Second Life Ranker

19. Fearless (13)

“Accelerate the world's time around you? `This is a phenomenon I have never seen before.

Time was an area where even equal personalities, statesmen, or new kings could not be touched lightly. "Gule" was the fundamental principle of making up the universe.

If he wanted to pull it off, he needed his colleagues who could either afford that kind of causality or afford the penalty.

You turned that clock around? Of course, it was not a 'big scroll' that meant space time.

'Little roller'. He only turned the clock around on himself.

But that alone makes no sense.

Doesn't that mean you have a lot more time that no one else has?

If it could be used as an attack, there would be no greater strength than this.

I don't know how.

Mechanisms are unknown.

It did not appear to have acquired any additional status corresponding to.. time ', or to have enlightened the powers associated therewith. It didn't seem to have escalated in the meantime.

It's just...

It was just the back of a glow-red stream running on the back of a lotus that resembled him, but the image seemed to overlap with someone who was contradictory.

I was curious about what happened, but I was busy moving my hands to not miss the running pond.

Even if you have fast feet, it is difficult to chase Yeon Woo now. But his weapon was not.

The properties of irritation are light. Moonlight.

When night falls, there's nowhere the moonlight won't shine.

There was nowhere that couldn't be helped.

“The new king, the youngest son of Kronos, and heir to the throne? Maybe that's what woke me up in the first place." This example, thinking so, left the protest that was pulled to pieces. The arrow of debt hanging from the protest erupted into dozens of canisters in an instant and poured down on Yeouido's head.


[Time's reel flu has sped up!] [Current speed is 4x. Kuku bean! Beaten by rays of light, only a small vision left behind by the honeycomb. Only the infamous Ziman pounds and makes craters everywhere.

This example draws more elongation to the urgent mind.

Pot, pot- Whenever I did that, I showed the wonder of avoiding all the makers by moving faster and faster. This example was now little to no longer seen by the hunter's fuselage vision.


Jiaying! "Khh!" This was a sudden gust of motion sickness.

The whole world was shaking, including the space he was in. I could see the area bending around like it was going to break soon. The cracks that covered the sky spread faster while you were blind.

[External shocks continue to add!] [The sanctuary's collapse is accelerating!] [It weakens the sanctuary's function.] [It weakens the sanctuary's function.] [The minimum conditions for constructing the sanctuary were not met. Failed to maintain a large weakness in the sanctuary.] [Downgraded to the underwater world class.] [Due to the inability to reform, we were unable to obtain a causal rate to maintain the rainfall.] [The rainfall will be cancelled!] This example had to feel cruel in the body. It feels like the poison is going under and the water is going down quickly.

Mighty and strong, he was able to come here in the first place because of the eager breeze of Apostle Zhang Wei, but following the remodeling of the tombstone that was nuclear.

But now that the Mage is dead and Asgard's sanctuary is fallen, it is difficult for him to stay here.

... Nevertheless - whatever he hoped for was achieved2 `I felt sorry for him personally for not winning the battle with Yeon Woo, but in the beginning his goal was to hold Yeon Woo's ankle as long as possible, so it seemed to be achieved.

The sea of poetry that he now uses them for was for a different purpose in the first place. In partnership with Faithless, it was only a means to an end.

We'll see each other again next time. Iye wants to go back to heaven with that thought.

No! "No!" Zhang Wei, who was in the corner of his mind, suddenly shouted after reading Lee's thoughts.

You're a god! He's my god! Then you must grant me, apostle, my wish! Where are you going! It was Zhang Wei who didn't lose his cool with his anger.

It was completely different from usual now.

It was because Iye had already realized that there would be almost no chance of revenge against Yeon-woo in the future.

The plan to assassinate the king in the first place almost caught fire as the swordsman who invented it died and even destroyed the underworld.

I know he has Knockton, but it's actually not important to him.

Joining the assassination plot was to provoke Yeouido everywhere, not because he had a separate vendetta.

