Second Life Ranker

18Th. the King (Population) (12)

Until the matchmaker fell on his head, the swordsman was surprised for the first time, but did not worry much.

This is the underworld.

It was also a space to unravel his feelings.

Here, no matter how many people die, they can come back to life as long as they have consciousness.

Learning from the 'rabbit' in the Sea of Mahea was such a great miraculous sign.

The power that the other gods left behind truly belonged to the stars.

Thor is protecting you above all else.

On the other hand, it was too unrealistic for him that the child who became the youngest priest became so strong.

A force equal to those of us.

I was able to compare it to a teacher who wasn't like him.

"Soon, soon, it will all be over. If only I could defeat him and swallow his work as mine. It won't be hard to take all this by yourself! Moreover, he added," "{ The Swordsman thought that the King would have to fall somehow.

This place is a fly trap.

Knockton has awoken to the new Allfowon of Asgard, which has been revived several times.

And the curse of Gaia, which would choke the breath of the king at all times, and the air of the sanctuary, which would take away the inner air just by breathing... all of it was leading to the death of the king.

And here, crumbling meant becoming a new 'brother and sister' of Faith.

If so, it will spontaneously rise, so it will not only fully digest the gonnil as it grows in capacity, but it will be able to digest everything the rabbit gave us.

With this carnival, the spirit trembled with the thought of how far he could grow and how strong he could become.

Moreover, Yeon-woo has the power to watch out for Asgard. He and his family will never get out of here.

They were his, too.

As such.

The gumshoe imagined himself king of the underworld, then turned off Allfoone and set his first foot on 78 worms.

And finally, the kingdom of heaven will be at his feet.

Dominate the world of the tower and achieve all wishes that have not been fulfilled in the past.

"God's work is done just by building the first nothing (goal)...!" Anyway.

"Khhh!" Thor... screamed? "The swordsman doesn't think, but he hears it when Thor writes evil.

Thor had been killed many times by the King, but he didn't scream. As Odin's lieutenant in charge of Asgard, is it too prestigious? He was a man with a lot of self-esteem.

But I can't believe you just said that.

Doesn't it seem like you've been hit directly by your personality? “No way?" At that moment, the Mage felt forced to disconnect the pairing between Thor and herself.

Thor... was being summoned back to heaven.

The lightning bolt cut off not only their bodies, but Thor's body in heaven, and all the lines and nets that followed! Thor, of course, was forced to fly with great damage to his soul. Perhaps the rainfall was forced to end, and there will be a penalty for that too.

The first identity could have been confused, or it could have suffered a fatal crack.

It was an unexpected result of the swordsmanship, so the fisheye was forced to become a disease.

How did you get to see the pairings? How could I have seen the nucleus of the barrier that no king could see? I wanted to scream like that.

The swordsman had no choice.

If Thor had been threatened with extinction without any resistance, what would become of the sword that had become his vessel? The swordsman had to taste the pain of his soul being torn apart. The pain you didn't experience when you were attacked by the Summer Queen.

He didn't know.

Not only did I realize that Yeongwoo is a supernatural being.

I've already been to Maha Hae before, and I've been preparing for the reform.

The day of consciousness was breaking down.

“Oh, no...!) However.

That was the last scream the Swordsman made.

[The Heartbreaking Core has been forcibly purged! Chuen! If the core is out of alignment, put it back immediately. If the nucleus doesn't function, the components of the deep world will self-destruct.] [Attention! Put a new core in place to replace it If it doesn't exist, all of the functions that the conscious world has to do are shut down. Chuen! Hurry up with the core....] What the hell! Thor! Where did Thor go? As a result of the death of the cardinal body, all the physical changes were stopped.

It was like lightning in Asgard.

With the resurrection, I've been able to play as long as I want without taking care of myself. That background has completely vanished.

Furthermore, all the blessings and blessings that had been assisting Asgardian personalities had ceased, spreading to the underworld.

[Weakens Time Sanctuary!] [Temporal Zone function is weakened!] [The blessing begins to fade.] [Blessing begins to dissipate.] [Causal rates are put in place to create an environment in the heavens!] [The scale of the Sanctuary has been reduced and downgraded to the Sanctuary.] [The sanctuary's function is weakened!] [Thor's pairing has been disconnected.] [Summoned backwards!] > ^ ^ ^ 4! _^ ^ ^ 4! ""! "To prevent this from happening in the first place, I told Thor about the tombstone that became a nucleus.

He shocked Asgard even more by the fact that he was already a celestial figure. For a moment, a panic struck.

Sweep them all! To our God, Struggle and Death! "The Dead Giant did not miss the gap.

In the beginning - for those who were loyal to Yeon Woo, this despicable plot by Asgard was not to be liked.

Most of all, the Giants who became their mothers were those who did not have good relations with God in the first place. So, I wanted to get it out of my sight more and more, and I wanted to be completely enlightened.

Whiplash! The Purple Pung-Dead Giants whip their axes or swords in their hands and rush at each other.

