Second Life Ranker

20. King without King (Joe) (14)

“I had no intention of deserting here in the first place." Yeon-woo 'felt the invisible restraints that were constraining the soul were quickly released.

The same slowness in the open air library.

No, it was a sensation I couldn't compare to back then.

It felt like I had been freed from everything and climbed to a higher position. The principles of the world that were hidden behind it were gradually being implemented at the fingertips, and I could feel the senses expanding infinitely to a wide variety of universes and dimensions.

Maybe when we tried it in the open air library, it was just an outrage.

Now that the soul has reached its maturity, it should be able to sense more things.

In fact, desertion and transcendence were to be attempted when they were flirting with Allpowon in the 77th.

He wanted to make sure that the party members who wanted to hunt Allfowon were more sure, and after almost recovering Kronos, he took back the prison that Earl Perenz and others were together.

The clans were also trying to pull up as much as they could.

Just once.

The only chance we had of hunting Allfowon properly was to be prepared somehow.

But as long as I hit Knockton and his wife, I didn't have any sense of humor.

No, on the one hand, it felt good.

I thought Knockton was a replica of Allfoone. At this point, I thought that if I confronted him properly, I would be able to clearly see his weaknesses. Then the odds will be even higher.

So the accelerator launched a lightning strike.

He attempted desiccation while dealing with the overload of the two main lobes.

The Divine Monarch Kronos won't be able to endure the two statues entirely in his current flesh, so he'll be able to withstand the body enhanced by desiccation. The 7th Solution Awakening gradually followed.

By the way.

"……… was suspended from the moment something was about to be released. I have to follow the liberation feeling of breaking a bird's egg... but it's getting warmer.

0016 from the outside).

At that moment, Yeon-woo realized that something else was blocking her. External environmental changes required for desquamation were halted. What is it? Will Olfowon show up again? [Parallax cracking] It was only a matter of time before I sensed it.

Yeon-woo sought to find the cause while accelerating the speed of the accident. I turned my head in the direction of the disturbance.


The King was freezing his eyes out, shimmering with his life time, similar to the time of his accident.

Don't interrupt, asshole. Like beating up an irreverent child.

Or maybe I want to feed my prey to someone else, like a bloodthirsty predator.

This is my battle. What are you getting yourself into? Ne > >! "At that moment, the time that had been slowed indefinitely returned.

Paaaaaah! The King is rolling up hard as he finishes his desertion.

Whew! But that was different from the real thing I had seen.

As soon as I hit the ground, a few kilometers of land settled. As the village's ground settles, dust rises and forms a mist, and a huge whirl forms around the king, almost everywhere.

In the process, the remnants of the underworld, which were only remaining, were poured out excellently.


Goooooo! With immense pressure from the sky, I was able to crush the bodies of all beings outside the tower.

Not even removals.

Even the tribesmen around me.

Even the Dead Giants and Asgardian priests who tried to stop them at all costs.

Even Knockton, who we've been dealing with.

No, even the world of towers standing far beyond that.

[God's society, Malach, is in shock!] [Every god's society, the gods of Deva, is in grave shock!] [God's society, the Bridge, is overwhelmed by panic! Le Infernal, silence! [The demonic society, Niflheim, sighs strongly at the newly emerging village!] [Bimarzilla is awesome!] [Kernunos opens his eyes wide!] [All the gods wander off to find their master!] [All demons sense the existence of the King and act lightly!] [The sky is locked in Airport Status!] [Multiple insect systems in the world in the tower get an unknown disruption to the test!] Despite the obvious lack of transcendence.

Despite only being half-god.

The King had already dominated his son-in-law. It seemed like there was nothing else in the world.


There didn't seem to be a word that could refer to the current King as much as the term that pointed to him someday.

He was a disaster that made mortals, transcendents, and wheels.

With that momentum in front of her... I think I know why Yeon-woo stopped King Wukong from intervening.

Unlike his worrying 'heart in the beginning.

This battle didn't require anyone's help.

“You said you would be my new obstacle and adversity?” Too much, too much! Every time the King opens his throat, it sounds creepy. He twisted his head and laughed.

“Let's see if you're qualified. Round two, pupil." With that said.

The King appeared in front of Knockton and punched him in the face. It was just a simple limitation, but its power was never great.