But even if we defeat the King, what if we can't do anything to Yeon-woo? So it doesn't mean anything.

Moreover, even Asgardian priests couldn't do it even if they wanted to wait for the future, because Purbot was being persecuted by the dead.

All the souls of Faithless, the vessel of the Divine Spirit, will perish. Not only for the dead, but for the entire Darwood Brotherhood.

Even if you're lucky to run away again, there are limits to how far you can get from Arthya, who will soon rule the world of the tower. That was it. I was confident hiding my body, but I was sure I was going to end up living like a dead mouse.

That way, all my commitment to avenging my sister goes back to failure. And such ugliness was unacceptable to Zhang Wei.

And I prayed sadly for Lee Ye to stay with me.

“Oh, right. You were there.” This is a slow reminder of Zhang Wei's wishes and a bitter smile.

However, his answer was very different from Zhang Wei's.

“In the sea of poetry, 'poetry' also means a prophecy.

Do you know what it is? ”What do you know about poetry? Though it was fascinating that the themes of the players' clans were suddenly functioning as transcendent societies, it was good for Zhang Wei who was not affiliated.

The prophecy on the back of the book of Revelation. Underneath this tower, the darkness that sank in the bottom corner will awaken again...... The Apocalypse 08 30). And I'm running around to kick our lazy Master's ass, and I'm like, "Pussy!" "“ In the beginning, I held you close to the atheist as an apostle, for the sake of such generalism. The prophecy was speaking. If I possess you, I will be closer to the end. And now that the prophecy was fulfilled...... you are all used up, "Jellyfish Egg," but fate is fate, so I want to tell you one thing before I leave.

I'm a longevity fighter, a warrior. I will not stand for contempt. If you had been struggling with # # #, you would have tried to help you after this… "” I had a bitter smile on my mouth.

“Your heart is but envy. I don't think I can help you any more. Zhang Wei shouted in an effort to catch Lee.

Pet! This example has already stopped raining and returned to the heavenly world.

Zhang Wei's helplessness sank to the ground. The channel with Iyewa, who always gave him a strong power, was suddenly cut off. It meant that he did not hesitate to disconnect from him.

“What the hell! What am I supposed to do?" What should I do...! "Zhang Wei cried out in his sweeping heart.

Would he want to throw Yeon Woo away at that time? He clearly tried to hold onto Yeon Woo to the end. I tried to protect it, but things didn't turn around. The visual siege was closing in under his chin, and his colleagues insisted that they would have to abandon the alliance together in order to live.

That's why I abandoned my respected commander... who was my sister's lover and told me I would be my nephew's new father.

However, Yeon-woo didn't listen to her. I could think of it as an excuse because I did something wrong. I could have asked you to give me your neck.

But at least he wanted to hear his story. If I had given him the chance to make atonement, it wouldn't have happened like this. That's why I struggled with the refusal, and after everything that happened, the situation was ruined.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo hurt her sister who was trying to make up with them, but she never felt sorry.

All of them.

It was all because of Yeon.


Zhang Wei's cry did not last long.

Something funny. The Incredible Voice.

The big shadow envelops him.

Zhang Wei hurriedly turns his eyes back.


A giant, a few meters tall, grins and stares down at him.

Knockton's aggression is governor.

Every time one of Olfowon's iconic golden debts came down, the place burst.

At each time, the King held up his arms and showed strong strikes, beating, countering, etc.

It's too difficult to dig through the beam of light that surrounds Knoxton and draw the attack from within.

No, in some ways it could have been more difficult than Allfoone.

The powers that be exercised may not be as powerful as the real Allfoone.

All of his work was taught by the King himself.

And based on that, the newly pioneered landscape appeared to be on the microscope (8 ) beyond the harmonica (the sole (the bot)).


As the bird sits on the peak looks down at the foothills, Knoxton already boasts exceptional skill.

Pufferfeng! The problem was that each time, the curse seizure cycle that had eroded the king became shorter as well. Maybe if I held it in the air, I'd have to focus now on dealing with all of Knockton.

