expected.

Then where is it? I can't believe Yeon-woo would want to go after Knoxton. She hurriedly turns to look at you.

But not this time.

Instead, the lightning bolt was falling on the Tor - Swordsman.

“Oops!" Iye's face is the first time I've lost face.

The Mage was the gatekeeper of this place.

'If not, the underworld itself will be pushed aside.` At that moment, Thor, who did not expect a surprise attack against more than ten dead giants, such as Baldevich, continued to attack the lightning.

Chirping! The cracks spread along the surface of the underworld.

[Cheonan Barrel ( Pao 0)] Through the superpowers that Yun had enlightened while consolidating the various eyes, he found and destroyed a nucleus that no king had ever been able to find! And...

My love-cow swung her beagrid in succession without 'Gacha' and burst from one pole to the sixth pole. The deep detail system was flooded with a dark red color that symbolizes him.