Even though Knockton couldn't read his face in debt, everyone could feel that he was already overwhelmed by the presence of the King.

Grrrgh! That's how they fight each other.

Knockton's right arm protrudes up into the air, sharpening.

It was around that time that King Wu's disobedience arrived for Yeon-woo.

No, this wasn't a breakthrough.

Hye Gwang-soo (bowl 888).

It's about communicating willingly.

"Watch carefully the battle I'm about to make. Don't miss a thing, all of you! I am the only one who feels' a little awkward, 'and the moment I thought that my father would come back in his prime, my eyes widened without understanding the meaning of the king.

Every light, light, and heavy-fist, space breaks out, and every step of the way, a gust of wind blows in the middle of it. Knockton was about to look like he was drifting around in a storm.

Complete Pressure (Lock).

How great is' no king 'for Yeon Woo.

I was able to fully understand why Kronos sighed as he looked at the King.

That must be why the Celestial Messages keep pouring into the world of the tower.

[Metatron, chief of Malach, is silent. ["Le Infernal" plays Baal.] Even the leaders of the group representing absolute good and absolute evil were shocked.

I thought I'd just followed my teacher's heel, but I'll just go away again.

However, if there is a catch.

"You're... getting stronger." `Despite the obvious desertion attempt, the force of Knockton's aggression and counterattack has been increasing over time.

We don't know if it's because the desertion isn't complete yet, or if there's some other reason.

... I've always felt it, but I don't really feel like a person. Was that the guy I was talking to? Damn it.

I mean, you were so freaked out, you couldn't go to the Wasteland. "Cho Jungwoo, who was sharing some of Yeon Woo's senses, also took in the wind. Kronos was silent at all.

Suddenly, such a eunuch arrived from the King.

Watch your fights.

In fact, I didn't tell anyone, unless it was my wife, because she sounded like she was weak. "What are you trying to say?"

The King was fighting Knockton, but he was relaxing as if he were talking to Yeongwoo.

There was even laughter buried in it. No, I think it's a joke. Yeon-woo felt that his attitude was not different than usual.


Strangely... I felt a sense of camaraderie from the appearance of such a king.

Unknown anxiety.

It's hard to put into words, that way.

I almost ignored the external affairs from time to time because I realized that no matter what I did, I would never be able to cross over to Allfowon. “What is that…?" Yeon-woo opened her eyes to words she had never thought of.

Don't run around like a burning calf, just shut up! " This one is sure. You take off the ranks, I win. That's for sure. Am I the best? But the battle may be, but when it comes to war, I will lose. It's all because of his status. Allfoone (Shil 0 0" 8): "" That's funny, right? Where in the world is such a scam? But he did it. This is the incarnation of the system. Some of the codes that make up the tower's system are self-willed and reassembled into players. He's got a temper. He's got a ego.

Part of the system became a player? At that moment, Yeon-woo remembered the first time she met Olfowon.

There were countless beings who could feel the light bending in them.

And a vague voice that's hard to tell between gender and age.

In the beginning, he was not a person.

Wait a minute.

Then... ~ What will become of Knockton, who has been welcomed by Allfowon and shaped like a human? Because of this, he can use the code to access the system himself and use it as he likes. That's why it was possible to cross the heavens and the streams on the basis of 77 pests while carrying six-year-olds. Woman, Where else could he be? As soon as I enter the tower, whether I become a player, a native, a manager, demonic transcendents, and me and all my tribesmen have to be subject to or interfere with the system… which means that we are all dedicated to the system. Ha! Yeon-woo realized that she could never surpass Olfowon, even though she was so strong in her power and qualifications.

To define faith simply, it was a 'faithful heart dedicated by the believers to God,' but broadly, it was also a 'degree to which many beings recognize God.'

In the beginning, personality is like a part that operates the laws of the world. Naturally - depending on how many 'mortals' are perceiving their identities and how 'high' they are perceiving, the impact on them had to change. And the greater the influence, the greater the presence and the greater the intensity.

That is why all of these elements correspond to the faith.

And in that sense, the system was the best place to mine myriad faiths.

Many players, as well as gods and demons in the heavens, have no choice but to recognize the system. As long as those beings have their own faith, the system is a structure that must be strengthened every day.