And in the sky.

Huaa! The dragon calatus sprinkles a cloudy breeze on the ground, wanting to erase the personalities face to face.

Wake up, everyone! Steady, steady! They are the vermin who have been extinct once before! Are you going to stay a fool for what you've done? Despite the confusion, Heimdall wanted to somehow encourage his colleagues.

In fact, their commotion was due to the sudden shaking of the sanctuary, not because they were lacking in power. Most of all, the sanctuary was not completely destroyed by the blessing and blessing of the palace.

Because of this, Asgardian priests were rapidly gathering in one place, preparing for vibration (810/) while simultaneously defending and attacking.

[Death's reel winds faster!] You leave Yeon-woo alone, and the lightning flies over their heads thinking there's nothing good about it.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Every time I swing the over-effective beagrid roughly, there is an enormous thunder that sounds like the whole place is about to burst out, and a red thunderstorm of intense heat and light pours down over Asgard's dust like a rain.

Puffer Pung! Uhh! Goddamn it! Thyr! It's dangerous to be summoned to heaven like this! Snap out of it, Thyr! They had already seen that Thor had been beaten, so they no longer had a pleasant pairing. Every time a lightning bolt flies towards you, I try to bend my body to minimize the damage.

However, there was no limit to moving around surrounded by a group of Deadly Giants.

In the end, those who did not avoid the unscheduled quest were forced to summon them as the pairings were cut off.

Fufufufufufufufufuful! The rays of Iye's light have swept the kite from all over.

At the end of the chasm, Yeon fell to the ground with the direction of the lightning bolt that was about to be poured out into Asgard's dust.

Light! At that moment, the ground thundered up and covered the kite. All of a sudden, the lightning arrows create a myriad of wind holes in the wall. It looks like a beehive from afar.

But there was no alliance in it.

Fit “Jeanway.” I could feel the excitement of the voice of love in the background.

Deceive your senses and reduce your back. Since he had almost no experience behind it for such a long time, he was delighted to learn that a natural warrior and a strong-willed fighter had someone to fight back with in no time.

However, contrary to the idea of such an example, Yeon-woo's voice was always cold.

I don't know what Iye's thinking. We don't even know what the sea of poetry has lost. But now I had to go to King Van De Ximou.

"I have a lot to talk about with you. But not now.” That's why Lee said that, looking at Zhang Wei in his place. who abandoned himself and killed her lover. So it was like a mountain of five-year-olds who were orphaned one day.

Now I had to put it all behind me.

The grudge against Zhang Wei was in the past.

The relationship with the King was now.

Wick_Chaaang! “I'm afraid my apostle cannot let you go. I carry my sister's vengeance.” This example quickly twisted back and blocked the beagrid with importance.

There were two eyes with open curves. How are you going to get away from yourself?

Apostle Zhang Wei was desperately praying to him, a god, that he still had to avenge his sister, saying that he still had to kill Yeon Woo in a mental corner. I've been longing for favors.

However, this example did not try to forcibly kill Yeon-woo.

In order to do that, he had to take some serious damage, and he could have taken it on his own.

Yeon-woo was so strong that he couldn't guarantee a battle.

Of course, I can't help but listen to the Apostle. In the beginning, he chose Zhang Wei because he had always seen the heavenly bodies at the time, not because he should have liked Zhang Wei.

That's why he was about to tie up Yeon Woo's ankles.

I thought it was enough.

He was a natural hunter before he got into his current position, a warrior who was hard to find enemies in the universe, and the best fighter the Emperor and the Bridge boasted. The disciples, including the three kidneys leading the heavenly body (= 8), were also taught by him.


I was able to tie my feet properly, and stall him and the sea of poetry until all the plans were over.


“If you catch it, catch it.” Yeon-woo snorts and suddenly releases the beagrid from her hands. Immediately, the minor symptoms of Lee Ye were pushed forward with inertia, and she twisted her body and snugly_left the seat. Beagrid drops down powerlessly.

[Ship has been cleared.] [The reel of the phoneme has stopped.] I don't know what he's trying to do, but I turn my head back in an ominous way.

Yeongwoo's gaze was toward the King who was at close combat with Knoxton, not just any other.

Then, the chains that were separated from the beagrid went up.

The beeswax quickly grabs the end of the chain and connects it to the pocket watch.

Brace! [Connected to time_reel.] [The reel lobe is very damaged. Many of the features are unavailable.] [Empowered to recover some of its functions.] The chimes, the chimes - and the broken gears reversing back to the compulsion.

[The Leaf of Time works!] [Fast forward at double speed.

Lightspeed ( & 1).] Pod! Time alone in the world surrounding my love-flute has completely separated from the real world and accelerated quickly. His new brotherhood suddenly turned into a dark red beam that poured down on the Kings and Knoxton.

This example had no intention of catching it.

They were gone by the time I realized it.

“ '. "' Hee! 'Just let out a sigh of emptiness.