Huaa! At that moment, Knoxton slaps the King's hand to the side, swirling like a muzzle and digging hard into his chest.

And I almost touched it.

At that moment, I felt like there was a golden glow in my hands, and I was stuck in the heart of the king, expanding by dozens of times in a heartbeat.

The bellhop! Overwhelming! The King hurriedly raises his blade and pushes the rabble aside. However, the experience of penetrating the body through the weighted water method (times 7) caused internal circulation to be lost because the shock wave could not be fully offset, and blood was shed along the mouth as the internal injuries were swiftly inflicted.

And as he briefly disfigures it, Knoxton swings the sharp, agglomerated light across the blade.

Chungcheon 6). It was a misconception to decorate the head of the eight-back of the eight pole that the King boasts.

Choi Hyuk! The debt cuts through the King's left waist in an incredibly small fashion. However, no matter how deep it was, the blood popped out and drenched the top red.

The first blood I've seen since I got stuck here. I've seen a lot of little bites, but I've never seen a wound this deep before.

But Knockton bludgeons, as if that wasn't the end.

Perfeng, Perfeng-Guar! As the victory starts leaning in that direction, the battle in power proceeds unilaterally.

There were numerous wounds on the King's upper body. Blood splattered and the internal air spread in the air. The impression crumpled by itself.

This sucks. I can't believe I'm being pushed by an old disciple! `Guia's curse was not enough to make him addicted now, but it was gradually seeping into the freshness around his body. It felt like my soul was firmly condemned.

Knoxton, who exerted the power of Allfowon and performed his duty-free duties, was as strong as he was.


If only this side could achieve desertion and transcendence.

It still looks like the medieval century which is not much pushed, but it was dangerous.

So, 'I thought it was time for the king to try the desertion and transcendence that had been delayed. Whatever's going on, it's clear that the damn Allfowon won can't intervene. Then there was no need to delay.

If it was a problem, Ga 'a's curse would immediately fly like an unbroken calf.

“Desertion... will do!" "After clearing his mind, the King opened his eyes.

Being beaten by an old disciple like this, his pride was never allowed.

No, even if you leave something like that, you're not the enemy, and you can't be shadowed by it! At that moment.

Rise! Radiance has been measured from the King.

Light (foam ).

Knockton quickly stepped back, not pushing any further, because he knew it would happen when he tried to desertion. Not to disturb him here was a gesture about the remaining teachers.

Kuku Kuku! And as the King himself proved how formidable he was, there was an enormous gust of wind (/Beep) just trying to get rid of him.

The underworld, which was threatening to collapse quickly, eventually couldn't stand it, sat down.

“Joe, chief!” “What the...!” Just when I was a captain waiting outside the imaginary world, several tribesmen looked at me with frightening faces.

The power to process comes crashing in all directions. It can't cover the town and swoops across the entire area outside the tower.

Fat! Just then, a moat appeared behind Knoxton.

When the heck! Knockton was embarrassed and slowly turned to the other side because he did not notice Yeon-woo's movements to deter the King.

However, the speed at which the kite moved was much faster than he had expected. Unless it's a transcendent sensation, you'll never catch it. Only the world around the pond was accelerating rapidly.

[The reel of time is winding at maximum speed. The current speed is 8x.] [The reel of death is going to flush fast!] [Two reels working at the same time!] [Your body is overloaded!] [Attention! If both reel lobes wind too fast, the wear and damage of the cogs can be severe!] [Attention! The two reel winds are so fast that they can do immense damage to your body!] [Attention! Two reeds....] At that moment, Yeon tried to work together by holding the clock with her left hand and the beagrid with her right hand.

It was never easy to wind two reels at the same time.

Yeon-woo was boldly trying to find new changes to cope with it.

Pot | The body of Yeon Woo was also locked in a dark red light at the same time as the King. It was a show.

Along with attempted desertion.

Grrrrrrrrr! Vigrid becomes more powerful at eight times the speed, triggering lightning.