The Allfowon produced below has the same rigidity.

Allfoone (^: 10009 0 "6) ~ Everything you say here (41 |) All the beings living in the Silver Tower.

One (000) pointed to the system, i.e., Vivasbat.

No matter how long a king flies, he can never cross over to Olfowon unless he is a believer in the system.

As long as it exists in the world of towers.

Early on, he realized these things, and he had to choose silver with such enormous power.

No, I was more disappointed because I was strong.

It was probably the same with the other challengers that existed before the Emperor.

The Summer Queen, the Vampire Monarch, the Earl of Perenz, Faust, all without a care... ~ ~.

But there is no way around it. Because the system eventually has to be dependent on something that goes against it. Yeon-woo also seemed to know who this meant.

You're welcome.

And Trinity Wonder.

Taegeung Hye Bangu, which Soho Jin left behind... If that were to be the case, we could definitely 'cut off' the identity of Olfowan. But I am difficult. Even though our tribesmen sought for a long time in the beginning, they could not awaken the Tongue Blade because of the ironic curse of a blessed talent. The voice of the King gradually grew strong.

But you're different. However, the laughter contained in it felt as though the lotus was magnificent.

"You're already doing much better than I expected you to do the first time.

I've already come up with enough to compare with this Great Teacher. If you see enough of what you have, you'll be able to awaken the Tongue Blade. So.. The King paused, then left.

From now on, watch me and Knockton fight, and find out everything he has. Then enlighten me with a clue about the Sword, and complete the Tae-sang Hye anti-sword. You must have a desquamation after you finish preparing it. Do you understand? "

That's it. I sat so heavily on Yeon-woo's chest.

"This is the final cleavage this teacher will give you." The Last Teaching "?“ Teacher, What are you trying to do? Yeon hurriedly tried to get close to him, realizing that Yeon-Rik was a random goodbye.

[Banshee, Nayuk's Sanctuary has been declared!] Unexpectedly, the new energy emitted from the king appeared to bend the left, completely dividing the area between Yeongwoo and several tribal members and his area.

Huaak! Daesung Station.

He wanted to isolate Knockton, himself and himself from the outside world by forming a dome.

And there.

Yeongwoo was the perfect bystander.

At that moment, I could clearly understand.

This is truly the good-bye of the King! Too much light! “You damn master! What the hell are you doing? Open the door!” Yeon-woo's cry sounded pitifully.

But the result was hard, but too hard.

Goddamn it.

"That's one hell of a voice you sound like. Ha!" The king looks out and sees the screaming kite tearing up the faan barn.

Then, I looked down quietly at the 'crack' that was spreading along the body.

Fragmented body and soul fragments are at risk of crumbling if you touch them quickly.

08 fu oxide).

I tried to end up just deserting him.

The problem was that he was much deeper than he had originally anticipated.

In the beginning, his desertion was greater than others' transcendence.

Eventually, the maturation of the soul became too steep. He couldn't even stop himself halfway. It was like a broken-down foal running toward transcendence.

And I could instinctively see that transcendence was coming to an end.


As long as transcendence continues toward the place where no one could easily pull, the maturation of the soul will never stop.

The problem was...... that Guia's curse was evolving at such a rapid rate that it was destroying the myth of the Unsullied.

It meant that transcendence leads to death.

It was absurd as a king.

I wanted it to be so close, and it was a postponement and a fun desertion that I never wanted to accomplish until I surpassed Allfowon.

The moment I put it all down and tried, I took an unexpected position.

“This is why people are so good at it.” Should I laugh about it or cry about it?

The fact that mortality is not wrong.

I didn't know it was like this.

“You're a bad wife. At this time, he said," I'm a bit bad at this. "The king grumbled so much, he laughed at the thought.

“No. Even if it oxidizes, if it leaves a mark as strong as anyone, it won't go away completely. Doesn't the myth of this body continue to breathe through him? Then that is not immortality. 7}_” He hated to do what someone else said. It was a matter of pride.

So he wanted to become immortal in his own way.

Through the remaining disciples.


As such, the dot will be wrong.

He smiled as he thought of a spirit who would be watching this place with his eyes somewhere.

“Wife, are you watching? I'll show you now that you're wrong. ”